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What is ‘re-wilding’ and why does it matter to you"

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What is ‘re-wilding’ and why does it matter to you" What is ‘re-wilding’ and why does it matter to you"

What is ‘re-wilding’ and why does it matter to you"

I first heard the term ‘re-wilding’ at Glee 2017, the horticultural trades show. It’s one of the big new trends in gardening.It means appreciating, re-introducing or conserving the wild plants, animals and bugs that live in your environment. Let nature take its course, and don’t be too controlling.This week, I have read three completely different publications, each addressing a different aspect of re-wilding. So I will review all three, because together they show the different ways in which ‘re-wilding’ can enrich your life.‘Re-wilding’ in your gardenWhen you hear the term ‘re-wilding’, do you think of swapping your lawn for a meadow, and sowing wild-flowers" That is, indeed, part of it.Wild salsify in an urban garden – we’re now growing a wider range of wildflowers in our gardens.But Val Bourne gives it a wider context in her new book, The Living Jigsaw’ (how to create a healthy garden ecology) which I have just been sent for review. (Note: links to Amazon are affiliate links, which means I may get a small fee if you buy through them, but it won’t affect the price you pay.)Val describes her re-wilding ‘damascene moment’. When she explained what aphids were to her nieces, she also explained how the ants farmed the aphids, how ladybirds ate the aphids, and how baby birds need to be fed with thousands of tiny insects. ‘All these creatures fit together like a living jigsaw,’ she says. ‘They all need each other in order to survive.’The Living Jigsaw is about gardening without segregating ‘insects and pests into “saints and sinners” – look at them as part of a self-limiting food chain.’She goes on to talk about the insect life and bird life in your garden, and how to deal with slugs and snails without using pellets. She particularly warns against slug pellets containing metaldehyde.Apple trees are in Val Bourne’s top 100 plants for an eco-friendly garden.At the end, there is list a Top 100 Plants for an Eco-Friendly Garden. I checked how many of them I have in this garden. We have around 50 of the 100. I could do better, as I like to support wildlife.‘Re-wilding’ on holidayPlant-lovers say that nothing teaches you more about how to grow plants than seeing them growing wild in their native countries. Many keen plantaholics choose their holiday destinations specifically for that purpose.When I interviewed Gill and Peter Regan for The English Garden magazine, Gill told me that they’d struggled to keep peonies alive until she took a photograph of a peony growing under a tree in Iran. ‘I realised that our peony roots were probably rotting due to the damp in our garden.’ The Regans gained similar insights from trips to see Sternbergias in Turkey, bergenias in Yunnan, and plants growing wild in China, Western Australia, Peru and more.Connect with plants in their natura...
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What is ‘re-wilding’ and why does it matter to you" What is ‘re-wilding’ and why does it matter to you"


Fuente de la noticia: themiddlesizedgarden
Fecha de publicación: 21-01-2018 21:50
visto: 22

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Porteous' Studio by Izat Arundell

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PP Form Test

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