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Kitsch Christmas Decorations

  I just absolutely love decorating my Christmas tree, don’t you" We put on some music, have hot choc and get the kids involved too. My most prize...
21-11-2017 21:40

A beautiful round mirror

I do love to let as much light as possible into my rather dark home. To this end I have all my walls painted white so the light can bounce around.  I...
21-11-2017 21:40

The Best Tween Boys Christmas Gift Guide

The Best Tween Boys Christmas Gift Guide Baebox boys is a monthly subscription box for Tween boys, filled with positive affirmations and cool treats....
21-11-2017 21:40

How to revamp your wardrobe with brooches

How to revamp your wardrobe with brooches Are you looking to revamp your wardrobe" I am in desperate need of a wardrobe revamp. I have been wearing t...
20-11-2017 21:40

A Christmas gift guide for AWESOME tween girls

I have some lovely ideas for Christmas gifts for a tween girl and I do hope they inspire you! First up we have this gorgeous unicorn tape dispenser (...
19-11-2017 21:41

A Real Mini Christmas Tree

A Real Mini Christmas Tree Oh, my goodness have I found the sweetest little Christmas tree. There are loads of reasons why you might need a little a ...
19-11-2017 21:41

A Christmas gift guide for a teen girl

Gift guide for a teen girl Oh, teens can be tricky to buy for can’t they! Lots of the teens in my life when asked what they would like to, tend to ...
17-11-2017 21:43

A Christmas gift list for men 2017 – 10 fabulous ideas

A Christmas gift list for men 2017 – 10 fabulous ideas I do not always find the men in my life easy to buy for. Whether that be my OH, great uncle,...
16-11-2017 21:39

10 interesting and inspired Christmas gifts ideas for women

I just absolutely adore finding new stylish gift ideas to show you each Christmas and this year I have a wonderful selection to show you. So without ...
13-11-2017 21:41

Arden and Amici perfect Italian cakes and biscuits

Arden and Amici I do love cake and biscuits and have ever since I was a child. I guess my tastes have got a little more refined as I have gotten olde...
08-11-2017 21:39

The Must Have Christmas Decorations for 2017

Are you looking for some new Christmas decoration ideas" If so these from Personalised Gifts Shop are just gorgeous! Are you thinking its too early" ...
08-11-2017 21:39

The benefits of ducted air conditioning

What is Ducted air conditioning" Ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system that involves a central fan coil. This coil is hidden in your ...
07-11-2017 21:38

5 things you should do when you move to a new city

5 things you should do when you move to a new city When you move to a new city there can be all sorts of things you need to arrange and sort out. Let...
07-11-2017 21:38

20 Reasons to Visit Brighton

20 Reasons to Visit Brighton Are you looking tor reasons to Visit Brighton" I have only been to Brighton twice in my life, once as a child I went wit...
02-11-2017 21:39

Styled to sell – My bathroom

Styled to sell Bairstow Eve’s know what they are doing when it comes to house selling and styling. They have worked as estate agents and letting ag...
01-11-2017 21:43

The best European destinations for culture vultures

When a break with beaches and bars just won?t cut it, you want to know more about some of the most cultured of our European counterparts. I?ve taken ...
24-10-2017 21:39

The 5 essentials of an elegant lounge

Oh how I adore an elegant lounge, one that really does look well cared for, sophisticated and just perfectly put together. It is hard to define elega...
19-10-2017 21:42

My beautiful things by Aby Moore

Aby Moore is a full-time blogger and online course creator. Aby writes You Baby Me Mummy, an award-winning top UK Family lifestyle blog, which specia...
18-10-2017 21:40

Win a copy of Down to Earth by Monty Don

“I have written many gardening books but this is the distillation of 50 years of gardening experience. It has all the tips and essential pieces of ...
18-10-2017 21:40

The best fundraising ideas for autumn and winter

The best fundraising ideas for autumn and winter Autumn has just arrived and winter is just around the corner. As the days get shorter, the nights ge...
18-10-2017 21:40

Designing a new lounge

Designing a new lounge We are planning to move soon and I am turning my mind to the ideal living space. It is so very refreshing to start afresh. We ...
16-10-2017 21:41

An introduction to companion planting

An introduction to companion planting With so many different types of fruit and vegetables available to grow, those of you who are relatively new to ...
13-10-2017 21:39

My Beautiful Things by Kerry Villers

This week blogger Kerry Villers is sharing her beautiful things. You can find her writing here  ...
10-10-2017 21:39

10 brilliant things to do in Suffolk

Suffolk is such a beautiful area and it is such a treat to holiday there. I am so excite to share with you some of the wonderful things you can do wh...
10-10-2017 21:39

A Very British Hygge

  With the cold weather around the corner there is no better time to celebrate the Danish Hygge. But wait a minute, we are in the UK! Never fear, Ev...
10-10-2017 21:39

Introducing Black Dog Pottery with an exclusive 20% discount

I am so excited to introduce you to this new handmade pottery store. Black Dog Pottery is a lovely new Etsy store offering small batch pottery, desig...
09-10-2017 21:43

How to make the most of your wall space

How to make the most of your wall space I am at heart a minimalist and I love to have my home looking clean and uncluttered. I think very carefully a...
09-10-2017 21:43

15 lovely things to do in the Lake District

Are you looking for lovely things to do, see and experience in the Lake District " I haven’t been for such a long time but my heart and head are fu...
05-10-2017 21:37
04-10-2017 21:40

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Work Environment

  Let’s face it ? no one WANTS to sit in a dreary cubicle staring at carpeted walls and a miserable houseplant for eight hours a day. Breaking out...
29-09-2017 21:42

Autumn fashion trends 2017

Are you one for keeping up with the trends" I was so much more trend driven when I was younger but I do still love to look nice and have a huge inter...
28-09-2017 21:44

Why Time and Distance is No Object When Making Money

The concept of making money and optimising earnings is something that should drive everyone in the modern age, and there are two key reasons for this...
26-09-2017 21:42

Wood Flooring Can be Environmentally Conscious

Are you looking to add new flooring to your home that looks great, functions perfectly and that is environmentally friendly" If so then continue read...
26-09-2017 21:42

Winter is Coming ? Time for a Spa Break!

  We?re in September now, the summer is swiftly coming to an end, and winter looms on the horizon. While the colder months have got Christmas, Hallo...
26-09-2017 21:42

12 things you need to do in advance of moving

  We?ve all been there, moving house while trying to remember all the last minute jobs that need sorting. This can be a very stressful time, and wit...
25-09-2017 21:48

How to prepare your home for the festive season on a budget

As September draws to a close, Christmas may feel like lifetime away, but it?s never too early to get your finances in order for the festive season. ...
21-09-2017 21:44

10 benefits of a spa day

There are so many benefits to visiting a spa and It is something I would encourage everyone to do at least once a year ( or more!) Here are my though...
20-09-2017 21:47

My ideal home office

  We are in the process of doing up our home ready to sell and oh my goodness it has been hard work. Over the last few weeks we have had 5 rooms pai...
20-09-2017 21:47

What to look for when you are house hunting

  Do you know what to look for when you are house hunting" We are currently in the process of doing out house up to sell and pretty soon we shall be...
20-09-2017 21:47

5 signs your child may need an eye test

It is often easy to overlook the obvious when it comes to health care. We can assign all sorts of psychological reasons or behaviour traits to issues...
19-09-2017 21:44

How to Manage Your Life on a Budget

Your money can only go so far. When you are trying to make ends meet, watching where every penny goes can become draining, but it is possible to live...
15-09-2017 21:40

Ways to prepare your home for your later years

My passion for design is not purely aesthetic. Creative designs that meet peoples practical and personal needs really make me happy. Do you ever thin...
14-09-2017 21:41

4 Reasons You Should Consider Adding an Automated Gate to Yo

An automated gate can be installed with any new fence around a home, and plenty of homeowners should replace their manual gates with automated gates....
13-09-2017 21:44

The many benefits of air conditioning

One thing I would absolutely love to have in my home is air conditioning There are so many benefits to air conditioning and I think it can make such ...
13-09-2017 21:44

Autumn Fashion at JD Williams

I have been taking a look at this seasons collection at JD Williams  and there really are some lovely pieces. I was invited to pick a  few pieces to ...
13-09-2017 21:44

Pre-Holiday Checklist

Planning a holiday can be an overwhelming task, especially for people who do not travel a lot. There are many situations wherein you will find yourse...
09-09-2017 21:36

Where to go for the ultimate beach holiday

Planning to go on a tropical vacation" Dying to have an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life" If you want to go somewhere to enjoy sun, sea...
08-09-2017 21:37

Quirky date night ideas

What do you do for date night" We tend to eat it out but it can get a little dull. Time to revamp things! I am loving these much more quirky date nig...
07-09-2017 21:38

My beautiful things by Fiona Hawkes

Fiona Hawkes is a Personal Finance blogger who loves saving money almost as much as she loves spending it. She saves hard to be able to live better, ...
06-09-2017 21:43

How to brighten your space with cushion covers

In a home, I have always found, the biggest impact can be made by the smallest changes. You really don?t have to go down the route of new furniture, ...
06-09-2017 21:43

5 Great Jobs for Travelling Couples

Travelling as a couple can be expensive. From food to accommodation to tours, it is not easy on the wallet, especially if you plan to do a long-term ...
05-09-2017 21:39

Our Favourite Garden Design Trends of 2017

Throughout this past year, there have been some exciting new trends to look out for in the world of interior design, and this is certainly also true ...
04-09-2017 21:37

10 fabulous things to do in Kent and Sussex

Are you looking for things to do in Kent and Sussex " I have not spent lot of time in Kent and Sussex but I have been once or twice to visit my lovel...
01-09-2017 21:37

Building A Pond For Your Garden ? Essential Tips

As you look out over your garden, what do you see" Do you see potential, space, a blank canvas; or instead a basic garden with stone paving slabs and...
30-08-2017 21:38

Why You Need Bathroom Fans

New construction may, as a matter of course, include fans in every bathroom or WC. Many of us, however, have home or businesses with no ventilation i...
30-08-2017 21:38

How Maternity Tights Will Help You Through Your Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body will expand and grow in incredible ways, and all of your physical changes will not be isolated to your stomach area....
29-08-2017 21:40

My beautiful things by Rachel Bustin

This weeks beautiful things are vy the lovely Rachel Bustin so without further ado lets’s see what she has to say …. Hello, I?m Rachel, wife, blo...
29-08-2017 21:40

5 Decorating Ideas For Your New Home

If you have just completed a move to a new home over the summer, then congratulations, you made it! Now comes the fun part?decorating your home.   A...
27-08-2017 21:40

How Home Improvement Can Detox Your Life

While sipping lemon-water and steaming cruciferous vegetables is a great start for detoxing your body, did you know that your home could contain chem...
27-08-2017 21:40

3 Major Steps To Take While Selling Your Home

  A sale involves a lot many factors such as the product, price, place, promotion, and the people that, in other words, are known as the basic 5Ps o...
27-08-2017 21:40

My Beautiful Things by Fiona Newsam from A Mum Track Mind

Fi is a mum of two who also happens to run the award winning parenting and lifestyle blog A Mum Track Mind from her home in rural Lancashire. She wri...
23-08-2017 21:39

Eating Well

One of my aims this summer was to ensure my family began to eat better. I realised that over the past year I had gotten so busy I was making little e...
23-08-2017 21:39

Multiyork and Monsoon – a stunning collaboration

Oh I love a stylish collaboration and I am really excited to show you this  stunning new fabric range from well-known British furniture retailer Mult...
22-08-2017 21:43
22-08-2017 21:43

Investing in Antiques

To my mind being savvy with your money does not mean not ever spending it. What it means ( in my opinion) is that you make smart, informed and decisi...
22-08-2017 21:43

7 simple ways to save in a family home

I love to save money when I can and get such pleasure out of knowing we have a lovely home that we keep on a budget. So many people throw money at th...
18-08-2017 21:37

The perfect sweetpea vase

Oh how I love sweetpeas.   The scent is so pretty and makes me feel like I am out in the countryside on a hot summers day. I love the varying shades...
18-08-2017 21:37

Utilising the Space in a Small Garden

Having a smaller garden space can sometimes seem like a challenge, knowing you have the potential to do some great things but not quite knowing how t...
17-08-2017 21:39

Adding some class to your living room on a budget

Your living room has to be all things to all people. Whether the kids need somewhere to play, or you have guests coming for the evening, or you simpl...
17-08-2017 21:39

My Beautiful Things by Jane Berry from Shoestring Cottage

Jane Berry, aka Shoestring Jane, blogs about all things thrifty and money saving at ...
16-08-2017 21:41

Stylish and inexpensive storage solutions

Moving is on the cards for my little family and this month I have been working on my wish list with HomeTreatsUK to make selling our home all that mu...
16-08-2017 21:41

How to easily transform your child?s room

My daughter is at an age where she is changing rapidly and her likes and dislikes keep pace with that. At 10 she is also increasingly aware of her ow...
15-08-2017 21:38

Essential Things to Think About for First-Time Campervanners

Escapism A campervan holiday is a great escape from modern life, and great holiday to do as a family. Most families find that campervan holidays can ...
14-08-2017 21:39

7 fabulous family things to do in Devon

I have only once been to Devon and my memories are golden. I recall a beautiful beach, a fabulous ice cream and a hot and shiny sun. I must have been...
14-08-2017 21:39

Using Art to Transform a Space

If every time you go into a room you get that niggling feeling that something is missing, consider hanging some new artwork in that room. Often, that...
11-08-2017 21:35

A brilliant competition for kids at Pizza Express

There is a new competition for kids at Pizza Express with the chance to win lots of prizes. It’s called  A DOUGH BALL ADVENTURE Pizza Express are i...
10-08-2017 21:38

How to Transform the Look of Your Homes Exterior

Over time, the outside of your home experiences a lot, from changing weather conditions, to everyday wear and tear. This causes your homes appearance...
09-08-2017 21:43

My Beautiful Things by Karen Beddow from Mini Travellers

I am delighted to introduce you to Karen Beddow from Mini Travellers who shares her most beautiful things with us this week at A Beautiful Space Hi, ...
09-08-2017 21:43

Smiggle Back to School Range 2017

Ah what a delight to review some loveliness from the Smiggle Back to School Range 2017. I have written before about my love for stationery and how my...
08-08-2017 21:53

Top Things to Consider When Viewing a Property

Things to Consider When Viewing a Property Whether you?re a first-time buyer or you?ve been in the housing market for a while, viewing a property is ...
07-08-2017 21:37

Designing the perfect open plan kitchen

Whether you?re extending your house, knocking down a partition wall or simply opening your kitchen up to additional purposes, there are some really i...
07-08-2017 21:37

Trendy Church Outfit Ideas

When I do go to church I always like to looks smart, something my dad instilled in me from being small. I also like to look modest. I know what you w...
03-08-2017 21:42

Beautiful outdoor living ideas from HomeSense

I have written before about how much I enjoy shopping at HomeSense.     I was so delighted to be offered the opportunity to review the outdoor livi...
30-07-2017 21:40

The benefits of artificial grass and a fabulous competition

Artificial grass is  constantly increasing in popularity and along with artificial plants the quality these days is superb.   Is it something you ha...
28-07-2017 21:40

How to Truly Relax on Holiday

So, it?s that time of year again where you find yourself browsing the endless array of holiday websites in search of a well-earned break. You?ve been...
27-07-2017 21:38

Beautiful outdoor living ideas from Idyll Home

I have been perusing the beautiful store Idyll Home and have found some gorgeous outdoor living ideas. These will be going straight on my summer wish...
25-07-2017 21:38

5 Things Gardeners Need to Know About Polytunnels

Everyone seems to be investing in a polytunnel but what?s the big secret" Why do polytunnel gardeners fall in love with their new addition within day...
24-07-2017 21:39

A Charles Conrad watch review and an exclusive code for £100

What a treat to be offered a Charles Conrad watch review. Watches always make the loveliest of gifts. We wear them a lot, look at them frequently and...
23-07-2017 21:44

Top tips for The Modern-Day Traveller to Portugal

Holidays can get pretty expensive. So with plenty of bargain flights, matched with near year-round sunshine, its no wonder Portugal is one of Europe?...
19-07-2017 21:40

Berghaus Women’s StormCloud Waterproof Jacket Review

British weather hey! Just as soon as you get the flip flops out down comes the rain again. You always need a waterproof don’t you! Let me show you ...
04-07-2017 21:41

A Mexican Chiminea

I have always wanted a Mexican chiminea I really do love my garden and regular readers  will know I have featured it may times. It is like a baby to ...
04-07-2017 21:41
30-06-2017 21:43

Creating a perfect summer bathroom competition

It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE Pinterest and I just love to build my ideas up on there of how I would like to design my perfect room. This co...
30-06-2017 21:43

Bits of Lovely #6

Time to resurrect this series of lovely things from my week. It has been a year since my last update ! Yikes…. Anyway here goes, the bits of lovely...
28-06-2017 21:38

The History of the Bathtub

The history of the bathtub dates back to the Indus River Valley around 6000 years ago. This is when the earliest form of plumbing was in place, as in...
28-06-2017 21:38

Badgemaster ? seven summer treats just for you

We?re half way through the year, meaning we have SIX WHOLE MONTHS to wait until Christmas. We don?t think that should mean waiting six months until o...
28-06-2017 21:38

Micro Sprite Scooter Review – the perfect first 2 whee

About 7 years ago my daughter received her first ever scooter. It was a Mini Micro Scooter and it was a big hit. Her assessment of her scooter was th...
27-06-2017 21:38

The psychology of colour guide

I am so excited to share with you this psychology of colour guide from Thomas Sanderson. Do you have much colour in your home" I have a lot of white ...
23-06-2017 21:43
23-06-2017 21:43

A Surprise Smiggle Haul

Do you know why Smiggle is called Smiggle" It stands for when a smile meets a giggle. The perfect name for this fun store. Last week we were absolute...
21-06-2017 21:37

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News most viewed Today

Our Fall Sunroom ...

Our Fall Sunroom ...

Greetings, friends!Here we are ... already October 6th!  We\'ll be putting up Christmas trees before we know it ... but before that happens, I\'m sharing a bit more of our Fall home.Come on in to our little sunroom, right off of the kitchen.... -
Dulux Colour Trends 2018 | Kinship Part II

Dulux Colour Trends 2018 | Kinship Part II

Earlier this week I shared my interpretation of Kinship, one of the four themes that make up the Dulux Colour Trends 2018 Balance. An exciting project to be a part of as an interior stylist, the Dulux annual colour trends provide inspiration for... -
My Return & Barn Wood Fireplace Surrounds

My Return & Barn Wood Fireplace Surrounds

 Time has raced by and I\'m happy to be back to blogging!  We finished renovating the beach house and spent the summer enjoying the ocean and the beauty of Cape Ann.  I will post photos of the transformation in the coming weeks. But until then,... -
Maison & Objet 2017 Design Highlights

Maison & Objet 2017 Design Highlights

What a week it has been! I mean the past week. I spent five days working at the imm furniture fair in Cologne and then headed off to the Maison & Objet design fair in Paris. In Paris I had the time to roam the fair and bring back some design... -
How-to: Install Drawer Pullouts in Kitchen Cabinets

How-to: Install Drawer Pullouts in Kitchen Ca...

A tutorial for installing IKEA drawers in face frame kitchen cabinets. Goal: Increase useful storage space in typical kitchen face frame base cabinets by installing drawer pull-outs. Summary: Typical kitchen face frame base cabinets have limited... -
A studio is transformed into a lovely guest room

A studio is transformed into a lovely guest r...

How wonderful would it be to have a dedicated guest room with a big double bed, made up with fresh, soft bed linen and light pouring in from the windows" For most of us this isn\'t a reality so we have to make do with the rooms we already have.... -
Geometric Acoustic Wall Panels by Arper

Geometric Acoustic Wall Panels by Arper

Launched in 2015 by Arper, Parentesit is a collection of modular wall panels, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, that not only aid in reducing sound, they add a geometric, decorative element to your space. The components come in three graphic... -
10 great things to do in Cap-Breton

10 great things to do in Cap-Breton

We had the best of times recently holidaying in Cap-Breton (I really love the vibes in Hossegor & Cap-Breton). We did lots of sports, the girls had a ball skating, we ate healthily, slept well, caught up with friends and in the end, everyone had an... -
On the market: 1960s Gordon Nettleton-designed midcentury modern property in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

On the market: 1960s Gordon Nettleton-designe...

1960s Gordon Nettleton-designed midcentury modern property in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire This is such a stylish living space. An original 1960s Gordon Nettleton-designed midcentury modern property in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, which... -
How to create a family garden – 14 child-friendly garden ideas

How to create a family garden – 14 chil...

What does the term ?family garden? mean to you" Lots of colourful plastic and a bald lawn" But you can have a garden that both you and your children love – without spending a fortune. Garden and landscape consultant Matt Jackson is often asked... -

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