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Don’t forget 14th Feb

It’s the 14th February today – and we all know what that means. Yes, it’s the day we start sprinkling slug pellets on our flower beds, to preven...
14-02-2017 21:59

Bathroom grandeur

At first glance, it looks like they have opted for a wide stripe wallpaper in this bathroom, which wouldn’t be very practical. But it’s actually t...
02-02-2017 21:54

New year, new kitchen"

If cooking Christmas lunch highlighted all that is wrong with your current kitchen, perhaps now is the time to treat yourself to your dream kitchen sc...
26-01-2017 21:55

Treat yourself this weekend

Don’t just enjoy breakfast in bed on your birthday. Treat yourself this weekend. You deserve it after getting up in the dark and cold for five whole...
19-01-2017 21:58

The perfect waiting room

So that’s it then. Christmas is done and dusted for another year. Now the fun and socialising is over, it’s time to snuggle down and wait until sp...
05-01-2017 21:48

One more ‘sleeps’ to go…

Transform your child’s bedroom into a white Scandi-style festive dream, with not one, but five Christmas trees. Including a full-on traditional one,...
24-12-2016 21:47

Get crafty this christmas

With the school holidays in full swing, there’s plenty of time to get creative and achieve a cosy, country Christmas living room this year. Make rag...
22-12-2016 21:48

Supersize your Christmas

I love this simple, playful twist on a traditional festive wreath. They’ve gone big n’ bold with fresh foliage and made a real impact in this styl...
15-12-2016 21:50

Keep it light and bright

Who says your christmas tree should be green" This white artificial tree blends in perfectly with the decor, in this pretty living room. The pink and ...
08-12-2016 21:51

Let the countdown begin

Love it or loathe it, there’s not getting away from it. Christmas is coming. So go for a full-on traditional, cheerful red and green scheme. Choose ...
01-12-2016 21:51

The new home office

As the trains and the weather are sure to deteriorate even further, as winter progresses, working from home looks even more appealing. If you’re not...
25-11-2016 21:51

TV star

If, like me you’re planning on pretty much hibernating until next spring, then the TV will play a big part in your life, over the next six months. B...
10-11-2016 21:50

It’s cold out there

There’s definitely a nip in the air, although Idon’t think it’s quite cold enough to put the heating on yet. Or is that just me being mean" How...
20-10-2016 21:53

Relax, rest, read

The Rest Test Survey, asked 18,000 people to choose which activities they found the most restful from a list which included gardening, listening to mu...
13-10-2016 21:49

Who lives in a house like this"

Someone with no children or pets and a very understanding partner… Warm whites, from soft curd to rich buttermilk have been used to create this gran...
06-10-2016 21:50

Cute cloakrooms

Why have a bog-standard cloakroom when you can have one that looks as amazing as this" If you’ve played it safe decor-wise elsewhere in the house, t...
05-10-2016 21:58

Rough luxe

Rustic edginess and utilitarian glamour combine in this eye-catching kitchen extension. With a large range cooker, professional-style tap and plenty o...
28-09-2016 21:49

Putting the brakes on moving…

What’s that saying ? ‘ A place for everything and everything in its place’" I’m not exactly sure what it means but I do know that if my wife c...
26-09-2016 21:50

A cushy number

This bedroom looks quite masculine with it’s autumnal colours and woodland-theme. However, despite the neutral colours, the plain walls, the solid, ...
22-09-2016 22:02

Dream dressing room

For some of us, having a dressing room might seem like an impossible dream, especially in small homes, but with a bit of creative thinking and smart s...
21-09-2016 21:50

Bathroom bliss

Don’t you just love the bright white and soothing watery shades featured in this bathroom" Wooden wall panelling and painted floorboards help break ...
14-09-2016 21:49

Goodbye, summer

  Oh dear! September already. My lawn is speckled with fallen leaves and the nights are drawing in fast. Soon, sitting in the garden for hours on end...
08-09-2016 21:54

Perfectly pastel

  The colour combination of grey and pastels works a treat in this cosy sitting room. Although I’m not a big fan of pastel or powdery shades, I thi...
07-09-2016 21:49

It’s not all black and white

One big trend in kitchens that shows no sign of waning in popularity is the industrial look. We can all conjure up an image of this style: metro wall ...
02-09-2016 21:49

Hurray, Bake Off’s back

Never mind Strictly, it’s The Great British Bake Off, that has me glued to my TV every week. I don’t know which company has provided the pretty pa...
01-09-2016 21:48

Can you take a hint"

Bold splashes of colour may be the in thing at the moment but it’s not for everyone… and that includes me. I’ve always been an all-white type o...
31-08-2016 21:45

Room to grow

Who else remembers going to play at a schoolfriend?s house and walking into a bedroom that boasted the combo of matching He Man/My Little Pony/Thomas ...
28-08-2016 21:44

Feeling hot hot hot!

It’s certainly heating up out there, isn’t it" Those who ‘work from home’ and can enjoy days out in the garden basking in the summer sun while...
27-08-2016 21:48

Tout sweet

This delicate dining room in Paris made me think of another Parisian delicacy ? the macaron. So sweet, so brightly coloured?and yet not too much. The ...
26-08-2016 21:48

Summer living

Being able to eat alfresco is one of my favourite things about summer. Whether it’s tea and toast first thing, when there isn’t a cloud in the sky...
25-08-2016 21:47

Lofty ideas

Although the current trend for homeowners is to dig down when more space is needed, building upwards, extending or converting dead space is a less lab...
24-08-2016 21:49

Off the wall

When you?re thinking of a quick and effective way to give new life to a room, revive a tired scheme, or simply try something different, the usual way ...
19-08-2016 21:44

Dare to bare

My damp issue (which I’ve mentioned in an earlier post) is thankfully finally resolved, and what I’m left with is a wall both in my sitting room a...
17-08-2016 21:45

White and wonderful

Love my rented flat though I do, one of the frustrating things about being a tenant is that, like it or not, you just don?t have free reign to do what...
14-08-2016 21:46

Going bananas

While I?m admittedly a fan of a more restrained dcor scheme than this, I can?t deny this room made me smile, just as much as I did when I stepped out...
12-08-2016 21:46

Whatever the weather…

It would be nice to think that as it’s August, if you were planning a family gathering, or having friends over for lunch, you would be able to eat a...
11-08-2016 21:47

Seeing the light

When it comes to designing a kitchen, lighting can sometimes be an afterthought, but for a scheme to look and function well, the room must be well lit...
10-08-2016 21:52

An empty nest

There?s something about spending time away from home that makes you re-evaluate your space with fresh eyes upon your return. This week I was lucky eno...
05-08-2016 21:43

Marvellously Moroccan

I’m usually drawn to country gardens, complete with wrought iron garden chairs with plump floral cushions, tables laid with mis-matched crockery, co...
04-08-2016 21:47

Minty fresh

How’s this for a cool and contemporary summer sitting room" Its azure blue palette, shimmering satin seating, soft sand-coloured carpet and moss gre...
03-08-2016 21:47

A sociable space

As we all know, the trend is for open-plan kitchen-diners. Some that you see are positively vast, with a dining area in this corner, a living area her...
01-08-2016 21:45

Colonial dream

I see this beautiful scheme and it takes me back to my holiday in Mauritius. Although it was only in February, it feels like yonks ago since I woke u...
30-07-2016 21:43

In amore with Italian interiors

It?s travel time again ? next week I?m packing my bags and heading to Venice for a few days of good food, sightseeing and sunshine (at least that?s wh...
29-07-2016 21:44

Party on? and on

Even the warmest July days can turn into chilly nights. So if you’re thinking of planning a summer party, why not create a cosy corner like this, wh...
28-07-2016 21:48

Mad Med-style urban garden

Well, as weeks go, that was a bit toasty, wasn?t it" Absolutely roasting! – and being on holiday with my family down in Cornwall most of the week, I...
22-07-2016 21:48

Clean and tidy

Stuck for ideas for your child’s bedroom design" Scandi style, with natural woods and bright white finishes, is a popular trend for kids’ rooms. I...
20-07-2016 21:46

A little personality

How many times have your children given you a picture that you’ve stuck on the fridge, then thrown away asthere’s too many bits of paper attached...
18-07-2016 21:48

Cool kid’s room

Stuck for ideas for your child’s bedroom design" Scandi style, with natural woods and bright white finishes, is a popular trend for kids’ rooms. I...
16-07-2016 21:48

Down at the bottom of the garden?

The sun is finally on the way, so I’ll be heading outdoors to make the most of it this weekend. But don’t quite worry if you’re garden’s not q...
16-07-2016 21:48

Seaside schemes that rock

Not that I?m counting down or anything, but in a few short hours I shall be boarding a train and happily catching up on four-and-a-half hours of readi...
15-07-2016 21:45

Where Art Thou"

Artwork. That’s what my home needs. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect picture for my bedroom, living room and hall for years now. Eight...
14-07-2016 21:45

Room with a view

‘Bring the outside in’ is quite an overused term in our wonderful world of interiors, but this fabulous conservatory really does exactly that. Wit...
13-07-2016 21:46

The tropical touch

The tropical theme is bang on-trend this year and it really adds a bit of zing toan interior. Thebathroom is the perfect space to embrace this schem...
11-07-2016 21:48

Victory is sweet!

It’s the Wimbledon final today, and we’ll certainly be watching – how about you" In true SW19 spirit, we’ve been inspired to share with you ou...
10-07-2016 21:46

She was standing inside the secret garden…

‘If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.’ (The Secret Garden) TheFrances Hodgson Burnett novel about a neglected...
08-07-2016 21:46

Bring the outside in

  My family are coming for lunch on sunday. I like to think that as it’s July, we’ll be enjoying lunch in the garden, but sadly there’s no guar...
07-07-2016 21:48

A study in blue

I like style that isindividual, and I think that on the whole we’re more personal in our tastes when it comes to fashion ? be it clothes or interio...
06-07-2016 21:49

In the mix

If you just can’t decide which interior style you want for your kitchen-diner, then why not have them all, as the owner of this modern/classic/tradi...
06-07-2016 21:49

Time well spent

Nowadays, it can be easy to get caught up in colour schemes and what’s on trend. But why not create a room that represents what you love ? which is ...
04-07-2016 21:48

French-inspired style

There’s nothing I love more than sitting outside in the morning sun, enjoying a lazybreakfast or sharing a cup of tea with friends. This cute schem...
02-07-2016 21:46

Into Europe

French romance? German efficiency? Scandi shabby chic? there?s no denying the wealth of design inspiration we take from our European neighbours. Wheth...
01-07-2016 21:46

And relax…

I’ve never been one for relaxing in the bath. It sounds lovely in theory, but after about five minutes, I’m thinking, now what" And I’m ready t...
30-06-2016 21:50

The big bathroom debate

Is there anything more annoying than someone knocking on the door in need of the loo, while you’re relaxing in a lovely hot bath" If that scene is a...
29-06-2016 21:47

Brexit homeowners stay put!

Bricks it! Did you vote Leave or Remain" No, on second thoughts, don’t tell me – it could get ugly. But agree with it or not, Brexit is making it...
28-06-2016 21:47

Mix it up with fabrics

Trends come and go and the seasons are always changing. So how can you create a scheme that works all year round, is something you love, and is on tre...
27-06-2016 21:47

What have you done"

Today sees the launch of National Upcycling Day? what do you mean you hadn?t noticed" But National Upcycling Day it indeed is ? and as well as sharing...
24-06-2016 21:45

In or out"

  Everyone needs a little green space to call their own. Just big enough for a couple of garden chairs and a barbie, perhaps. Ideally, south-facing a...
23-06-2016 21:46

God bless Americana

Introduce some stateside styling into your home this summer for a fresh New England feel. This guest bedroom design is bright and welcoming thanks to ...
22-06-2016 21:46

A room with life

Life. Nina Simone sang about it (Ain’t Got No, I Got Life);Mae West praised it (‘It’s not the men in my life, it’s life in my men?’); Georg...
21-06-2016 21:48

Bring summer inside?

Summer officially starts this week ? we all saw the friendly reminder pop up on our Facebook feed. But then we opened our curtains to the pouring rain...
20-06-2016 21:54

Come on, England!

Forget the footie, I’m rooting for the sun to shine brightly for us this weekend, even though the forecast says otherwise. Correct me if I’m wrong...
18-06-2016 21:47

Have some fun!

Sometimes, when it comes to decorating, it pays off to step out of your comfort zone and be brave. It’s time to steer clear of on-trend greys and ne...
18-06-2016 21:47

Beyond the pale

An all-white bedroom instantly conjours up images of a calm, restful and pure space. But it doesn?t have to be all-white all night. While a neutral wh...
17-06-2016 21:48

Game on

Let’s face it, TV’s are not pretty things. If your other half is enjoying Euro ’16 right now and planning on watching all three games each day,...
16-06-2016 21:47

In the navy

If you’re after a girly look for your kitchen but pastels just aren’t your thing, why not consider navy blue as an accent shade. This may sound li...
15-06-2016 21:51

Making the most of a mini garden

If you?re not blessed with a rolling, green garden, it can be easy to let what outdoor space you do have become an afterthought, or a dumping ground. ...
13-06-2016 21:49

Feeling patriotic

Will you be celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday this weekend" We certainly will (although I may be a bit more enthusiasticthan some of my colleag...
10-06-2016 21:48

Sew easy

I love The Great British Bake Off, was completely hooked on The Great Pottery Throw Down and now eagerly await each episode of The Great British Sewin...
09-06-2016 21:52

Bathed in beauty

If I was given an ultimatum to either have a shower or bath, I would always opt for the latter because sometimes I just need to slip into a pool of ho...
08-06-2016 21:52

Sunny hues

Yellow is a warm, friendly colour that instantly sends out good vibes, which is why it works wellin most room schemes, and this conservatory proves t...
06-06-2016 21:50

Go green

Choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen can be a hard task. Nowadays, we tend to see classic cream, white or grey designs, which are then dressed up...
04-06-2016 21:45

Industrial action

An industrial-look kitchen. It?s an enduring design, and a coveted look, but when it actually comes down to the realities of having to strip your floo...
03-06-2016 21:49

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

  A mirror is an easy way to add the illusion of space and light in your living room and as you can see, it works equally well outdoors, too. Here, t...
02-06-2016 21:50

Taking a view

There’s something about a view. What I mean is, with something good to look out onto, you don’t actually need to step foot outside the house if yo...
31-05-2016 21:47

Minimal bedroom" I should Coco?

Once, when asked for her advice about wearing accessories, Coco Chanel is said to have replied, ?Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and ta...
27-05-2016 21:52

Bird’s eye view

  The pretty bird motif wallpaper in this cosy bedroom dictates the colour scheme and theme in this country bedroom and makes me want to have a go at...
26-05-2016 21:52

Shelf life

The ‘shelfie’ craze, where people share images of stylish shelf displays online, continues to gather momentum. Whether you want to show your intel...
25-05-2016 21:51

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