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studio tour with ceramic artist amy dov.

though her medium has changed over time, amy dov has been a practicing artist for many years. she lives with her husband and two children in a lovely...
19-03-2018 22:03

color story: apricot.

Whew! Last week was quite a doozy (sorry I missed you on Wednesday!) but I’m beyond excited to be back and sharing a color that’s been on my mind...
19-03-2018 22:03

wear this there: tokki.

the newly renovated tokki? a japaneseeatery in paris? is this spring’s spot to hang out once you’ve had your fill of baguettes and fromage. wi...
16-03-2018 22:00

the bold and the beautiful.

i certainly don’t have the guts to go this bold, but i sure do admire it! this corner apartment in The Hague was created by the form makers — an ...
15-03-2018 22:01

at home on a greek island.

fancy a holiday home on a greek island" well, who doesn’t" this is literally one of those ‘calgon take me away’ kind of houses where you can tr...
14-03-2018 22:01

my kitchen makeover reveal.

ah, at long last, my kitchen makeover is about 88% complete! it’s taken some time, but we have new paint, lighting, flooring, kitchen countertops, ...
14-03-2018 22:01

instagram worthy: @audreyrivet.

today’s graphic designer and it’s quiteclear that her refined design sensibility comes across in her photography. the color palette and her eye ...
13-03-2018 22:00

inside the wing.

Have you heard of The Wing"! With locations from New York to Washington D.C., The Wing is a female-powered co-working community space for creative wo...
12-03-2018 22:00

Studio Tour: Painter Jess Brooks.

jess brooks is living the quintessentialartist life. her light-filled DTLA loft sits just above skid row and really is a photographer’s dream. she...
12-03-2018 22:00

friday finds ~ missed.

hi everyone, i am so sorry to have missed ...
10-03-2018 21:59

wear this there: fanaberia crepes and cafe.

zara crossover jumpsuit with belt; dolce vita dee bootie; cos collarless trench coat; madewell tassel statement earrings; read this there slow beauty...
09-03-2018 22:09

at home in sri lanka.

what a perfectly eclectic abode! featured a while back on in/out (which may be my new favorite Australian design blog) it’s the stunning home of ar...
08-03-2018 21:59

photography spotlight: claire cottrell.

I discovered Claire Cottrell’s work one day while I was scrolling through one of my favorite reads, A Piece Apart’s “Woman” series, and have...
08-03-2018 21:59

minimal geometric art.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of ways to spruce up our walls with a few new art pieces. While I love that our space is adorned with photos from our tr...
07-03-2018 21:59

yliving’s spring living event.

i’ve been a long-time fan of YLiving, so when they invited me to let you know about their spring living event, i was most happy to do so. YLiving i...
07-03-2018 21:59

brick house.

i used to think painting brick was kind of sacrilegious, but i’ve been swayed in the opposite direction and really quite like it now. and not go on...
06-03-2018 21:57

color story: golden.

Goldenrod, marigold, mustard, honey — I?ve got golden hues on the brain and everything is looking like sunshine. There?s something about Spring tha...
05-03-2018 21:57

raise the roof beams.

last week we shared a peek at domino’s feature on restored by the fords, interior designer leanne ford’s HGTV show with her brother steve. well, ...
05-03-2018 21:57

wear this there: basic kitchen.

our want for casual yet stylish dining is never-ending, and charleston’s newest locale is just what we’ve been craving. basic is the go-to spot ...
02-03-2018 21:55

ceramics, a love story.

even though ceramics and pottery have been around since like, what, the caveman days, i feel like it’s been having this real renaissance of late. p...
01-03-2018 21:59

a trip to southern sweden.

i really adore the way the future kept sees the world. their latest vision,photo journal: southern sweden really captivated me. we’ve shared bits...
28-02-2018 21:58

24 Urban Outfitters Finds For The Design Junkie.

If there’s one thing I probably wouldn’t have believed a few years ago, it’s just how much I’d one day come to love Urban Outfitters’ apart...
28-02-2018 21:58

instagram worthy: @piariverola.

i don’t know how exactly how i landed on this week’s very ...
27-02-2018 21:58

inside the now.

A well-designed safe haven nestled into the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood (or Santa Monica, Silverlake or Studio City) that you can pop into an...
26-02-2018 22:00

bring back real mail.

as someone who’s job pretty much lives online, i have days when i truly do miss our pre-internet days. remember when you’d get mail from a friend...
26-02-2018 22:00

wear this there: marion wine bar.

happen to be heading down under" well, we’ve got a spot for you to sit, sip and take in all the wonders of australia’s marvelous melbourne. g’d...
23-02-2018 21:57

Color Story: Rust.

Hello lovelies! Today I?m excited to introduce a new series to sfgirlbybay — I have big plans of exploring all of my favorite colors with you and w...
22-02-2018 21:54

instagram worthy: @eloeil.

what instantly caught my eye about this very ...
21-02-2018 21:56

12 best of etsy.

sometimes i just space and forget how a plethora of wonderful handmade items can be found right at our fingertips — quite literally. etsy is just a...
21-02-2018 21:56

The Modern Bohemian.

Hello, hello! My name is Chelsea (nice to e-meet you!) and I’m so excited to be joining the sfgirlbybay team as a regular guest contributor. This i...
21-02-2018 21:56

tiny canal cottage home tour.

if you’ve ever searched any variation of the phrase “small home inspiration” it’s likely that you’ve come across the wonderfully warm and d...
21-02-2018 21:56

wear this there: caff palladio.

in the lush cultural destination of jaipur sits a caf that will truly transport you to another time. caff palladiois an oasis amongst the heat and...
16-02-2018 21:58

a home in the hills of Malibu.

take one step into this malibu homeand it’s apparent that the owners have impeccable taste. and the fact that most of the furnishings are vintage ...
15-02-2018 21:53

speaking of green.

we shared this fabulous green kitchen a few weeks ago, and now i just can’t stop seeing green. green kitchens appear to be all the rage, and i wond...
15-02-2018 21:53

my funny valentine.

hey hey, happy valentine’s day! do you believe in the romance of this holiday, or is it just a scam brought to you by hallmark cards" i’m single ...
14-02-2018 21:56

a studio in paris.

my very favorite design magazine milk decoration recently featured the workshop of artistEma Pradre in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. paris is a...
13-02-2018 21:58

instagram worthy: @haarkon_.

continuing our crush on all things green this week, i’ve got a really wonderful ...
12-02-2018 22:01

the home gallery.

the new living room art gallery i’ve started is still a work in progress, so i’ve been on the hunt for home gallery inspiration. i can’t decide...
12-02-2018 22:01

best of: wear this there: maison premiere.

you had us at absinthe and oysters, maison premiere. we will be at the bar, and if no one wants to join us, well then more oysters for us. maybe it...
09-02-2018 21:55

best of: lovely reasons to be lazy.

it’s a fact for many of us: when alarm clocks go off everywhere across the land, and all we want to do is ignore them. press the snooze and luxuria...
08-02-2018 21:58

best of: cozy modern.

this is what i would call cozy modern. eclectic spaces that while definitely have a very vintage vibe, don’t swing in the direction of ‘country...
08-02-2018 21:58

best of: vanity fair.

i’m not sure why exactly, but i love a feminine display of beauty products. maybe it’s the memory of watching my mum get ready for a night out wi...
07-02-2018 21:58

best of: flights of fancy.

there are days when the mind wanders and we dream of living elsewhere, right" i mean, as much as we love our own homes, we can occasionallyget that ...
07-02-2018 21:58

best of: the shutterbugs: lean timms.

this is the lovely work of Australian food, travel and lifestyle photographer lean timms –currently based in Canberra. lean is inspired by “by fo...
06-02-2018 21:57

best of: on trend bauhaus.

sometimes i just start to notice images popping up on pinterestin a series of familiar shapes and lately it’s this bauhausvibe i’ve been seeing...
06-02-2018 21:57

super march news.

i’m excited to be headed up to the bay area this week — up to elsie green to photograph the new vintage collection fresh off the container from f...
05-02-2018 21:58

color palette: pale pink & green.

i love both pale pink and the color green so it’s probably no surprise two my favorite (and most popular) pinboards are blushing beauty and good ol...
05-02-2018 21:58

wear this there: maison aleph.

surprise, surprise, paris has yet another tea and treat house calling our names. this time around it’s the adorable zara long textured coat; need s...
02-02-2018 21:56

peaceful easy feeling.

as you may have seen on lighting pendant from an old church, my mid-century modern dresser,and a crochet bed throw, but i just need to realize this ...
01-02-2018 21:59

the un-office home office.

it’s not unreasonable to crave a bit of space for one’s self. a little nook to take care of paperwork, sort the bills that come in, a sweet spot ...
31-01-2018 22:00

new art from fine little day.

i’ve been buying artwork from fine little day for years now (among other beautiful items from her homeware collections). founder elisabeth dunker h...
30-01-2018 21:56

at home in sonoma.

sonoma is such a restful, beautiful place to visit — if you’ve never been you might like to add it to your bucket list. and since they’ve strug...
30-01-2018 21:56

instagram worthy: @woandwecollection.

i think you’re really going to be smitten with this ...
29-01-2018 21:56

mustard is having a moment.

mustard is hot right now — and no, i don’t mean spicy. it’s just very on trend and i for one have embraced it. mustard yellow pairs well with s...
29-01-2018 21:56

wear this there: pink pool caf.

planning an itinerary for a trip to korea is hard when every caf you stumble upon via the internet is an explosion of adorable meets chic aesthetic ...
26-01-2018 21:59

built-in space savers.

i’ve been kind of really missing having an actual physical desk, after converting my home office to a guest bedroom. however, that room also has a ...
25-01-2018 22:03

the good life at the villa.

does this look like a tropical paradise, or what" this laid-back villa in Sri Lanka was recently featured on elledecor sweden and i was instantly sm...
24-01-2018 22:01

modern connectivity with great design.

as you may have noticed on instagram, i’ve been doing a bit of redesigning around the house lately. nothing major, but my latest trip to francerea...
24-01-2018 22:01

steal this look: malm home.

i love checking out the swedish real estate site bjurfors for inspirational staging and styling tips, and this lovely space is just one of many beaut...
23-01-2018 21:57
22-01-2018 22:02

modern surf vibes.

i’mmaking up a new genre — kinda, sorta anyway — modern surf. i think mid-century modern already has a kind of natural, beachy vibe — maybe ...
22-01-2018 22:02

wear this there: budapest cafe.

what’s seafoam green, perfectly symmetrical, and wes anderson all over" china’s budapest cafe of course! all our cinematic daydreams now have a p...
19-01-2018 21:59

in the kitchen with rachel khoo.

this is such a cheerful, almost kitschy kitchen, isn’t it" it definitely has those retro vibes with the pea-green backsplash tiles by Milagros, a M...
18-01-2018 21:58

natural beauty.

how’d you like to take refuge in this natural beauty for a while" recently featured in architectural digest espana it’s the modern home of serge ...
18-01-2018 21:58

stem eco-friendly furniture.

have you met stem" brought to you by brothers ryan and travis, cultivating their love of modern design, entrepreneurship, and sustainability to produ...
17-01-2018 22:00

instagram worthy: @herz.und.blut.

one of my favorite bits of instagram is its ability to transport us around the world in, well, an instant. i’m still frustrated by instagram’s al...
17-01-2018 22:00

color palette: deep greens.

emerald green. it?s a color that elicits a lot of emotion. it evokes envy and passion, can be strangely exotic. a while back (2013) emerald green was...
16-01-2018 22:01

good reads: in bed.

i really get inspired by the clever blog behind the brand in bed. on their blog they feature some stylish abodes adorning their beautiful bedding, an...
16-01-2018 22:01

wear this there: the allis.

while we’re over here in L.A. sipping on ice coffees in january, the city of chicago is seeking somewhere to ride out the winter. whether you’re ...
12-01-2018 21:59

blue’s romantic side.

these season’s blue seems to have taken on a romantic, moody side. everything i’m seeing out there on the interwebs leans towards the deeper hues...
11-01-2018 21:58

the dark side.

i love this victorian modern space featured on inside out magazine. it’s quite dark in terms of that chic black leather sofa paired with a black cr...
11-01-2018 21:58

good reads: architectural digest espaa.

there’s not much that doesn’t inspire me about this beautiful barcelona home featured recently in architectural digest espaa, one of my favorite...
10-01-2018 22:03

super march pre-sale.

we’ve returned from our latestsuper march shopping excursion in France, and our shipping container filled to the brim with vintage treasure is ma...
09-01-2018 22:01

instagram worthy: @fedesfotos.

you may be able to guess why i was so instantly drawn to this instagram feed — it’s that mustard & pink color palette but it’s also the way she...
09-01-2018 22:01

2018 motto: learn more stuff.

they say you’re never too old to learn new tricks (or is that dogs"). nevertheless, i’m making it my motto for 2018 to try new things and learn n...
08-01-2018 22:03

around L.A. / lily ashwell.

greetings and happy 2018! my apologies for taking off for a little longer than usual, but at the holidays i like to extend my downtime a bit and real...
08-01-2018 22:03

wear this there: nomad.

this week’s zara turtleneck sweater; Rachel Comey Camille Earrings in Stripe Tortoise; read this there the english patient by michael ondaatje; ...
22-12-2017 21:54

on trend: warm and toasty.

to be quite honest, pantone’s color of the year (ultraviolet!) caught me a tad off guard. personally,i was really expecting something more warm an...
21-12-2017 21:55

the house that pinterest built.

i must have had some kind of brain fade, because as you may have seen on pinterest. and pinterest hosted a meetup with diane who made this amazing pr...
21-12-2017 21:55

simply chic.

sometimes it’s just as much what you take away, as what you add to make a room chic. it’s an understated look you want — that old theory applie...
20-12-2017 21:56

studio tour / sheldon ceramics.

if you’re following the clay scene around Los Angeles then you’ve likely come across the clean and refreshing forms from Sheldon ceramics. we pop...
20-12-2017 21:56

shop local: last minute christmas!

i’mnot a huge mall shopper — i’d much prefer to support small and medium-sized makers and shop local. in ouron-goingseries ...
20-12-2017 21:56

a new, new year?s eve tradition.

i?m not one to make elaborate new year?s eve plans. instead, i usually spend the evening with friends, making a delicious dinner together at home, sh...
20-12-2017 21:56

peace and quiet.

everything about this losangeleshome photographed so beautifully by laure joliet whispers ‘peace and quiet’ — which is so nice to come back t...
18-12-2017 22:18

connecting during the holidays.

one of the best things about moving back to los angeles is that instead of traveling and spending excessive time in airports i’m closer and more co...
18-12-2017 22:18

wear this there: anvil hotel.

is it just us or have you been feeling like fleeing to a quiet chalet in the mountains too" days spent weaving down the slopes, nights over hot choco...
15-12-2017 21:55

instagram worthy: @trnknyc.

i think we’re all feeling the big bummer that is the instagram algorithm and while not an end of the world scenario, it’s indeed frustrating that...
13-12-2017 21:54

good reads: remodelista.

if there’s one blog out there that i follow consistently and read every newsletter, it’s remodelista. their editorial eye is so spot-on and conti...
13-12-2017 21:54

rattan is all the rage.

rattan has been my jam for a while now, but i’mreally seeing it everywhere as of late. i think it’s because it can lend itself to a lot of diffe...
12-12-2017 21:53

credenza hunting.

i hit the rose bowl flea market today, in search of the perfect vintage credenza or dresser. i saw plenty and at very good prices, but nothing that h...
11-12-2017 21:54

wear this there: grand boulevards hotel.

an accommodation fit for a king (louis xvi to be exact), the grands boulevards hotelis paris’s new hot spot for those hoping to snag a slice of th...
08-12-2017 21:52

sometimes you’ve just gotta lighten up.

i had good intentions when i decorated my bedroom in shades of black — i really did. but now i’m not finding it quite as soothing as i might have...
07-12-2017 21:50

when in paris.

my recent trip to france was simply smashing. the best part perhaps, was wandering aimlessly, mostly by myself in la marais and i couldn’t have bee...
06-12-2017 21:59

on trend: dome lighting.

i’ve been noticing a real resurgence of the flos snoopy lamp, and dome or mushroom lamps in general lately. the vintage snoopy lamp was originally ...
05-12-2017 21:51

that golden light.

when i was in paris, i couldn’t help but notice that it holds up to its reputation as the la Ville des Lumires — the city of lights. at around 4...
05-12-2017 21:51

at home in williamsburg.

this Industrial and very minimalist loft studio space in Williamsburg is the Brooklyn home of Ivonne Casas who took to renovating this former laborat...
04-12-2017 21:53

mirror mirror on the wall.

a prettydecorative mirror adds so much to a room — from reflecting pretty light to making a space look a bit larger they’re the great little mul...
04-12-2017 21:53

best of: the stylists: leesa o’reilly.

leesa o’reilly is an australian-based stylist, set decorator, creative consultant, and writer and who styles for advertising campaigns, cookbooks (...
01-12-2017 21:52

best of: the shutterbugs lean timms.

this is the lovely work of Australian food, travel and lifestyle photographer lean timms –currently based in Canberra. lean is inspired by “by fo...
30-11-2017 21:53

best of: cheers to colored glassware.

when it comes to throwing parties, it’s fun to have great glassware — it just adds a whole other layer to the event, not to mention, it’s very ...
30-11-2017 21:53

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Maison & Objet Sep 2016 - Fine Little Day

Maison & Objet Sep 2016 - Fine Little Day

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