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wear this there: tacombi.

from the shores of mexico, to bleeker street, tacombi is where one goes when suffering from massive taco cravings. it’s also where one goes to seek...
26-05-2017 21:34

good reads: the scandinavian home.

one of my favorite bloggers, niki brantmark of my scandinavian home has a brand new decor book out, and i think you’re want to add it to your desig...
25-05-2017 21:34

skinny laminx’s roof garden giveaway.

i think textile designer heather moore of skinny laminx and i have been long-distance corresponding since my early days of blogging, and she’s alwa...
25-05-2017 21:34

feast for the eyes.

there is essentially no other reason for this post, other than i was inspired by these images and found myself collecting them on pinterest like some...
24-05-2017 21:35

guest room makeover: the complete look.

yesterday, i shared my collaboration with EBTH to bring in pieces to give my guest room makeover that vintage-modern vibe i was going for, including ...
24-05-2017 21:35

in bed with artist caroline walls.

i just discovered this beautiful australian shop, in bed and they carry some sublime collections you’ll definitely want to check out. but what i al...
23-05-2017 21:35

literally, everything but the house.

EBTH is the premiere estate sale marketplace where you can shop collections from homes all over the country — from vintage and previously loved hom...
23-05-2017 21:35

that little black accent.

as you’ll see in a few more posts this week (guest room makeover reveal, coming right up!) i’m still seduced by that little black magic. i’ve h...
22-05-2017 21:36

vintage portraits for a modern world.

like a lot of things that interest me, one of the most interesting things for me about interior design is quite a bit about juxtaposition. i like con...
22-05-2017 21:36

wear this there: nanan.

this is quickly becoming nanan patisserie in wroclaw, poland is possibly the sweetest of them all, its interiors are inspired by an éclair, for goodn...
20-05-2017 21:34

devol’s bespoke kitchen.

i’ve shared some of devol kitchen’s beautiful design projects on the blog before, but this time i’m happy to share their brand new showroom —...
18-05-2017 21:34

fancy a lush getaway in france"

if after seeing my trip to france earlier this year perhaps you’ve been longing for your own trip, and i may have just the ticket for you. ouí! mig...
18-05-2017 21:34

flights of fancy.

there are days when the mind wanders and we dream of living elsewhere, right" i mean, as much as we love our own homes, we can occasionally get that ...
17-05-2017 21:35

a giveaway from modernica.

modernica is hosting a sale on their molded wood furniture this week, so if you’ve had your eye on anything special from their collection, now’s ...
16-05-2017 21:36

unexpected guests: paige geffen.

today we’re visiting a neighbor of mine here on the east side of L.A., paige geffen who i believe i first discovered through her inspiring instagra...
16-05-2017 21:36

good reads: surf shack.

perhaps it’s that i was born, raised and lived in california my whole life, but i get a little weak in the knees when it comes to surf culture. i c...
15-05-2017 21:35

get the look: vintage modern surf shack.

if you didn’t catch the previous post this morning, hop back and then return to this get the look post. because this morning i shared the beautiful...
15-05-2017 21:35

you say it’s your birthday"

hey guys! it is indeed my birthday and i’m taking a personal day! every once in a while you gotta do that, right" but we’ll back on monday!! thos...
12-05-2017 21:36

say what, google home"

okay, i kid you not — this may be one of the coolest products i’ve been asked to review in some time. i am completely smitten with my new Google ...
11-05-2017 21:37

palme d’or.

in case you were wondering, the palme d’or is the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. but today i’m borrowing it to give kudos to ...
11-05-2017 21:37

get the look: sourcing vintage-inspired artwork.

this weekend i hit the Pasadena City College Flea market with my friend Jihan of instagram and got quite a few remarks about where to find artwork li...
10-05-2017 21:34

a multi-cultural home in berlin.

i wouldn’t have guessed at first glance that this beautiful apartment is in germany — i think my imagination took me instead to morocco, but it i...
10-05-2017 21:34

online shop showcase: fine little day.

i thought it might be fun (and resourceful for you!) from time to time to feature some of my favorite online shops and designers. the amazing thing a...
09-05-2017 21:36

bohemian boudoir.

let’s bring a little bohemian into the boudoir, shall we" this happens to be my personal favorite look — a little funky, a bit romantic and very ...
08-05-2017 21:35

wear this there: sauvage.

so many stylishly clad restaurants, with infinitely delicious menus, so little time. this week’s farsali rose gold elixir; bones and feathers orion...
05-05-2017 21:36

home spring cleanout with eBay.

it’s that time of year again. Time to declutter and refresh for spring! I got a mandatory huge head start on my spring cleaning with all of the rem...
04-05-2017 21:37

surf shack hideaway.

as summer approaches, i often find myself fantasizing about having my own little beach house, tucked away on the venice canals, or perhaps paradise c...
04-05-2017 21:37

clever crochet.

this is one of the loveliest ideas i’ve seen in a long while for kitchen wall decoration or any wall for that matter. upcycled, pastel crochet bask...
03-05-2017 21:34

urban zen.

who else has been feeling rather stressed out lately" with our mega-hectic days it’s enough to make you wanna crawl under a rock and hide out for a...
03-05-2017 21:34

into the sea from kara rosenlund.

one of my favorite photographers, australian kara rosenlund has added a brand new series of prints to her collection entitled Into the Sea and theyâ€...
02-05-2017 21:35

got some time for the blues"

anna gillar; vtwonen; @kforgara; elle decoration; lonny; BYE Risograph Print by Sarah McNeil; @jessicacomingore; bonnie tsang; ceramic collage via blo...
02-05-2017 21:35

file under pop.

file under pop: even the name is rad. their whole clever collection is file-worthy and definitely packs a pop. but ever so tastefully — paint, wall...
01-05-2017 21:37

prettiest of palettes.

i’ve just  stumbled upon elle denmark’s feature on designer Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer gorgeous, spacious apartment in Copenhagen and just had to...
01-05-2017 21:37

wear this there: de maria.

nolita’s latest locale is where the independent art scene meets killer fare. de maria is a feast for the eyes (and our tummies) ? the chef herself ...
28-04-2017 21:34

at home with: ayla gurganus of soulflowers.

today we’re dropping in on the bright, light and very charming abode of Ayla Gurganus. ayla is a floral designer who runs soulflowers in Atlanta, G...
27-04-2017 21:35

color palette: mint + peachy pink.

last weekend, i checked out DTLA’s brand new museum of ice cream and found myself inspired by two particulars installations (and my favorite ice cr...
27-04-2017 21:35

finally, a grown up closet.

never in my life have i ever had a walk-in closet. but now i can at long last say i finally do. i think most of us would like the luxury and the prac...
25-04-2017 21:37

springtime in paris.

usually when i see this much color i might shy away — it can often be too much for me (lover of all things sedate in decor). but this paris apartme...
25-04-2017 21:37

a guest room makeover.

share design. as you may have seen on my instagram stories last week, i’m transforming my former home office into a guestroom. i mean, who really n...
24-04-2017 21:35

this week’s must reads.

i thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite reads on a regular basis, thus ‘this week’s must reads’. i am a literary junkie, especia...
24-04-2017 21:35

wear this there: little octopus.

nashville has been quite the design draw as of late, and its new little blush-hued seafood spot little octopus is no different. the name is reason en...
21-04-2017 21:33

sprucing up spring decor with vintage rugs.

Spring is the perfect time to spruce things up with fresh furnishings (especially if you?re one of the lucky people who got an unexpectedly hefty tax...
21-04-2017 21:33

the stylists: mademoiselle poirot.

meet mademoiselle poirot — Carole Poirot to be exact (and yes, that is her real name). writer, stylist, and photographer of her blog by the same na...
21-04-2017 21:33

things go better with pink.

i guess it’s no surprise i have a fondness for pink — shades of pale pink most especially. it’s a color that just compliments every other color...
19-04-2017 21:31

at home with chessa osburn.

today we’re dropping in on the chic, minimalist and very cozy home of Chessa Osburn, the co-founder of online shop Twenty One Tonnes, where she liv...
19-04-2017 21:31

studio tour / carly kuhn.

you may know illustrator/artist carly kuhn for her playful penmanship on ...
18-04-2017 21:31

warm and woodsy.

i quite like the warm vibes these rooms give off. they ‘ve achieved that feeling mostly from the vintage inspired wood furniture featured quite pro...
18-04-2017 21:31

a slice of california orange.

atelier doré. i’ve been writing an awful lot about the rise of blue lately — a trend that seems to be sticking around. well, you know what pairs ...
17-04-2017 21:33

a carefully curated home in charleston.

domino is crushing it again this week, with a stunning tour of interior designer & stylist elizabeth damrich’s historic 1830’s charleston, north ...
17-04-2017 21:33
14-04-2017 21:32

a petite guide to visiting france.

apologies for the tardiness of this post, but with so many photos to edit and links to gather it’s taken me some time to pull it all together, but ...
13-04-2017 21:32

getting warmer.

rattan is the perfect warm weather furniture solution. it reminds us of balmy beach days or our last trip to some tropical island. it’s light and a...
12-04-2017 21:41

miami in madrid.

the thing i like best about this madrid-based co-working and event space (besides that oh-so-florida pastel color palette!) is really how they’ve d...
12-04-2017 21:41

make way for spring mantels.

spring is here and summer’s right around the corner, but it’s not as if you can just hide your fireplace mantel away until you need it again. it ...
11-04-2017 21:43

restored by the fords.

this is fabulous home of Los Angeles?based interior designer Leanne Ford featured recently on domino and photographed beautifully by one of my favori...
11-04-2017 21:43

on trend: terrazzo.

i keep seeing terrazzo everywhere, and especially all over in europe â€” cafe tables were covered in it, and we discovered it beneath our feet on sev...
10-04-2017 21:34

instagram friendly book – free just for you.

it’s been a season of travel and i’ve been most fortunate to be getting around these days — from cuba, to france and on to london. you’ve pro...
10-04-2017 21:34

wear this there: ostrich farm.

we’re hesitant to give up one of our favorite neighborhood spots in fear of larger brunch waits, but we don’t want you to miss out on the sweet e...
07-04-2017 21:30

it’s a jungle in here.

call me ms. green jeans, but i just can’t help myself, i guess. when it comes to bringing green inside — literally and figuratively, i’m into i...
06-04-2017 21:32

at home with lizzie fortunato.

i continue to be so inspired by jenni kayne’s blog, rip & tan. they’ve recently posted an inspiring peek inside the beautiful home of designer Li...
06-04-2017 21:32

a margarita for an english garden.

ready for a lovely twist on the traditional margarita" i think you’re going to love the taste of this one! Patrón has searched the world for refres...
05-04-2017 21:30

a keen eye for the eclectic.

without sounding too much like a brat, i’m really becoming disenchanted with a lot of the cookie-cutter looks out there right now. i think decor ne...
04-04-2017 21:29

getting creative with the minted 50.

i’ve been very kindly invited to participate a creative project called the Minted 50, and today i’m sharing my project and a little bit of my cre...
04-04-2017 21:29

zen and the art of floor cushions.

i’ve been dying to create a little zen area for myself in the home studio where i can attempt a little meditation (never ever easy for me to calm m...
03-04-2017 21:30

mirror images.

so, it’s a little hard to visualize, but for my remodel we closed off the entrance to the back guest bedroom (which is now part bathroom / part wal...
03-04-2017 21:30

wear this there: wm. farmer & sons.

there’s a new destination gracing hudson, new york ? and it’s the hip-countryside-goers dream come true. wm. farmer & sons is not only a spot to ...
31-03-2017 21:30

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Tassel Butterfly Chair

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