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A Very Tassel Roundup

Tassels make everything better! They add the perfect touch of color, texture, and fun to any room. If there are any areas of your home that could use...
06-01-2018 21:37

What A Year! 2017 recap

2017 was quite a year, full of ups and downs, deaths and births, wins and losses. It always feels strange for me to have things personally going well ...
02-01-2018 21:34

Travelogue: Rabat, Morocco

Whew! It?s taken me a couple of weeks to get it together to write this post ? I battled the flu and had to get through the holidays first?but I final...
28-12-2017 21:35

Spice Up Your Living Room!

Mileece Petre home, shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians We were recently looking through the Pantone Edition of The Complete Color Harmony by Leat...
20-12-2017 21:36

A Roundup of 7 (Great) Bookshelves Under $300

Bookshelves are not just for your books and picture frames anymore. They can also serve as a place where all your plant babies and vintage flea finds...
20-12-2017 21:36

This Just In: A Question of Eagles

You know we love us some handmade goodies over here at Jungalow so when we saw A Question of Eagles? beautiful collection of ceramics and quilts and ...
18-12-2017 21:47

A Very Velvety Roundup

Christina Meneses home, shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook Soft, luxurious, and bohotastic" Yes please! We love a sumptuous velvet over h...
14-12-2017 21:32


Iylana Nassiri?s eclectic West Texas home beautifully embodies the nomadic bohemian vibe. Iylana and her husband, Shane, are world travelers who have...
12-12-2017 21:33

This Just In: Lorena Marañon

 It?s no surprise that we love nature, color, and all things handmade here at Jungalow, so when we came across Lorena Marañon?s stunning jewelry, quil...
11-12-2017 21:32

Mid-Century Meets Jungalow

  Who doesn?t love a good mid-century modern piece" The characteristic clean lines, gentle curves, and organic forms of MCM pieces are a great founda...
08-12-2017 21:31

Art for gifts and for good with

This post was sponsored by We?re big on art gifts in my family. When I was little I?d paint pictures for our whole crew for holiday prezzies, ...
07-12-2017 21:31

Making Your Room The Coziest

As the weather gets colder, I don?t know about you but I want to feel extra cozy when I?m tucked in tight at night. Extra layers are the key to a coz...
06-12-2017 21:35

Meegan Barnes Booty Ceramics

Meegan Barnes is a Los Angeles based artist and sculptor. Her work is cheeky (pun intended!), fun and empowering. It?s feminine and feminist ? a bala...
04-12-2017 21:31

Justina Blakeney X Tiny Prints

  My designs can be wowed out. I get it. I scare people sometimes. Not every big company is gonna let me to totally be myself and go wild. So t...
30-11-2017 21:31

A Very Arabesque Roundup

Home of Gillian Lawlee. Shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook. Here at Jungalow, we are inspired by all sorts of silhouettes. Recently we?ve...
29-11-2017 21:32

‘Tis the Season Gift Guide

Hey y?all, today is the last day to get 25% off at Jungalow (sitewide!!) just use code GOODVIBES at checkout (ends at 12AM PST 11/27). The following i...
27-11-2017 22:05

Jungalow? Wrapping Paper is Here!

Growing up my parents ran a residential treatment program for abused and neglected girls. It was my job to wrap the donated presents for the 50+ girl...
22-11-2017 22:03

Pad Peek: Katie’s Sunland?Tujunga Home

Being a first-time buyer can be stressful. However, for singer/songwriter Katie Zamprioli all of the anxiety subsided when she walked into Janelle Pi...
21-11-2017 22:02

8 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Kanthas

Faith Blakeney?s kantha curtains provide privacy in her Venice apartment, photo by Dabito for The New Bohemians. Kanthas are one of our favorite go-...
20-11-2017 22:03

Vintage Boho Fall Holiday Tablescapes

We love designing table-tops?it?s like decorating a mini room?but with ample space for creativity and craziness!! Autumnal colors need not feel tire...
16-11-2017 22:02

Could PMS be Good for Business"

When I was in my 20?s, drastic haircuts, breakups, and spontaneous arguments often occurred during those few days before my period. Since giving birth...
15-11-2017 22:02

A Few Fall Boho Friendsgiving Floral Tips

A fall arrangement by Kelly Cuadra. Dabito took this and the following photos for The New Bohemians Handbook. We prefer our flower arrangements to b...
14-11-2017 22:07

Holiday dresses for ladies with curves

The holidays are right around the corner (yikes?next week!) and along with the festivities comes picking out a few outfits to wear to family dinners,...
13-11-2017 22:06

Spruce Street Commons’ Mod?Boho Makeover at Touraine a

Y?all know we love a good mix of modern and vintage so we can?t wait to show you these digs. For Liz Solms, creative director of design studio Spruce...
09-11-2017 22:01

Plant-o-Pedia: String of Bananas

String of bananas, Fish-hook senecio, Banana vine, or Necklace plant ? either name you choose to use, we are B?A?N?A?N?A?S for it! It is one of our g...
08-11-2017 22:01

Pad Peek: Shehzeen’s Dubai Apartment

Whether in rental apartments or here at Jungalow HQ, we have always made ourselves at home. Be it with paint or another form of customization, we mak...
07-11-2017 21:59

A Very Boho Storage Roundup

Home of Erica Reitman. Shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook Avid collectors of thrifted tchotkes, travel memorabilia (and textiles!)  we fr...
06-11-2017 22:01

Skin Care Recommendations for This Boho Mama

Photo by Moussa Kraish Poor sleep, business worries, mamahood, and hormones have all taken a toll on my skin lately. My self-care regimen (which qu...
03-11-2017 22:03

This Just In: EMK Ceramics

Erin at work, photo courtesy of Zander Price. One of the most calming and serene homes we visited while shooting for The New Bohemian Handbook, was ...
02-11-2017 22:02

A Roundup of 9 (Great) Accent Chairs for Under $400

A person?s favorite accent chairs can say a lot about them. Are you into library-esque chairs with stacks of magazines and books piled up beside it" ...
01-11-2017 22:10

Pad Peek: Arianna’s Wicker and Woven Home

Your home should be your happy place ? the place where your best self thrives and where you feel relaxed, creative, energized, and whole. For Arianna...
31-10-2017 22:01

Living with Vintage Lucite

A Lucite coffee table base in my maximal bohemian rental. Photo by Marika?s modern bohemian home. Photo by Marika Wagle?s living room. The table was ...
30-10-2017 22:09

This Just In: Teyha Shea’s Textiles

Tehya at the loom. Photo credit Tom Story We fell in love with multi-disciplinary artist Tehya Shea?s work while shooting Vanessa Dingwell?s home fo...
26-10-2017 21:59

Bohotastic Biz Babez

Today?s bohemians seek to erase the distinctions between work and play, and our living and work spaces reflect that lack of boundaries. We chase free...
25-10-2017 22:00

Pad Peek: Spencer Monk’s Sentimental Home

Spencer Monk is a lover of all things plants, pattern, (and for the twist) pups. Her fur babies, Kelso and Scout, have an affinity for her cozy boho ...
24-10-2017 22:01

A Very Jungalicious Barstool Roundup

You gotta love a good bar stool. Since opening up the wall between our living room and our kitchen having a breakfast bar has totally changed the way...
23-10-2017 22:01

Thanks for coming!

Last week we had The New Bohemians Handbook launch party and book signing at Living Spaces in Van Nuys and I even get a bit emotional thinking about ...
20-10-2017 22:00

You’re Invited: Good Vibes at Calico Corners

Textiles are one of the cornerstones of boho home decor. Not only because of their cozy nature, but also because of the stories woven into them?they ...
20-10-2017 22:00

Introducing Ana Leovy Perez Naffarte

Stepping outside of your comfort zone to explore new environments can spark creative confidence and new careers. This was the case for our new feature...
18-10-2017 22:01

Let the Light Shine (and Sing!) with Sony

*For this post, we received free product from Sony  One of our favorite things about our new studio is the light. We have windows to the east and sou...
17-10-2017 22:04

#FacetheFoliage Fall Fashion Roundup

It finally feels a bit like fall here at Jungalow HQ. The ac is off (most of the time) and we enjoying the windows and doors being open. The LA River...
16-10-2017 22:05

Pad Peek: A Picky Sister Vintage Home

Vintage is a key ingredient to bohemian decor. Whether they have been inherited from family, found thrifting or online, they bring stories of their pa...
12-10-2017 22:07

It’s Here!!! The New Bohemians Handbook

We are beyond excited for today?s release of ...
11-10-2017 22:09

This Just In : Jess Feury’s Textiles

We believe that art and design is healing, enhances one?s quality of life and can save the world if we let it. Instagram and check out her ...
11-10-2017 22:09

A Very Jungalicious Side Table Roundup

You gotta love a good side table. They work for your bed side, sofa side and often work overtime as a stool or for additional storage. Here, we?re ro...
09-10-2017 22:08

You’re Invited: The New Bohemians Handbook Release Par

Friends, I am thrilled to invite you to our book release party for my latest book, The New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes! I hope you ca...
05-10-2017 22:01

The Final Layer to Jungalow HQ: Art with

This post was sponsored by Adding art to a room is the final layer?like jewelry is to an outfit. When we added the finishing touches to JUNGAL...
05-10-2017 22:01

Aja Out In The Wild at Alyse Studios

Seeing Justina Blakeney x Hygge & West wallpaper out in the world, living it?s wild self, is always a treat. So when we saw Aja teal in ...
03-10-2017 22:03

A Very Jungalicious Hardware Roundup

Whether it?s a hand-me down from your mother-in-law, or a fab find from the flea, sometimes your vintage treasures need a little confidence boost. You...
02-10-2017 22:05

Pad Peek: Betina’s Frida Boho Home

While it frequently is cloudy in England, it is always sunny in Frida Florentina studio. It?s her sanctuary and is filled with bits and pieces of ele...
28-09-2017 22:12

All New Jungalow HQ: Big reveal!

This post was sponsored by Wayfair. I spend about as much time at Jungalow HQ as I do at home. I spend *more* awake hours at the studio, actually?craz...
26-09-2017 22:09

Not So Mellow Yellow

From golden aspen leaves to earthy mustards and sandy desert hues ? there is an abundance of yellow around this time of year. It?s a perfect color for...
25-09-2017 22:20

On Our Shelf: Your Creative Workspace and More

There?s nothing left in the old studio but a ladder and few paint cans. We are all moved in and unpacked at our new Jungalow HQ (more on that later), ...
22-09-2017 22:13

Neighborhood of Good® Art Show

This post is sponsored by State Farm®.Every once in a while one gets an opportunity to do something that changes the lives of others and in turn, chan...
20-09-2017 22:17

Round Up of 10 Boho Ottomans and Poufs

We love how versatile ottomans and poufs are. They?re perfect for extra seating in a pinch, or for setting down your tray of sips + snacks. Added bon...
19-09-2017 22:14

OOTD: Art Show Attire

The post was sponsored by eBay in the wee hours of the night. I don?t usually bid on stuff. I?m a little too impatient for all that. I?m kinda of a ?B...
18-09-2017 22:13

A Roundup of 9 Boho Rugs for Under $300

Home of Erica Tanov It may still be in the high 80?s, but we are getting prepared for fall here at Jungalow HQ. It?s been a very busy summer, and wi...
13-09-2017 22:10

Our Favorite Pad Peeks of Summer 2017

Of the four seasons, summer feels like the one that does it?s best to remind you it?s almost over. Days get shorter and nights get cooler (hopefully a...
13-09-2017 22:10

This Just In: Easy to Breathe

There has been disaster upon disaster recently ? Hurricanes Harvey + Irma, LA fires, the recent earthquake in Mexico ? the news in general really.  Al...
11-09-2017 22:07

Progress report from the All New Jungalow HQ

This post is sponsored by Wayfair Good morning from the all new Jungalow HQ! We took over this warehouse in May, reworked the space entirely and move...
07-09-2017 22:04

You Are Invited: Neighborhood of Good® Art Show

This post is sponsored by State Farm®.  After a very fun and inspiring summer teaching art and business/marketing for artists to a group of seriously ...
06-09-2017 22:07

Pad Peek: Anna’s Experimental Vintage Boho Home

Anna?s Shop Expirimental Vintage...
05-09-2017 22:07

Neighborhood of Good®: Lesson Plans!

This post was sponsored by State Farm® Summer is coming to a quick close (I can?t believe it either!!) and so is our summer program that we are teach...
01-09-2017 22:04

Justina Blakeney? X Living Spaces

I?m seriously over-the-moon to announce our new Justina Blakeney? X Living Spaces Collections!! Social media is so incredible, not just for the new-f...
31-08-2017 22:00

Hanging planters

We are knee deep in the move to our new studio space (more on that soon!) Our new ceiling has exposed beams and pipes ? so there is no shortage of p...
30-08-2017 22:05

Travelogue: New Mexico

I?m pretty proud of my girlfriends and myself. For the second time this year we managed to plan a weekend away and meet up, this time in New Mexico, ...
29-08-2017 22:02

Hammocks for the Heatwave

With temperatures forecasted to be in the three digits for the next few days, staying cool and hydrated is at the top of our list. One of our favorite...
28-08-2017 22:02

What my home REALLY looks like most of the time…

I was feeling inspired by the host of women on Instagram I?ve been seeing who have been showing themselves unfiltered and un-photoshopped, un-styled ...
24-08-2017 22:07

Justina Blakeney x Beyond Yoga

Whether you?ve been following along for awhile, or are new to the Jungalow, you probably have picked up that my day-to-day attire generally consist o...
23-08-2017 22:04

Jungalow Bathroom Before and After with Kohler

This post was created in partnership with Kohler got in touch with us about working together on this project, it was a no-brainer ? I?ve been obsessed...
22-08-2017 22:08

Round Up: Good Vibes For Every Desk

Call it the eclipse, the new moon or a refreshing weekend with friends and family, but we are feeling extra ready to get wild at the studio this week...
21-08-2017 22:05


I just got this dress from Of A Kind. It gives me all kinds of modern Mary Poppins vibes and the cinched waist is flattering to mah curves. Perfect w...
17-08-2017 22:05

A Neighborhood of Good

This post is sponsored by State Farm® My parents ran a group home for twenty years. It was for girls and women ages 12-18. I basically grew up there....
15-08-2017 22:03

Boho Basic Style Roundup

Can you believe it is already the middle of August" Our new studio is almost ready (as of this afternoon ? we have internet!), little ones are going b...
15-08-2017 22:03

Interior Color Palette Inspo From Nature

  As you all likely know, most of my inspiration for interiors comes from nature. I really enjoy photographing nature and processing the images (...
11-08-2017 21:57

Small Space Movie Night

We love our little jewel-box of a home. It has plenty of little nooks, shelves and cozy corners for us to fill with treasures and lots of plants, but...
10-08-2017 22:02

Pad Peek: Astrid Insieme’s Boho A-frame and She Shed

It?s no secret that we love a good A-frame home ? they conjure memories of holidays in snowy woods and summer vacations swimming in the lake or river....
08-08-2017 22:18

A Roundup of 10 (Great) Sofa’s for Under $1000

Whether you?re snacking on popcorn watching Game of Thrones with your boo, or cozied up with your laptop, a sofa is a living room essential that you w...
07-08-2017 21:59

This Just In: Tactile Matter’s Kenesha Sneed

This past month we kicked off our new artist feature series on The Jungalow with the amazing multi-disciplinary artist Kenesha Sneed. Before launchin...
02-08-2017 22:01

Pad Peek: Drea Duclos’s Plantiful Home

For us here at The Jungalow, when someone says ?plantiful?, a room full of patterns, pillows, plants, plants and more plants come to mind. For Drea Du...
02-08-2017 22:01

A Roundup of 12 (Great) Dining Chairs for Under $250

In every room there are objects that play a part in setting the tone of the work, play and feeling of that corner of your home ? from your bedroom, to...
31-07-2017 22:01

Backyard Shindig With Santa Margherita Wines (and a contest!

You may remember last year?s collab with designed a she-shed with them and we were thrilled when they came back for more Jungalow fun this year. Thei...
28-07-2017 22:02

A (Green) Boho Summer Style Roundup

At The Jungalow we love green year round, and in the summer there is an abundance of verdant inspo be it had at the market (melons, limes, and herbs ...
26-07-2017 22:06

Jenni Booth’s Folksy-Nomadic South Sydney Cottage

We have been crushing on the bohemian situation happening down under lately, including the folksy/nomadic home of Jenni Booth. She is a busy freelance...
24-07-2017 22:05

Get the look: The Miller House

I have long since been an admirer of designer Alexander Girard?s work, but until doing a bit of research on him in anticipation of an upcoming trip t...
19-07-2017 22:03

A Roundup 12 (Great) Desks for Under $500

School may be out, but with our new studio almost ready for us to start moving in, we are pumped to be thinking about desks. And while the new space ...
17-07-2017 22:03

Color Inspiration: Tulum

One of things that I found the most relaxing about our recent trip to Tulum, Mexico was the color palette! Even though the trip was a mix of work an...
13-07-2017 22:07

Fireclay tile in our new Jungalow bathroom

By now you may have seen all the sneaky peeks ofElephant Star which is a classic Moroccan motif. Trouble was, Fireclay has an incredible COLOR-IT too...
11-07-2017 22:02

A Very Jungalicious Bedding Roundup

As things heat up around here (this weekend was CRAZY HOT in L.A.!!) we realized it?s time to swap out our heavy duvets for something light-weight. ...
11-07-2017 22:02

Plant-o-pedia: Prayer Plant

The Prayer Plant has been a popular houseplant for decades and with its vibrant, patterned foliage it?s not hard to see why. With flashes of neon gre...
07-07-2017 22:02

Pad Peek: All Road’s Janelle Pietrzak’s Sunland

We have been fans of Janelle Pietrzak?s beautiful weavings and home textile collections for some time now, and are thrilled that before leaving her Su...
06-07-2017 22:05

Adding pattern and life with Breeze Blocks

Now that the inside of our home is pretty much done, we?re looking towards our outdoor space. We have two very old garages that will need some attent...
03-07-2017 21:59

Jungalow Eats: Cooking Up Trouble

Summer is here and with it comes camping, picnics, barbeques, and dining alfresco with the ladies, as well as ripe berries and stone fruit so juicy th...
28-06-2017 22:03

Summer Sandal Roundup

The heat is on, on the feet. Inside your toes, on every street ;P Here?s a little jungalicious bohotastic roundup of sandals we love! Sandales blanc...
26-06-2017 22:04

Pad Peek: Sean and Melissa’s Kaleidoscopic Home

We first fell in love with Sean and Melissa?s kitchen last summer and are excited to share more of their home today! Their home in Naples, Florida was...
23-06-2017 22:06

Lush & Low Maintenance Living Wall with EBTH

This post was created in partnership with EBTH? a great new resource for vintage finds- recently, we spotted this rattan screen and an idea hit. Livin...
21-06-2017 22:02

A Very Jungalicious Window Treatment Roundup

Photo by Dabito Curtains and window accessories are the easiest way to dress up a window and swap out its ?outfit? for the season. Vintage ...
19-06-2017 22:04

Oufit to Room: Summer madness!

Team Jungalow is at it again and we have a handful of cute new outfits for you with cute rooms to match!! Caitlin, our in-house graphic designer, is...
17-06-2017 22:01

Pad Peek: Amber Dubois’ Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn

Amber Dubois and her husband, Lacy Rhoades live in 650 square foot apartment on the 2nd floor of a Park Slope brownstone built in 1899. Their style i...
14-06-2017 21:58

Introducing our Justina Blakeney Home fabrics!

My fabric line with Valdese Weavers is here. I don?t say that lightly.  I started out in the Home Decor industry as as a blogger and often times that...
12-06-2017 22:00

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