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Our Spring Home Tour

I cannot tell you how excited I am just typing the word Spring!On Friday I ...

How To Deal With Writer’s Block

I have a writer’s block again. I have been trying to pen a blog post sinc ...

3 Beautifully Simple Diy Christmas Decorations

I love the simplicity of these DIY Christmas decorations - an idea for your ...

Here’s What You Need To Look Out For In Your Builder&#

Reno expert Jen Jones talks through what to look for in your builder?s cont ...

Derniers Articles Decoration

Here’s what you need to look out for in your builder&#

Reno expert Jen Jones talks through what to look for in your builder?s contract Do you know that it?s a legal requirement to have a written contract w ...
29-01-2023 22:06

The Link Up: Emily’s Magical Salad Chopping Tool, Cait

Happy Sunday everyone. For EHD this was an exciting week between Emily’s mudroom reveal (see above but also go read the post if you missed it), ...
29-01-2023 22:12

Matthew Fort: Lancashire Hot Pot recipe

During a period when his own vegetables beds lie dormant, food writer and critic, Matthew Fort, is thankful for farmers’ markets full of delicious p ...
29-01-2023 22:04

My Winter Workout Gear – What I’m Wearing And Lo

Despite the weather being different up here than in SoCal, I love the few months after the holidays when I hunker down, stay in every night, make ...
28-01-2023 22:18

5 Quick and Delicious Dessert Recipes for Anyone Who Really

There?s always room for dessert, as they say. It?s because eating the same thing, like a steak, makes you feel less satisfied. Therefore, it gives so ...
28-01-2023 21:47

Brilliant garden border inspiration – how to choose co

If you’re re-vamping your garden border this year, I’ve picked out the best borders from the gardens featured on the Middlesized Garden. Plus ther ...
28-01-2023 22:08

Ways To Enhance The Security Of Your Home In 2023

This is the time and age when you need to take the necessary steps to enhance the security of your home!   Photos By: Stock Images No matter where yo ...
28-01-2023 22:09

Can Electric Gates Open Outwards | All You Need To Know

An outward-swinging electric gate is not a common sight. However, electric gates can open outwards under limited conditions. Keeping that in mind, a d ...
28-01-2023 22:02

6 Ways To Stay Up To Date With New Fashion Trends

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry, so it?s no surprise that staying up to date with the latest trends can be difficult. Whether you?re a fash ...
28-01-2023 21:47

6 Types Of Tools Every Construction Site Needs

Are you about to start a construction project" Every construction project requires various tools to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently ...
28-01-2023 22:33

These duck egg blue pieces will make a splash in your home

This light and bright colour is making a serious splash Add a pop of duck egg blue to your home, the cool, pale blue is a classic way to update the co ...
27-01-2023 22:06

How To Build A Vehicle Sensor For Automatic Gate Openers&quo

Building or setting up vehicle sensors for automatic gate openers is easier than it seems. With various accessories available with the sensor kit, all ...
27-01-2023 21:59

Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom – 11 Top Design Ti

The bedroom is the sanctuary of the home. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind and recharge before heading back out into the world. Unfortunatel ...
27-01-2023 22:26

7 Valentines cocktail recipes for a romantic evening at home

Delight and impress with these elegant Valentine’s Day cocktails this February 14. From fruity cocktails in ruby red tones to cocktails made for cou ...
27-01-2023 22:05

Top Tips Every Woodworker Should Know When Building Furnitur

Woodworking is an art as well as a craft, so it requires both creativity and technical know-how. If you?re new to woodworking or want to brush up on y ...
27-01-2023 22:26

6 Unique Range Hood Ideas To Elevate Your Kitchen

I think range hoods are underrated or maybe even underappreciated. People tend to focus a lot of their energy on countertops and cabinetry, but what m ...
27-01-2023 22:12

Get the benefit of retractable privacy screens in your home

Last summer, how often did you relax outside your home without worrying about bugs and insects" When you add details to your home, it makes it worth m ...
27-01-2023 22:26

Marble Gazebo: Things You Must Know

Typically, the gazebos are made of natural stones or metals. Marble has become one of the favorite materials to make gazebos and pavilions. Marble gaz ...
27-01-2023 22:26

If You Need Home Décor Inspiration Read These Tips From The

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have an interior decorator on speed dial. And even if you did, who has the time or money to consul ...
27-01-2023 21:46

Vibrant Celebration: Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

Brightening up the winter months with a vibrant celebration, the annual Orchid Festival returns to Kew Gardens in London. The much-anticipated Kew Ga ...
27-01-2023 22:05

How Albie Created The (Design) World She Wanted To See With

From Jess: I wanted to write a little intro because I truly can’t even begin to describe what a special, joyous, moving, and informative confer ...
27-01-2023 22:12

A Warm Apartment in Berlin with Mid-century Touches

It\'s Friday, the sun is shining in Malmö (for what feels like first time in months!) and we\'re pedalling a little extra fast as we move into the wee ...
27-01-2023 21:43

A Gilded Age Mansion at 1009 Fifth Avenue is for Sale

Gilded Age mansions rarely come on the market but now this one can be yours for $80 million. So let’s take a look at what makes it special. ...
27-01-2023 21:42

7 Things You’ll Need If You Want To Have The Perfect G

Having a beautiful and well-maintained garden can be a source of great joy and satisfaction. But, in order to achieve the perfect garden, there are ce ...
27-01-2023 22:26

Elevating your home décor with acrylic mirror sheets

Decorating your home is a complex job. You have to keep many things in mind, such as how each piece of furniture will align with the layout of your ro ...
27-01-2023 22:26

Behind the scenes with food writer and baker Flora Shedden

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Flora Shedden shares a glimpse of her work and home life in Dunkeld. Photography Laura Edwards and Laura Tili ...
27-01-2023 21:48

Deborah Brett: an interview with the fashion journalist turn

Absolutely London’s Pendle Harte meets Deborah Brett to find out what made her change career for a new life in ceramics Q So what inspired you to st ...
27-01-2023 22:16

6 Clever Ways To Market Your Home on a Tight Budget

Are you someone looking to market your home on a tight budget" It’s important to remember that selling your house can be tricky, especially if funds ...
27-01-2023 22:26

Staying Sober On Girls Night Out – Try These Fun Drink

When someone mentions girls? night out, the first thing that comes to mind is getting wasted and having a good time. But there can be so much more to ...
27-01-2023 21:46

H&M Home launches collaborative collection with Pantone

Colour institute Pantone and high street faves H&M have launched a collaborative collection today in selected London stores and online. It’s the nex ...
26-01-2023 21:50

Can I Use A Standard Car Battery For Gate Openers | All

A standard 12-volt marine or car battery is good for most gate-opening systems. However, depending on components like solar panels or a motion detecto ...
26-01-2023 22:03

The Bolder Unveils Off-Grid Lodges in Norway by Snřhetta and

Norwegian architects Snřhetta teamed up with local entrepreneur Tom Bjarte Norland and Danish interior brand Vipp to create a unique experience on the ...
26-01-2023 22:01

Our Mudroom Reveal: A Dog + Storage-Focused Space That Is Po

OH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY DO I HAVE ONE FOR YOU. This lady, Mrs. Mudroom, is quite possibly my favorite room in the house (rivaled by the kitchen, ...
26-01-2023 22:18

A Modern Polish Office Design Inspired by a Silicone Spatula

When it came time to design their new office in Pozna?, Poland, FORMSON hired Polish design studio SPACELAB, led by architect Agnieszka Deptu?a. The m ...
25-01-2023 21:47

Fox Guest Posting – The Best Service Providers for You

Fox Guest Posting is a great way to get your blog noticed and grow your audience. With the help of Fox Guest Post Service Providers, you can make sur ...
25-01-2023 21:46

How To Find The Perfect Fence Installer Or Contractor For Yo

Why Is Fencing Important" If you are a property owner whose concerns include one or any of the following, you need to consider fencing for your proper ...
25-01-2023 22:30

7 Flower Traditions Around the World

The concept of flowers, having been cultivated for thousands of years, has become deeply intertwined with countless cultural traditions. In various r ...
25-01-2023 21:46

Small cloakroom ideas: How to make the most of your space

One of the smallest rooms in the house, a downstairs toilet can still be brimming with personality and charm. Whether you want to make it feel bigger, ...
25-01-2023 22:06

What Orlando Has In Store For The Londo Lodge Kitchen And 5

The kitchen at Londo Lodge, my home near Yosemite, was one of the main reasons I bought it. The house sits in an area where most of the homes are ...
25-01-2023 22:15

Meet the woman using textiles to bring colour and joy to the

Through her vibrant, feel-good textile designs, Imogen Switalla brings colour and joy into her various corners of the world Textile designer Imogen Sw ...
25-01-2023 22:08

Solar Energy Systems For Homes: A Beginner?s Guide

Solar energy systems are quickly becoming one of the most affordable ways to power your home in the 21st century sustainably. Advancements in solar t ...
25-01-2023 21:46

Home Improvement: Understanding the Different Glass Repair S

Home improvement projects are a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. Glass repair services can be a great addition to a home improveme ...
25-01-2023 22:30
25-01-2023 21:46

9 Must-Have Furniture Finds for a Stylish and Comfortable Li

The backbone of any stylish home regardless if it’s designed by a professional or just a home decor enthusiast is its furnishings. They have the abi ...
25-01-2023 22:14

How Do Electric Sliding Gates Work"

Electric sliding gates are operated with the help of remote controls. When you press the button on the remote control, the access control system initi ...
25-01-2023 21:59

Six interesting ways to add colour to your home

From adding a bold accent piece to mixing patterns, here are six ways to embrace colour in your home. The starting point when decorating a room, ...
25-01-2023 22:06

House Guide: 6 Advice On House Maintenance

Homeownership is a huge responsibility. While it may bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, it also comes with the burden of maintenance. T ...
25-01-2023 22:30

Tiny Homes: A Dream Holiday Cabin in Latvia becomes a Realit

Originally from Latvia, Ilze Upatniece and Gunars Upatnieks have lived in Berlin for ten years. They have long harboured a dream to own a house in Lat ...
25-01-2023 21:42

5 reasons why camping holidays are great for families

There’s nothing quite like a camping holiday to bring families together and create lasting memories. Imagine the sound of birds singing in the morn ...
24-01-2023 21:46

Before and After: Gorgeous Green Kitchen Remodel

Imagine this?you finished remodeling your dream kitchen and then you noticed there is rippling in the wood flooring. After investigating, you find out ...
24-01-2023 22:13

How to Block Out the Light from A Bedroom Window

As good and important as light may be, we sometimes need to keep it out of the room. It is maybe because we work night shifts or simply enjoy our afte ...
24-01-2023 22:29

Snřhetta perches Bolder Star Lodges on cliff edge overlookin

Norwegian studio Snřhetta has dotted a quartet of wooden cabins on a cliff edge with "a front-row view" of Lysefjorden in Norway and pared-back interi ...
24-01-2023 21:50

Florida New Build Progress

Can you believe it’s been over seven months since my last official new build update post" I’ve shared updates here and there on our Weekend Recap ...
24-01-2023 21:43

Busting The Common Tarot Myths

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to help people gain insight into their lives, explore their personal growth, and make important decisions. D ...
24-01-2023 21:46

How To Increase The Efficiency Of A Sliding Gate"

Sliding gates provide the required security to your house. However, the efficiency of sliding gates can take a hit if proper lubrication is not done. ...
24-01-2023 21:59

Investing in property in Dubai: value and liquidity of objec

Acquisition of real estate abroad as one of the investment options is quite popular among residents of the CIS countries. Understanding the details of ...
24-01-2023 22:29

How You Might Be Invalidating Your Home Insurance without Kn

Apart from a car, a home is one of the most substantial investments many people make. Taking out home insurance is an important part of keeping it sa ...
24-01-2023 21:46

A Beginner?s Guide To Calculating A Bridge Loan

A bridge loan, also known as a “swing loan” or “interim financing,” is a short-term loan that is used to bridge the gap between the purchase ...
24-01-2023 21:46

Romantic weekend getaways: 10 of the best places to stay in

Whether for a Valentine?s Day treat, or just an impromptu break, there?s a whole host of options for an elegant and relaxing weekend away in England. ...
24-01-2023 22:06

The Cleaning And Organization Essentials For Messy People Th

If you’ve always been Type A, super neat, or preternaturally orderly, today’s post is not for you (but come back tomorrow for a very exciting ...
24-01-2023 22:13

The Best Color Choices When Choosing Office Furniture

One of the most crucial elements in interior design is color. Whether you?re designing your home or an office, colors play an important role in elevat ...
24-01-2023 22:29

A Style Guide To Choosing The Right Plus-Size Costume

Choosing the perfect plus-size costume can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, you can find an outfit that makes you look and feel fanta ...
24-01-2023 21:46

4 Home Fixes You Absolutely Have to Do Before Selling Your P

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, you must do everything you can to make it as attractive as possible to buyers. This will not ...
24-01-2023 21:46

The 8 Design Upgrades Ajai Made To Make Her Home Renter-Read

I can’t believe it?s already been a year since we found and purchased our Las Vegas condo. Now that we?re feeling like the condo is in a good s ...
23-01-2023 22:22

How to Decorate a Living Room with Wood Paneling

When speaking of wood paneling, most homeowners think of the 60s and 70s rustic designs. Interestingly enough, this trend is reemerging in the 21 cent ...
23-01-2023 22:38
23-01-2023 21:50

A Charming Rural Cottage By a Norwegian Fjord

Allow me to take you back in time today. Well, you\'d be forgiven for thinking so but actually, this charming Norwegian cottage belongs to @livslyst. ...
23-01-2023 21:45

How To Hide A Pillar In The Living Room

Pillars and columns are found very often in open floor living rooms. They provide stability and support for the upstairs level in the lack of actual i ...
23-01-2023 22:38

A Los Angeles Craftsman Comes Alive With Color + Contemporar

When Eric, a young art collector and entrepreneur, purchased a Craftsman house in Echo Park he knew immediately that Leah Ring of Another Human was th ...
23-01-2023 21:52

Now You Can Rent the Italian Villa from HBO’s ‘T

If you haven’t watched the most recent season of The White Lotus, then you’re really missing out. Who doesn’t want to spend their summer at a Si ...
23-01-2023 22:22

How to Fill the Empty Space in the Living Room

Living rooms are the most used areas of each home. We use them to relax after work, entertain our guests, or spend quality time with our family. It, t ...
23-01-2023 22:38

How To Hide Exercise Equipment In The Living Room

Going to the gym is not always that easy, especially during pandemic times. This is why so many homeowners decided to recreate the gym experience at h ...
23-01-2023 22:38

How Many Amps For A Sliding Gate Opener"

A sliding gate opener is a specially designed motor that automatically enables the user to operate sliding gates. It can be operated electrically via ...
23-01-2023 22:06

How to Hide the Office in a Living Room

Working in a home office is the new way of life for most of us, and it seems this trend is not going anywhere. The whole idea of working from home cau ...
23-01-2023 22:38

How to Style Open Shelves in the Living Room

We are all fans of a large open shelving system, at least up to the point of shelf decor. When you don’t have an artsy side, staring at the empty sh ...
23-01-2023 22:38

Tips for Decorating your Preston, TX Home Exterior

With a new year comes new beginnings and for many that means giving their homes a fresh look. While you could remodel your home, hire a designer, or h ...
22-01-2023 22:33

How To Store Blankets In The Living Room

There is no such thing as too many throw blankets. We are overwhelmed with so many cozy and chick designs, that we simply can’t resist buying a new ...
22-01-2023 22:33

How To Program Sliding Gate Remote" | Things You S

Programming a sliding gate remote involves turning on the programming mode, selecting radio channels on the gate operator, and pressing desired button ...
22-01-2023 22:02

How To Arrange Plants In The Living Room

Well-arranged indoor plants can do miracles for every room, even those that are not beautifully furnished. How to arrange plants in the living room" F ...
22-01-2023 22:33

6 Important Aspects Of Keep A Property Looking Tidy And Clea

Having a clean and well-maintained property is important for both aesthetic purposes as well as safety. Not only does it make your home more inviting, ...
22-01-2023 22:33

9 DIY Bathroom Ideas Good for Our Souls

Did you know that you spend at least 1 hour and 42 minutes in your bathroom" This is an average number. Can you guess people who read books, and watch ...
22-01-2023 21:43

The Link Up: Ryann’s Stanley Mug Dupe, Jess’ Sty

It’s Sunday and Happy Lunar New Year!! A couple of big shoots happened this week at the farmhouse so get ready for some exciting reveals coming ...
22-01-2023 22:18

How To Create A Foyer In An Open Living Room

More and more families opt for open spaces, as it makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids and entertain larger groups of visitors. An open floor plan ...
22-01-2023 22:33

How To Decorate Living Room Shelves

Open shelving seems to work in any living space, and for a good reason. It can turn even the most neutral living room into a visually pleasing area wi ...
22-01-2023 22:33

Your Home Should Be Clean and Pest-Free for the New Year

The New Year is all about fresh beginnings for you and your home. Some people resolve to take up healthier habits or re-commit to some life goal. It?s ...
21-01-2023 22:31

This new build has a timeless attention to detail

In windswept Mangawhai, two interior designers crafted a contemporary home with timeless attention to detail meet & greet Bevan (industrial designer a ...
21-01-2023 22:10

FOG Fair San Francisco | Design + Art

FOG Fair is one of our favorite annual San Francisco design events, bringing together top contemporary art and design galleries from all over the worl ...
21-01-2023 22:17

Is My Sauna Blanket Still Effective After Three Years"&

Two years ago I did a super low-budget, last-minute “fun” review of this HigherDOSE sauna blanket shot with Mal’s iPhone (some pandemic con ...
21-01-2023 22:17

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit Should I DIY It

If you?re looking to have the addition of a cozy fire in your backyard" If you do, you might have considered buying a fire pit. Unfortunately, they ca ...
20-01-2023 22:33

5 Things a Reliable HVAC Company Can Do for You

If you?re a homeowner, you soon find there are a few services and companies you?ll have to use from time to time. For instance, you?ll need a professi ...
20-01-2023 22:33

Moving ceiling and art-deco chandeliers form setting for Pra

AMO, the research and creative studio of OMA, added a retracting ceiling to the Fondazione Prada that revealed a series of art deco chandeliers for Pr ...
20-01-2023 21:52

Well Read: Divine Inspiration From Interiors Books

The best and most beautiful interiors books offer both escapism and inspiration. Here are six sumptuous and indulgent recent releases to delight every ...
20-01-2023 22:10

Best Ways To Effectively Heat Your Home This Winter

Winter is well and truly in full swing – and with cold temperatures loitering and energy prices worsening, it?s understandable that many people are ...
20-01-2023 21:47

Be inspired by the Italian island Capri with these home buys

Say ciao to Italian island style with Med blue and sunshine yellow homewares Blues and yellows reign supreme with these home buys inspired by the Ital ...
20-01-2023 22:11

7 Dos and Don?ts of Living Room Decor

When it comes to decorating your living room, it?s important that you create a space that is not only breathable, but also works well for when you hav ...
20-01-2023 22:33

Finding the Perfect Storage Unit for Your Home Decor Project

When it comes to home decor projects, storage units can be a great asset. Whether you’re renovating your entire house or just redecorating one room, ...
20-01-2023 22:33

The Cozy House Slippers We Want To Buy Right Now

I kind of hate to admit it but I am a shoes-on-in-the-house kind of person. I don’t know why I am like this. I guess it could hearken back to g ...
20-01-2023 22:19

Benefits of Adding a Patio to Your Outdoor Space

A patio is perfect if you?re looking for a space to relax outside, read a book, or drink your morning coffee. Patios have so many uses. For example, m ...
20-01-2023 22:33

Understanding Your Home?s Value And How To Benefit From It

A house is more than just a home. It is a safe space for homeowners to unwind, decorate the rooms to reflect their personalities and socialise with f ...
20-01-2023 21:47

Different Types Of Screen Printing Process | All You Ne

Screen printing is one of the most prevalent and time-tested printing methods. Its ability to produce brilliant color prints on both light and dark fa ...
20-01-2023 22:03


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News most viewed Today

our Spring home tour

our Spring home tour

I cannot tell you how excited I am just typing the word Spring!On Friday I shared our spring table setting for you and I am going to pop in a couple more pictures of that here. I really think fresh flowers are the best most inexpensive way to add... -
How to deal with writer’s block

How to deal with writer’s block

I have a writer’s block again. I have been trying to pen a blog post since late last night but somehow the words are not flowing. Out of frustration, I left it to go back to it with a fresh mind this morning but it’s still not happening.... -
3 beautifully simple DIY Christmas decorations

3 beautifully simple DIY Christmas decoration...

I love the simplicity of these DIY Christmas decorations - an idea for your home this season"1. Mini Wreath Garland tutorial by The Merry Thought. 2. A branch with a simple white candle (Please advise on credit if you know). 3. A copper and twig... -
Here’s what you need to look out for in your builder’s contract

Here’s what you need to look out for in...

Reno expert Jen Jones talks through what to look for in your builder?s contract Do you know that it?s a legal requirement to have a written contract with your builder if the scope of the project is more than $30,000" Whether your preferred builder... -
In Every Detail...An Artist Lives Here

In Every Detail...An Artist Lives Here

 Burlap Luxe HomeEdited surroundings continue a pale theme.For me its a pallet that calms and inspires my art.It allows me complete silence in all areas of creating. Dried Black~Eye Susan\'sNatural I find useful and beauty in the found; a... -
Listen: Episode 4 of Clever – Brendan Ravenhill

Listen: Episode 4 of Clever – Brendan R...

On this episode of Clever, we talk to LA-based lighting and furniture designer Brendan Ravenhill who runs a studio under his name. From a youth in West Africa, to running a growing studio in Los Angeles, he’s made stops along the way that... -
Calling sellers and agents: Get your house featured on WowHaus

Calling sellers and agents: Get your house fe...

Agents: Get your properties featured on WowHaus If you have an interesting house that looks a perfect fit for WowHaus – or you happen to be the agent or realtor for one – we want to hear from you. WowHaus is constantly looking for interesting... -
Matthew Fort: Lancashire Hot Pot recipe

Matthew Fort: Lancashire Hot Pot recipe

During a period when his own vegetables beds lie dormant, food writer and critic, Matthew Fort, is thankful for farmers’ markets full of delicious produce with which to make heart-warming stews. Here, he shares his Lancashire Hot Pot recipe. I... -
Springtime in the woods

Springtime in the woods

After a slow start to Spring here in Denmark; the sunshine returned with a vengeance and we have been basking in it for the long weekend. This Thursday, we went on a picnic with our fab friends and their daughters, and we walked through a pale green... -
The Link Up: Emily’s Magical Salad Chopping Tool, Caitlin’s Vacuum Show & Tell, And A Plea For Paris Vintage Shopping Recs

The Link Up: Emily’s Magical Salad Chop...

Happy Sunday everyone. For EHD this was an exciting week between Emily’s mudroom reveal (see above but also go read the post if you missed it), Em’s new pool install (and the drama that unfolded – see her Instastories or you can wait... -

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