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~Jillian Harris crush~

While walking around our local HomeGoods yesterday, I turned around and Jillian Harris was standing right there.All I could say was, "I love you"What ...
30-09-2015 21:32

5 DIY projects for this autumn

The post 5 DIY projects for this autumn appeared first on becoration. Autumn is the best season for making your DIY projects. If you want to start cre ...
30-09-2015 21:33

ENCLOSE - an exclusive interview with Norm architects

ENCLOSE is an exclusive exhibition curated by Norm.Architects for Nordkraft in Paris.Don\'t miss out if you\'re in Paris - you can still see it until ...
30-09-2015 21:32

The creative process

As mentionned ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Larger Ribbon!!

By Job, I think I\'ve got it!I think I\'ve figured out how to get a more dimensional look to the ribbon embroidery! Use larger ribbon!I ordered 13mm ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Gab Loves: Fall Comforts

No Internet, Day 5: I’ve worked from everywhere from cafs to friends and family’s houses and I’m patientlyusing up every last drop of my perso ...
30-09-2015 21:32

The Great American Pouf Tour + A Giveaway!!

Today is agreat day! Not ONLY did my friend Anne write a book that I get to share with you, but I also get to give one lucky reader a copy! I have ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Sols Sandals: if Mother Earth wore shoes

Here at DECO, we are always looking for ways to minimiseoureco footprint. Bridging the gap between our Fashion Issue, out now, and our Green Issue, ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Belgian Pearls made it to the Shortlist of the Amara Interio

  I am so pleased to tell you that my blog Belgian Pearls made it to the shortlist of the Amara Interior Blog Awards, in the category of ?Best Europe ...
30-09-2015 21:35

Buongiorno from Venice

Buongiorno from Venice! I apologize for a lack of post yesterday but the wifi in our hotel isn’t working. Normale. I’ll try to write a post from ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Broken ALGOT shelf to wall art for living room

Materials: 2 broken Algot shelves I used two Algot metal shelves which had been smashed in the transportation and rather than binning them I changed r ...
30-09-2015 21:32

A Bathroom is Reborn.

I’ve got the teeny tiniest bathroom and have been trying to brainstorm on how to remodel it to add more space. So when interior stylist and beloved ...
30-09-2015 21:33

Organize by Dare to

In only a few days the talented Norwegian girls Anniken Zahl Furunes and Hege Magreth belvold will launch their new and innovative storage series ...
30-09-2015 21:33

Rethink Sustainable Living

Danish artist Jane Ostermann Petersen?s unconventionally tiny home is the epitome of the best things coming in small, sustainable packages. This tempo ...
30-09-2015 21:32

A dreamy home in Puglia

A few years ago we were invited to a wedding in Puglia, in the heel of Italy. I was totally mesmerised by the area and I can still taste the olives an ...
30-09-2015 21:32

The Workspace that you’d Kill to Move into

IMAGINE WALKING INTO THIS MANHATTAN MANSION FOR WORK EVERY MORNING… Havingto work everywhere this past week while my internet was re-installed got ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Shades of white

The color as a starting point. The white and all its nuances. Then there are the scandinavian style, the natural materials, the woods and the warm fab ...
30-09-2015 21:35

Organise an original birthday party in your garden

The post Organise an original birthday party in your garden appeared first on becoration. Is your garden ready for holding an original birthday party" ...
30-09-2015 21:33

Spaghetti | A Family Tradition

Our youngest turns 17 this week.  In keeping with family tradition, the birthday person gets to choose what we have for dinner.  Our son requested s ...
30-09-2015 21:33

the copper trend

Copper is definitively having a moment and considering the amount of commercial orders we get for France….Let’s face it…I completely got the de ...
30-09-2015 21:32

New Designs from Frjor

It’s more than a year ago that I featured a brand new German design label for the first time on Happy Interior Blog: frjor. The rather cryptic na ...
30-09-2015 21:35


I will fully admit that I’m not much of a garland person. I tend notto decorate my walls by draping swaths of fabric, pennants, felted shapes, bann ...
30-09-2015 21:35
30-09-2015 21:32

Fantastic Frank Always Gets it Right.

swedish real estate brokerup for sale! ? Photography courtesy of ...
30-09-2015 21:33

Halloween Bone Table Runner

When I first started concepting our dining room for Halloween, my initial idea was something gruesome running down the table.  I came across some spi ...
30-09-2015 21:32

The Big Chill: Blackberry, Coriander & Granadilla Ice C

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Keen for a scoop of ice crystals trapped in a whip of viscous sugary cream" Try this quick and quir ...
30-09-2015 21:32

Palm Beach Chic

As mentioned last week, each fall I have the opportunity to review new interior design books before the release date.  My final book, Palm Beach Chic ...
29-09-2015 21:36

Spring up Your Spaces

Our homes become our nests during winter, our refuge for warmth; but when spring comes around our homes can feel rather lifeless. DECO has foraged a f ...
29-09-2015 21:35

On the market: William King-designed dome property in Los An

William King-designed dome property in Los Angeles, California, USA After a character property" Look no further than this William King-designed dome p ...
29-09-2015 21:36

#HPMKT Sneak Peek! Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley For Hooke

  We have such a treat for you today, dear Hadley Court readers! A sneak peek into the first photos of fashion designer *Cynthia Rowley for Hooker F ...
29-09-2015 21:39


There is a quote that goes ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!‘ (Shakespeare, I believe) and this Brooklyn home reminded meof that sentimen ...
29-09-2015 21:38

Toy storage crate turns into play fridge

IKEA items used: - APA storage box - LANSA handles I found the APA storage box on Craigslist for $10. Saw it used for as a hack so I attempted it! Got ...
29-09-2015 21:35

around l.a. / lake boutique.

Lake Boutique sitsin good company onSilver Lake Boulevard (just across the street from L & E oyster bar and right beside YOLK), and offers a well-c ...
29-09-2015 21:36

DIY Ink Blot Art and Acrylic Frame

In my book, a room is never really complete without art.  You can have loads of color in a space, but without art it can still fall flat.  Art is pe ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Sweet Dreams

I was so lucky to come upon a little stash of pretty linens at a giveaway price this weekend! I don\'t mind at all having just a single pillowcase whe ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Inspired by Instagram Favs!

I\'m always sending my clients and friends photos that pop up in my Instagramfeed. Most of them aren\'t on IG, and since many Instagramers don\'t have ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Perfect Pillow Pattern Combinations

If you’ve read my blog for more than a day, you know I have a slight serious throw pillow addiction. One of the most common questions I get on the b ...
29-09-2015 21:36

~introducing Olive + Atlas~

You know those people that consider their dogs their kids"Yep, I am one of them.My two labs are a huge part of our lives and I want them to have the b ...
29-09-2015 21:35

5 original spiral staircases for saving space

The post 5 original spiral staircases for saving space appeared first on becoration. Spiral staircases are ideal for saving space at house, specially ...
29-09-2015 21:36

DECO Profile: Photographer Janneke Luursema

The History of a Colour feature in DECO’s #TheGreenIssue #104 showcased a photographic botanical still life of Janneke Luursema, and another of her ...
29-09-2015 21:35

On the market: Oliver Hill-designed The Round House art deco

Oliver Hill-designed The Round House art deco property in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex We have featured three previous designs by the architect on the site, ...
29-09-2015 21:36

Turning the Vittsj shelving rustic and industrial

IKEA items used: Vittsj Ikea shelf Last year we made our Hyllis Ikea Hack and we love it to this day, so we decided to make ?the sequel?. Photo: IK ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Hexagon Marble Wall Clock DIY

Marble clocks have been cruising around the web for the better part of this year, and I’ve had it on my list of things to make for a long while now ...
29-09-2015 21:35

So Long Summer Cocktail.

the first day of fall landed last week, but it’s pretty hard to tell here in los angeles, since it’s about 90 degrees as i type this. but we thou ...
29-09-2015 21:36

Turmeric – The Natural Beauty Weapon

In the latest issue of DECO, we focus on your personal oasis – the bathroom. Not only bringing you numerous styling tips and top trends, but also th ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Some Fall Decor in the Dining Room

Hello everyone!Thankfully, my jury duty was cancelled so I didn\'t have to go in yesterday.  Woo Hoo!  And, it is Fall break here this week for my s ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Gallery Wall Ideas

Image: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer There?s nothing quite like a well-executed gallery wall to really pull a space together. Combining that magical mix o ...
29-09-2015 21:36

Colorful rugs to welcome autumn

The post Colorful rugs to welcome autumn appeared first on becoration. Autumn is here, that?s why I want to tell you how beautiful it is to decorate w ...
29-09-2015 21:36

A wonderfully relaxed, boho Skne home

It\'s a beautiful day here in Southern Sweden so I\'m planning on hopping on lovely spaces. Love, love LOVE!Right, time to hop on that bike of mine an ...
29-09-2015 21:35

A Letter to you from the Editor: Green Issue

In DECO Editor Bielle Bellingham?s latest letter, she explains the importance of truly going ‘green’ without lapsing into the media hype of ‘gr ...
29-09-2015 21:35

Create a Dressing Area under the IKEA TROMSO loft bed

IKEA items used: TROMS Loft bed frame, white, IKEA BYGEL S-hooks Stainless Steel, BYGEL Rail, silver color, BYGEL Container I created a private dres ...
28-09-2015 21:33

The Weekender: 09.25.15

If Mercury in Retrograde is actually a thing, we can easily vouch for it over here. In our family this week, there was internet outages in two houses ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Best Brass Kitchen Hardware

How was your weekend" Mine was just what the doctor ordered (kind of – I don’t think any doctor would support a weekend full of drinking, but it ...
28-09-2015 21:33

some quality parker time.

you may have seen from my instagram feed, i took a trip to Palm Springs last week with bri and the designlovefest team, and while there stayed at the ...
28-09-2015 21:34

Klein Karoo Paradise Home

Pietro Russo is founder and owner of Ecomo – a sustainable architectural firm that creates customised modular homes based on modern, simple living w ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Miele: Leading the way in laundry care

Miele’s newWDA range of washings machines is designed to make laundry days as easy and efficient as possible. The newrange integrates advanced fea ...
28-09-2015 21:33

One Bedroom – Three Stylings

Since I am currently on vacation and taking in an annual amount of blue hues (join me on my trip on Instagram), I have asked the creative duo ofLaye ...
28-09-2015 21:36

Photography in Your Home

Who doesn’t love art and need art in their homes. Art is what shoes are to an outfit. Incomplete without them. That’s why I loveMinted.Minted ...
28-09-2015 21:34

Lovely Northern Europe Shops

The post Lovely Northern Europe Shops appeared first on becoration. I love shops where you can find toys, sweets, decoration things, things to make DI ...
28-09-2015 21:34

An artist's studio and home in Stockholm

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend" It was one of those rare late summer weekends here where the sky is deep blue and the air crisp - so we heade ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Get Down to Rare Earth

Spend your spring getaway in the secluded and peaceful farm-style retreats of Redford and Rondebosch Estates. Enter our latest competition and you cou ...
28-09-2015 21:33

DIY Modular Synth Case from IKEA ENUDDEN toilet roll holder

I hacked 3 toilet roll holders into a modular synth case. I used the ENUDDEN Toilet roll holder. Made a 9U powered modular Synth case. Power Rail kit ...
28-09-2015 21:33

put a rug on it + a giveaway.

you guys really seemed to love our last giveaway from the PINK RUG Co. — so we decided to give y’all another chance at winning a rug of your choi ...
28-09-2015 21:34

Discover The Endemic Project

The Endemic Project created by award-winning filmmaker Bryan Little comes to light in ones headlights as you drive along Rhodes Drive. Made from refle ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Monday Inspiration | Small House Tricks

Whenever I see a small space/house that is big on style, I\'m instantly hooked.  Especially if I don\'t even realize the size, but instead zero in on ...
28-09-2015 21:34

Our 2015 Fall Kitchen

Greetings, friends!What room of yours is your favorite to decorate for Fall"  For me, I think I\'d have to say that it\'s our kitchen.I guess it\'s b ...
28-09-2015 21:33


As I mentioned the floor in our loungeyet they looked SOgood on the walls togetherthatI think I’m going to get over my commitment issue in the n ...
28-09-2015 21:33


It’s difficult to believe that burl wood is the result of a flawor deformation. Sometimes the most beautiful things arecreated from happy accident ...
28-09-2015 21:36

Look inside our Green Issue

DECO is excited to bring you, our dear readers, a very special edition, on shelf today. Our new GreenIssue is here, bursting with inspiration on how ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Win a R36 000 Bathroom Revamp with Cordev

Your bathroom should be an oasis of pure relaxation, with a pristine, uncluttered layout and clever storage solutions. What better way to create the i ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Modernist Monday

I’m off on the train to Venice today. Until I have time to write a post, I suggest you check out this very chic apartment in Paris designed by Stud ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Xerographica, My New BFF

I don\'t have the greenest thumb, so I try to stick with house plants that are very forgiving. I\'ve discovered the easiest plant to care for of all i ...
28-09-2015 21:34

Weekend Recap + India Hicks + Mad for Plaid

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can’t say that I’m excited for Monday to be here, but I have a short work week ahead so somehow that mak ...
28-09-2015 21:34

~the pumpkin patch in September~

We spent the evening at The Farm yesterday picking out the perfect pumpkins.I haven\'t been to a pumpkin patch so early in the season before and there ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Amaze Me Monday #130

Welcome to AMAZE ME MONDAY!The temps are cooler and the leaves are's FALL y'all!So glad you are here for the party.Enjoy this wee ...
28-09-2015 21:33

Happy Travels

I’m currently wrapping up my whirlwind trip to Milan and will be heading to Venice Monday morning. I’ve seen so many beautiful things in Milan a ...
27-09-2015 21:35

Impromptu Still Life

Everything on the patio seems to take on a life of its own this time of year. A bit taken for granted, I\'m afraid. But even the neglected pots can ta ...
27-09-2015 21:35

Before & After outdoors part 1

Since we have used most of our summer building a new terrace and working in our garden its nice to actually nice to use it all before the snow is co ...
27-09-2015 21:35

Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran

This is a unique floating hotel with catamaran project that was developed by a studio called the Salt & Water which aimed at promoting tourism along t ...
27-09-2015 21:35

"Soup"er Saturday!

It\'s soup season!  I love soup any time of the year, but when the weather turns colder I make soup at least once a week. Today\'s soup, perfect for ...
26-09-2015 21:34

A modern house in London that will inspire you

The post A modern house in London that will inspire you appeared first on becoration. Some houses are a source of inspiration, in this case, we hope t ...
26-09-2015 21:35

My home: new Mapiful print

I love to be surrounded by meaningful prints (you only have to see the gallery in our sitting room). That\'s why I got totally over excited about Mapi ...
26-09-2015 21:33

12 unusual ways to use the RIBBA picture ledge all round the

At the last IKEA sale, the RIBBA picture ledge was marked down and I grabbed two of them, without knowing what I would do with them. So I did a search ...
26-09-2015 21:33

Pre-loved things & vintage treasures for sale

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while,you know that my secret to keep our home clutter-free is to regularly raid our cupboards. I go through ...
26-09-2015 21:33

On the market: 1930s Amyas Connell-designed modernist proper

1930s Amyas Connell-designed modernist property in Grayswood, Surrey We have been waiting for photos of a modernist gem of this era all week. Sadly, t ...
26-09-2015 21:33

IKEA VITTSJO laptop table turned into classy gold bar cart

This Bar Cart will be made with 2 x VITTSJ laptop desks. They are relatively cheap so it will all be worth it in the end. A comparable bar cart ...
25-09-2015 21:31

Some Changes in the Entry

Happy Fall Y\'all! We\'re all very confused here in Michigan because September might be our warmest month all summer.  It\'s been gorgeous!  But th ...
25-09-2015 21:31

Nomadic essence

The nomadic soul and a free spirit. Are the features of this house, decorated in a bohemian style, which mixes wood furniture and leather, travel souv ...
25-09-2015 21:35


Hurrah for Friday!! I feel like I’m about to make the final push through some serious chaos before I leave in a week and a half for a little trip… ...
25-09-2015 21:35

Shabby Chic vs. Granny Chic

I think that the Queen of Shabby Chic might approve of  these adorable hand-painted tea cups. They look like something that might feel right at home ...
25-09-2015 21:31

10 easy and cheap DIY ideas for decorating walls

The post 10 easy and cheap DIY ideas for decorating walls appeared first on becoration. Decorating walls with DIY projects was never so easy. There ar ...
25-09-2015 21:33

A Finnish home in a converted factory

It\'s the weekend - woooop! But before we hit the Friday night bars and restaurants (or take-away and telly"!) - I wanted to squeeze in one more wonde ...
25-09-2015 21:31

Suwanee Days Festival and New Pillow

Hello everyone!Well, our desk top computer is working for the moment.  It\'s an intermittent problem, so I\'m not sure how long it will work for me, ...
25-09-2015 21:31

Tour Snug Studio In Hannover, Germany

Hello dear friends and happy Friday to you! So! I decided a few months ago to shake things up and challenge myself to a new project – to focus on my ...
25-09-2015 21:32

Green Friday

The sun is finally back, and its time to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. I have some more planting to do this weekend, but this one here is al ...
25-09-2015 21:33

~Shop Joyworks Giveaway Winner!~

Thank you to Shop Joyworks  for this fun fall giveaway!The winner is??.Brenda Guardado said...Hello! I liked on Facebook as Lexi Guardado. I\'m an O ...
25-09-2015 21:31

David Adjaye’s “Making Place” exhibition

Architect David Adjaye’s work featured in DECO’s issue #103 (on shelf for only a few days more). In this Profile feature, DECO looked at Adjaye’ ...
25-09-2015 21:31

The List Week 39

Hi Friends, it’s Friday and I’m considering myself back in action. I spent the week under-the-weather with an illness I haven’t yet decided i ...
25-09-2015 21:31

Pergo Flooring Installation

Remember this bathroom renovation from a few months ago" Those same awesome clients redid their laundry room and let me tell you, it’s a MAJOR make ...
25-09-2015 21:33

Small spaces - it's all in the details

If you have read this blog for a while, you know that I like promoting ideas for better living in small spaces. Not only because that is a reality for ...
25-09-2015 21:31

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Kitchen Updates & Installing A Smart Home (+ A Giveaway!)

Kitchen Updates & Installing A Smart Hom...

Thank you to U.S. Cellularfor partnering with me on today?s post. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product selections are my own.Clickhereto read my full disclosure policy. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post! With our... -
Our Lifestyle Editor’s Summer Entertaining Selects

Our Lifestyle Editor’s Summer Entertain...

I’m always down to host a party, but no season is better for easy, casual entertaining then summer. While I don’t have a great outdoor space of my own, a girl can dream so this is how I’d love to be spending some slow weekend days.  CB2... -
~hydrangea love & care~

~hydrangea love & care~

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I have found them so easy to grow. They get big blooms and are so colorful and they fill in spaces nicely. I think the only thing I don\'t love about them, is how spindly they look in the... -
The former home of philanthropist George Boyd Anderson has been perfectly preserved

The former home of philanthropist George Boyd...

Millbuies House, a fine example of Mid-Century Modernism on the outskirts of Edinburgh, has been revitalised and made ready for 21st-century living -
1950s David Henken midcentury modern property in Pound Ridge, New York, USA

1950s David Henken midcentury modern property...

WowHaus 1950s David Henken midcentury modern property in Pound Ridge, New York, USA 1950s David Henken midcentury modern property in Pound Ridge, New York, USA Wondering if this is the house I featured back in 2014. Either way, this 1950s David... -
best of: live simply.

best of: live simply.

do you ever wake up and wonder what it might be like to live more simply" not exactly move to the woods and live a rustic existence, but some semblance of that" just a few belongings that truly mean something to you and the domestic basics you... -
Trend Alert: We Can’t Get Enough of the Micro Bubble Sconce

Trend Alert: We Can’t Get Enough of the...

image source Hey guys, it’s Arlyn here (for anyone who hasn’t been around for a few months, I’m the new Editorial Director at EHD…don’t worry, Brady is still around, but he’s the Creative Director now). Emily is zipping around the... -
best of: got some time for the blues"

best of: got some time for the blues"

anna gillar; vtwonen; @kforgara; elle decoration; lonny; BYE Risograph Print by Sarah McNeil; @jessicacomingore; bonnie tsang; ceramic collage via bloomingville; architectural digest espana; The Apartment Copenhague; elle decoration; vtwonen;... -
Solar Symbols

Solar Symbols

The sun is by far the most important source of energy for all living things on earth. Humans and plants alike draw energy from the sun, and its power to give life, light, and energy to all living things shows up in so many of the world?s cultures... -

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