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LAST DAY OF THE 2015 YEARHOW READY IS SOUTH AFRICA TO FORGIVE ? HOW WILL WE SURVIVE 2016As a nation we are unsupportive and unforgiving when we are ab ...
31-12-2015 21:32

A Few Favorites on Sale Now

Hi guys!  I just wanted to pop in and let you all know about a few goodies on sale.  These are all things in my closet that I wear on rotation.  Th ...
31-12-2015 21:33

Hackers Help: How to mount VITTSJ to the wall"

So I really want to turn a VITTSJ unit into a mounted wall unit (see picture, link below!) for my kitchen. I’m a new house owner on a budget and I ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Chic in Antigua: Part Deux

It feels like everyone on Instagram is either in the mountains skiing or enjoying some fun in the sun at the beach. Tory Burch has been posting photo ...
31-12-2015 21:32

10 modern side tables for a scandinavian home design

In order to achieve a Scandinavian living area, you can choose a side table with a brass structure and aContinue Reading ...
31-12-2015 21:37

Happy new year 2016!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful new year 2016! I also want to thank you all for being here, for engaging, for read ...
31-12-2015 21:35

Table setting New Years Eve

We were planning on having a New Years Eve party in our house, but unfortunately we are both not feeling so well, and had to cancel our plans for to ...
31-12-2015 21:33

December 2015: a review

Wow, so that’s 2015 done and dusted. I can vividly remember sitting in a cottage in Wales on this day a year ago and feeling pretty apprehensive abo ...
31-12-2015 21:37

A Customizable Modular Product that Becomes a Hanging Divide

FilzFelt introduces The Los Angeles offices of Gensler are behind the design as they were looking for a way to add a statement to a conference room t ...
31-12-2015 21:39

Pretty Kitty Potty

IKEA items used: Billy bookcase/Olsbo doors (best guess, Craigslist find) We wanted to add more storage to our oddly huge master bath as well as figu ...
31-12-2015 21:32

WowHaus Top 50 of 2015: The most popular properties of the y

The Pavilion modernist property in Coldingham Bay, Scottish Borders Hopefully you enjoyed numbers 50 – 41 and numbers 40 – 31. Now we have got to ...
31-12-2015 21:32

DECO EAT: A Tangy Summer Platter

Celebrate the imminence of longsummer days by combining seasonal food, freshcolours and a variety of flavours into a simple tangy summer plattertha ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Share Your Style Party #46

Hello everyone!Well, this is the last party of the year from Share Your Style.  I\'m so glad that you decided to join us again this week.  Hasn\'t i ...
31-12-2015 21:32

MALM chest of drawers gets a pull-out laptop table

I have desperately needed a desk since moving into my current rented room (a lovely attic conversion on a London victorian house complete with skyligh ...
31-12-2015 21:32

The Top Ten of 2015

The numbers don’t lie, you guys! There were some very very clear winners for the top posts you loved this year. I took both stats and comments in ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Wow! How has another year come and gone" Today I’m going to share my top posts of the year, in terms of page views. It was a productive year but I t ...
31-12-2015 21:33

15 Luxury Rugs for Stylish Homes in 2016

Create a stylish home is more than just choose the right design pieces. It?s important to create comfort in every rooms, not only with furniture but ...
31-12-2015 21:37

Supersized Lack TV bench

I’m not sure if this has been done before, I came up with this idea myself out of necessity and it is so simple I am surprised IKEA have not made th ...
31-12-2015 21:32

The Christmas Aftermath ...

Greetings, friends!I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!Now that Santa has come and gone, have you taken your Christmas down yet"We have ... and, I ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Resin d?etre

Korean-born Dutch-trained designer Wonmin Park has added to his Haze series of conceptual furniture pieces. Cast in resin, the collection has a textur ...
31-12-2015 21:40

Home Tour in Sweet Living Magazin

What better way to end 2015 then with a lovely home tour of my humble rooftop apartment in a German interiors magazine" I am honored, smitten and won ...
31-12-2015 21:35

White on Rice – Origami

By now, everyone must be familiar with the name, White on Rice (Ross Symons), the man behind the art of origami, with over 100K followers keeping an e ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Indoor/Outdoor Concrete Table

Gorgeous on trend concrete table. Can be used inside or out. Come see it at Lemonceillo Home. Featured by Lemonceillo Home on ...
31-12-2015 21:43

4 Essential Design Tips to Maximize Home Comfort

Your home?s comfort has just as much to do with your personal taste as it has to do with design. There are simple ways you can combine design elements ...
31-12-2015 21:32

What Will Define Luxury For The Home In 2016"

As we look forward to 2016, we’re thinking today about the question, ” What Will Define Luxury For The Home in 2016"” Will it be exquisite craft ...
31-12-2015 21:36

IKEA BEST media center is now a washer/dryer pedestal

I needed to raise the washer and dryer so I don?t have to bend over as much to load and unload. The original washer/dryer pedestals cost around $275 e ...
31-12-2015 21:32

WowHaus Top 50 of 2015: The most popular properties of the y

Broadlinks House 1960s modernist property in Broadsands, Paignton, Devon Ok, we had the first instalment yesterday, now we are at numbers 40 ? 31 of t ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Pretty Pistachio Brownies

We just couldn?t resist sharing this recipe for Pretty Pistachio Brownies with you; it perfect for a outdoor family celebration. We found it while tr ...
31-12-2015 21:32

Best of 2015: Editors’ Faves

Jaime’s faves: The Tiny Tool Shed Backyard Escape Project Gregory?s hard work certainly paid off with this amazing outdoor retreat – I hope that I ...
29-12-2015 21:40

Frame it

Matki has added even more appealing elements to its EauZone Plus range. There is now the option to have almost no framing around the enclosure, with f ...
29-12-2015 21:40

50% Off Christmas

Save 50% on all Christmas ornaments at Lemonceillo Home. Open today 10:30am to 5pm. Featured by Lemonceillo Home on ...
29-12-2015 21:42

My key word for 2016 is MOVE

This coming year I want to move in many ways but mainly in an upward more determined direction. Print by Helena Tyce Designs I want / need to move hou ...
29-12-2015 21:38

HELMER & TRAN Computer Accessories Storage Cabinet

My storage solution for computer-related accessories: 4 x HELMER 1 x TRAN 2 x RILL (wheels) Painted all HELMERs black in a special furnace. (at th ...
29-12-2015 21:32

This Life: bakery47

A good honest bakery. Anna and Sam Luntley are modest people in every regard, but when it comes to trying to sum up their business, bakery47, ?a good ...
29-12-2015 21:40

Top 25 Modern Bar Stools

  Picking the right bar stoolscan not only alter the ergonomics of your modern kitchen, but also add to the visual aesthetics as well. Considering ...
29-12-2015 21:38

Favorite Posts of 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an exciting New Year\'s Eve. This has been the best break!  It\'s been so nice having ...
29-12-2015 21:33

10 elegant dressing tables for your contemporary bedroom

Despite the monochromatic pallet, the above table sees an interesting combination of baroque and modern design elements. ...
29-12-2015 21:38

Round table

If it wasn?t so functional and easy to use, the Last Table by English industrial designer Max Lamb would sit very nicely on display as a piece of art. ...
29-12-2015 21:40

New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration

New Year’s Eve in New York City is fraught with peril due to a lack of taxis and Uber surge pricing. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay in with a ...
29-12-2015 21:32

How to Ring In the New Year in Style

Designer Jonathan Adler is featured in Architectural Digest magazine with his six tips for finishing 2015 off in style. Read the Article Featured by ...
29-12-2015 21:42


Last night, I found this heartfelt, apologising letter from Mila under our sheets which made me smile and one that I will treasure for years to come a ...
29-12-2015 21:32

A Black & White Apartment with Yellow Accents

Z-AXIS DESIGN, based in Taiwan, designed this A bank of L-shaped black cabinets ground the main room and was accented with a horizontal yellow stripe ...
29-12-2015 21:40

Stack the LACK into simple shelving

Here’s how to stack the LACK side tables securely. It can go as high as you wish and you can use it assimple shelving or a wardrobe. Materials: 4 ...
29-12-2015 21:32

Moments with Corum: Coffee Shops & Restaurants, Elizabet

If you have been reading my 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend series you will know how much I love to spend my free time hunting for colour and ...
29-12-2015 21:33

WowHaus Top 50 of 2015: The most popular properties of the y

1960s Louis Kahn-designed Clever House in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA It is now becoming something of an annual tradition, the most popular propertie ...
29-12-2015 21:33

What's New Around Here

Hello everyone!I missed my usual Monday posting because I had a lengthy dr appt yesterday and a very busy weekend and wasn\'t able to put one together ...
29-12-2015 21:32

Cranberry Star Champagne Cocktail

This week is the best week for drinking fun champagne cocktails and really relishing in the festivity of the season. Today I’m sharing my absolute ...
29-12-2015 21:32

Orange crush

Product designer Ariane Prin launched RUST, the studio?s first homewares collection at the London Design Festival last year. The pots, trays and vases ...
29-12-2015 21:40

2016 Home and Blog Goals and Plans

As 2015 quickly draws to an end, and I look forward into 2016, a few goals and thoughts come to mind. Since most of these will impact the blog in one ...
29-12-2015 21:33

Rose Quartz Luxury Rooms for a Stylish Home in 2016

2016 is just around the corner and it?s time to start to think about the New Year resolutions! This can be about your personal life, your work and eve ...
29-12-2015 21:38

Gab Loves: New Years Eve

I’m not normally the glitter type, but I can make an exception around new year. To me, New Years Eve evokeswomen in sparkly dresses, men in tuxedos ...
28-12-2015 21:33

Amaze Me Monday #143

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.I am so glad you are here for the party, enjoy this week's features...Calypso In ...
28-12-2015 21:33

New Year Promises to Self

2016 is just a few days away. I found this “Resolutions” card from which I think is just lovely. Petros designed a double sid ...
28-12-2015 21:33

German Chic - Horsch Antiques & Interior Design

Recently, by browsing Instagram and Pinterest, I came across some beautiful pictures of elegant interiors and gorgeous antique furniture pieces and ...
28-12-2015 21:36

A Letter to my City: Paris

In the November issue of ELLE, the Great Escape Issue, women from all over the world were asked to write letters to their city. We couldn?t help but f ...
28-12-2015 21:33

Weathering The Big Holiday Storm In New Mexico

We are taking the advice of this sign in our neighborhood, and taking it slow and easy. Not much snow, but icy and below freezing. People are staying ...
28-12-2015 21:33

2016 Trends for Home Interiors: Gold and Raw Materials

2016 will bring exciting news for home interiors. The luxury interior design will meet a new glamour with one of the most important trends for luxury ...
28-12-2015 21:38

Best Roundup Posts of 2015

10. Watch Out: 9 Statement Timepieces for 2015 Check out these 9 wrist watches designed to stand out instead of blend in amongst the crowd. 9. Round ...
28-12-2015 21:40

Are you ready for 2016"

I love these days between the festivities in December. For many of us, Christmas is just over and the new year is ahead of us. The days in between ar ...
28-12-2015 21:36

IKEA KURA Barnhouse Bed

I wanted to make the KURA bed a little safer for my three year old son, while still making it look cool and unique. It was very quickly done and supe ...
28-12-2015 21:33

Christmas Eve

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! Ive been very sick the last few days ( ..and Im still not feeling so well), but before that we had a wond ...
28-12-2015 21:34

Coming up roses

Rose gold is making a comeback in jewellery, but it looks just as good on the dining table as it does fashioned into a cool sleeper earring. Spotting ...
28-12-2015 21:41

Best Interior Design Posts of 2015

10. The San Francisco Home of a Homepolish Interior Designer Benedetta Amadi, of Homepolish, designed her own San Francisco pad, which included changi ...
28-12-2015 21:40

Rustic Chic

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve took a few days off to enjoy the holidays. While I usually leave up my decorations until New Year’s Day, I felt ...
28-12-2015 21:33

How Do You: Christmas Transition

Hey there!! How was your long holiday weekend" I’m still basking in some of my Christmas glow over here, which brings me to the subject of the da ...
28-12-2015 21:33


This New Year’s Eve, I’m trying an non-traditional outfit; I’ll be ringing in 2016 wearing a jumpsuit. With seventies fashion in full swing, thi ...
28-12-2015 21:36

New Years Day Breakfast

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We did here at The Comforts of Home.  We had overnight guests and the day after Christmas we made a speci ...
27-12-2015 21:34

The heat is on

The 6643 stove by Mors is a lesson in how to make a home?s essentials (i.e. those items that provide heat and light) look cool and chic. The Scandi-s ...
27-12-2015 21:41

Pretty Preppy Party – December Features

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you to each and every one of you that shared your beautiful homes all decorated for the season in last ...
27-12-2015 21:34

The old and the new

Italian product and furniture designer Ilaria Bianchi has taken the well-worn phrase ?waste not, want not? to a whole new level with her furniture col ...
27-12-2015 21:41

New Year’s Eve DIY Decor & Party Ideas

With my recent move to NYC I’ve realised how important it is to ‘live in the now’. I had dreamed of moving here for many, many years so I know h ...
27-12-2015 21:34

Best Friday Five Posts of 2015

10. Friday Five with Daniel Germani We take a look at what modern furniture designer and architect Daniel Germani selects as inspiration and things he ...
25-12-2015 21:40

Our Christmas Morning

Hello everyone!I hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas!  We celebrated ours a day early since my husband is a fire fighter and had to wo ...
25-12-2015 21:32

Lemonceillo Home is closing at 2pm on Christmas Ev…

Lemonceillo Home is closing at 2pm on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas everyone! Featured by Lemonceillo Home on ...
25-12-2015 21:43

Happy Holidays from Design Milk!

Best wishes from us to you and your family this holiday and we hope you have a happy, safe new year! ...
25-12-2015 21:40

25 Days of Giving: Skinny laMinx

To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of ...
25-12-2015 21:32
25-12-2015 21:43

This Most Wonderful Day

It\'s very early on this warm Christmas morningand as I make my way around the house, turning on all the Christmas lights and getting the coffee goin ...
25-12-2015 21:32

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers !xxGreet ...
25-12-2015 21:36


We spotted Tom when researching our up and coming Trend Report for 2016 and immediately became obsessed with his work. Based in Melbourne Australia, a ...
25-12-2015 21:32

Christmas kisses

I have been overwhelmed by the love, support, comments, likes and joy that this blog of mine has provided this year and most of that is down to you, m ...
25-12-2015 21:38

2015 Year in Review: Where I Work

Where I Work: Jon Sherman of Flavor Paper We got to explore the Brooklyn-based studios of the color splattered and incredibly creative world of wallpa ...
25-12-2015 21:40
25-12-2015 21:43

What do you want this Christmas"

Merry Christmas! Here’s wishing you a wonderful season filled with warmth and love. I am travelling this Christmas with my BFF. It’s been an amazi ...
25-12-2015 21:32

25 Days of Giving: Missibaba

To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of ...
25-12-2015 21:32

6 great places #ininglewood for #lastminuteshoppin…

6 great places #lastminuteshopping. Stop in @Lemonceillo Home too! Featured by Lemonceillo Home on ...
25-12-2015 21:43

BODIE and FOU | Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas is here so I just wanted to thankyou very muchfor all your wonderful comments here, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterestand Twitter and your ...
24-12-2015 21:33

Merry Christmas

Photo Anna Gustafsson / La Maison d\'Anna G. ...
24-12-2015 21:32

The Weekender: No. 228

Merry Christmas Eve! Checking in from Palm Beach to bring you a few holiday reads (and sales not to miss). The Intermix sale is a good one. I popped i ...
24-12-2015 21:33

3 Summer Cocktails

How do we know it’s officially summer" Aside fromthe sun being out, traffic heaping up, cafe’s filling and dinner parties no longer reserved for ...
24-12-2015 21:32

Merry Christmas 2015

Ihr Lieben, die wunderschnste Zeit des Jahres ist da! Viel Kerzen, Lachen und Zusammensein mit viel Liebe ...Ich bedanke mich fr ein schnes Jahr, ...
24-12-2015 21:33

Simple Headset Stand using IKEA candlestick

W?hen you are married, you realize that the 98% percent of the surface of the house belongs to wife and you get only the rest just for your office/des ...
24-12-2015 21:33

Ultimate Dream Kitchen

My kitchen obsession continues but I think I may have found the ultimate dream kitchen. The high-glosss black and brass accented Brooklyn brownstone ...
24-12-2015 21:33

Share Your Style Party #45

Hello everyone!Are you ready for Christmas yet"  I believe it\'s coming whether you\'re ready or not.  Here, in Georgia, we are not getting your typ ...
24-12-2015 21:32

Best Media/ HiFi Storage Furniture

I made this Media/HiFi Storage Furniture using an IKEA Best and some furniture board. I wanted this furniture to have a natural and basic yet modern ...
24-12-2015 21:33

Have you met Max Lamb"

The power of craft combined with design is tremendous, making the spectrum of possibilities endless. Max Lamb embodies that strength.This Englishman ...
24-12-2015 21:32

Issue 105, January & February 2016

REGULARS IN THE FRAME AA Gill, critic and writer THIS LIFE Anna and Sam Luntley of bakery47 in Glasgow MONITOR What?s new and exciting INTERIORS NEWS ...
24-12-2015 21:41

Christmas in the Countryside

Layered with antique linens, family heirlooms and collections of patina-kissed table adornments, this setting courtesy of French Kissedis reminiscen ...
23-12-2015 21:43

Happy Christmas

Thank you all for the response to our bookshelf progress on Monday!  Moulding for the win!For many reasons it\'s just not feeling quite like Christma ...
23-12-2015 21:34

Our 2015 Christmas Kitchen

Let\'s see ... in 48 hours, this room be a big mess ... wrapping paper strewn everywhere, and Christmas breakfast in full swing!Before that happens, I ...
23-12-2015 21:34

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Your best garden pots ever – 6 tips for brilliant container gardening

Your best garden pots ever – 6 tips for...

What’s the secret of stunning garden pots" Expensive containers" Choosing the right plants" Having an artistic eye for arrangement" This beautifully planted pot follows the ‘Thriller, Filler, Spiller’ container planting technique. The... -
Tile, Surfaces and Carpeting Galore at The International Surface Event

Tile, Surfaces and Carpeting Galore at The In...

This week in Las Vegas, we stopped by The International Surface Event (TISE) to see what’s new in tile, surfaces and materials. From wood to ceramics to stone and textiles, every aisle was jam-packed full of pattern and texture, making us want to... -
my funny valentine.

my funny valentine.

hey hey, happy valentine’s day! do you believe in the romance of this holiday, or is it just a scam brought to you by hallmark cards" i’m single (yet again) this year, but i think i’ll just celebrate me! i mean it’s all about the... -
Midcentury interior: Andersen sideboard range at Maisons Du Monde

Midcentury interior: Andersen sideboard range...

Midcentury interior: Andersen sideboard range at Maisons Du Monde If you have the house and need the furnishings, check out the Andersen sideboard range at Maisons Du Monde. Midcentury modern and the 1950s is screaming out from all of these... -
The Arcademicke

The Arcademicke

Materials: - MICKE desk $49.99 - Samsung monitor 24” hdmi with speakers $150 - Arcade stick motherboard $30 (type ”arcade stick pcb” on - Buttons + joystick (brand Sanwa) $40 - Stainless steel panel $30 - Black stickers... -
~free wifi printable~

~free wifi printable~

How many times do guests come into your home and need the wifi password"It happens to us all the time and I can never remember the sequence of letters and numbers.So I created this printable that you can add your own to, print out, and frame.Right... -
photography spotlight: claire cottrell.

photography spotlight: claire cottrell.

I discovered Claire Cottrell’s work one day while I was scrolling through one of my favorite reads, A Piece Apart’s “Woman” series, and have since found myself completely taken with her images. The tell-tale graininess of aged film, the... -
Inside a bright laundry room with loads of functional style

Inside a bright laundry room with loads of fu...

From it’s ample storage, creatively placed sink and cute lost sock board, there’s a lot to love in this bright, airy laundry Inside a bright laundry room with loads of functional style Sam and Georgina Tucker, Jeremy, 4, and Hadleigh, 2. Before... -
Home Design Ideas: Mid-Century Modern Home In Berkely Hills

Home Design Ideas: Mid-Century Modern Home In...

As usual, today we bring you even more incredible home design ideas: this time, aliving room inspiration. We thought thatContinue Reading -

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