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A Creative Kitchen

For many families the kitchen is the hub of the home and I know for us this is certainly true. We use our kitchen for homework, crafting, sewing, rea ...
31-03-2016 21:38

A Swedish apartment with dramatic dark shades

Why hello there Thursday! Is it just me or is the week whistling by"! It could be that time flies when you\'re having fun and yesterday I had a great ...
31-03-2016 21:31

The Splendour of Velvet

We just can’t get enough of velvet at the moment! Traditionally made from threads of silk, today there are many varieties available from splendid pu ...
31-03-2016 21:31


Woah. Where did March go you guys" As I was writing the date for today’s post I realized how this month just flew by! There’s been so much going o ...
31-03-2016 21:34

A cuter FULLEN

Hello guys, I’m Ela and I’d like to show you my way to hack the IKEA FULLEN washbasin cabinet. I just didn’t like the sad and simple look of th ...
31-03-2016 21:31

The Best Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas from Maison Valentina

  The Envy Chaise Long   Designed with a seductress in mind the Envy Chaise will ignite your affair withContinue Reading ...
31-03-2016 21:38

Shift Chair by Jonas Forsman for Moooi created using 3D knit

in our next exclusive movie for Moooi, Swedish designer Jonas Forsman explains how he used 3D-knitting techniques to make his foldable Shift Chair for ...
31-03-2016 21:42

Work space with a view

I wish I had a work space that looked something like this, ie way more inspiring and organised than my own desk... And that window, wow. Some people a ...
31-03-2016 21:31

Contemporary Garden Inspiration Anyone Can Do

Are you looking to update your garden space this year" Now the clocks have changed, the days are longer and hopefully the weather starts to improve, i ...
31-03-2016 21:38

nola’s new ace.

The Ace Hotel in New Orleans?so gorgeous and green! It opened just two weeks ago. I stumbled on it as I was making my way from the city?s Garden Dist ...
31-03-2016 21:32

Share Your Style Party #59

Hi all of you Share Your Style party goers, so happy you are back for another Wednesday evening full of inspiration and fun. This week your host is m ...
31-03-2016 21:31

Birthday diner at the beach

Last night, we went for a family diner to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t fancy going to a typical French restaurant with 3-course meal because I ca ...
31-03-2016 21:31

Time for White

The old rule of thumb is that you can’t wear white after Labor Day or before Easter. Obviously, people wear white all year round nowadays but some ...
31-03-2016 21:31

grown up art.

domino magazine’s office, via a beautiful mess. at one point in my life, i had a pretty large collection of artwork, but much of it was reproductio ...
31-03-2016 21:32

Wallpaper By Bien Fait + Parisian Home Of Cécile Figuette

I love wallpaper! All who know me well knows that is a fact. That’s why I’d like to tell you about my little visit to French wallpaper atelier Bie ...
31-03-2016 21:32

March: a review

If I’m honest, I was on the verge of not picking a favourite Styling the Seasons post this month as I found it so difficult to choose and I loved ev ...
31-03-2016 21:38

Books on a budget

A lot of you ask me where I buy my books, and the thing is that many of them are actually bought in second-hand stores. Some of my latest finds are t ...
31-03-2016 21:32

Superb Concrete Home Nestled in Banana Plantation by Vardast

A simple shape may encapsulate a vibrant atmosphere. A simple raw texture might narrate an impressive atmosphere The story that follows describes a ho ...
31-03-2016 21:47

Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Makeover

I recently made over the IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen. It was super simple and has a huge impact in making the play kitchen colorful and fun. Materials u ...
31-03-2016 21:31

An Apartment with Interiors Inspired by Travels to Africa

Moscow-based architectural studio SHKAF Architects designed the interior of a 46 square meter (approx. 495 square foot) flat in the town of Odintsovo ...
31-03-2016 21:40

On the market: 1950s midcentury modern property in Berkeley,

1950s midcentury modern property in Berkeley, California, USA No architect name attached to this one, but whoever was behind this 1950s midcentury mod ...
31-03-2016 21:32

Screen doors on bedrooms"""

It\'s still too chilly to be working in the gardens, so we are working on the inside....waiting for the wood to arrive for the living room floor.The u ...
30-03-2016 21:31

The winner of the beautiful linen bedding in charcoal

Thank you so much to everyone for entering the very exciting Easter give-away from INGREDIENTS LDN, a *beautiful* new, independent lifestyle concept ...
30-03-2016 21:33

Hackers help: Upgrade my Mulig"

Photo: I want to upgrade the Mulig clothes rail (white) to give similar features to the wooden one. Ideally I would love a shelf at the bo ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Sticky cinnamon buns

One of my favourite flavours, when I bake, is cinnamon. When we go to the bakery here in Denmark, I always pick a cinnamon Danish without a doubt.Usua ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Aero Studios Moving Sale

I knew it was coming but I’m still sad that Aero Studios is leaving their home in Soho after almost 25 years to move to 200 Lexington. The good new ...
30-03-2016 21:31

around l.a. / grand central market DTLA.

Located in the heart of downtown, The Grand Central Market has sought to celebrate the cuisine and cultures of Los Angeles since it opened it’s doo ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Move things around

I don´t know if you have noticed, but a while ago I moved our By Lassen cabinets from the kitchen and out in the living room. To replace the empty sp ...
30-03-2016 21:31

A Tea Cafe with Filipino Roots & a Fresh, Bold Twist

Renée Sebastian, one of the first Filipino certified tea masters, launched premium tea brand Da.U.De, which offers fine, custom teas at affordable pri ...
30-03-2016 21:38

Suzanne Tucker and Chesney’s Design Luxury Fireplaces

 If there’s no place like home, there are few places within the home more inviting than a luxurious fireplace and mantel. This is especially the ca ...
30-03-2016 21:34

Ice Cream, Honey, Surfing: Waiheke Island

Spring has only just sprung here in Germany, but a few weeks ago I was enjoying full-force summer in New Zealand. One of my stops during my 4-weeks ...
30-03-2016 21:33

DIY Indigo Pillow

With all of the indigo that I’m planning around here, both in the nursery and in the living room, I have been looking around the internet a lot rec ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Kitchen Details

Beautiful daylight in my kitchen today. Earlier I spotted some pussy willow trees while hiking so I brought home with me few twigs in the hopes that t ...
30-03-2016 21:44

Transforming a Home with Wooden Windows

Windows are so important to a room. They not only bring the light in but they also almost always become a focal point of a room in a good or bad way, ...
30-03-2016 21:36

Gorgeous Italian Busatti Towels

Just Arrived at Lemonceillo Home: Come checkout our gorgeous new Busatti towels from Italy! Featured by Lemonceillo Home on ...
30-03-2016 21:41

A Swedish apartment bathed in light

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful time over Easter (for those of you who were off)" Thank you so much for entering the big Easter give-away, what an o ...
30-03-2016 21:31

sticking with pink.

love is blind. as color trends come and go, my affinity for pink remains unwavering. from deep magenta to blush or pale pink, there are so many lovel ...
30-03-2016 21:31


It is not often you get a chance to explore the world of Italian design and perfection hands on. At an exclusive conference, the design network Italia ...
30-03-2016 21:30

10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley You Need to Know

A bedroom should always the most private and personal space in home interiors. It?s important that the room decoration makes you feel comfortable in ...
30-03-2016 21:36

A Floral Fireplace

One of the hardest things for me to change in Chloe\'s room was her dollhouse? I had built her a dollhouse a few years ago into the antique fireplace ...
30-03-2016 21:38


Since returning from Morocco with lots of treasures, I’ve been wanting to have friends over to put them to good use! But our average living room sce ...
30-03-2016 21:33

LACK hacked into LED wall picture

My IKEA hack is about transforming an IKEA low priced LACK table into a LED wall picture. I used the following materials: - 1 IKEA Lack side table. ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Home Design Ideas Inspired By The Best Interior Designers

Top Interior Design Project by Brad Ford. Try mixing black and white, it will always look great in any place. ...
30-03-2016 21:36

Midsummer light by Tord Boontje makes the home "softer

London designer Tord Boontje explains how Midsummer light, the decorative paper lampshade he designed in 2004 for Artecnica, challenged the dominance ...
30-03-2016 21:40

How one couple overhauled their whole home themselves

A remarkable restoration project has given a near-collapsing Georgian townhouse a new lease of life Estate agents love to talk about ?kerb appeal? ? t ...
30-03-2016 21:38

Afternoon tea at home

7:20. Ready for afternoon tea. Times like this I wish I was back in UK in a manor hotel where they serve evening tea with scones, butterscotch cakes,E ...
30-03-2016 21:44

Modern Cabinets

Decor and Style thinks that modern cabinets are one of the most important steps in a room decoration. Creating a smart storage could be not easy: you ...
30-03-2016 21:35

Patio Re-Fresh

Hi sweet readers!  Today I\'ve pulled together a few things to spruce up our outdoor space. Last year we added navy to our patio and have so enjoyed ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Main Ridge Farmhouse by Griffiths Design Studio

Today\'s home is a beautiful Farmhouse located in the lush countryside of Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula. Part of an ongoing project by Melbou ...
30-03-2016 21:44

Spring Decorating

Image: Country Living Spring is finally here! And thank goodness for that. Not that I don?t like our brisk and snowy winters here in Idaho…they?re ...
30-03-2016 21:31

Kitchen inspiration with blu_line

Known worldwide as the heart of the home, your kitchen does not have to resemble a typical foodie zone. Discover the ultimate interpretation of the ki ...
29-03-2016 21:31

Trendy Side Table Designs to use on Hallway

The hallway and the entryway are a very important spaces in home interiors. These rooms receive your guests and the major goal in the room decoration ...
29-03-2016 21:37


After travelling to Marrakech exactly twice now in my life, I’m far from an expert, but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that we’ve experi ...
29-03-2016 21:34

Painted Umbrella // Gallery Wall

I\'ve never really been one for sweet & cutesy murals? but I decided to have a little fun with the bifold doors in Chloe\'s room.  These doors, that ...
29-03-2016 21:39

The Botanic shelf

What do you do when you can\'t find the piece of furniture you need" You design it yourself of course! This is exactly what the talented Riikka Kantin ...
29-03-2016 21:31

Pretty Tea Plates and A New Silver Pattern

The first thing I thought when I saw these dainty little plates was that they were something that Rachel Ashwell might own. So I snapped them right up ...
29-03-2016 21:31

Recipe: Healthy Poached Pears

Hi friends! I hope that you had a wonderful Easter. Since most of you are suffering from a chocolate hangover, I thought today I’d post something he ...
29-03-2016 21:33

A new, open kitchen and dining room provides a better connec

Happiness, for the owners of this house, came from the simple creation of a better connection to their garden If you?re going to do something, do it r ...
29-03-2016 21:39

The minimalism game

When the wondrous Jeska from Lobster and Swan posted on Facebook a link to the Minimalism Game at the end of February and put a call out for friends t ...
29-03-2016 21:37

24M2 almost mystical black apartment

//Designer Tatiana ShishkinaToday I have to share a beautiful black adorned apartment by designer Tatiana Shishkina. I love the dramatic effect of the ...
29-03-2016 21:46

Best projects by Kelly Hoppen

  Kelly  Hoppen is an English interior designer, author and proprietor of Kelly Hoppen Interiors. Kelly has a very kind career and is one of the big ...
29-03-2016 21:36

BILLY Bookcase from Casual to Classy

IKEA items used: Billy Bookcase I?m an interior designer in NYC and have 2 clients that wanted to make over their living room dining room. They are a ...
29-03-2016 21:32

Design spotting: Strawberry Retro tables by Danish Retro

Design spotting: Strawberry Retro tables by Danish Retro A classic look from the midcentury modern era, but these Strawberry Retro tables by Danish Re ...
29-03-2016 21:32

Styling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of the funnest spaces to style. Who doesn’t want a spa like experience in their bathroom" When I style a bathroom, I like to k ...
29-03-2016 21:33

~one room challenge participant!~

I am so excited to share with you all that I have been selected to participate in the Spring One Room Challenge put on for the 10th season by Linda f ...
29-03-2016 21:31

Swing Arm Sconces

Yesterday I mentioned I’ve been contemplating a few updates in our home to better go with the flow of what’s changing outdoors. It may sound odd, ...
29-03-2016 21:33

window watching.

hotel henriette in paris. gosh, i find these black steel-framed windows pretty. i think they might just lend themselves to a particular kind of home ...
29-03-2016 21:33

An alternative kitchen island

IKEA items used: 2 x Finnvard desk legs My new apartment has a fairly big kitchen, plenty of space for a kitchen island, but I couldn’t afford to sp ...
29-03-2016 21:32

Glimpses from Paris

Did you have some nice Easter days" Unfortunately, I have caught myself a flu (I really know how to time these things - packing for our move and being ...
29-03-2016 21:46

Clare Waight Keller’s Paris Apartment

Any time I can’t find a person’s home online, I conclude that it must be promised to a certain magazine. I’ve been searching for photos of Chlo ...
29-03-2016 21:32

Converted Georgian manor house ticks all the boxes for moder

A simple but beautiful colour scheme unifies this converted Edinburgh mansion house Edinburgh?s history is seductive. Tourists can?t get enough of the ...
29-03-2016 21:39

Bathroom makeover – Before & After

Bathrooms are very expensive to renovate, and since the bathroom connected to our bedroom wasn´t all that bad with its white tiles, we chose to give ...
29-03-2016 21:33

SCOUTED: Incy Interiors’ lush velvet furniture for kid

Incy interiors have done it again, setting trends in children\'s furniture. Click through to We Are Scout to see their lush velvet collection - and it ...
29-03-2016 21:37

Sebastian Errazuriz Designs Audemars Piguet’s Lounge a

Ultra lux watchmakers Audemars Piguet invited artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz to design their new lounge for their Art Basel 2016 shows in Hon ...
29-03-2016 21:39

Aiayu at home

I love the simplicity and the soft colours in these pictures from the home of Maria Worsaae, one of the founders of Aiayu. Aiayu is a Danish brand w ...
29-03-2016 21:31

Holiday let: 1960s grade II-listed Vista Point by Patrick Gw

1960s grade II-listed Vista Point by Patrick Gwynne in Angmering, West Sussex This place was on the market as recently as 2013. But that is actually g ...
29-03-2016 21:32

Weekend Wear: Off the Shoulder for Spring

About a month ago, I posted my first ever fashion related post here on Earnest Home and I got really wonderful feedback and encouragement from you gu ...
29-03-2016 21:32

My METOD Makeover: The journey of a thousand cabinets begins

Ever since the launch of the IKEA Malaysia on the METOD kitchen came up, I jumped at it and so it began … Now, one thing to note, it is easier to se ...
29-03-2016 21:32

My Beautiful Things by Maxine Brady

So lucky to have Maxine Brady share her beautiful things with us today. Maxine is a gorgeous interiors stylist and blogger at  We Love Home Her blog ...
29-03-2016 21:37

pom poms make everything better.

sugar & cloth has a great diy tutorial on this pom pom wall hanging. what is it about a pom pom that makes us go so giddy" is it just fun to say" i t ...
29-03-2016 21:33

Modern Touches in the Foyer

Hello everyone!How was your Easter weekend"  Mine was good except the weather could\'ve been better.  It was a little chilly and rained most of the ...
28-03-2016 21:31


Herbs are as ancient as they are modern, their powerful presence are evident in a variety of practices. Commonly associates with food, herbs also play ...
28-03-2016 21:31

Toy storage idea: A SNIGLAR LEGO tray

IKEA items used: Sniglar changing table Photo: Dismantled the changing table and used the trays to house our ever growing LEGO collection, ...
28-03-2016 21:31

Home Design Ideas and Inspirations: Wall Art and Frames

Wall art and frames are an option if you want to get your home design a pop of? something different.Continue Reading ...
28-03-2016 21:39

Enter the Legrand More Power to You Contest + Win an adorne

We’re super excited to have partnered with innovative lighting company Legrand on a new contest that will change the way you access power in your h ...
28-03-2016 21:43

WowHaus makes the Top 10 interior design sites list at Vueli

WowHaus makes the Top 10 interior design sites list at Vuelio Seems weird that we keep making these interior design lists, not least because interior ...
28-03-2016 21:32

America: En Route

The majority of the landscapes featured in the upcoming exhibition America: En Route were actually never destinations, but discovered en route to some ...
28-03-2016 21:40

The Neutral Nursery Inspiration

I have always thought nurseries were a little much.  So often, they look like a different universe within a home.  When I began thinking about room i ...
28-03-2016 21:31
28-03-2016 21:31
28-03-2016 21:32

How to Enjoy Breakfast for Dinner

Our DECO Eat sections are always the most indulgent part of ELLE Decoration, and so it should be! However, we may have taken it a bit too far in our l ...
28-03-2016 21:31

16 Simple and Ingenious DIY Birdhouse Ideas for Your Garden

The natural element surrounding us is a blessing. Greenery and vegetation are items heavily sought in contemporary settings regardless of scale; verti ...
28-03-2016 21:51

Monday Inspiration | Mark D. Sikes

If there was ever a home I could move into and never, ever change a thing, it would be the home of Mark D. Sikes located in Hollywood Hills.  I feel ...
28-03-2016 21:32

The furniture SALE you cannot miss this month!

If there are any two days this year that you need to diarise it’s 8 and 9 April, when the Pierre Cronje Kramerville Showroom will host a two day fur ...
28-03-2016 21:31

Bits of Lovely #1

I know it is really important to have an attitude of gratitude and appreciate and acknowledge the lovely things in your life. Oh I really don’t hav ...
28-03-2016 21:39

Musings + Moodboards

I hope you\'re all having a lovely Easter. I\'ve embraced the chance to relax, have fun with the kids (we even braved the Royal Easter Show this year) ...
28-03-2016 21:50

Amaze Me Monday #156

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday and Happy Easter!I hope you're having a wonderful weekend on this very special holiday where we celebrate the death, bu ...
28-03-2016 21:31

Price drop: Tanera Mor Wicker Man island in the Inner Hebrid

Tanera Mor Wicker Man island in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland It wasn?t the location for the film, but the Wicker Man movie was said to have been inspi ...
28-03-2016 21:32

Find out what’s inside the Ideas Issue

Bursting with inspiration on how to revamp and rethink your home, our latest Ideas Issue is finally here. Available in print across South Africa and g ...
28-03-2016 21:31

The Most Elegant Living Room Sets by Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is such an inspired home decorator for Room Decor Ideas! His projects are a combination of the perfect glamour and elegance that every lu ...
28-03-2016 21:39

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Maison&Objet 2016 #2 - Trends

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Living with a dog: tips for keeping your house clean

Living with a dog: tips for keeping your hous...

My flat used to be immaculate. We moved in when it was brand new and the walls, floors, skirting boards were all perfect and the flat smelled fresh and clean. I’ve always been a clean and tidy person so it remained that way for the first three... -
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Modern Barn

Modern Barn

Long time readers will remember my love of Sag Harbor. Turns out actress Ellen Pompeo loves it too. Her modern barn home in Sag Harbor has just been featured on Architectural Digest. It was a slow go until she enlisted the help of Estee Stanley of... -
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Last Minute Christmas Decorating

Last Minute Christmas Decorating

The kids don\'t think my white tree counts and they have been begging me and Michael to get a fresh Christmas tree this year. But somehow it\'s the middle of December already" And the big, pretty trees are SO expensive. We saw a gorgeous tree... -
What to Expect From Brabbu at Maison et Objet 2018

What to Expect From Brabbu at Maison et Objet...

What has Brabbu installed for us at Maison et Objet 2018! In this article, Room Décor Ideas will explore the plans and proposals that this Portuguese luxury brand has for this prestigious event. A new edition, a new journey. That?s Brabbu?s... -
Tips To Install a Sump Pump

Tips To Install a Sump Pump

This guide shows the basic steps to installing a submersible sump pump in your basement!   It assumes you have a sump of sufficient size to hold your new pump and that electrical power and a discharge line are available. In 95 percent of cases,... -
Trends Lowdown: Bare Bones

Trends Lowdown: Bare Bones

Outlined design has been a favourite trend in design circles for a while, but we’re increasingly seeing it pop up in the mainstream. Designers like Nendo, for example, consistently explore the possibilities behind stripping design back to Bare... -

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