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summer reading made easy.

i have a magazine obsession. i know, i know — there are blogs now, but i still love a great magazine filled with inspiring editorial. there’s a b ...
31-07-2016 21:29

Ina Garten’s Garden

After a week of oppressive 90 degree temperatures, I’m actually enjoying this rainy and cooler weekend. I’m sure everyone’s gardens are enjoyin ...
31-07-2016 21:28

July: a review

What a strange month this has been: full of joy close to home but horrendous atrocities happening around the world. A confusing and scary time indeed ...
31-07-2016 21:32

Learn How to Draw a Mouse – Cartoon Scene Step by Step

Mickey Mouse is a celebrity today, the character changed the world, it made the mouse an entity that can now receive adjectives like cute and adorable ...
31-07-2016 21:43

DECO Safari Essentials

When DECO set off to cover one of the most forward-thinking contemporary Safari Lodges in Africa, we did so with a range of MUST-... The post DECO Saf ...
31-07-2016 21:28

Summer Decor Colors: Crushed Peach, Deep Indigo & Oatme

SHOP THE LOOK: fig.2 | fig.4 | fig.6 | rustic | organic Three’s company" Well, it sure is a case of company for the better when it comes to this co ...
31-07-2016 21:29

Craft Your Way to a Glamorous & Stylish Bathroom

For most of us, our bathroom is our inner sanctuary at home. A place where we can relax, unwind, take long soaks in the bath and pamper ourselves in p ...
31-07-2016 21:33

How To Decorate Your Living Room With Gorgeous Sofa Tables

When dealing with small spaces, each available corner needs to be put to good use and maximized. A sofa table represents that versatile piece of furni ...
31-07-2016 21:43

A Summer Visit to Connecticut's White Flower Farm Nursery

There are real reasons why many gardeners wish that they lived in Oregon or Washington, and there are even more reasons why some of the worlds most we ...
31-07-2016 21:47

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Vs Laminate Flooring

If you like wooden floors, you have two choices. You can either lay a natural wood floor or opt for laminate flooring. Both look lovely, but they each ...
30-07-2016 21:42

A wonderful & fun boat trip to the Cap-Ferret

Two days ago, Mila and I took the boat to spend the day with Catherine who was staying with friends in the Cap-Ferret. Taking a boat trip to the Cap-F ...
30-07-2016 21:27

Working Weekend

The pros and the cons of being self employed : more often than not the weekends end up being working days. August and September are going to be very b ...
30-07-2016 21:38

Checking In To 100% Hotel

If you?re like us, and believe that the fine boutique hotels of the world set the standard for interior design and hospitality on a... The post Checki ...
30-07-2016 21:26

A contemporary kitchen that’s comfortable and hardwork

A kitchen by IMO does heavy duty daily for an Auckland family Designer: IMO, in a home by Paterson Architecture Collective and Glamuzina Architects. B ...
30-07-2016 21:43

How I use METOD interior organisers to keep my kitchen clutt

After revealing my new IKEA METOD kitchen, I received a few questions on the METOD interior organisers. Yes, I so want to talk about kitchen organisat ...
30-07-2016 21:27

Reader offer: 15% off at Posterlounge

A home would never be complete without wall art, don\'t you agree" If your walls are looking a little er on the bare side right now you\'ll be excited ...
30-07-2016 21:27

Weekend Loves & Links | 7.30

I love when I get the chance to do some fun events in my own hometown, so I was thrilled when West Elm asked me to not only host, but help curate thei ...
30-07-2016 21:28

How to make a cute cat bed for your furry friend

Children or pets make a house a home, and if your furry friend is the king or queen of your household, they surely deserve their very own throne! Here ...
30-07-2016 21:43

The Not So Traditional Wedding

We love an elegant, traditional wedding, but with time certain trends sway our decision when it comes to choosing the elements that make up... The pos ...
30-07-2016 21:26

Colonial dream

I see this beautiful scheme and it takes me back to my holiday in Mauritius. Although it was only in February, it feels like yonks ago since  I woke u ...
30-07-2016 21:43

Travel Files: Kansas City Day 3

I?m back with Part II of my Kansas City adventure. Be sure to also check out Kansas City Day 1 and Kansas City Day 2 if you missed my prior posts. We ...
29-07-2016 21:28

Before and after: A 1970s New Plymouth home reno

A young New Plymouth family highlight all the best elements of their 1970s home in a renovation that embraces a minimalist, eclectic and earthy style ...
29-07-2016 21:44

Outdoor Drapery // LoomDecor Giveaway

It\'s funny when you add something to a space and you don\'t really notice the change because it is what you have been mentally visualizing for so lon ...
29-07-2016 21:34

Recipe: Triple Vanilla Ice Cream + Apricot Pie

Hi everyone! Happy July! For my column this month I am sharing with you an apricot pie with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Triple vanilla bean ice c ...
29-07-2016 21:28

~a chalkboard inspired by schoolhouse electric~

Schoolhouse Electric is the coolest store.They even have a great catalog, which I\'d read over a romance novel any day.So I swiped up this gigantic gr ...
29-07-2016 21:27

Fire + Water: An Upcycled Robot

One year ago, I sent you some pictures of robots that I created from IKEA among other items . Here the youngest: “Fire and water” Summer is great ...
29-07-2016 21:27

Lost in Plantation: Mama Petula

It’s time for a new ...
29-07-2016 21:29

Handmade coloured glasses from Spain

Sold Out: These handmade coloured glasses from Spain were a huge hit this summer entertaining season! Unfortunately they are out of production so weâ ...
29-07-2016 21:36

Blinds UK: the first choice for interior designers

[PROMOTION] British interior designers have gotten used to buying their made-to-measure blinds and curtains from Blinds UK?s vast online library that ...
29-07-2016 21:34

In amore with Italian interiors

It?s travel time again ? next week I?m packing my bags and heading to Venice for a few days of good food, sightseeing and sunshine (at least that?s wh ...
29-07-2016 21:44

The Best Seating Pieces to Create a Welcoming Hallway Design

A hallway is an important room in home interiors and it?s essential that it has a welcoming and cozy room decoration to receive guests. There are man ...
29-07-2016 21:31

wear this there: maiden lane.

a restaurant based on fine tinned european seafood sounds curious enough to heighten our hunger senses, but pair it with good interiors, and our aest ...
29-07-2016 21:28

Presenting NZ’s best new furniture in the 2016 Design

HOME magazine?s annual awards shine the spotlight on New Zealand?s best new furniture and lighting designs. Introducing the finalists and winners of t ...
29-07-2016 21:44

Advances in Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floor options in Europe, the US, and several other parts of the world. This innovative flooring product ...
29-07-2016 21:32

In need of renovation: Grade II-listed Georgian property in

Grade II-listed Georgian property in Aspatria, Cumbria We don?t normally cover houses of this era, but we think this grade II-listed Georgian property ...
29-07-2016 21:27

~a new light fixture for our bedroom~{& a winner}

I have been a long time admirer ofpair of sconces from them in Savannah\'s room, and recently had them make one for my master bathroom as part of the ...
29-07-2016 21:27

A Young Man’s Kiev Apartment Goes Modern

Igor Sirotov, of Sirotov Architects, designed this 76-square-meter (818 square foot) apartment in Kiev for a young man wanting a modern space. Focusin ...
29-07-2016 21:33

Menu AW2016 news : Sneak Peek

//Images from MenuA sneak peek in the Menu AW16 collection.One of the products I am looking forward to is the LED Carrie Lamp by Norm Architects for M ...
29-07-2016 21:39

Visioni For cc-tapis | Salone Del Mobile 2016

cc-tapis collaborated with a wide range of designers for Salone Del Mobile 2016, including the ultra talented Patricia Urquiola. The basis of the proj ...
29-07-2016 21:27

10 signs you deserve a new kitchen

Click here to see how it looked after an upgrade 1. You’ve got patterned tiles (but not the stylish kind) Patterned tiles are all the rage at the ...
29-07-2016 21:42

Colour in

Catino, the new bathroom collection from stylish Italian brand Cielo, offers simple yet chic design, such as this oval washbasin in the colour Cipria, ...
29-07-2016 21:34

A pegboard cable management tray to keep cords off the floor

I have an old Ikea TV Bench (something like a Besta"). You could do this with a Besta or something similar. My bench holds a number of 90s hi-fi compo ...
29-07-2016 21:27

The Lyric speaker by WOW syncs its display to the words of e

Moving lyrics and graphic visualisations are shown on the outside of this speaker which coordinates its display with the track being played. The word ...
29-07-2016 21:36

How to create the ultimate courtyard garden in 10 steps

Turn a bare, partly enclosed space into the ultimate outdoor room ? a place of shelter, beauty and comfort just a step away from your home We?ve been ...
29-07-2016 21:44

The inspiring melbourne home of two architects

Friday" Woah! It doesn\'t seem fair that time flies when you\'re having fun does it"! Despite spending our summer holidays in Denmark I love to travel ...
29-07-2016 21:27

An Artist's Home

A charming little home that doubles as an artist\'s studio, the interior drew me in with its cosy and creative vibe. While it could easily become cram ...
29-07-2016 21:39

Home Decor Trends for this Fall

Home Decor Trends are decided when the most iconic, fashionable designers meet twice a year in New York City at Fashion Week. Pantone forecasts color ...
29-07-2016 21:31

10 Minimalist Bathrooms of Our Dreams

Overlooking Portage Bay in Seattle, this house was designed by Heliotrope Architects for a bachelor who longed for a simple bathroom with a Japanese-s ...
28-07-2016 21:35

Choosing window treatments for a renovated Victorian terrace

I’ve been stuck between choosing shutters or blinds for my living room windows. I needed something to soften my freshly restored sash windows (see ...
28-07-2016 21:47


Items used: 1x NORNÄS – Chest of 4 drawers (Article Number : 002.822.31) 2x KALLAX – Insert with door, black-brown (Article Number : 602.781.70) ...
28-07-2016 21:28


In our latest Issue, we wanted all African everything. We are proud of our talent here and were adamant about showcasing the very best in local design ...
28-07-2016 21:27

Share Your Style Party #76

Welcome to Share Your Style! I\'m Julie from Little Farmstead, and I\'m your host this week. It\'s hard to believe we\'re in the last week of July ...
28-07-2016 21:27

Drink up

These handmade coasters from Apponyi Home are fashioned from durable cowhide or smooth leather, with each one finished with gold detailing and a black ...
28-07-2016 21:35

vintage modern mansion.

only a 100-year-old Mansion built in 1910 could have this kind of character — just look at that beautiful marble mantelpiece. why don’t we make â ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Nikolas Bentel designs shirts that react to changes in pollu

New York designer Nikolas Bentel has developed a range of patterned shirts that change depending on the type of pollution they are exposed to. Read t ...
28-07-2016 21:37

Would you stay in a hotel with no roof or walls"

Open to the beautiful elements, this conceptual Null Stern ‘hotel’ in Switzerland is not for the fainthearted Calling all minimalists The latest p ...
28-07-2016 21:48

Round Dining Tables | Ideas + Inspo

The size and shape of the dining table you choose may be determined by the space itself, how you like to entertain and of course your budget. But like ...
28-07-2016 21:41

Wickedly Wickered

Wicker, a material made from woven plant stalks, branches and shoots dates back to Ancient Egypt. The traditional handicraft has undergone a ...
28-07-2016 21:34

Tough Love: 10 Rough Chic Home Designs

Designs that used to be considered outdated and flawed are now the trend in home designs around the world. WorkingContinue Reading ...
28-07-2016 21:33

Beautiful Backyard Blogger Series and A Video Tour

Today I’ve teamed up with my friend Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone, as part of her ‘Beautiful Backyard Blogger Series’ to share our newly reno ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Focus on window treatments: Voiles

How to choose Voiles Fabric: If you want your room to have a sumptuous, luxurious feel, opt for silk voiles or a fabric with a slight shimmer. For si ...
28-07-2016 21:47

Mondo Deli in Portugal

Designed by German born Industrial Designer, Christian Haas, Mondo Deli in Porto, Portugal, is a \'must try\' restaurant when next in the ne ...
28-07-2016 21:36

Outdoor living: Caesar salad

This is just a taster of the Outdoor Living garden feature, you can browse the full article from page 216, issue 108. ...
28-07-2016 21:35

Heart of House aw16 inspiration

Controversial, I know, but is it ok to admit that *whispers* I’m looking forward to Autumn already" I know, I know, but Autumn is my absolute fave s ...
28-07-2016 21:33

Playroom Makeover

I recently had the opportunity to give a mini makeover to C\'s best friend\'s playroom using Target\'s new kids decor line PillowFort.  You may recal ...
28-07-2016 21:35

En Vacances

Sometimes I have to stop looking at Mira Duma has hit both this week. Not only am I loving her picture post card perfect photos but also her chic res ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Pokemon Go Characters at Lemonceillo Home

Cute little Pokemon Go characters have taken over Lemonceillo Home. Come in and explore what else we have in store. Featured by Lemonceillo Home on B ...
28-07-2016 21:37

DIY teleprompter from IKEA RIBBA picture frames

Because I recently wanted to do a behind the scenes video I wanted to use a teleprompter only to find out that cheap ones would at least take two wee ...
28-07-2016 21:28

17 Expensive Looking DIY Home Decor Crafts

When DIY crafts come to mind, professionalism is not usually associated, human error is in question. But that should not be the issue. One can create ...
28-07-2016 21:44

Win a room makeover worth up to $5000!

Your Home and Garden has teamed up with Adairs to offer three different room makeovers to three lucky readers. Each makeover is worth around $5000! En ...
28-07-2016 21:48

Sunfest in Inglewood!

This Saturday is Calgary Sunfest in Inglewood! Featured by Lemonceillo Home on ...
28-07-2016 21:37

A Giveaway With Summer Ellis!!!

I\'m so excited to share this giveaway with you guys!  I know that many of you are HUGE Joanna Gaines fans so I\'ll get right to it.  If you\'re lik ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Party on? and on

Even the warmest July days can turn into chilly nights. So if you’re thinking of planning a summer party, why not create a cosy corner like this, wh ...
28-07-2016 21:48

How to Redecorate your Living Room for Fall

Although Summer isn?t over yet, it?s time for you to start to think about your Fall Home Interiors projects and redecorations. Most of the times, the ...
28-07-2016 21:33

Concrete House

Operating out of Melbourne and Barwon Heads on the Bellarine Peninsula, Auhaus Architecture founded by Benjamin Stibbard and Kate Fitzpatric ...
28-07-2016 21:34

absolutely lovely.

i somehow landed on this stunning site and can’t get enough of their absolutely lovely imagery. these spaces are very posh, and maybe not achievabl ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Color Block Cool

While it?s still hotter than hot here in New York City, August sees the start of pre-fall fashion and home collections appearing in-stores and online ...
28-07-2016 21:28

How to Pick a Dresser for a Studio Apartment

This week I got a new dresser and my NYC apartment is finally starting to feel like home. I’ve been busy trying to declutter, enjoy my summer, and g ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Goodbye to July Blues

I have been wanting to display this French blue platter ever since I bought it a long time ago. And now it\'s perfect with my new blue dishes, so I ha ...
28-07-2016 21:27

Giveaway with

One of my favorite items in Eden Jo\'s room is this print from Traditional buildings in Paris get me every time! Art has such a big impact ...
28-07-2016 21:28

Beautiful Shutters for Every Home

Beautiful shutters have always been my favourite way to dress a window. I love their timeless appeal and sleek lack of fussiness. I also think they l ...
28-07-2016 21:33

Room of the Week 7.28

Some days I really miss loft life. Those high ceilings, tons of light, and the simplicity (ok, and also challenge) of a huge open floor plan are prett ...
28-07-2016 21:29

Swing song

Making its debut at Milan?s Salone del Mobile, the first collection from Kartell?s new kids? line is envy-inducing for adults. One of the highlights o ...
28-07-2016 21:35

On the market: 1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington

1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington, USA This 1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington, USA is something of a mystery. And we love a go ...
28-07-2016 21:28

~chocolate cake for the win~

Need a little sugar pick me up"This chocolate cake is amazing!~enjoy~xoxo ...
27-07-2016 21:27

80 Days of Summer Halfway Point

Hey there friends!  It’s already the halfway point in our Earnest Home 80 days of summer.  Can you believe it" 40 days ago, I challenged you all to ...
27-07-2016 21:28

A creative takes a rental home and makes it hers

The owner of Gisborne?s The Family Co design store has created a haven out of her rental home.   Home for Chelsea Thorpe, artist husband Gene Walker ...
27-07-2016 21:45

How-to: Reinforce the Maximera Drawer Dividers

Here’s my hack of the IKEA kitchen drawer divider Maximera. We use the 80cm wide high divider for a drawer to store pots and other heavy stuff. The ...
27-07-2016 21:28

On the market: 1960s Marc Dessauvage-designed modernist prop

1960s Marc Dessauvage-designed modernist property in Kapellen, Belgium I love so much about this 1960s Marc Dessauvage-designed modernist property in ...
27-07-2016 21:28

Mondo Deli

Set in an 1930\'s building in Brussels, this apartment is the home of interior designer Michael Penneman and his family. The stained oak par ...
27-07-2016 21:32

Beige is the New Black: 18 Ideas on How to Use Neutral Color

To help you erase the perception that an alabaster palette belongs in your grandparents? house only, we bring you someContinue Reading ...
27-07-2016 21:31

Your own little fisherman's cottage on Sweden's west coast&q

We\'re slowly touring the beautiful Swedish west coast - namely the Gothenburg archipelagos. It\'s a really special place for my husband and I since i ...
27-07-2016 21:28

Why a garden room is a great investment for your property

A garden room is a great investment As technology has improved over the past decade as well as companies introducing flexible working hours, working ...
27-07-2016 21:32

A modern family home with plenty of personality

Monochrome styling and an eye for design have transformed this tired 1980s property northwest of Auckland into a modern family home  Who lives here"  ...
27-07-2016 21:45

Case study: How to do Scandi-chic

This uncomplicated and uncluttered kitchen-dining room is a masterclass in simplicity and the art of allowing beautiful materials to speak for themsel ...
27-07-2016 21:34

On the market: 1960s Murray, Ward & Partners-designed m

1960s Murray, Ward & Partners-designed modernist property in Arford, Hampshire This place was on the market just over a year ago. Now the 1960s Murray ...
27-07-2016 21:28

Interior Design of a New Apartment by En Design Studio

Eran Naim and Ori Donitz, the duo behind Beginning the project with shades of grey and white, they brought in color through furniture and details. Th ...
27-07-2016 21:34

2 ways to hack a kid’s storage bed

1. MYDAL with STUVA + BILLY - 3 x Ikea Stuva storage combination 60 x 128cm - 3 x Ikea Stuva Grundlig leg set. - 1 x Ikea Billy bookcase 106 x 80cm - ...
27-07-2016 21:28

Shop the Look: A Tunisian Paradise

In our brand new #AfricaIssue, we take you inside fashion designer, Manon Martin’s bohemian sanctuary, situated in the heart of Tunisia.  Get the lo ...
27-07-2016 21:27

The brief for this ensuite was for an industrial edge

A generous ensuite with an industrial edge was the brief for this inner-city Auckland home, a finalist in 2016’s Home of the Year Awards Architects: ...
27-07-2016 21:45

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An easy tip for weeding without chemicals

An easy tip for weeding without chemicals

This is a very simple, effective way of weeding without chemicals (and almost without effort). It comes from the Abbey Physic Garden in Faversham. The Abbey Physic garden is a...The post An easy tip for weeding without chemicals appeared first on... -
The Link Up: Celery Juice-Induced Glow (Maybe), A Happy House Tour & New Furniture Lines

The Link Up: Celery Juice-Induced Glow (Maybe...

image source This has been such a fun but BUSY week. I took three of my team members with me to Minneapolis to talk all things Target for 2019 and we even got a sneak peek into the fall collection WHICH IS SO VERY VERY GOOD.  I want to give a huge... -
In Memoriam: Lee Radziwill

In Memoriam: Lee Radziwill

I woke this morning to learn that Lee Radziwill (Caroline Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill Ross) passed away on Friday. Lee lived on East 72nd Street and it was always a delight to see her in the neighborhood. The last time I saw her was at the... -
Master Bedroom Progress

Master Bedroom Progress

Slowly but surely, I’ve been making some progress in our master bedroom. You may remember that completing this room is one of my top 2019 home goals, and I feel like I finally have some clarity on the direction I want to take the room. This post... -
Isaloni 2019: Furniture Brands You Simply Cannot Miss 

Isaloni 2019: Furniture Brands You Simply Can...

Isaloni 2019: Furniture Brands You Simply Cannot Miss ? The popular and powerful event Salone Internazionale del Mobile is almost upon us! This trade show is going to be held in April between the 9th and the 14th. Every year, Isaloni has more than... -
7 Best Herbs for Anti-Ageing

7 Best Herbs for Anti-Ageing

  Best Herbs for Anti-Ageing Ever wondered which are the best herbs for anti-ageing" Take a look at the anti-ageing section of a beauty website or browse through the options… The post 7 Best Herbs for Anti-Ageing appeared first on a beautiful... -
The Link Up: Orlando Is BACK (+11 Other Things We’re Talking About)

The Link Up: Orlando Is BACK (+11 Other Thing...

image source | design by Charles Mellersh Welcome back, everyone. Today marks the second installment of The Link Up (aka our favorite things from the past week). This is quickly turning into one of my favorite series because it requires mandatory... -
Where is the best place for the vegetable garden"

Where is the best place for the vegetable gar...

‘I’d like to know more about where you put your vegetable garden, and the utilitarian areas.’ This was a comment on the Middlesized Garden YouTube channel, after my January garden tour video. I talk about the design of the garden, but... -
Ellis David Gelman Star Trek house in Malibu, California, USA

Ellis David Gelman Star Trek house in Malibu,...

WowHaus Ellis David Gelman Star Trek house in Malibu, California, USA Ellis David Gelman Star Trek house in Malibu, California, USA Why the name" Well, the Ellis David Gelman Star Trek house in Malibu, California, USA was used in the popular... -
WowHaus Top 50 houses of 2018 (numbers 10 ? 1)

WowHaus Top 50 houses of 2018 (numbers 10 ? 1...

WowHaus WowHaus Top 50 houses of 2018 (numbers 10 ? 1) WowHaus Top 50 houses of 2018 (numbers 10 ? 1) Right, this is the big one. I am now up to the WowHaus Top 50 houses of 2018 numbers 10 – 1. These are the houses that made waves in the last... -

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