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Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson

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Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson

Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson

Through an embrace of the existing proportions, Bondi Mews sits light and open amongst its lush garden setting. Sandwiched between a row of heritage terrace homes, MHN Design Union?s sculpting of deliberate form to the rear makes way for Lawless and Meyerson?s considered and connected layered approach within.

Like many terraces of the same ilk, the architectural advantage lies in the vertical spread and stacking of internal spaces. Through an intricately layered approach between the natural and the built, the feeling of seclusion emerges. Immersed in an established and tumbling landscape by Dangar Barin Smith, Bondi Mews is softened at its edges by natural and organic elements that allow its owners to breathe. In its inner-urban setting in Sydney?s Bondi and its locale’s close and increasing density, the home contrastingly feels like its own refuge.
Minimal and refined, the stair railing offers maximum visual connection across the levels while being an interesting tactile experience to engage with.

The custom steel ladder connects the mezzanine with the floor below, as a nostalgic reminder to the original era of the surrounding terrace homes.

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Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson Bondi Mews by Lawless and Meyerson


Fuente de la noticia: estmagazine
Fecha de publicacin: 14-05-2021 21:48
visto: 19

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