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Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin

Decoration News
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Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin

Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin

Kindly sponsored by Carl Hansen & Sn, all words and pictures are my own.
When you only have a small living space, like our 30 m2 / 322 f2 cabin, every single item needs to be carefully selected. If it takes up too much space or proves to be impractical you've just lost an entire section of your home! It was in this vein I set out to find the perfect armchair!

The answer came in the form of the foldable FK10 Plico Chair. A little background: designed by Jrgen Kastholm in 1963 and relaunched in 2021 by Carl Hansen & Sn, the Plico chair takes up as little space as possible when not in use, while offering supreme comfort thanks to the ergonomic shape, soft upholstery and adjustable neck rest!  It's one of those items that fell immediately into place and felt like it was meant to be! Not only is it undeniably beautiful, it's also incredibly sturdy and comfortable too! In fact, when Per sat down for the first time he exclaimed: ''Finally, a comfortable armchair in the house!'' And of course, being slim and foldable it's really practical for a small space too. 
It takes its name from the Latin word 'to fold', and true to all good Danish design, it has been carefully crafted with honest materials that will only get better with age, including a certified solid oak frame, leather armrests, brass fittings and a stitched linen canvas seat. 
Needless to say, we absolutely love it -  it's our new ...
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Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin


Fuente de la noticia: myscandinavianhome
Fecha de publicacin: 05-08-2022 21:39
visto: 5

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