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Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room

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Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room

Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room

If you have an old foam mattress you no longer need, upcycle it into a delightful DIY ottoman.

I wanted a pouffe for my living room but couldn?t afford to buy one.

And I had an old IKEA foam mattress sitting behind my couch, taking up room.

I was going to dump it when I thought of using it for this project.

It was a win-win. I had my pouffe ottoman and “got rid” of the spare mattress in one project.

IKEA items used:

MALFORS foam mattressBedsheetFabric by Kristine Mandsberg (discontinued, found on ebay)IKEA FIXA drill/screwdriver

Other materials and tools:

Pallet woodScrap woodJigsawPruning sawHammerStaple gunStaplesMarkerNails

DIY pallet ottoman instructions:

1. Cut pallet to size with a jigsaw.
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2. Then, cut scrap wood to size and nail to bottom of pallet creating a frame to staple fabric to.

3. Measure top of pallet and cut foam mattress to fit. I used a pruning saw for this as the mattress was very thick. I used a double layer of foam for comfort and sturdiness.

4. Place foam on top of pallet and position bedsheet on top so that there?s enough fabric to go under the pallet. This will be stapled to the bottom and form an under-layer.

Draw a rough outline of foam on the sheet and then flip the whole lot –sheet on the floor, mattress on top, pallet on top of mattress. I had help from my cats for this step!

5. S...
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Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room


Fuente de la noticia: ikeahackers
Fecha de publicacin: 07-01-2020 22:09
visto: 20

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