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The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again

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The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again

The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again

We know that a lot of you expected an immediate response after Roe v Wade was overturned. And while we understand and appreciate that expectation, we weren’t ready beyond what Emily was able to repost on Instagram. We are a team of women, with a vast array of our own experiences, who support a woman’s right to choose whatever she thinks is best for her and her body. If you are looking to put your anger into action, check out Abortion Funds. It’s an incredible network of over 90 grassroots organizations that give aid to women needing help. While our team still lives in states that protect a woman’s right over her own body, far too many women are now left with nothing but organizations like these. We need to be there for and protect all women.
But as we’ve said before, this is also a place for mini escapes so here are this week’s links…

design by emily ward | styled by kendra smoot | photos by seth smoot | via domino

This week’s home tour is from the new digital issue of Domino. First off, there are a ton of incredible homes and you should go check out all of them. This home, in particular, designed by Emily Ward of Pierce & Ward (an EHD favorite), is just filled with all the things we love – SO much wood, texture for days, a ton of vintage, and endless soul. It’s not to be missed!

gabrielle is is on the far left (in the subtle hat) | her book!

From Emily: Hi ? Today I want to reco...
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The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again


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Fecha de publicación: 03-07-2022 22:01
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