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100 Pool Design Ideas To Take The Plunge

Having a great exterior and interior design for your home is already fulfilling. But it would even be more satisfying if you have your own pool. A goo...
21-04-2019 21:26

Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Bigger

Small bedrooms can be as grand and as comfortable as any big bedrooms too. This small bedroom ideas below aims to help you design your private small s...
07-02-2019 21:23

Effective Condo Kitchen Remodel Tips and Ideas 2019

Condo living is a trend these days. Many choose to stay in a condo because of its strategic location from work and school. With the increasing number ...
11-01-2019 21:23

20 Indoor Jacuzzi Ideas and Hot Tubs for a Warm Bath Relaxat

When you come home from an 8 to 5 job, you will definitely be tired. A nice sip of a brewed coffee would be nice to ease the stress away. But it would...
09-10-2018 21:22

Screen House Balmain: Black Modern Interior of a Home Extens

There comes a point in our life when we need to adjust to the certain changes. This could be something related to your work or this could be your grow...
13-08-2018 21:22

20 DIY Kitchen Utensil Holders That Will Give Your Space a C

The kitchen is one of the trickiest and messiest areas in our homes particularly if organizing is not your cup of tea. Imagine what it would be like i...
05-08-2018 21:23

25 Modern Spiral Stairs That Will Bring a Stylish Flare to Y

Have you seen that curvy and winding staircase that would probably make you a little dizzy when going up and down" Looks pretty, right" But these aren...
01-08-2018 21:23

20 Adorable Dog-Friendly Interior Ideas

Today’s list is one of the interior designs that I love most. This is dedicated to all pet lovers, specifically for dog lovers. Yes! Dog lovers, bra...
26-07-2018 21:23

20 Modern Minimal Nursery Room Ideas

Nowadays, preparing the baby’s nursery room is a must for parents-to-be. In fact, some couples buy a new home just to accommodate a nursery! Do you ...
19-07-2018 21:23

20 Interesting Hammock Floor Ideas

When we talk about relaxation and beach we often think about lounging on a hammock, sipping Pińa Colada with our sunglasses on. The hammock has always...
13-07-2018 21:23

Hale Nukumoi: An Stunning Hawaiian Home for Every Beach Love

Have you ever dreamed of living near the beach" It would be very nice to sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves. It would also be very refreshing...
09-07-2018 21:22

22 Beautiful Floor Standing Reading Lamps in the Bedroom

What if you could create a cozy space in your very bedroom and stay there for hours" Or a small area where you can just snuggle with your favorite pil...
02-07-2018 21:24

20 Creative Indoor Cat Playground Ideas

Don’t even try to deny it. Many of us love pets. It could be a dog or a cat. But today, let us talk about cats. Have you seen your cats crawling aro...
27-06-2018 21:24

20 Small and Sleek Condo Bathrooms

We have been talking about condo living for a while now and I think that this list could be a great finale for the lists that we have about condo spac...
22-06-2018 21:24

16 Cool Skull Duvet Covers to Bring a Distinct Appeal to You

Most of the time, skull designs are associated with tattoos, halloween and other creepy things. While others think that this symbol merely signifies d...
16-06-2018 21:24

20 Charming Dining Rooms with Upholstered Chairs

I know what you’re thinking. Upholstered chairs are usually a choice done when picking furniture for the living room, but dining rooms" It might be ...
08-06-2018 21:23

20 Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner

Do you have this distressed chair you’ve been meaning to throw out or repaint" Think again! Achieving a shabby chic interior needs two things – wh...
29-05-2018 21:24

La Lucia Boasts Anodized Bronze Screens for a Unique Look

It is indeed impressive that no matter how simple a house looks like at first glance, there are certain features that will set it apart from other hom...
18-05-2018 21:25

20 Perfectly Crafted Small Kitchen in Condos

In a time where residential homes are already in the city and not in the suburbs, condos, apartments, and flats has been on the rise. Buildings that t...
13-05-2018 21:23

20 Backyard Lighting Ideas You Can Do For Your Homes

Wouldn’t it be great if you have an open space at home" For people who are living in the city, maybe in a condo or an apartment building, having a b...
08-05-2018 21:23

Origin House: An Awe-Inspiring Birds Nest Inspired Tree Hous

Part of every child’s dream is to have his or her own fort which may come in a form of an outdoor playhouse, an indoor tent or even a tree house. Fo...
01-05-2018 21:25

20 Small Condo Bedrooms With Breathtaking Designs

Admit it, condo living is a way of life for people living in one. Some of this condo spaces are really small, that when you actually live there, you h...
26-04-2018 21:23

20 Printed Dining Chairs in Contemporary Dining Areas

Oftentimes, homeowners prefer to use furniture with neutral colors or with plain colors. This way, it is easier for them to add decors and accessories...
22-04-2018 21:21

Before and After Transformation of Brazil’s Piraja Hou

When it comes to designing, nothing is impossible. At first, what the client wants may sound unachievable but there are times that these can actually ...
14-04-2018 21:26

20 Dreamy Peacock Decors in the Bedrooms

Have you ever wondered why some homeowners go for a specific animal or thing to decorate their bedrooms with" For this list, we have a couple of bedro...
13-04-2018 21:23

20 Playful and Creative Indoor Slide and Stairs Combination

Who says you cannot be playful inside your house" Of course, you can have fun with family and friends in different ways. But how about adding a certai...
12-04-2018 21:23

Edris House: A 1954 Mid-century Modern Home that Still Stand

Every house has a story. What makes a house more interesting is not just its design but also the story of its conception, building and the years when ...
08-04-2018 21:26

20 Stylish Recliner Chairs in the Bedroom

The thing about recliner chairs is that you can get too comfortable on it while reading or watching TV that is why recliner chairs are usually added i...
31-03-2018 21:26

20 Stylish Bohemian Shower Curtain Ideas You Will Love

Are you sick and tired of seeing a boring bathroom every single day" After all, it is just a bathroom, right" It is not some space that you should giv...
24-03-2018 21:27

20 Gorgeous Drum Floor Lamp in the Bedroom

Are you sick and tired of the lighting fixtures that you have in your bedroom" Today, we would be showing off a few bedroom designs with the best drum...
23-03-2018 21:27

20 Recliner Chairs in Contemporary Living Rooms

Ever thought of getting a recliner chair for your Dad" Since I was a little kid, I always saw movies wherein the dad has this huge, black or brown hig...
19-03-2018 21:28

A Contemporary House in Scotch Cove Intended for Family Gath

The design of the house will depend on the people who will live in it. Designers need to consider what the homeowners do for a living and what certain...
15-03-2018 21:28

20 Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

Do you plan on creating a seating area outdoors" It would be fun to read a book outdoors or have a little chitchat with your family and friends. How c...
14-03-2018 21:26

20 Gorgeous Gray and White Contemporary Living Room Designs

The living room is where we entertain guests and because of that, we want to make sure that it is not just inviting but also well-designed. Do you als...
12-03-2018 21:25

A Modern Farmhouse in Pennsylvania with Rolling Sunshades

Farmhouses are usually combined with house barns where the animals live. It is located in a rural or an agricultural setting. If you have watched the...
11-03-2018 21:27

20 Stylish Space Saving Triple Bunk Beds

Growing up, I used to share a room with my older sister. Our parents gave us that privilege to style and decorate our room however and whatever we wan...
03-03-2018 21:24

Point Grey Laneway House Features the Contrast of Black and

Have you heard of a laneway house" This is a form of housing wherein homes are typically built into pre-existing lots. This is usually the backyard o...
02-03-2018 21:23

A Pottery Shed Made From Salvaged Materials

Not all houses or buildings are made with a huge budget. Some are actually built even with a modest budget but it still looks really great. Do you th...
27-02-2018 21:23

10 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Dining Table Light

Isn’t it nice to dine in a space that is well-lighted" Well, no one wants to eat in a dining area that is dark! No one wants to eat without seeing t...
24-02-2018 21:23

Theodore Wirth Ranch Exudes a Homey Modern Vibe

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that is not just beautiful but also totally comfortable and cozy" Of course, all of us want a home like that, wh...
24-02-2018 21:23

20 Striking Modern Indoor Pool Designs

Isn’t it nice to swim in your own pool both day and night" It would definitely be lovely! That is why some homeowners prefer to build an indoo...
23-02-2018 21:22

Tower Grove Drive Residence Beautifully Combines Wood, Stone

We do not need to debate on the fact that the materials used in making a home could either make it or break it. While others make use of concrete, som...
23-02-2018 21:22

Chinese Apartment Features a Wooden Raised Platform

There are many ways to design a studio type space. No matter how small it is, it can turn into a functional home once it is designed in a way to maxim...
23-02-2018 21:22

20 Bright and Calm Modern Bedroom Designs

There are bedrooms with bold and bright colors to create a lively aura in the space. Most of the time, this is seen in bedrooms for teens and children...
19-02-2018 21:23

Concrete Modern Mach House in Argentina

Because of the strength of concrete, many homeowners and builders alike prefer to use it as the primary material for your home. But did you know that...
19-02-2018 21:23

20 Stylish and Relaxing Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Have you ever found yourself craving for a vacation to a tropical island every time you come home from a long day of work" Do you know that feeling wh...
14-02-2018 21:22

Autohaus: Not Just a Home for a Family, But Also for Cars

Do you have a collection" Well, most of us have a collection and we always want to show that to other people. But what about if you are fond of collec...
08-02-2018 21:24

20 Ways to Add Plants in the Bathroom

Although we can see plants around the house in the outdoor area, we can also add it in the indoor. For sure you have seen how plants are being used in...
05-02-2018 21:25

Sheridan Residence: A Perfect Home Idea for Dog Lovers

Dogs are man’s best friend, right" Of course, we would all agree that this is true since the special bond between a man and a dog is apparent. But ...
02-02-2018 21:23

20 Remarkable White and Gray Kitchen Designs

Well, most of the time, you can see kitchens in white. But others think that this is boring. If you think the same way, then it is time for you try a...
30-01-2018 21:23

20 Enchanting Bohemian Dining Room Designs

The dining room is a space you usually set a formal or serious mood at. It is a space where you want to exude elegance and refined touches as much as ...
30-01-2018 21:23

Somerset Home in California Has a Stunning Farmhouse Design

Many homes these days prefer to use modern or contemporary design. Not just because it looks great but it is also trendy and practical. But that does...
30-01-2018 21:23

PecherSKY Apartment in Kiev Features Copper Elements in the

There are so many ways to decorate the home. One can bring in many decorative items or it can be enhanced with color. But before that, there are thing...
18-01-2018 21:22

Union Bay Residence: A Seattle Family Home Perfecting with T

When it comes to modern home design, there are so many options that one can have. All of this depends on what the owners need and want for a home. Wha...
14-01-2018 21:22

20 Dreamy Bohemian Balcony Ideas

Balcony space, more often than not, becomes the least of the priorities when it comes to decoration or beautification in a home. Do you agree" Let us ...
14-01-2018 21:22

20 L-shaped White Sectional Sofa in Modern Living Rooms

Do you have a sofa in your living room" For sure, the answer is yes. A living room won’t be complete without a sofa and the rest of the living room ...
14-01-2018 21:22

Two Halves House: An Australia Home Split into Two

The design of a home varies depending on what the homeowners need. Aside from that, the location, lot area, and shape also need to be considered for a...
02-01-2018 21:21

20 Bedroom Makeover Videos to Inspire You to Update Your Spa

As the year comes to an end, there are things that we want to change in our lives. And this would include updating some spaces in our room. Did you th...
02-01-2018 21:21

Dry Creek Residence Sits on a Hillside with Views of the Val

Living in a home that is set in a natural environment makes one feel more comfortable. Do you agree" For sure, you will! It feels different when you...
02-01-2018 21:21

Capitol Hill 5-Star Built Green Home Features Solar Panels a

Home designers and experts come up with so many new innovations that will improve the way people live and build their homes. This includes the new fur...
25-12-2017 21:23

20 Whimsical Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian interiors are a mix and match for everything and anything. It is full of texture, patterns, lines and beautiful contrasts. It could be a comb...
25-12-2017 21:23

Taaacito Micro-Apartment Features a Wall That Transforms the

For sure you have heard of spaces that made use of transforming furniture. There are also some homes that feature spaces which has multiple usage simp...
11-12-2017 21:21

20 Brown Kitchen Cabinet Designs for a Warm, Natural Look

The color of the kitchen cabinets bring life to the area. We would agree with this because apart from the backsplash, the only item in the kitchen whi...
06-12-2017 21:22

Shelton Residence of Kansas City Features Terraced Gardens a

Whether your house is blessed with plenty of lot area or not, it is nice to always consider adding plants inside and outside the home. This could brin...
26-11-2017 22:12

Glen Isla Home Connects with the Beautiful Australian Landsc

A home’s appeal isn’t just about the way its structure looks like but the landscaping also has a huge impact on a home’s curb appeal. Do you agr...
16-11-2017 22:16

20 Gray L-Shaped Sofa for the Living Room

A living room looks empty without a sofa. It is one of the living room essentials that one needs to have. But when you are buying a sofa, there are m...
14-11-2017 22:19

Barn Guest House: Once a Horse Barn, Now a Stunning Modern H

Home renovations aren’t new to us. In fact, there are many structures that were transformed into a home in an amazing manner. There are churches, of...
12-11-2017 22:14

A Tower House is Built As An Extension of a Home in Texas

We have seen guest houses that are built separately from the original home. This way, guests are given the freedom and privacy they need while they ar...
11-11-2017 22:12

20 Warm and Homely Contemporary Rustic Bedrooms

Have you heard of rustic interiors" For sure you did. When you hear this, what immediately comes to your mind is the heavy use of wood in the space. I...
11-11-2017 22:12

Apartment MICF Combines Modern Interior and Brazilian Style

Sometimes, we want to integrate some cultural elements into our homes. This way, we are able to bring some aspect of the family’s history into the i...
07-11-2017 22:11

20 Modern One-Storey Home Designs for Your Inspiration

Are you planning to build a one-storey house for your family" If you are, then you are at the right page. Single-storey family homes are actually good...
05-11-2017 22:16

Trousdale Residence Features a Stunning Entry and Green Wall

We love anything that has an inclination to nature! No wonder many homeowners look for a way to add plants in their house. Did you know that there are...
02-11-2017 22:17

20 Modern Black and White Kitchens That Used Wood

In designing the interior of our home, we are given many different choices when it comes to color and materials. Whatever is our choice has a great im...
31-10-2017 22:14

Dark Colors Are Used in This Modern Home in South Africa

Most homes would make use of neutral colors in its interior. And for the exterior, it would usually be white with some accents of black or brown. But ...
29-10-2017 22:19

Get a Relaxing Sleep in These 20 Contemporary Bedrooms with

Plants may look beautiful in our garden but it can actually benefit us if we add it in our bedrooms. According to scientists, there are some plants th...
26-10-2017 22:11

This Poznan Apartment Has Unique Geometric Features in the I

Although it is okay to go with the trend, it is also good if you do something unique. When you are different, you are special. But only a few people a...
24-10-2017 22:13

Before and After: An Old Chino Canyon Home Gets a New Look

The trend these days is to do-it-yourself. This means that we can create different things using whatever materials we have. And of course, we have to ...
24-10-2017 22:13

Avenue F: A Contemporary Home with a Detached Guest House

Some homes are located on a spacious lot which allows them to have more floor area for their house. But not all homeowners actually want a spacious ho...
24-10-2017 22:13

20 Modern Contemporary Dining Rooms with Light Wood Flooring

We would all agree that the flooring of the interior has a huge impact on the appeal of the space. Aside from that, it could also affect the way you a...
21-10-2017 22:14

Back Country Home: A Small Modern Residence in New Zealand

When one has a small lot, it doesn’t mean that they can no longer have a lovely home. Well, a home’s beauty isn’t about size, right" Of course n...
19-10-2017 22:15

20 Modern Farmhouse Living Room Designs

Do you love a modern farmhouse interior" This style obviously combines the beauty of modern interior and the usage of wooden features to achieve a far...
16-10-2017 22:19

Pastel and Golden Colors of the Happy Valley Residence in Ho

Isn’t it nice to live in a home with relaxing colors around it" For sure, you would agree with me. Using light colors or pastel ones creates a very ...
16-10-2017 22:19

The Angled Roof and Beautiful Interiors of Casa Indios Desnu

Would you live in a house with amazing views of nature around it" Of course, you will! If the house comes with a unique design and relaxing interior,...
10-10-2017 22:15

Golden Coast Penthouse in Chicago Features Stunning Interior

When living in the city, you would either end up in an apartment, a condo unit or a penthouse. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot turn it into a ...
10-10-2017 22:15

How to Protect Your Home from Burglars

Have you heard the news about homes being ransacked by burglars" For sure your family is alarmed and you are double-checking your locks. No one wants ...
10-10-2017 22:15

20 Vintage Bar Stools in Modern Contemporary Kitchens

With the modern and contemporary trend these days, do you think it would be right to add some retro or vintage decors to your home" Do you think it wi...
07-10-2017 22:13

The Warm Cozy Environment of Casa CSF in Mexico

Aside from being a place for sleeping and relaxing, we also do other activities in our own homes. Do you agree" Yes, we also entertain guests in our h...
06-10-2017 22:14

A Home on a Mountain in South Africa Intended for Entertainm

Although all homes are designed to be a dwelling for the family, there would always be another purpose for it. Like others also use it as their office...
05-10-2017 22:11

20 Bright Modern Sunroom Designs

Do you want to bask in the sun while you are inside your house" Is that even possible" Of course, it is! You really don’t need to go out just to fee...
04-10-2017 22:19

20 Awesome DIY Halloween Wreaths Designs

Your Halloween decor won’t be complete without a wreath! Although you can buy a ready-made wreath, it would still be different if you make it on you...
02-10-2017 22:15

Badalona Refurbishment: From an Old Blacksmith Shop to a Hom

This isn’t the first time that you will hear about an old structure being renovated into a home. There are already many homes that are actually from...
02-10-2017 22:15

Casa OM1 Allows Nature Interaction with Its Gardens

Isn’t it nice to live in a house that is surrounded by nature" It would be very relaxing if you see plants everywhere! Although we can actually add ...
30-09-2017 22:22

20 Fun and Spooky Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas

There is no better way to give your home the Halloween feel than to welcome guests with anything spooky! No, you do not need to let them scream in fea...
29-09-2017 22:23

The Modern Contemporary Black and White Interiors of Toorak

You have seen many homes with black and white interiors. For sure, you love its minimal appeal and even the burst of colors from its accessories. What...
29-09-2017 22:23

20 DIY Video Tutorials for Your Halloween Outdoor Decors

Aside from decorating inside your home, you would also start decorating outdoors too. This will totally give your home the spooky yet fun Halloween fe...
28-09-2017 22:25

Claremont Residence Extension Features a Backyard Update

If you are blessed with a spacious lot, you would surely make use of it so you can add more footprints to your home. For some, they prefer to use it a...
28-09-2017 22:25

A Modern Boat House with Spectacular Vistas

Do you want to chill and relax on a boat house" Why, not, right" It would be very nice to have that chance to relax with nature’s beauty around you....
27-09-2017 22:29

20 Video Tutorials for Your DIY Halloween Home Decor

Ready for Halloween" By now, you are already preparing for your decorations. But there might be some things that you still need to add. Or you might f...
27-09-2017 22:29

The New Twin Peaks: A 1970s Home Update With Two Roof Ridge

Living in a house with a unique design isn’t just fulfilling for the homeowners. It is also a pride for the designers as well. That is why most arch...
27-09-2017 22:29

Relaxing Contemporary Interior of Beatty Loft in Vancouver

You will no doubt agree with me that the interior of a home has a great impact to how the way of living of the homeowners. Would you live in a home th...
24-09-2017 22:33

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