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8 Important Steps to Take Before Hiring a Contractor

If you?re like the majority of people who are renovating or otherwise freshening up their home, you?ll want to finish the work without blowing all you...
11-06-2019 21:52

Oil Pastel Tutorials That Will Enhance Your Skills Easily

Oil pastels are vastly different from all other mediums and yet it is versatile enough to be used in a huge variety of painting scenarios. They provi...
10-06-2019 21:55

Learn How to Shade With Colored Pencils Swiftly & Corre

No matter what medium you happen to use as an artist, shading will always be a quintessential part of the artwork. Shading enables you to create depth...
10-06-2019 21:55

Soft Pastels Vs. Oil Pastels Vs. Pan Pastels vs. Pastel Penc

Pastels are utterly beautiful things. They are some of the easiest and most malleable mediums of paint that deliver great textures and highly concentr...
10-06-2019 21:55

9 Causes of Basement Moisture and How to Fix Them

Basements have a reputation for being dark and damp. But you need to keep an eye out on the moisture levels down there. Too much moisture can lead to ...
10-06-2019 21:55

What Is the Craftsman House Style & Why It’s Popu

The Craftsman House, also known as the American Craftsman, is an architectural style that originated from the American Arts and Crafts Movement toward...
07-06-2019 21:50

7 Best Pastel Pencils of 2019 Reviewed

Pastel pencils are just amazing when it comes to producing artworks which are not only vibrant but have an amazing color depth to them as well. They m...
06-06-2019 21:48

Learn How To Use Colored Pencils | 12 Brilliant Beginne

Aren’t we all astonished whenever we see a fabulous piece of artwork" May it be an art gallery or just friend’s sketchbook, the feeling of dumbfou...
06-06-2019 21:48

9 Best Paper for Oil Pastels in 2019 for Beginners & Pr

Oil pastels are one of the easiest mediums to work with since they don?t require extra work to get started. If we think about paint mediums which are...
06-06-2019 21:48

12 Colored Pencil Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Skill

Looking back, we never thought these familiar, common colored pencils used on coloring books to have the capability of producing exceptional masterpie...
06-06-2019 21:48

How to Make and Accomplish [Short Term] Goals for the Archit

A career isn’t just about scoring a job that helps pay the bills. In order to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your career choice, you need to find...
05-06-2019 21:57

30 Best Things to Do in Porto, Portugal

The city of Porto is nestled on the slopes above the Douro Estuary. It literally means ?Port? in Portuguese, thus hinting towards its history as a mer...
05-06-2019 21:57

30 Common Architecture Interview Questions to Consider

What?s it like to appear for an interview not knowing what kind of questions they?ll throw at you" A lot of us have been in this situation before and ...
05-06-2019 21:57

?Ars et Ingenium? – Florence Biennale 2019 Highlights

The future looks bright, great design glitters on the horizon, visionaries contemporary designers shall meet be summoned by the legacy of a visionary ...
31-05-2019 21:48

35 Tips on How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

Having an air-conditioning system can make your house feel like a cold and safe haven when the heat outside seems to be like the fire from the underwo...
31-05-2019 21:48

6 Best Erasable Colored Pencils Right Now

Colored pencils are some of the easiest and most exciting mediums of putting those vibrant colors on to the paper. It is not only satisfying to take u...
30-05-2019 21:49

How Much Does A Walk-In Closet Cost"

A walk-in closet can a unique flair to your home. If you?re tired of using small, inaccessible closets to store your clothing, it?s time to consi...
30-05-2019 21:49

6 Best Fixatives For Pastels in 2019 Reviewed

Fixative is a liquid solution similar to varnishes, which is made from either casein or resin and is used for drying paints. It is also used as a coa...
30-05-2019 21:49

Alternatives to DeviantArt | 31 Sites Like DeviantArt f

So, for all of us who have offered ourselves up to the all-consuming and hauntingly beautiful power of the ?art realm,? DeviantArt stands to be the sa...
29-05-2019 21:51

You Won’t Believe What Colored Pencils Are Made Of!

Colored pencils are one of the craft supplies that we have all used and fallen in love with. But do you know what goes into making those beautiful col...
29-05-2019 21:51

7 Best Soft Pastels of 2018 for Students & Professional

Soft pastels are one of the most widely used art supplies. How do you select the best soft pastels for your artistic endeavors" With many companies of...
29-05-2019 21:51

7 Best Oil Pastels of 2019 Reviewed | Top Brands Compar

The first thing which comes to mind when we hear ?pastels? is that no preparation is needed. Most mediums out there require some time for preparation ...
29-05-2019 21:51

51 Enigmatic Forest Concept Art That Will Amaze You

The forest is not just the usual definition of a large space of tree signifying the untamed beauty and power of nature. Because this sublime beauty of...
27-05-2019 21:46

Learn How To Blend Colored Pencils Correctly Fast

Colored pencils are one of the easiest ways to get started with painting. But as you practice and learn to start getting better at it, you’ll want t...
27-05-2019 21:46

10 Colored Pencil Techniques to Enhance Your Drawings Swiftl

Colored pencils are a versatile and capable medium of producing some of the most tantalizing, attractive and creative artworks. Many people underestim...
27-05-2019 21:46

Effective Tips for a Weed-Free Landscape Design Today

Are you tired of dealing with annoying weeds in the garden" How can you design a weed-free landscape" Weeds are the naturally occurring plants that ar...
24-05-2019 21:47

10 Things to Avoid When Doing a Kitchen Renovation

If you?re planning to finally take out your measuring tape and get to renovating your old worn down kitchen, then there are certain things that we bel...
21-05-2019 21:48

20 Best Things To Do in Tulum Mexico This Year

If clear blue waters, long drives, and catching sunsets is the ideal vacation for you, welcome to Tulum! Being one of the top-rated places to visit in...
21-05-2019 21:48

Best Lawn Edging for a Legendary Garden in 2019

Lawn edges can be amazing when it comes to demarcating land in your yard or even to set up a perimeter for your precious flower bed. Though they are u...
15-05-2019 21:51

37 Simply Spectacular Tree Bed Designs to Pursue

No place in our home we can call more relaxing then the bedroom, the warmest part of our home, a place to refresh and rejuvenate. In this short articl...
09-05-2019 21:54

8 Best Face Paint For Kids in 2019 Reviewed

If you?re on the market for face paints, there?s never been a better time. There are a number of great brands which make quality products – and as ...
07-05-2019 21:49

5 Epic Face Painting Supplies That Will Improve Your Designs

Face painting is a wonderful activity, and it comes with its own challenges. However, many of these are easily avoidable with the help of a few extr...
07-05-2019 21:49

9 Best White Face Paint For Cosplay, Clowns & Halloween

No matter what you decide to dress up as for cosplay or the next Halloween party you?ll always need good makeup to pull it off. And the most important...
07-05-2019 21:49

6 Best Body Paint of 2019 | Top Brands Compared

Colors, especially in the form of paint, were always the best mode of self-expression no matter which cultural or historical period you look at. And a...
07-05-2019 21:49

Learn How to Body Paint With Brilliant Results Right Now

Taking on body-painting is both exciting and intimidating at the same time. But by the end of the process, the time invested is always worth it. Wel...
03-05-2019 21:50

16 Brilliant Face Painting Techniques to Feed Your Imaginati

Getting ready for Halloween" Or perhaps a costume party" Well, we?re on the same page! Literally. If you?re looking for ideas and techniques on how t...
03-05-2019 21:50

5 Best Airbrush for Body Painting of 2019 Reviewed

The use of airbrushes is becoming popular with time. Airbrushes are versatile, in that they can be used for multiple purposes such as for toy model pa...
03-05-2019 21:50

11 Best Face Painting Kits of 2019 Put to the Test

Face and skin painting is a genuinely fun activity for everyone – the artist and the subject! Kids especially are very excited whenever the words ...
03-05-2019 21:50

67 Surreal Castle Concept Art Depictions to Surge Inspiratio

Imagination has no limits, it wonders freely, it roams our world feeding on everything deemed “interesting” to creatively grow and feed us. Imagin...
26-04-2019 21:52

Cold Press vs. Hot Press vs. Rough Watercolor Paper Compared

It doesn?t matter where you get your paper – online or offline, you?ll always find one of the three kinds of labels on your paper – cold press, ho...
23-04-2019 21:51

What is Watercolor Paper & How is Different From Other

The most common mistakes most artists make when choosing a type of paper is that they think all paper are equal and one works just as good as the othe...
23-04-2019 21:51

Best Watercolor Painting Books Everywhere | Beginner to

Watercolors act as an excellent tool for expressing the works of an artist?s creative mind. Some painters who are just starting out choose to explore ...
22-04-2019 21:53

9 Best Watercolor Markers With Legendary Results for Artists

You?ve used a brush, and you?ve used a pen. But have you ever tried a watercolor marker" No, this isn?t a post for the elitist who would rather stick ...
22-04-2019 21:53

9 Best Water Brushes for Beginners, Professionals & Cal

Perhaps you?re tired of using the same brushes you?ve used ever since you started painting. Or you saw a video on YouTube or an Instagram post on you...
22-04-2019 21:53

10 Best Watercolor Palettes for Beginners & Professiona

A good palette enables an artist to take control of the painting. No matter what the medium is, a palette always plays a crucial part. But in watercol...
22-04-2019 21:53

12 Must-Know Watercolor Tips for Beginners & Pros Every

Watercolor painting is one of the most widespread forms of painting out there. That?s because of the versatility it offers. Watercolor painting flows...
16-04-2019 21:55

Best Watercolor Paper of 2019 |Top Brands Reviewed + Pl

When trying to make the best artwork out of your ideas and inspirations, just choosing the right kind of watercolor paint won?t do. You will have to p...
16-04-2019 21:55

Learn How to Use Watercolor on Wood | Professional Tips

Did you see beautiful watercolor paintings done on wood which make you want to try one yourself" Great! If you are looking forward to learning this ar...
15-04-2019 21:58

11 Best Watercolor Brushes for Beginners & Professional

There?s no denying that an artist?s skills and ideas will always be the protagonists if the painting were a theatre play. But even though that will ho...
15-04-2019 21:58

Why and How to Use Watercolor Mediums to Enhance Your Painti

What are Gum Arabic Gum Arabic is a paste-like solution which you can mix directly with the paints or add it to the mixing water. With this medium, ...
15-04-2019 21:58

13 Best Watercolor Sketchbook for Creatives Everywhere

Modern-day watercolor sketchbooks come in various shapes, sizes, paper textures, and quality. While one would suit acrylic paint better than most, ano...
15-04-2019 21:58

10 Best Canvases for Oil Painting | Beginner & Art

Getting the right canvas is one of the most important jobs of an artist. Doesn?t matter what medium you use or what tools are at disposal, if the sur...
08-04-2019 21:52

11 Best Oil Paints for Beginners & Professionals Artist

Art is a lot like science. Art is subjective, unquantifiable and not universal, whereas science is objective, quantifiable and has universal validity....
08-04-2019 21:52

8 Best Oil Paint Brushes of 2019 Reviewed

A paintbrush is like an artist?s body part ? vital and indispensable. Creating an art masterpiece without the right brush is a long shot. If you look ...
08-04-2019 21:52

Learn What is the Best Surface for Oil Painting Right Now

As far as we can remember, oil painting has always been the best painting option to create the most astounding and most delicate paintings. The reason...
08-04-2019 21:52

5 Best Self-propelled Lawn Mowers Right Now

Are you looking to buy the best self-propelled lawn mower but don?t know where to begin your search" Well, you?ve come to the right place, today, we b...
03-04-2019 21:52

The 2 Best Gardening Gloves of 2019 for Awesome GardnersR

Gardening is an incredibly popular pastime but it can be tricky to find the right pair of gloves for it! With so many varieties, it can be overwhelmin...
03-04-2019 21:52

11 Best Palettes for Oil Painting Reviewed

When working with oil painting or other thicker paints, palettes are much more convenient to use. A palette is a tool that is specifically invented fo...
01-04-2019 21:52

5 Things You Should Know Before Painting Oil Paint on Glass

For some pioneers out there, painting on the most clichd, regular surfaces just don?t cut it. They try to explore beyond the ordinary – in this ca...
01-04-2019 21:52

12 Oil Painting Supplies That Every Oil Painter Needs in the

Back in the old days, oil paint was considered to be the medium used for creating the most remarkable of paintings. And they indeed were! To this day,...
01-04-2019 21:52

Learn How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes Without Paint Thinner

Today, we focus on how to avoid a huge problem which is common among artists using oil paint brushes. Oil paints can be notoriously different to get ...
01-04-2019 21:52

Indoor Swimming Pools That You Can Enjoy During Winter

Isn’t the indoor swimming pool a goal you want to accomplish in your life and you are totally decided to do it" Whether you are going to build a new...
29-03-2019 21:52

10 Best Canvases for Acrylic Painting | Student &

The canvas is the cornerstone of any painter?s journey with their art. Being such a critical part of your progression as an artist, it?s crucial to k...
20-03-2019 21:50

Learn How To Make An Acrylic Painting Waterproof Right Now

Acrylic paints are the most versatile media that could achieve brilliant effects on almost everything you put it to. Fabric, wood, cloth, stone, even ...
20-03-2019 21:50

10 Best Paper for Acrylic Paint in 2019 | Artist and Be

How does the paper make a difference in any painting" Is there a specific type of paper you should be using for the best results with acrylic paint" W...
20-03-2019 21:50

8 Best Palettes For Acrylic Paint & How to Choose What

Artists are a talented bunch of people. Contrary to popular belief, they toil day and night to create those breathtaking masterpieces; masterpieces wh...
20-03-2019 21:50

Learn How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes Brilliantly

Acrylic paintbrushes require care and attention, especially when it comes to cleaning them after you?re finished with the painting. Unlike watercolor...
19-03-2019 21:50

Learn How to Thicken Acrylic Paint Correctly Right Now

Working with watery acrylic colors can leave you frustrated most of the time. Painting with extreme care to not create smudges and to master those ed...
19-03-2019 21:50

Painting on Paper with Acrylics & 5 Paper-Like Surfaces

Enthusiastic beginners and matured artists love acrylic paints. The reason being that acrylic paint, primarily, is a medium that is easy to use, has h...
19-03-2019 21:50

Painting Surfaces For Acrylics | Acrylic Prepping 101

The first thing you need to begin painting with your acrylic paints is, most definitely, a surface. Unlike sketches which are done only on paper, acr...
19-03-2019 21:50

Best Cheap Acrylic Paints – Strength and Weakness of B

There are a lot of things that contribute to an artist?s creative expertise. One of the most basic and sometimes overlooked elements is the paint itse...
18-03-2019 21:51

66 Epic Wood in Bathroom Design Ideas to Realize

Yes, indeed, having wood in bathrooms is today considered a big no-no. Humidity, splashing water all around could damage and warp the natural essence ...
02-03-2019 21:47

33 Epic Navy Blue Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

Awe-inspiring bedrooms overall are easy to find in the internet era yet finding something tailored to your chain of thought remains difficult to find;...
26-02-2019 21:48

Where to Find Good St. Augustine Grass Seed & How to Gr

Isn?t a lush green turf just a sight to behold in rains and sunshine alike" Not only do these look and feel absolutely amazing, but these also contrib...
22-02-2019 21:47

23 Best Places Where to Find Cheap and Free Books Today

If you like reading books but do not like spending money, this article is for you. After all, it is not necessary to spend all your savings on your fa...
21-02-2019 21:48

47 Splendid Rustic Countertop Ideas For Your Kitchen

Whoever said that the best form of beauty is the unadorned one was hitting really big in life with his philosophical knowledge. But a plain, rustic k...
20-02-2019 21:49

Feng Shui Architecture 101 – Rules & Tips You Nee

Feng Shui translates literally to ?wind-water? in Chinese. It?s a discipline that dates back to 4000 B.C. Though it?s an ancient philosophy, its trac...
02-02-2019 21:47

What is it like to live in Princeton, NJ"

Princeton is one of the most highly rated cities in the entire country, and if you?ve decided to settle in this city, you?ve made a great decision! Th...
27-01-2019 21:51

Epic Ways to Prepare Your Backyard For Summer Parties

Imagine this! It?s a sunny bright day and it just feels like that you have to go outside and praise the sun. You?d probably want to call your friends,...
15-01-2019 21:49

7 Best Lunch Boxes and Coolers for Construction Workers

Nothing beats a good, fresh meal with a cold brew after a hard day?s work. Except, of course, a good fresh meal during work. That?s the best of both w...
24-12-2018 21:45

Chalk Paint Wax Seal 101 – Equipment – Tips 

Chalk painting is a popular and time-tested way of reviving worn out and otherwise dated-looking surfaces. What?s less evident, however, is that a nu...
19-12-2018 21:47

9 Best Rubber Gloves for Washing Dishes and Why You Need The

Washing dishes can be a menace! And even more so, if you have to do them manually. Not only does it take up your precious time but also pose other pro...
19-12-2018 21:47

5 Best Bike Racks for Jeep Wrangler Right Now

Bike racks are a wonderful way to stash bikes while going on road trips or even relocating. Compared to the hooking your bike up to the roof rack, or...
19-12-2018 21:47

5 Best Liquid Floor Wax for Hardwood Floors Right Now

Hardwood Floors add an elegant and raw look and feel to a home. However, maintaining hardwood floors can be a challenge. And this is where liquid flo...
15-12-2018 21:50

5 Best Paver Sealers for a Wet Look of Epic Proportions in 2

Paver Sealers help protect beautiful indoor and outdoor paver surfaces. With a diverse range of options available in the market, how do you pick the b...
15-12-2018 21:50

Learn How to Clean Nicotine Off Walls

Nicotine stains are a menace not only for your lips and teeth but also for the walls of your beloved home. These ugly yellowish or brownish stains th...
14-12-2018 21:47

Learn How to Store Icicle Lights After Christmas

Christmas festivities involve decorating and lighting up your home inside and out. But how should you store the lights for next year after Christmas" ...
14-12-2018 21:47

8 Best Chalk Markers of 2019 Reviewed

Which is the best chalk marker available in the market" What are the essential features that a chalk marker must have" Chalk markers can be used for a...
13-12-2018 21:50

5 Best Calligraphy Pens for Beginners in 2019

Calligraphy is an art form that requires very little when it comes to tools.A piece of paper and a good quality Calligraphy Pen is all you require to...
13-12-2018 21:50

The 5 Best Pet Proof Trash Cans That Actually Work

My cat and dog are both delinquents and would mess with things around the house constantly with absolutely no regrets. So it is me who has to prepare ...
13-12-2018 21:50
12-12-2018 21:52

What is the Best Paint for Glass Ornaments Today"

Decorating glass ornaments is an integral and exciting part of Christmas celebrations. What is the best paint for glass ornaments today" From glass ba...
12-12-2018 21:52

5 of The Best Types of Paints to Use on Canvas Today

Painting is a fantastic hobby which I have pursued in my leisure for years now. It is a productive way to vent out my emotions and creativity. I star...
12-12-2018 21:52

The 5 Best Wood Burning Tools & Pyrography Pens of 2019

Pyrography is the art of burning wood or leather to write something.The part ?pyro? comes from the Greek word ?pur? meaning fire, and ?graphy? comes ...
11-12-2018 21:55

5 Best Headband Magnifiers in 2019 Reviewed by Homesthetics

A headband magnifier can be the difference between perfect vision and, as Yossarian would say, seeing two of everything! Headband magnifiers have a mu...
11-12-2018 21:55

The 4 Best Paper Products for Acrylic Painting Right Now

When it comes to acrylic painting, there’s an almost endless choice of surfaces for you to choose from but happily the best paper products for acryl...
11-12-2018 21:55

5 Best Laser Levels for Hanging Pictures With Perfect Alignm

One classic way to make your living space more elegant is by hanging up some photos on the wall. It may be family photos or some paintings by a local ...
11-12-2018 21:55

Learn How to Use Acrylic Paint as Fabric Paint Right Now

I recently found myself in a dilemma when I had to paint a couple of t-shirts as gifts for my friends. I usually paint with acrylic paints, and I had...
10-12-2018 21:46

5 Best Snowboard Stomp Pads to Consider Right Now

Stomp pads are an invariable addition to any snowboard and we have the five best snowboard stomp pads here just in time for the holiday season! Howev...
10-12-2018 21:46

28+ Epic Free Printable Wood Burning Patterns

Pyrography, or wood burning, is a wonderful art which allows you to create lasting designs on wood using certain tools such as pokers and today we hav...
10-12-2018 21:46

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The First Mountain House Bathroom Reveal: Our “Quiet Drama” Powder Bath

The First Mountain House Bathroom Reveal: Our...

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Patcraft Releases Four New Dynamic Flooring Styles at NeoCon 2019

Patcraft Releases Four New Dynamic Flooring S...

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