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12 IKEA desk setups to inspire us to work from home

Need a little bit of inspiration for your home office" Try these different IKEA desk setups to create your work station. Tutorial for laptop ...
03-04-2020 22:03

A clever twist turned a basket into a modern coat rack

I made a modern coat rack from an IKEA wire basket. It is minimalist, cute, and price friendly. I lived in New York so it’s safe to say that it...
02-04-2020 22:08

Q: Can I close the gap between IVAR doors"

Do you mind the IVAR gap" Over on our FB group, Amy asked this question: “We?ve just built our IVAR cabinet and put the doors on, to discover a ...
01-04-2020 22:13

Dinged up KALLAX" Renew it wood wrapped style

I just completed a makeover — turning the old unit into a wood wrapped KALLAX.A little bit of glueing, staining and screwing and the old dresser h...
31-03-2020 22:09

Two IKEA faves become a side table with drawers

I have a small nice hack, combiningMOPPE mini chest of drawers and a MARIUSstool. And I get a nice side table with drawers out of it. The MOPPE ...
30-03-2020 22:12

Social distancing IKEA style. Just stay home.

IKEA joins other brands in encouraging ?social distancing? during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay home instruction manual Well, this is arguably th...
28-03-2020 22:09

KALLAX desk ideas: Two ways to set up a workstation

Two great ideas for a KALLAX desk. #1 KALLAX standing desk I choose to stand at work because it makes me feel infinitely more productive. Our d...
26-03-2020 22:08

Q: Where to get leveling feet for GALANT A-leg"

I am desperately trying to find plastic leveling feet for my IKEA GALANT table leg … Any idea where I can find one" As you know, it is all plas...
25-03-2020 22:13

IVAR expands into a Nintendo arcade cabinet

Discreet arcade games cabinet built into the IVAR system. I recall the loud humming sound. The base resonating from numerous heavy wooden cabinets...
24-03-2020 22:05

How to build a Keyboard Stand that looks like a piano

With just a few IKEA materials, Neil made a keyboard stand that looks like a piano. It looks miles better than the double X foldable stand. Materi...
23-03-2020 22:07

10 things to hack while you stay at home

Staying at home for an extended period is challenging, even for the truest homebody. For me, making something beautiful or useful helps me. I can...
20-03-2020 22:06

Another thing to use your IKEA bag for – Swan Rescue!

FRAKTA is Swedish for Swan Rescue Bag. Is there anything the blue bag can’t do" I’m in the second day of our nation’s Movement Control Order...
19-03-2020 22:06

Q: Help me keep my desk in place on ALEX drawer units

Over at our IH FB Group, Ritu asks “People who have done this, how do you keep the wood plank from moving on the ALEX drawer units" Mine keeps ...
18-03-2020 22:05

Make a tall and deep laundry drawer in no time

We wanted a drawer that could take two laundrybins to separate our white and colour loads. But IKEA does not have a deep drawer that would work. ...
17-03-2020 22:10

10 unexpected ways to use the cheap IKEA SIGNE rug

I was quite sad to see the IKEA SIGNE rug hit the “last chance list”. But if you’re like me you may have stockpiled on this super cheap rug, wa...
16-03-2020 22:08

Sloped ceiling storage for my daughter’s bedroom

I took the empty space under a sloped ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom and turned them into built-in storage. Before After! The m...
12-03-2020 22:06

Q: Can I disassemble & move my IKEA kitchen cabinets&qu

Take your IKEA kitchen along with your move" It’s possible. An interesting question popped up on the IH FB Group, which you may like to chime in...
11-03-2020 22:06

Did you know IKEA has a secret Spring 2020 catalog"

Well, maybe not a big secret, but it’s a big and delightful surprise for me — an IKEA Spring 2020 catalog. Two IKEA catalogs in a year" What ...
10-03-2020 22:06

Hack a set of small nesting tables from IKEA stools

Using 2 IKEA KYRRE stools I made a compact, corner-friendly set of nesting tables in record time. I had wanted nesting tables due to space restric...
09-03-2020 22:08

7 ways to personalise the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet

While the TRONES shoe cabinet is seen as the multi-functional versatile one, the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet is the cream of IKEA shoe storage. The ...
06-03-2020 22:09

Minimalist height-adjustable rotating coffee table

A custom height adjustable rotating coffee table perfect for TV dinners. After searching for a new coffee table for a long time and not finding wh...
05-03-2020 22:16

7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit

Help! We have this TROFAST step unit and we need ideas. While redoing our son?s bedroom we see we no longer need the unit in there. TROFAST st...
04-03-2020 22:14

Get this to warm up your next grocery shopping trip

Brilliant $0.99 shopping cart cup holder! I came up with this IKEA hack and I get a ton of comments every time I pull it out. It?s pretty simple b...
04-03-2020 22:14

Floating coffee table for a tiny apartment

Old laundry hamper repurposed into a stylish floating coffee table. This is a movable, small coffee table ideal for a small apartment. The idea st...
02-03-2020 22:10

25 IKEA items under $15 that are worth every dollar

See what you can get at IKEA for under $15! I enter IKEA to get a rug but come out with 8 things. Stuff not on my list. Things I never knew I want...
28-02-2020 22:10

Sad PAX to beautiful built in wardrobe

I’m in the slow process of remodeling my house and once I had all the walls and ceiling done in the main bedroom I decided to make my new PAX wardr...
27-02-2020 22:06

Q: How do I make this makeup station"

“I am wanting to put together a makeup station for my daughter’s room (like the picture) but using the MALM chest of 3 drawers on either end. ...
26-02-2020 22:09

How to turn the corner with a thin PAX wardrobe

I have a few of the shallower 35cm (13 3/4″) PAX modules but I wanted a corner wardrobe. After a search on IKEA, I found out that the corner mod...
25-02-2020 22:15

FULLEN Sink Vanity Unit gets extra countertop & shelves

The FULLEN + TLLEVIKEN sink vanity unit has no counter space and storage is rather limited inside. The goal of this hack was to provide surfaces to...
24-02-2020 22:12

8 rooms that love an IKEA wall mounted shoe cabinet

If there’s a competition for one of the most versatile storage units in IKEA, the TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet would definitely be in the Top 3...
21-02-2020 22:05

IKEA Dubai is the first to let you pay with your time

You know the famous adage, “Time is money.” Now, at IKEA Dubai, it translates to real currency. Yes, you read that right. Starting this m...
20-02-2020 22:06

Q: Convert STUVA loft bed to low bed"

Is it possible to convert the loft bed into a STUVA low bed" I have STUVA loft bed with closet and desk, like in the picture below. STUVA l...
19-02-2020 22:07

Electric toothbrush holder: An IKEA & Oral-B marriage

An electric toothbrush holder that keeps a busy bathroom organized. With 5 people and so many toothbrushes and their stands, we wanted a way to ge...
18-02-2020 22:08

How to make a Swedish style tea towel rack

A cute rack and wall shelf to keep your tea towel collection sorted. I needed a tea towel rack in the kitchen, that would match my “older Swedis...
17-02-2020 22:06

20 fabulous kids room decorating ideas from this Insta #

Got kids" Then, you’re probably looking for decorating ideas to make the most of your kids room. If so, drop everything and do a quick search o...
14-02-2020 22:04

IKEA SYMFONISK lives loud as a folded horn speaker

Little speaker, big sound in this folded horn speaker hack. I?m not that young anymore (born in 1965, the year of Moore?s law) but I?ve been inter...
13-02-2020 22:05

Q: Is IKEA MOSJ stable without the backboard"

I recently got one of those small IKEA MOSJ TV stands. It’s mostly perfect for what I need. I have a ...
12-02-2020 22:05

Here’s how to win an IKEA sleepover next month

Is a sleepover at an IKEA showroom on your bucket list" Here’s your chance to check it off without So is this latest Sleepover event. But ...
11-02-2020 22:09

BEST, Bested: The cheapest, easiest DIY custom doors

Yay for the easiest and cheapest way to make custom doors for the BEST. I just moved and have a bit more space, and FINALLY the opportunity to ha...
10-02-2020 22:14

14 fresh ideas to plan and organize your craft room

Hacks and ideas to solve your craft room storage woes. If there’s one thing I know about DIY, is that you need storage — storage for supplies,...
08-02-2020 22:07

IKEA featuring MDS: A built-in speaker shelf hack

BEST cabinet gets a built-in speaker shelf. After some years of silence on the SUB arena of IKEAhackers I?m back again. The ?IKEA featuring JBL? ...
06-02-2020 22:08

Q: Stacking IKEA shelving – Albert, Hyllis or Hejne&qu

I?m planning on buying a new shelf for my hallway, but I?m ratherlimited in both availablespace and financials, soIVAR is out of my limit. On t...
05-02-2020 22:10

16 new products at IKEA that made us go ahhhh…

February in IKEA sees an influx of new products, all about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that’s close to nature. The aim is to bring ...
04-02-2020 22:06

The 3 little pigs of IKEA get waistcoats

My hack is called ‘Best Dressed Piggy’ and it’s a pattern for a waistcoat for the IKEA KELGRIS pigs soft toy. (The KELGRIS is sold in a set ...
03-02-2020 22:12

8 hacks & ideas for a cozy bedroom: Fresh Start 2020

Cozy bedroom ideas for a more restful 2020. The bedroom. Probably the most intimate of spaces and the place where you are most at home. Photo: ...
30-01-2020 22:14

IKEA x Teenage Engineering launch party speakers range

IKEA FREKVENS to hit stores February 1st. The collaboration between IKEA and Teenage Engineering, announced in 2018, is ready to launch this Febru...
29-01-2020 22:13

Q: Shelves for old 15 inch deep BILLY unit"

Although we love our 11 inch deep BILLY, often that’s not deep enough. Sometime between 5-10 years ago, IKEA US stores offered a 15 inch deep BILLY...
29-01-2020 22:13

From boring industrial shelves to a fantastic audio rack

I decided to create this audio rack because my old rack was very short and that made it very difficult for me to push buttons or change a CD. etc. ...
27-01-2020 22:10

5 kitchen hacks to organize & declutter: 2020 Fresh Sta

The kitchen is one of the busiest room in the house and, in many cases, in need of organization hacks. Getting your kitchen space organized may n...
24-01-2020 22:07

Clean in style with the new IKEA BORSTAD collection

Cleaning just got a little more pleasant with the new IKEA BORSTAD limited collection. It’ll make spring cleaning a little easier ? and a little mo...
23-01-2020 22:10

Q: EXPEDIT cubes hacked for TV"

I have an EXPEDIT 5×5 bookcase that is probably 10+ years old. I want to remove9 squares in the EXPEDIT to place a TV inside, do you think it is p...
22-01-2020 22:05

HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts

Plywood drawer fronts are so easy to add to the HEMNES. After being inspired by this IKEA HEMNES chest with plywood drawer fronts, I wanted to do ...
21-01-2020 22:11

Good Old EXPEDIT with Plywood doors

Old EXPEDIT gets a new fresh look with plywood doors. Since my kid is not yet one year old, he does not yet need a bigger wardrobe, I wanted to us...
20-01-2020 22:05

5 ideas for a quick living room update: 2020 Fresh Start

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update. I began the 2020 Fresh Start series with the entryway. Today, let’s focus on the ...
17-01-2020 22:11

Love tea" You’ll go crazy over this IKEA tea tabl

We decided to convert the IKEA LIATORP coffee table into a tea table because we couldn’t find a glue tongs Sandpaper How we made our IKEA tea ta...
16-01-2020 22:10

Q: How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving"

I came across IKEAhackers whilst searching for help to my problem. Like many people before me, I?ve designed a fabulous IKEA PAX floor to ceiling war...
15-01-2020 22:05

How to hang the BEKVM spice rack without drilling holes

No drilling, no mess, renter-friendly … hang it up without making a single hole. I wanted to add a spice rack to my kitchen, but the backsplash...
14-01-2020 22:06

Hide the hallway mess with 3 of these

Don’t stop at shoe storage in the hallway. With some well-placed cabinets, you can fit in so much more. Ever wondered what to do with all the sh...
13-01-2020 22:09

Earring Holders: 7 ideas to organise your giant collection

It’s a new year and what better time than now to get your earring collection sorted. Here are 7 easy to DIY earring holders for hanging earrings. ...
10-01-2020 22:04

Look ma! A working sink on my DUKTIG play kitchen

Finally! A working sink with running water for the IKEA play kitchen. Justin’s 2 year old daughter goes to a Montessori-style preschool during t...
09-01-2020 22:07

Question: How do I recreate this entryway storage"

Barnes Abby asked on the IH FB group, “I found this pic for an entryway storage inspiration. Source: Pinterest Does anyone have suggesti...
08-01-2020 22:06

Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living ro

If you have an old foam mattress you no longer need, upcycle it into a delightful DIY ottoman. I wanted a pouffe for my living room but couldn?t a...
07-01-2020 22:09

30 min hack turns IKEA storage stool into printer stand

Useful IKEA storage stool gets new life as printer stand or bedside table. I hacked the Item because since we bought it 7 years ago, it had be...
06-01-2020 22:07

8 IKEA ideas to update the entryway: 2020 Fresh Start

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe. And usher in all things goods. And we’re back. First things first, happy 2020 ...
03-01-2020 22:05

I cooked up a perfect wall mounted TV cabinet

I?ve been looking so long for the perfect wall mounted TV cabinet. It has to meet quite a few requirements: hanging for a spatial effect, lots of sto...
30-12-2019 22:08

10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019

Read on for my favourite IKEA ideas of the year. My list for the Orla Kielywallpaper and tapered legs gave this KALLAX unit a whole new look. And...
26-12-2019 22:05

Presenting the top 10 IKEA Hacks of the Year 2019

It’s here! The annual list of my top 10 favourite IKEA hacks of the year. 2019 has been a challenging year for blogs. Some well-known blogs ende...
23-12-2019 22:10

I’ll be away for Christmas, what about you"

Still scrambling for decor and gift wrap" A coat stand tree and IKEA Gift Card tags to the rescue. Hello there, Christmas is happening in 5 day...
20-12-2019 22:10

SKDIS: 5 ways to make the IKEA pegboard even better

IKEA introduced its own pegboard system, SKDIS, two years ago and I’d say it’s one of the best systems IKEA launched in recent years. I love...
19-12-2019 22:04

Hide the storeroom with BILLY and OXBERG

A row of BILLY bookcases keeps our messy understairs storeroom hidden. We call it the BILLY Goats Stuff because it allows me to hide my house clea...
18-12-2019 22:07

Warm your winter with this wax and candle melter lamp

I decided to build this candle warmer lamp because it costs around 18 euros and is much cheaper than favorite scented candle under the lamp, turn on ...
17-12-2019 22:12

Full size bed frame with storage hack — no tools requi

We hacked IKEA KALLAX units into a full size bed frame with storage to save space and money. Since we already had the KALLAX units, we wanted to use ...
16-12-2019 22:06

DIY Faux Fireplace from IKEA kitchen cabinets

Love having a fireplace but the house doesn’t come with one" Well, you can always make a DIY faux fireplace. Here’s how I built it out of IKEA...
13-12-2019 22:03

KOARP armchair upgraded in a very, very good way

Scripto took the KOARP armchair with a metal frame and give it a warm, mid-century modern style. The end result looks like a designer armchair at a f...
12-12-2019 22:04

Group brainstorm: A taller BRIMNES headboard"

Love the BRIMNES headboard with storage but can it be taller" A question came up in our Facebook Group. Sheila asked, “Has anyone hacked the ...
11-12-2019 22:05

20 best IKEA hacks on Instagram 2019

It’s been a while since I last did a round up of my favourite IKEA hacks on Instagram. And since then, the number of IKEA hacks on IG has grown lea...
10-12-2019 22:02

Old wardrobe gets second life as a retro arcade machine

IKEA TRYSIL wardrobe saved from landfill and converted into a retro arcade games machine. We were dismantling our son’s TRYSIL Wardrobe to remov...
09-12-2019 22:12

6 IKEA DUKTIG hacks that are NOT play kitchens

The IKEA DUKTIG. Undoubtedly the king of play kitchens. Chances are, if you’ve bought the toy kitchen, you would have #2 A pop-up store ...
06-12-2019 22:06

A beautiful design idea for the IVAR cabinet with doors

A wall of IVAR cabinets with doors engraved is astonishingly captivating. Because IVAR is real solid wood (unlike a lot of flat-pack cupboards...
05-12-2019 22:04

Q: What’s the best shelving for this small storage clo

Need ideas for storage in this small closet. Emma asked in our Facebook Group: “Has anyone got any ideas of what I could use for storage in t...
04-12-2019 22:04

The secret to happiness. Did the IKEA happiness hunters find

IKEA happiness hunters spent two weeks in Denmark looking for the hygge that seems so elusive to the rest of the world. Danes seem to know, consid...
03-12-2019 22:03

IKEA sofa with genius armrest storage

Bet you never knew your sofa armrests were prime storage space. Ok, so the guys at IKEA are the masters of hidden / secret storage everywhere. In ...
02-12-2019 22:10

DIY cat house you can easily make with an IKEA step stool

Our DIY Cat House project makes use of the IKEA BEKVM stool, with the space divided into two. A “Pls Hem” aka Fur House. We enclosed the ...
29-11-2019 22:01

IKEA Pax 2.0: The 2 main problems with Pax SOLVED!

Let’s address the PAX wardrobe bulge and sag problems. I did these mods, because in my opinion, there are two big problems with the PAX system: ...
28-11-2019 22:00

Get your gift wrap rolls stored & organized. Once and f

6 best tips for gift wrap storage and organization As the holiday season rolls around, Nadine asked a preemptive question: “How do you store you...
27-11-2019 22:08

IKEA kitchen cabinets are great as wardrobes. Here’s p

Can you make a full height wardrobe from METOD kitchen cabinets" Oh, yes! This post started out as a Hackers Help question. Min wanted to know...
26-11-2019 22:06

6 ideas to make your IKEA doormat a lot more welcoming

The IKEA TRAMPA doormat is one of the best around. It’s made from renewable material (coir fibers) and comes with a non-slip backing. The plain ...
25-11-2019 22:03

STOMMA clock now glows in the dark

Alas, a silent and glow in the dark clock. I wanted a clock for our bedroom that is silent and tells the time in the dark without lighting up the ...
22-11-2019 22:09

IKEA Black Friday Sales and Deals to add to your cart

Consider this a PSA: If you live in the US and are looking to get some IKEA pieces, just hold on to your horses and wait one more week. By then, it...
21-11-2019 22:06

Q: Can I find full extension drawer slides for ALEX"

How to extend the ALEX drawers fully" I have an ALEX Drawer unit on casters, and I really like it. It fits perfectly where I have it and the caste...
20-11-2019 22:05

New cover for old IKEA SKRUVSTA Chair

Cover the plain white SKRUVSTA chair with a pop of color! I was searching OLX Portugal website, for a chair for my home office. But I didn?t want ...
19-11-2019 22:03

IKEAhackers facebook page was hacked. Literally. Please unfo

If you’re coming from the IKEAhackers Facebook Page or FB Community Group, I want you to know what my account was hacked. Long story short, I b...
18-11-2019 22:03

IKEA FLEKKE daybed get matching nightstands

DIY bedside tables from IKEA FLEKKE backrest and extension units. After finishing my “Ultimate built-in action figure display case“, I entered...
18-11-2019 22:03

IKEA Home smart TRDFRI remote control gets hacked

There’s nothing smart in my home. I still need to get up, walk over and flip every switch, turn every knob and draw every blind. While I do...
15-11-2019 22:04

(Not another) IKEA TROFAST children?s desk and chairs!

This DIY IKEA children’s desk has an additional table that lets kids play opposite one another. I built this hack because my kids often want to...
14-11-2019 22:08

Q: Which chest of drawers fits under the KURA bed"

Has anyone put a chest of drawers or two under the KURA bed as storage" My son has a narrow room and we are thinking a midi bed with underneath stora...
13-11-2019 22:06

IKEA’s future lab shows us how to grow mushrooms

A cookbook packed with recipes based on future food trends, including a guide on how-to grow mushrooms. IKEA?s future living lab SPACE10 has made ...
12-11-2019 22:10

2-in-1 learning tower and high chair for older kids

This is a really easy hack of an IKEA BEKVM step stool into a learning tower high chair. Only a couple of steps, because the base items are so well ...
11-11-2019 22:10

IKEA used in surprising ways in duo’s van conversion

Items from the Blue and Yellow store takes centerstage in 60sq. ft. van conversion. This shows IKEA can help you make a home out of anything. ...
08-11-2019 22:07

Turn your JANSJ into a light off timer lamp!

We hacked an IKEA LED lamp to turn off automatically after twenty minutes. It’s our version of a light off timer lamp. We have a bunch of JANSJ...
08-11-2019 22:07

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