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Cheese Cloche that looks good in the fridge and out

The 356+ glass food container with bamboo lid makes a great mini cheese cloche. Keeps your cheese fresh and protected with more style than plastic, an...
15-02-2019 22:04

Easy tweak for a new dining buffet with hutch

I turned an old IKEA LEKSVIK cabinet intoa dining buffet with hutch. IKEA item used: LEKSVIK glass door cabinet. (Some items in the LEKSVIK range ar...
14-02-2019 22:02

Hackers Help: Fix broken Spar on MALM Chest"

As you can see in the attached photos, my MALM drawers have developed a broken spar. (I have to presume through transportation when we moved house). w...
13-02-2019 22:07

A fabulous Earring Holder for your giant earring collection

I chose to hack theMACKAPR into an earring holder because I have a very large earring collection. I wanted something minimalist and removable. The c...
12-02-2019 22:03

Built-in Home Bar Cabinet with IKEA BILLY

I wanted to create a place to house all the wires and components of a home theatre. And I wanted to create a home bar cabinet to store wine glasses, e...
11-02-2019 22:05

Hackers Help: Mix IKEA BEHANDLA white & black for grey&

I have been an IKEA addict since 1988 when I first visited IKEA in Falls Church, VA. I have a question about finishing a TARVA dresser; looking for an...
09-02-2019 22:07

Stunning Cherry Wood Closet with Secret Passage to Walk-in

This is our hack of a cherry wood closet, with PAX frames at its core. What’s surprising is it has a secret passage leading to a hidden existing wal...
08-02-2019 22:01

IKEA Shoe Shelf for Big Feet and Big Collection

My partner and I both have big feet and lots of shoes. We live in a relatively small apartment together, and needed an efficient way to store our shoe...
07-02-2019 22:10

Hackers Help: Seeking discontinued IKEA fabric

Dear Ikea Hackers community, For several years, I have been trying to find a few meters or yards of a discontinued IKEA fabric that was sold here in t...
06-02-2019 22:07

How to make a West Elm inspired upholstered headboard

So, I was searching for a new bed and came across this fabulous one from Colron beeswax in Jacobean Oak An old double duvet A remnant of oatmeal linen...
05-02-2019 22:05

How to use LACK shelves to create valance lighting

I did another small and simple hack. Using the IKEA LACK shelves, I created valance lighting for the bathroom. I used the IKEA LACK wall shelves as th...
04-02-2019 22:04

Flower Chandelier for a sweet kid’s playroom

I hacked the IKEA KRISTALLER into a flower chandelier for my oldest daughter, Kim, 8 years ago. I decided to make a similar one for my daughter Romy. ...
01-02-2019 22:02

IKEA and Tom Dixon to launch hackable DELAKTIG bed

A year after IKEA and launched the IKEA DELAKTIG sofa, they are back again to build on the winning concept. The first DELAKTIG was conceived as a pl...
31-01-2019 22:03

Hackers Help: How to reinforce PAX back panels"

Hello, Just about to order 100cm wide PAX wardrobes. The PAX back panels seem a bit flimsy and I am guessing that they will bulge if anything is pushe...
30-01-2019 22:06

Hydroponic garden: Easy system to get you started

I was looking for a cheap, beautiful, and readily available plant pot so that anyone could start their own hydroponic garden. And I found the IKEA MUS...
29-01-2019 22:05

Big but minimalist bathroom mirror with lights

I wanted a minimalist bathroom mirror with lights without a cabinet. So, I found the HOVET mirror to be a perfect candidate for an IKEA hack. On top ...
28-01-2019 22:03

Rustic kitchen island: This is how I hacked HEMNES

Here’s my IKEA hack of a rustic kitchen island made from an IKEA HEMNES dresser. I recently moved to a condo and I had a HEMNES dresser. Either, I w...
25-01-2019 22:06

No doubt about it. BILLY is made for built-in bookshelves

The goal behind the IKEA hack was to create a useful division in the basement. We had a really long wall that needed something to separate the games a...
24-01-2019 22:12

Hackers Help: Help me turn this built-in bed into reality

Please please please, Do you have any idea how to set up this built-in bed with IKEA furniture" Source unknown I?m willing to do it if you could only ...
23-01-2019 22:07

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for IKEA lovers

You love each other. You love IKEA. In my books, that seems a good enough reason to get each other IKEA themed Valentine?s Day gifts. Right" I found s...
23-01-2019 22:07

How-to: Make clean, precise cuts on IKEA LACK shelf

I worked out a precise and clean way to cut the IKEA LACK shelf to the length I wanted. A few years ago, I built a bookshelf arrangement with a select...
22-01-2019 22:06

An unusual take on the popular IKEA shoe storage cabinet

This is my IKEA hack of a HEMNES shoe storage cabinet. I needed a shoe cabinet, but couldn’t find one that I liked, so I decided to use the IKEA HEM...
21-01-2019 22:05

Before you splurge, check out this $15 DIY pedalboard

As a guitarist and dad, I was searching for an affordable way to keep my effect pedals all secured and easy to move as my toddler likes to rearrange t...
18-01-2019 22:04

Improved IKEA bed with easy DIY tufted headboard

I am an interior designer and I love to do things by myself and very often I use IKEA products. This time, I made a tufted headboard for the bed in my...
17-01-2019 22:05

Hackers Help: How to hack a Linnmon desk privacy panel"

I’m using the LINNMON desk with the OLOV legs. The desk faces out to people, where they can see the person’s legs, chair, and computer. LINNMON-OL...
16-01-2019 22:10

Computer desk from GULLIVER crib. Old IKEA cot gets new life

I made a computer desk from my son’s old IKEA GULLIVER crib (with IKEA mattress for that crib). IKEA items used: GULLIVER crib LINNMON table top G...
15-01-2019 22:07

Create a delightful and cozy kid’s reading corner

I wanted to make my boy a room that he would love and reflect his love of reading and my nostalgia. The seat in the reading corner was made so he coul...
14-01-2019 22:05

Dad does it! Hacks the most amazing princess castle bed

When my son was 4 years old, my wife and I needed to move him out of his convertible toddler bed to a “big kid bed” so that our daughter could beg...
11-01-2019 22:04

Need a study table for kids" Here are 10 of the brighte

The school term begins yet again and soon, there will be piles of homework and books, strewn all over the house. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedi...
10-01-2019 22:07

Hackers Help: Do you know this metal + glass IKEA table"

This is a metal and glass IKEA table my parents bought, for sure, in IKEA Duiven in the Netherlands somewhere in the 80’s. I have it since 2001 and ...
09-01-2019 22:08

Had enough" Get school bags organized with this easy IK

School’s in. And to make life easier, make a convenient catch-all space for school bag storage, keys, hangers for coats and hats. This even has litt...
08-01-2019 22:12

See it. Or not" How to make a BILLY bookcase secret doo

We wanted to achieve two goals with one project: Find a clever, affordable, and easy-to-install (and break down) secret door in our rental home (we’...
07-01-2019 22:16

IKEA PAX hack: Hands down the most stunning walk-in closet

After getting stuck on an image of a blue, custom walk-in closet on Jenny’s Wolf‘s site, I decided I was going to figure out a way to get a simila...
04-01-2019 22:02

This clever white TV stand hides a heap. So practical!

I decided to update my TV stand, I asked myself: … shall we buy a ...
03-01-2019 22:01

Hackers Help: Match IKEA pine wood finish"

Happy 2019, peeps! I hope you had a wonderful time welcoming the new year. It was a quiet one for me, spent settingin motion plans for the year. Now,...
02-01-2019 22:02

10 best of the best IKEA hacks of 2018

Hey, hey. It’s the last day of the year and it’s time to wrap it up with the most important post of all … the most awesome, best IKEA hacks of 2...
31-12-2018 22:06

5 most popular IKEA hacks of 2018 and Merry Christmas

Hey there! I’m taking a short hiatus from posting this holiday season to be with family and friends. It’ll do my soul good to hit pause on the dai...
24-12-2018 22:02

Probably the most beautiful IKEA farmhouse kitchen

I did not find my dream kitchen so I need to DIY it. The result is a modern farmhouse kitchen that does not look like a regular IKEA kitchen with many...
21-12-2018 22:02

Multi-device charging station built into an IKEA bench

We made a multi-device charging station dock for our laptop and tablet. For our project, we used the very inexpensive IKEA LACK TV bench, which costs ...
20-12-2018 22:03

Hackers Help: Make IKEA dresser into laundry hamper cabinet&

I have this IKEA HEMNES 8-drawer dresser. HEMNES 8-drawer dresser | And due to downsizing to a house with 1,000 less square feet, a much smal...
19-12-2018 22:02

IKEA food hack: 6 no-fail finger food recipes. Easy peasy!

Sure, IKEA is famous for theirmeatballs, but that’s not all. I poked around the Swedish Food Market and found a few recipe ideas that showed how to...
18-12-2018 22:02

Mind the gap: Fit IKEA MALM over a tall baseboard

I forgot one thing when I ordered the MALM dresser: The baseboards in my apartment are very tall and very wide. So, when I installed it, I had a 4 cm ...
17-12-2018 22:12

Brighten up: A reading lamp the book lover will love

We already had a MAGNARP table lamp in the living room, but we were missing a reading lamp next to our couch. For a standing MAGNARPfloor lamp, we di...
14-12-2018 22:02

How to hack a store-like vinyl record storage cabinet

I collect and I use the IKEA KALLAX as a vinyl record storage cabinet. They are inexpensive, look and work great but they have a limitation. I like t...
13-12-2018 22:05

Ideas wanted: Help me turn IKEA ADDE into an Industrial Chai

Hello guys! I’m Natalia, from Catalonia, and I have part of an idea, so I need your help!I was thinking into turning the IKEAADDE into an industri...
12-12-2018 22:16

10 IKEA Christmas decoration ideas for the unexpected sparkl

Running out of Christmas decoration ideas" Fret not. Take a look around at the IKEA items you may already have. With a little ingenuity and hacking, i...
11-12-2018 22:12

No space for a kitchen clock" How about this!

The problem with an uncluttered kitchen was finding a place for a kitchen clock. Two years later I had a eureka moment for a place for this ‘3D LED...
10-12-2018 22:03

How to: Cover up unsightly cam nuts on IKEA furniture

I?m surprised IKEA do not supply covers for their cam nuts. The Minifix cams look awful on bedroom furniture in my opinion. The cam nut covers improve...
07-12-2018 22:06

This is how I made a waterbed frame from IKEA KALLAX

This waterbed frame hack is very similar to the “A full-sized bed built from KALLAX shelves + a DIY headboard“, but was build to support a full-si...
06-12-2018 22:02

Hackers Help: The IKEA Name Game – Round 3

Welcome to another round of the IKEA name game. We have a John Doe shelving unit and a Jane Doe sofa. Can you identify them" #2 What’s the name of t...
05-12-2018 22:11

30 Gifting Ideas for the IKEA obsessed

Got an IKEA obsessed friend" And you’re running out of gifting ideas" Worry not. I’ve just freshly compiled a list of 30 Best Christmas Gifts for ...
04-12-2018 22:05

This is what they did to max out space in their small house

We were building a holiday small house, with emphasis on putting as much of the space as possible into the living areas, where we spend our time. We a...
03-12-2018 22:12

No more mess magnetic USB cable organizer

I use the magnetic knife holder FINTORP (202.020.83) a little different: It makes a perfect USB cable organizer. I put it high on the wall so my cable...
01-12-2018 22:08

How to make a super long bathroom towel bar for $12

I was looking for a solution to hangtowels in my bathroom. A bathroom towel bar can be quite expensive and usually, not as long as I wanted it to be....
01-12-2018 22:08

Never again let it all out. Make a discreet network cabinet.

I needed to hide the mess of cables to keep my lady happy! Cost wise for my DIY home network cabinet was $25 for the BISSA shoe cabinet. Then, $23 for...
01-12-2018 22:08

25 things on the “IKEA bring back” wish list. Wh

For their 75th Anniversary, IKEA brought back some of their old favourites in the GRATULERA series. But wait, those are not the only discontinued IKE...
01-12-2018 22:08

You complete me: The FULLNDAD meets EMPTYNDAD

We loved the shape of the FULLNDAD, as the tapered edge goes right into the corners of our pots. We looked around the kitchen department to see if th...
01-12-2018 22:08

4 years later: How I re-hacked this IKEA children’s bu

Having successfully built the “MYDAL kids loft bed with play area” hack in 2014 for my two sons it was time to rebuild the children’s bunk beds ...
01-12-2018 22:08

Hackers Help: Need advice on this bookcase over radiator

Hi, my name is Helene. I have a wall in my new kitchen that is tall, quite long and has a stupidly long radiator on it. And I need space to tidy i.e. ...
01-12-2018 22:08

Hackers Help: How to remake cam lock holes"

I want to put a 78.5? wide PAX configuration in a 77? space for a kids room. My plan is to eliminate the drawer on the right unit, then cut the shelve...
01-12-2018 22:08

The best DIY dog raincoat. With reflectors and only $4.50!

My sister and I found an easy way to make a dog raincoat from an IKEA shopping bag. It only takes around two hours of work and costs 4 Euro in total. ...
01-12-2018 22:08

See the beautiful transformation of this wardrobe space

My daughter?s bedroom had a built-in wardrobe with an airing cupboard next to it. We changed the boiler to a combi a while ago, so we no longer needed...
01-12-2018 22:08

Hackers Help: How to use ELVARLI posts for a room divider cu

I’d love help with a hack. I need to divide a room, without putting anything (screws, nails, etc) into the wall or ceiling. I thought I’d put up a...
01-12-2018 22:08

Make delightful mini Christmas trees in rainbow colors

I wanted wire mini Christmas trees that were in fabulous rainbow colors and didn?t want to pay top dollar. FEJKA mini Christmas trees | These...
01-12-2018 22:08

Triple PONG – The astonishing cat resistant sofa

The missing link in IKEA?s range. Why" We inherited a cat that shredded our furniture, apart from a 20-year-old IKEA PONG armchair, with no cat resis...
01-12-2018 22:08

The story of the tragic photographer and his lonely Amsterda

Have you ever wondered how some IKEA wall pictures came to be" This is the story of VILSHULT, a nondescript ready-to-mount photo of Amsterdam. I’ve ...
01-12-2018 22:08

Transform your TV dinners with this uplifting hack

When I started to live on my own I bought the MELLTORP square table. First it was a dining table. Later, when I could afford more space, I got another...
01-12-2018 22:08

Six-year old kid kiteboards with the blue bag

He’s six. But Frederik wants to kite across the windy waters. But as reported on SurferToday, his dad thought it’s best to start him off with the ...
07-12-2017 21:56

The amazing IVAR balcony shed / garden storage

This is an IKEA hack of a 3-in-1 balcony shed functioning as a privacy screen, planting station and garden storage. List of items for our balcony shed...
06-12-2017 22:06

Easy $5.15 Kitchen Door Storage

IKEA items used: SUNNERSTA Rail 4x SUNNERSTA container I am and always have been an avid reader of the IKEAhackers. I?ve copied a few over the years b...
06-12-2017 22:06

We’ve got a new look

Howdy folks, I’m very happy to unveil the brand new look for IKEAhackers. The previous site had a few things broken and many of you have written to ...
06-12-2017 22:06

HEMNES console table restyled to TV unit

IKEA item used: HEMNES console table We have awkwardly placed plugs in the lounge in our new build house, they?re a little higher than normal and so a...
02-12-2017 21:59

Giving Farmhouse Style to an old IKEA Dresser

Items Used: Sandpaper Americana Chalky Finish Paint (Everlasting) Acrylic paints in various colors Multi-purpose Sealer Gel Stain Creme Wax in Clear...
02-12-2017 21:59

A kid’s bookshelf with customized front

I wanted to use a “MOSSLANDA” picture ledge from IKEA as a book shelf for our little peanut. But I wanted to give it a custom front for a unique l...
02-12-2017 21:59

Kitchenette with IKEA Kallax

We were a bit short on storage and countertop space in the kitchen. So I started thinking about adding inexpensive storage and also to carve out a spa...
02-12-2017 21:59

Special jar label for IKEA KORKEN

I made this IKEA KORKEN jar label. I had a lot of different varieties of chilli sauce to label, so I came up with this design. It’s customisable so...
02-12-2017 21:59

Wardrobe light for PAX

Wardrobe light with Trdfri GU10 lamps compatible with Philips Hue. I made it to light up myPAX wardrobe externally. Lamps can be dimmed to a minimum...
02-12-2017 21:59

Hackers Help: Long Adjustable Legs for KALLAX Desk"

IKEA Items Used: KALLAX 6 x 6 shelf unit LINNMON table top LINNMON attaching hardware and two legs TBD I would like to attach a table to the KALLAX ...
02-12-2017 21:59

Hackers Help: HEMNES drawer fronts – sandable"

I am trying to re-create a hack that I saw online and am running into a problem. ...
22-11-2017 21:35

KRALLAX – the toddler mid-sleeper bed

This is a KRITTER mid-sleeper bed and two KALLAX units underneath, the steps are made from BILLSSEN picture ledges. We used two green ledges which ca...
21-11-2017 21:34

SNIGLAR changing table grows up into this

Materials: IKEA SNIGLAR changing table 4 x Toggle Latches Handle (you can also opt for a stylish leather one) Foam Fabric Photo: I needed ...
20-11-2017 21:33

The largest IKEA store in South East Asia opens

An IKEA store opening is always an exciting event. So when IKEA Malaysia invited me for the launch, I jumped at it, even though the new store is about...
18-11-2017 21:33

Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

IKEA items used: IKEA Hemnes 2-drawer sink cabinet in 31.5″ or 31-3/8″ I wanted a modern vanity/sink look in our bathroom and was not impressed by...
17-11-2017 21:37


When I was a child in the 70s, some of my relatives had those shelving systems like the one you can see in the image below, the Royal System Shelving...
16-11-2017 21:34
15-11-2017 21:33

The Beautiful Big Table: A perfect dual workstation

My wife and I wanted a large single table for our studio. She works on one side and I do on the other. Tables this large are fewer in selection and co...
14-11-2017 21:37

Professional looking FJELLSE upholstered bed hack

Olivia of Minty Fresh Projects shares her latest hack for her little girl’s room — a FJELLSE bed turned into a upholstered bed. It looks decidedly...
13-11-2017 21:34

From the lid … to tablet

IKEA items used: RATIONELL VARIERA from Ikea The IKEA RATIONELL VARIERA becomes a tablet stand. A Fablab member, Jean-Philippe brought to the Fablab ...
10-11-2017 21:34

The Brassy Bureau: A MCM style wooden chest of drawers

IKEA Items Used: Hemnes 8 drawer dresser (Article Number: 003.185.98) Hemnes 6 drawer chest (Article Number: 803.742.79) *Only do one at a time t...
09-11-2017 21:33

Make a Mini Glass Cloche Bell Jar

After having made my family out of peg dolls, I needed a way to display them. I decided to see if I could find a nice glass at IKEA with as rounded a ...
08-11-2017 21:34

Shoe shelf for small spaces

Even in the slimmest of landing spaces, you can squeeze in a bit of storage for shoes. Farida shows us how to hang up a few decent pairs even in a tig...
07-11-2017 21:33

BRIMNES bedside table: Perfected for the BRIMNES storage bed

We bought a new BRIMNES bed frame with storage by IKEA.It is handy with drawers under the bed. Photo: To complete the bed we also got a BR...
06-11-2017 21:33

Out with the old, in with a new built-in closet

IKEA items used: BRIMNES wardrobe with 2 doors (usually 89, but was on sale for 59) Photo: The upstairs flat that I bought had a terribl...
03-11-2017 21:33

Kids nightstand from a GLADOM tray table

Photo: Remove the tray table from the GLADOM top and set aside. Then I bore holes in the GLADOM table frame with a drill and 5 mm bit at 6 ...
02-11-2017 21:34

Hackers Help: Stacking 2×2 Kallax with countertop to ma

Let me apologise in advance for my terrible photo to showcase my question. Nothing is probably to size and the “countertop” doesn’t go all the ...
01-11-2017 21:37

Hackers Help: How to paint this Norden Gateleg table"

Bought the NORDEN gateleg table years ago and now want a colour change. I’m a newbie so below are some questions at the top of my mind: Ikea Item: ...
01-11-2017 21:37

Have you seen these IKEA dollhouse furniture" They̵

An IKEAHackers reader, dteleki, recently discovered a wonderful YouTube vlogger, Cath of “The Square To Spare” and alerted us to her amazing work....
31-10-2017 21:32

Simple Malm Dresser Upgrade

Living in a city studio apartment requires lots of creativity. With minimal tools, I?ve created a modern looking dresser with very little time and mon...
30-10-2017 21:34

KALLAX Hide-away TV & Cascading Room Divider

I recently got myself an open studio loft, so I finally had a chance to get creative. I wanted to share my massive IKEAKALLAX room divider, but more ...
27-10-2017 21:32

Cross stitch table lamp: IKEA LAMPAN upgrade

The LAMPAN lamp is a classic and one of the cheapest table lamp at IKEA. Coming in at a mere $5.99. It recently got a long overdue update — with new...
26-10-2017 21:34

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