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A Charming Shaker-style Swedish Country Kitchen

I\'m a little tired of our kitchen. It\'s so.... WHITE! And I\'m not so sure we need ALL the storage, I mean it\'s handy, but we really do fill the cu...
08-04-2021 21:38

A Pared Back Copenhagen Home With a Hint of Rock 'n Roll!

Hello! I hope you had a lovely Easter break! I\'m feeling revived after a really wonderful week with my family - despite the distinct lack of spring h...
08-04-2021 21:38

An Idyllic Red and White Swedish Farmhouse In The Countrysid

Mina damer och herrar (Ladies and gentleman), allow me to introduce you to Sara Sjöblom and her family moved in five years ago, they became the fourth...
08-04-2021 21:38

Swedish Easter Traditions Include Feathers, 'Hags' and of Co

Tomorrow marks the first day of Påsklov (the Easter Holidays) here in Sweden. You might be surprised to hear that easter is celebrated in Sweden, giv...
26-03-2021 21:33

A Young Couple's Classic & Elegant Danish Home

MSH is turning into a bit of a Danish home love fest this week. This is the third home I\'ve shared from that Nordic country this week (I hope you enj...
25-03-2021 21:38

A Charming Danish Summer Cottage With a Coastal Vibe

Saturday marked the spring equinox - which to me is a pinnacle moment in Scandinavia! From now on the hours of daylight will exceed the darkness, what...
24-03-2021 21:42

Line's Relaxed Copenhagen Home with Pretty Pastels

Hej vänner! Popping in with a little Danish inspiration for you to today. Think pared back, whitewashed, with pops of pastel. Yay! This beautiful apar...
23-03-2021 22:09

Before & After: A Derelict Classroom Becomes An Incredible K

Hello friends! Boy, have I got something inspiring to share with you today! I admire many people in the design world. But there are two people in part...
22-03-2021 21:42

Peek Inside A Dreamy Turn-Of-The-Century Swedish Villa

In my mind there\'s no better way to finish off the week, than with a beautiful country home tour. And this one in Västra Götaland County, Sweden is ...
19-03-2021 21:38

Our Tiny Swedish Holiday Cabin: Exterior Inspiration

Those of you who have been following My Scandinavian Home for a while (thank you!), will know that Per\'s family have a little summer cottage on the c...
18-03-2021 22:10

Our kitchen - And the Perfect Danish Counter Stool!

MSH partnership*Do you have a kitchen island" We added one when we first moved in over ten years ago. Little did we know it would become the hub of th...
18-03-2021 22:10

A Cosy Malmö Home In Rich, Earthy Tones

This lovely Swedish home reminds me of the beautiful words by Leonard Koren: "Pare down to the essence, but don\'t remove the poetry." Located on St K...
16-03-2021 22:08

Step Inside a Belgium Home Bathed In Warm Pools of Sunlight

Why, hello there! New week, new start! How are you today" A simple question, but an important one. I think we could all do with a ray of sunshine th...
15-03-2021 21:43

Lotta Agaton's Elegant, Earthy Stockholm Home

Remember Lotta Agaton - renowned Swedish interior designer and the woman behind THAT dark interior trend a few years back" Well, her latest home in a ...
12-03-2021 21:38

An Idyllic Fjord Side Summer Retreat in Norway

Today the weather gods have delivered horizontal snow mixed with rain here in Southern Sweden. Typically, we\'re still on our bikes, but it wasn\'t th...
11-03-2021 21:38

Before and After: Old Stables Become a Beautiful Country Hom

Come on, own up! Who frequently fantasises about buying a run-down property / wreck and doing it up" I totally confess to dreaming about this on a mon...
10-03-2021 21:37

Tiny Home Inspiration: A Beautiful Swedish Studio With A Gre

A tiny, one room studio apartment with lots of storage and a beautiful aesthetic" Yes, it IS possible! if you\'re dealing with 28 square metres / 300 ...
09-03-2021 21:38

Small Space Living: A Delightful Danish Apartment In Calm, E

We\'ve woken up to wonderful sunshine here in Malmö today. But I won\'t be fooled into thinking it\'s spring, there\'s a vicious wind out there I can ...
08-03-2021 21:36

My Spring Table With Danish Recycled Glassware

Collaboration*Hej vänner! Everyone ready for the weekend" Before we shoot off, I\'m really excited to share some recent pictures I took in my dining ...
05-03-2021 21:33

7 Simple Steps To A Tidy Home!

For some right now, it\'s simply about muddling through the day in the best way possible, and that\'s perfectly fine *breathes a sigh of relief*. For ...
04-03-2021 21:32

This Charming 19th Century Swedish Villa Could Be Yours!

Up for a little Swedish house hunting today" I spotted this 19th century yellow and white villa in Norrtälje, just North of Stockholm this morning and...
03-03-2021 21:32

A Danish Artist's Beautiful And Inspiring Copenhagen Home

God morgon! Oh, have I got a beautiful home tour for you today! Located in Østerbro, Copenhagen, the Danish home of Marie and Jacob is full of everyth...
02-03-2021 21:34

An Earthy London Home, Packed With Personality

Good morning! I\'m feeling all refreshed and revived after a few days off - plus full of energy as I\'m back in my studio for the first time in months...
01-03-2021 21:33

San's Relaxed Hamburg Home With an Industrial Touch

Hejsan hoppsan! I loved reading all your comments on Liv\'s bedroom reveal post yesterday. I have to say, I\'m so relieved many of you had the same t...
24-02-2021 21:33

Before & After: Liv's Tween Bedroom Becomes a Teen Bedroom!

In Collaboraton with NordalMy eldest daughter Liv is turning thirteen this summer. THIRTEEN! Where on earth has the time gone" I\'ve noticed her bedr...
23-02-2021 21:34

5 Ways To Rock The Blue And Beige Look - Swedish Style!

Tjena! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Today in Malmö, we\'ve woken up to blue skies and sunshine - these days are few and far between AND such a ...
22-02-2021 21:34

Hanna's Swedish Log Cabin in the Woods of Georgia

You can take a girl out of Scandinavia, but you can\'t take Scandinavia out of the girl. And this is certainly the case for ...
19-02-2021 21:32

Emelie's Serene Swedish Home With Notes of Green

It\'s one of those days when I\'m miles behind and I just don\'t know where the time is going. Elsewhere in Sweden in the mesmerisingly beautiful home...
19-02-2021 21:32

A Glimpse Inside My Sitting Room

Sharing another angle of my home today - perhaps one you haven\'t seen for a while: our sitting room. This week we had the pleasure of inviting this D...
19-02-2021 21:32

An Inspiring Studio Flat - And Shrove Tuesday Celebrations,

Big shout out to all of you who live in a one room studio. This Gothenburg apartment is for you! The studio flat occupies one room of an old apartment...
16-02-2021 21:38

A Cosy Living Space In a Swedish Country Home

Why, hello there friends! Monday huh" Well, that came around quickly. Here in Sweden, we were treated to a magical weekend - a rare diamond - with two...
15-02-2021 21:32

Our Dining Area With New 'Soft Blue' Wishbone Chairs!

It\'s been a while since I shared a snapshot of my own home - in fact I think this is the first time this year! So, I thought I\'d complete the blog w...
12-02-2021 21:32

Danish Blues And Spring Pastels in a Danish living Area

Here in Southern Sweden, it\'s ice cold (minus 9 degrees Celsius - BRRRR!).  The sea has started to freeze and icicles cling to the rocks and swimmin...
11-02-2021 21:34

5 Great Design Tricks To Learn From a Small Swedish Space

It was a while since I featured a small space - which is a shame, as Scandinavian\'s are masters are these! This delightful apartment in Gothenburg, S...
10-02-2021 21:38

A Beautiful, Space-Saving Family Home in Stockholm, Sweden

I\'m still buzzing the Swedish country home yesterday (and judging by the 20,000 hits about it on my instagram I sense I\'m not alone!) - did you fal...
09-02-2021 21:32

This Fairytale Swedish Country Home Could be Yours!

Tjena vänner! Another Monday has rolled around, but it\'s slightly different here. Our eldest daughter has returned to school. Two down, two to go! O...
08-02-2021 21:32

An Artist's Super Cosy & Relaxed Open-Plan Living Space

Hello! Before we all head off for the weekend, I wanted to nip in and share this super cosy, super relaxed, open-plan kitchen, dining and living room ...
05-02-2021 21:33

Cabin Escape: A Dreamy Scandi Inspired Ski chalet in Whitefi

The whole of Sweden is blanketed in snow right now - and the temperatures are well below minus for the foreseeable future (at least according to the 1...
04-02-2021 21:34

Rustic Simplicity in Beautiful Neutral Tones

Are you a fan of rustic" If so, you might just love the rustic simplicity of this living space. It\'s been beautifully styled for a Zara home photo sh...
03-02-2021 21:34

Beautiful Stays: A Hundred-Year-Old Workman's Cottage

What\'s the temperature like where you are" In Malmö it\'s lovely and sunny and I did actually witness someone take a dip in the sea earlier. BUT they...
02-02-2021 21:37

A Simple, Yet Cosy Norwegian Cabin By The Fjord

God morgen - as they say in Norwegian! How was your weekend" Here, it was a cold, snowy one but the sun was shining, and I actually found myself squin...
01-02-2021 21:34

Have You Got The Right Amount of Lighting in Your Home"

When it comes to home decor, what comes easy to you" I am a firm believer that everyone has their thing. And while I struggle with rugs (seriously, I ...
29-01-2021 21:32

Danica's Delightful Danish Home In Cotton Candy Shades

New York Fashion week 2020 was a sea of dreamy pastels - a trend quickly adopted by the Danes. Actually, who am I kidding, the Danes have been rocking...
28-01-2021 21:35

Ida's Beautiful, Considered Southern Sweden Home (And 7 Tips

Remember Ida Magntorn" I first met the Lund-based photographer at an event a couple of years ago and I\'ve been following her work ever since. Ida has...
27-01-2021 21:34

5 Clever IKEA Hacks to Steal From a Danish Home

You might recall the name \'DIY\' highlights on instagram if you\'d like to know more.  4. Bed with storagePuk and her beau used the IVAR 3-drawer d...
26-01-2021 21:43

A Copenhagen Family Home In Soothing Light Tones

Is it just me or was the weekend a case of Friday... blink.... Monday" And then to add to that I had a phone meeting with my bank at 8 am this morning...
25-01-2021 21:37

A Weekend of Solitude at a Dreamy Island Hideaway

Recognise this place" I first featured beautiful Satellite island in 2016 and was completely blown away. It\'s been my dream to visit this remote and ...
22-01-2021 21:35

Before and After: A Portland Home Gets a Beautiful Makeover!

On the fourth consecutive day of rain in southern Sweden, there\'s only one thing for it: comfort food. And this is what led me to Eva Kosmas Flores. ...
21-01-2021 21:32

A Swedish Home With a Magnificent Fireplace!

I have one word for this charming Swedish home: fireplace. It\'s so incredible, it\'s hard to see anything else. And for many of the people viewing th...
21-01-2021 21:32

A Relaxed Family Home With Beautiful Bones - And Toy Strewn

I was so happy to see so many enjoy yesterday\'s Danish cabin tour - it really was a beauty and certainly brightened up \'blue Monday\'! Speaking of w...
19-01-2021 21:43

Charming Details In a Danish Allotment Cottage

\'God morgen\' as they say in Danish! How was your weekend" I read that today is referred to as \'blue Monday\' - considered by some the saddest day o...
18-01-2021 21:32

Weekend DIY: Simple Twisted Candle Hack!

Sculptural candles in sweet pastels: one of the biggest micro trends to hit Scandinavia right now. And guess what" They\'re actually not that tricky t...
15-01-2021 21:33

Warm Earthy Tones In An International Family Home in Denmark

The sun is shining in Malmö today -  a rare and wonderful site! Over the Öresund bridge, graphic designer Diana Mwabala, her husband Kadima and thei...
14-01-2021 21:32

Before & After: A Century-Old Danish Thatched Cottage Is Giv

I love a good before & after - how about you" And the beauty of today\'s transformation is that the century-old cottage was in pretty good nick when D...
13-01-2021 21:32

This Swedish Cottage On Its Own Island Could Be Yours!

Things are pretty tough right now, aren\'t they" I hope you are doing well, despite the circumstances. We can only hope this will all blow over soon. ...
12-01-2021 21:34

A Delightful Danish Family Home Full of Art and Design

Why, hello there friends! It feels so great to be back after the holidays! We took our Christmas tree down yesterday (which may sound a bit late, but ...
11-01-2021 21:33

Introducing 3 New Columns on MSH In 2021!

The year is finally coming to a close. I\'d love to say that it has flown by - but er, nope, it hasn\'t! For my last post of the year, I thought I\'d...
29-12-2020 21:33

Pantone Colours of 2021: Illuminating Yellow & Grounding Gre

You know the year is coming to a close when Pantone announces its colour of the year! For 2021 they\'ve taken a slightly different approach with not o...
28-12-2020 21:32

Bathroom love: GSI Ceramica's Kube X Collection

Sponsored*: Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, despite the circumstances. Are you ready to look forward to 2021" I sure am! I have a s...
27-12-2020 21:31

God Jul / Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! It\'s a difficult time, with many of us missing our family this year. Even so, I hope you can find joy in the small things - A Zoom ...
23-12-2020 21:33

The Best of My Scandinavian Home 2020!

I can\'t believe 2020 is finally drawing to a close - after 19876549 days! I hope My Scandinavian Home has brought you a little respite from all the m...
22-12-2020 21:31

Our Home - All Ready for Christmas!

Hej hej! I hope you had a lovely weekend! In our house, it\'s been a hive of activity - decorating, watching family films,  and even a little baking ...
21-12-2020 21:33

Visit My Virtual Home Viewings Exhibition This Christmas!

Sponsored*: With all that\'s going on right now, it\'s not the easiest to find things to do over the holidays, don\'t you think" Gaaah! I do have on...
20-12-2020 21:31

Dreaming of a Cosy and Calm White Christmas In Johanna's Hom

\'Twas the last Friday before Christmas, and somewhere in Hamburg, Germany @scandinavian.interior.Feel like looking at other homes to give you that \'...
18-12-2020 21:31

11 Swedish Christmas Decorating Essentials (From Mari's Fest

We\'re nearing the winter solstice, and I have to say, it\'s very dark here in Sweden right now. In fact, in the far North, the sun set a few days ago...
17-12-2020 21:31

Before And After: Two Dated Apartments Are Transformed Into

2020 has been all about the home. It\'s been a place to live, a school, an office, a gym and above all else, a safe haven. Little wonder so many have ...
16-12-2020 21:31

This Year's DIY Christmas Decoration (Made From Toilet Paper

If ever there was a DIY Christmas decoration of the year, this would be it! All you need is a toilet roll - and we all have A LOT of those! Read on t...
15-12-2020 21:33

Welcome to Emely's Calming Swedish Sanctuary

Well, hello there friends. It\'s the start of a brand-new week, and although we haven\'t seen much sun lately (in Stockholm they haven\'t actually had...
14-12-2020 21:32

A White Swedish Apartment in Stockholm In Winter Time

Not many cities are as beautiful as Stockholm in winter. And there to enjoy it is Marta Vargas, her fiancé Graeme and their English springer spaniel S...
10-12-2020 21:32

The Relaxed Danish Family Home of Dorte Bak

Wednesday huh" What have I got in store for you" The relaxed Danish home of and ...
09-12-2020 21:34

7 Winter Warmer Essentials For Outdoor Gatherings

I love to be comfortable and warm, how about you" So, when someone suggests a meet-up in their garden and the temperatures hover around the minus, it ...
08-12-2020 21:32

Dreaming of a White Christmas In A Munich Home

Good morning friends. How was your weekend" I have to say I\'m feeling a little dusty after a big birthday weekend which involved cross country skiing...
07-12-2020 21:30

Trend Alert: 5 Holly Jolly Christmas Danish Homes

Colours have been creeping into danish homes for a while now - so it makes sense that the Danish Christmas should be bursting with colour too. This is...
04-12-2020 21:33

Georg Jensen Christmas Collectibles 2020 In Helen's Swedish

Sponsored*I know Jul is approaching when I receive an exciting box of Christmas decorations from iconic Danish brand Georg Jensen. Every year, Georg J...
03-12-2020 21:35

A Swedish Home In Soothing Shades of Blue and Green

Why hello there! We have a mid-week situation going on today and with that, I figured we could take a little break from Christmas decorations and focu...
02-12-2020 21:33

A Cosy Norwegian Country Cottage At Christmas

Ready for something very cosy and a little Christmassy today" You might remember photographer Hilde Mork\'s beautiful rural Norwegian home from a feat...
01-12-2020 21:31

Travel Diaries: Design Hotel Villa Copenhagen

Unpaid Press trip*: Living a short hop over the famous Öresund bridge from the Danish capital city, I\'m used to day trips to Copenhagen - but stayin...
30-11-2020 21:38

A Charming Swedish Country Home with Festive Touches

I can\'t help getting a little excited about adding a few festive touches to our home this weekend. Nothing major - just a hint - and enough to make o...
27-11-2020 21:33

5 Swedish Christmas Craft Ideas to Make Alone or With The Ki

There\'s nothing like Christmas decorations to lighten up the darkness and spread a little cheer, don\'t you think" One of the positives about lock-do...
26-11-2020 21:31

Ilkka's Charming Rural Retreat In Finland

Hei! How are you today" Feel like getting away from it all" Today, I\'m whisking you off to rural Finland and the charming bolthole of interior archit...
25-11-2020 21:34

This Year's Cosy Christmas Touch: A 'Glögg' Bar!

Partnership*The First Sunday of Advent is a big day in Scandinavia. It can get very dark in winter time and the eagerly awaited day provides a perfect...
24-11-2020 21:32

The Stockholm Archipelago Home of a Swedish Stylist Could Be

Lately, I\'ve become more and more intrigued about the large islands that surround Stockholm such as Ekerön and Färingsö but even slightly smaller one...
23-11-2020 21:35

A Wonderful Copenhagen Home Full of Soul

What a week! I feel like we\'ve seen so many different styles - from a rustic Georgian townhouse in London to a magnificent Swedish pool villa and a c...
20-11-2020 21:34

One Swedish Sitting Room, Two Cosy Winter ways!

My Scandinavian home partnership* Last week I ventured across town on my bike to visit my friend Helen Sturesson, a talented interior designer who ...
19-11-2020 21:36

A Swedish Photographer's Magnificent Pool Villa

This Swedish home of a photographer stopped me in my scroll on instagram this morning - and when you see the pictures you\'ll understand why! The cont...
18-11-2020 21:32

A Cosy Candlelit Cabin Deep In The Norwegian Fjords

Do you get the feeling that some days you just want to escape to a far-off place, light a fire and lead a simple life" In my mind, Lisa Reid Mjaavatte...
17-11-2020 21:32

This Charming Rustic London Townhouse Could Be Yours!

Many years ago, I visited a freelance graphic designer in her cosy Georgian home tucked just behind Waterloo station in central London. I was mesmeris...
16-11-2020 21:33

An Eclectic Home In The Heart Of Copenhagen

It\'s Friday friends! The weekend calls for something, don\'t you think" And today, I\'m chatting to instagram :)What do you do for a living" I study...
13-11-2020 21:33

A Lovely, Light And Airy Swedish Apartment

Who\'s ready for a lie-in" If it meant chilling here, I\'d be happy to take an entire duvet day and make my way through the last episodes of The Quee...
12-11-2020 21:45

Before And After: A Tiny Off-the-grid Swedish Cabin In The W

Have you ever considered a more simple life" Perhaps one that involves swapping urban adventures for a serene rural life" Or maybe you\'ve been consid...
11-11-2020 21:38

An Edgy Berlin Home, Full of Contrast

Is it me or has it been a while since we were in Berlin" Given that it\'s only a six-hour drive away (plus ferry) from Malmö - I kind of miss that Ger...
10-11-2020 21:35

A Charming Apartment In Stockholm Where Past And Present Mee

Why, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend! I thought we\'d kick off the week with a charming Stockholm home that\'s full of character and lovel...
09-11-2020 21:35

A Relaxed Artist's Home Full of Plants

I started the week \'keeping it real\' with a relaxed Copenhagen home, and thanks to the wonderful response (I\'ve loved reading all your comments!), ...
06-11-2020 21:36

Travel Diaries: Ästad Vingård, a Swedish Vineyard and Spa

Here\'s one for the Scandi travel files. Ästad Vingård. An ecological vineyard and spa in Halland county, Southern Sweden. Per and I were invited on a...
05-11-2020 21:35

8 Ways To Create Cohesion In Your Home - Danish Style!

Home decorating is such a personal process. And in my mind, the warmest most inviting and unique spaces are usually made up of a wonderful mix of piec...
04-11-2020 21:35

Beautiful Inspiration From An Earthy, Bali Pool Villa

Sometimes I think (or at least hope) that My Scandinavian Home is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you\'re gonna to get! Yesterday, we w...
03-11-2020 21:33

Keeping It Real In a Danish Family Home In The Heart of Cope

Ever feel like everyone else\'s home is \'insta-perfect\' while yours is a constant battle to keep tidy" Allow me to let you in on a secret, you\'re d...
02-11-2020 21:34

Looking forward to Cosying Up Here!

A little note to wish you a lovely long weekend - and a spooky halloween! If you\'re hoping to hook up with friends or family, check out yesterdays po...
29-10-2020 21:34

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Cosy Haven This Autumn / Wint

Studio Joanna Laajisto Baby, it\'s cold outside. At least in Sweden! Usually, this would be a cue to move indoors, but there\'s nothing normal about 2...
28-10-2020 21:34

A Cosy Little Oasis To Call Your Own

A one room bedsit conjures up all kinds of images - not always positive. For example, I spent my first year in London after uni in a dismal bedsit whe...
27-10-2020 21:37

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A Pared Back Copenhagen Home With a Hint of Rock 'n Roll!

A Pared Back Copenhagen Home With a Hint of R...

Hello! I hope you had a lovely Easter break! I\'m feeling revived after a really wonderful week with my family - despite the distinct lack of spring here (snow today - really weather gods, REALLY"!). Luckily there\'s always music to keep us... -
A Charming Shaker-style Swedish Country Kitchen

A Charming Shaker-style Swedish Country Kitch...

I\'m a little tired of our kitchen. It\'s so.... WHITE! And I\'m not so sure we need ALL the storage, I mean it\'s handy, but we really do fill the cupboards with a lot of rubbish, especially in the dining area (thoughts"). So, I\'ve... -
COCOCOZY Design House Den – Small Space Design

COCOCOZY Design House Den – Small Space...

I’m back today with an unseen room from the COCOCOZY Design House: The Office Den. When I first saw the COCOCOZY Design House I always knew I wanted this room to be a den due to its architecture. This space is one of my favorite rooms in the house... -
Check Out The Best Modern Chandeliers You’ll Ever Find For Your Living Room!

Check Out The Best Modern Chandeliers YouR...

Do you have a big living room but you don?t know which lighting to choose" Which kind of Modern Chandeliers will fit" Let me light up your mind about it! SEE ALSO: Shop The Room: Red Lighting Home Decor Lighting definitely has the power to... -
Blue Walls Be GONE! Key’s Totally Transformed Office Reveal – Maybe The Most Dramatic Before & After Ever (")

Blue Walls Be GONE! Key’s Totally Trans...

Vintage Rug Overall, I?m happy with my decision to paint the walls white. It became the perfect backdrop for me to incorporate color with art and textiles, which I?ll get to later. But first, let?s talk about this daybed! This beauty... -
Get An Exclusive Peak Of Twist Magazine’s New Edition Out Now! (Download It For Free!)

Get An Exclusive Peak Of Twist Magazine’...

Twist Magazine will be your new addiction this year! It?s impossible not to be excited with a shiny new magazine. If you?re one of our readers, this means you?re a design lover ? such like us! ? always looking for the latest design news and trends.... -
Keeping The Good Of Last Year: New Family (And Kid-Only) Activities – Plus The Value Of “Me” Time

Keeping The Good Of Last Year: New Family (An...

We’ve been living up here in the mountains, mostly quarantined for a full year… Just two grownups, 2 kids, and to add some drama, two naughty but adorable pups. Are we ready for the world to open up" YES. Will we look back with an odd... -
Discover The Ultimate Marquee Lamps That Will Enlighten Your Outdoors and Indoors!

Discover The Ultimate Marquee Lamps That Will...

The road to finding your dream home is often a long and tedious one, however even when you?ve found The One, there are always changes that need to be made to make it ours. It?s rare to find a place that meets all our personal and aesthetic needs,... -
An Idyllic Red and White Swedish Farmhouse In The Countryside

An Idyllic Red and White Swedish Farmhouse In...

Mina damer och herrar (Ladies and gentleman), allow me to introduce you to Sara Sjöblom and her family moved in five years ago, they became the fourth generation to take-over the beautiful Falun red and white family home.  Sara and her partner have... -
DMTV Milkshake: Francesca Bucci on Creating Hospitality at Sea

DMTV Milkshake: Francesca Bucci on Creating H...

This week?s DMTV Milkshake guest is Francesca Bucci, the Rome-born architect and founder of BG Studio International. Bucci practices hospitality on a grand scale ? like 100,000 square feet of interiors for the Celebrity Flora super-yacht, specially... -

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