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Pholc Mobil

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Pholc.A few weeks ago I introduced you to Pholc  ( find the blogpost here ), a relatively new ...
26-06-2018 21:49

Bergen's best Airbnb rental

I will be spending some time in the summer house the next two months, and now that I have gotten the ok to renovate it as I see fit (of course within ...
23-06-2018 21:48

Fredericia : Trinidad - An Icon for Living

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Fredericia.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel?s iconic ...
20-06-2018 21:47

At Elisabeth Heiers Bathroom

Spending the afternoon at Elisabeth\'s house , best place to work, not just because we are friends, but because her apartment is absolutely amazing ;)...
19-06-2018 21:48


Amidst the summer days we are having in Oslo, there are some local news that should help take some of the heat off..literally! Abate is relatively a n...
16-06-2018 21:46

Scandinavian Scents for this Summer

This beautiful summer that has been bestowed to us is a blessing, all Scandinavians will remember it as the Summer of 2018. But with temperatures this...
15-06-2018 21:51

Beautiful Petite Apartment Studio in Gothenburg

I happened to run across a few days ago this amazing petite apartment in Gothenburg while perusing Entrance makleri, for a super small space, it is pa...
14-06-2018 21:53

Sundays Office

I came back to Oslo yesterday night and today I spend either on the balcony or right here, trying to catch up with everything work related. And as alw...
22-05-2018 21:46

Aesop Westbourne , Notting Hills first store

While yesterday I was writing about my favorite Aesop products, luck had it today I stumbled upon the new Aesop store in London in Westbrourne Grove. ...
16-05-2018 21:45

Aesop Deodorant love

A few weeks ago I received the newsletter about the new Aesop Deodorant, and as all new Aesop things go, I was really curious to try it. The smell is ...
14-05-2018 21:49

My favorite brass details

Last few months I think you might have noticed I am loving nickel coated and silver surfaces, but you will also notice that my love for brass is still...
12-05-2018 21:45

My bedroom pendant and a recent living room addition

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Pholc.For a while now, one of the most frequent questions I receive is about the beautiful penda...
06-05-2018 21:51

Favorites from Lyngby Porcelain

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Lyngby Porcelain.Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark ? Lyngby Porcelæn was established in 1936 in Kgs. L...
18-04-2018 21:54

My apartment in Oslo full tour : Up for sale

Last few days I have been styling and photographing the apartment I am renting, and today that the ad is up ( you can see the ad up on dropbox folderÂ...
10-04-2018 21:47

Easter with Artilleriet

Unfortunately this year I will not be painting eggs, neither will I be decorating in time for Easter, I am spending some time away from Oslo, which th...
26-03-2018 21:52

The Greenhouse : New art prints by Silke Bonde

Silke Bonde has just released a new collection of art prints named the "Greenhouse". The collection consists of six different art prints made to fit ...
21-03-2018 21:50

Elin Kickéns beautiful apartment

The duo Sundling-Kickén needs no intriduction I hope at this point, and I am so very happy for it. Two young ladies so talented emerging in the scene,...
20-03-2018 21:52

Do you feel pressured to post perfect photos on Instagram&qu

Do you feel pressured to post perfect photos on Instagram" Yesterday I made an instagram post ( photo below) that was quite unplanned, a shot that us...
19-03-2018 21:54

Stunning Apartment Styling by Sundling & Kickén

The styling duo Sundling & Kickén needs no introduction, and their latest work might be one of my favorites. Styled for a new online store called In M...
07-03-2018 21:51

Four bedroom combinations for Spring

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with EllosWhen it comes to my bedroom, I love changing things around. When I moved in I loved how whi...
04-03-2018 21:47

Lagom Home

Korean manufacturer Lagom Bath asked Lotta Agaton , Norm architects and Note Design Studio to design one bathroom each for them, and the results ar...
03-03-2018 21:47

Things I love to love

Todays post is really on a whim, I was planning to post something completely different but my mood dictated what to do instead. It all started becaus...
02-03-2018 21:47

Sunday tip : 20% all Day and Night creams on Ellos

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.I follow quite a few beauty bloggers, their tips are great when it comes to some tricks ( ...
26-02-2018 21:49

Dux Spaces by Lotta Agaton

One of the exhibitions I really looked forward to visiting during this years Design Week in Stockholm, was DUX Spaces by Lotta Agaton. Presented at th...
18-02-2018 21:46

PH House, by Norm Architects

The PH House , the newest Norm Architects project , is a minimalist villa that is found in Copenhagen, Denmark. The villa is said to have been the hou...
13-02-2018 21:47

Sundays Tip : The best looking toothpaste

Sunday?s tip : The best looking toothpaste. While in Stockholm me and Elisabeth Heier found a set of whitening premium toothpastes from Swedish brand ...
11-02-2018 21:51

Weekend office : Oslo

After an adventurous night ( flight unexpectedly got cancelled 10 minutes before departure and had to spend the night at the hotel at the airport wait...
10-02-2018 21:47

A quiet Reflection

Yesterday I visited "A quiet Reflection" , the most sought after exhibition in Stockholm during the Stockholm design fair. Located in Östermalm , what...
08-02-2018 21:49

Northern Launch

Northern Lighting just announced the launch of Northern, a pioneering new lifestyle brand that takes their Nordic spirit to interiors around the world...
05-02-2018 21:49

Erik Jørgensen in my living room : The EJ 64

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Erik Jørgensen.A few weeks ago ( beginning of December ) , the new Erik Jørgensen EJ 64 arrived ...
03-02-2018 21:47

Oslo Bedroom : Final look

Most of the times when we see a before and after we expect the before to look quite horrible. In this case I think after the redo the bedroom looks so...
02-02-2018 21:46


I have been under the weather the last few days and with so many things to be finished before Stockholm design week I can feel the pressure of time al...
30-01-2018 21:48

Sundays Tip : Ellos Vintage

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.Just recently I found out Ellos has a vintage selection( the whole collection can be found...
28-01-2018 21:52

Oslo Design Fair Autumn 2018 - Trends and Identity

Oslo Design fair opened its doors again, and this time around in my opinion the trend exhibitions and the talks at the center stage were one of the be...
26-01-2018 21:50

Honey Love : Todays Tip

Todays tip comes in the form of honey. I think I have mentioned I rent my apartment from Elisabeths sister, but I don\'t think I have mentioned her s...
21-01-2018 21:56

Before and After Oslo Bedroom Sneak Peek

A couple of days ago I teased about redoing my bedroom here in Oslo. Above you can see how it looked before, it was all white with beautiful grey floo...
20-01-2018 21:54

Ellos January sales

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.// Collage by Katerina DimaI have been waiting for some good January sales and Ellos did n...
16-01-2018 21:52

Facelift for a beautiful apartment

I love the details in Måns Zelmerlöws apartment in Stockholm, Hannah Wessman responsible for the renovation which started in the kitchen, but also for...
14-01-2018 21:48

New JWDA in Black and Marble for Menu

There are a lot of news coming our way already for the Spring Summer 2018 collections, but a propos my Menu Standard Table lamp getting broken, I thou...
12-01-2018 21:49

Todays office and painting plans

I am finally back at Oslo and I put myself to work immediately. One of the first things to cross from my list for 2018 is to finally paint the apartme...
07-01-2018 21:50

Simple small bathroom scandinavian inspiration

When it comes to bathrooms one thing is sure , we vastly underestimate how much work goes into them. For example, when thinking of a bedroom, starting...
06-01-2018 21:49

5 of my favorite Ceramics

// Collage by Katerina DimaI love stoneware and ceramic tableware, especially when they are handmade. I find that when I have Pho in my handmade ceram...
04-01-2018 21:47

My 2017 : A year of change

On the left : My previous living room  | On the right : My Living room in Oslo.It has been a whirlwind of a year, 2017 brought so many changes in m...
02-01-2018 21:48

Blog Planning for 2018 and Combating Instagram algorithm fai

I posted the photo above on my instagram a couple of weeks ago when I got my new 2018 planner ( I always buy my next years planner around October du...
31-12-2017 21:48

Sundling/Kickén styling for Smålands Skinnmanufaktur

Beautiful styling work by Sundling/Kickén styling for Smålands Skinnmanufaktur. The imagery is stunning as well, and as a photographer myself I find E...
31-12-2017 21:48

Artilleriet-Journal Christmas inspiration

It is Christmas day today and I doubt many will be checking their blog feed, but if you are , I decided to share one of my favorite festive inspirati...
26-12-2017 21:50

Wrapping Tip : Wax Paper

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.I am finally finished wrapping presents for Christmas and although mostly they are wrapped...
20-12-2017 21:48

My first Wreath : Christmas Edition

I have envied the wreaths I saw over pinterest or on blogs that people have been creating for years, and so I decided today as I was wrapping presents...
17-12-2017 21:42

Christmas inspiration from Ellos

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.Todays Christmas inspiration comes from Etsy?© 2013-2017 ONLYDECOLOVE.COMALL RIGHTS RESERV...
16-12-2017 21:42

Christmas presents wrapping : Sneak Peek

I came back to Oslo on Saturday, and as soon as we parked the car, we left our kitty in the apartment  (she was only too happy after 6 hours drive to...
12-12-2017 21:44

Small office in the bedroom

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Skagerak.Moving in the apartment from a big house, there are always some compromises that have t...
12-12-2017 21:44

Artilleriet Favorites

My favorite boutique store in Gothenburg Artilleriet has released a series of beautiful lifestyle photos featuring some of their desings they curate...
09-12-2017 21:43

Winter feel and how to achieve it

Even though it is not even December yet, for the first time in quite a few years I am already done with shopping for Christmas presents. This mostly o...
30-11-2017 21:44

Miss Clara and B&O play

Expenses and hotel accommodation was provided by B&O play.I just came back from my Copenhagen/Stockholm short 3 days trip ( you can read more about t...
26-11-2017 21:49

Le Labo in Copenhagen

I am already in Stockholm today( do check my instagram stories for my whereabouts, plus the most amazing sunrise this morning e fr) , but I wanted to ...
24-11-2017 21:53

Black Firday at Ellos

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.I woke up super early today to find the best deals for you from Ellos Home for Black Frida...
24-11-2017 21:53

Today's office from Skt. Petri

As I mentioned on my post Weekend Bliss a couple of days ago, I am spending a few days in Copenhagen then I am off to Stockholm for a dinner hosted by...
22-11-2017 21:52

Sunday Findings

I am supposed to pick up colors to paint the living room and the bedroom this week (more photos of my bedroom today you can find here), but I stumbled...
19-11-2017 21:52

Weekend Bliss

It is finally the weekend, and even though I am freelancing, meaning every day is a working day for me, I can feel the weekend vibe from other people ...
18-11-2017 21:49

Cecile Mantz for B&O play Cecile Mantz in collaboration with

B&O Play is releasing an all new entry in its multi-room speaker line-up, the BeoPlay M3. Designed by award winning award-winning Cecilie Manz, it is ...
16-11-2017 21:51

A tip for you on a snowy day

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.Waking up today and seeing the first snow fall out of my window really made me appreciate staying in ...
14-11-2017 21:56

A peek into the Fredericia World

//Trip and expenses were sponsored by Georg Jensen and Fredericia.A little while ago I and a few other colleagues had the chance to visit the Frederic...
12-11-2017 21:50

Novembers Favorites : Sustainable life

As I am sitting with my coffee arranging the rest of the month (there are some press events and travelling in November), I realise there are so many t...
09-11-2017 21:51

How to set a minimal autumn table with Pillivuyt

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Pillivuyt.Fall for me doesn\'t only signify the beginning of the cold season but also the start of the wond...
05-11-2017 21:53

La Granja in Ibiza : Sustainable alternative traveling

If you plan on going to Ibiza, I have a tip for you. La Granja is a not just a hotel to stay when in vacations, it is a lifestyle founded on sustainab...
31-10-2017 21:50

Inside Georg Jensen : The making of the Torun Bangle

//Trip and expenses were sponsored by Georg Jensen and Fredericia.Two thousand seventeen, marks the 50th year of the collaboration between Georg Jens...
28-10-2017 21:48

Elegantly creepy Halloween table

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with EllosFor this years Halloween table, I wanted something that would feel elegantly creepy, with a few muted ...
26-10-2017 21:49

Darker Evenings

Anna Pirkola from Dada A. created a beautiful story in Iceland for Residence magazine together with photographer Katri Kapasen and her assistant Jaana...
20-10-2017 21:49

6 on my Winter Wishlist

// Collage by Katerina DimaSome winter essentials that are not interior related but I promise I will make a separate wishlist soon enough as well. For...
15-10-2017 21:53

New Kollekted By Premises

One of my favorite concept stores in Oslo Kollekted By, created and run by Italian-born Alessandro D\'Orazio and Oslo native Jannicke Kråkvik, famous ...
13-10-2017 21:49

Frama New Catalogue

I received the new Frama catalogue a while ago, the photos are so beautiful I wanted to share some of my favorites on the blog. I love the moody color...
12-10-2017 21:54

At home with some of my favorite essentials

Since getting a bed in the bedroom (sneak peek of the bedroom)I feel the whole apartment has finally come together, it feels much more like home now t...
11-10-2017 21:57

Ferm Living : The Home

A couple of weeks ago I visited Copenhagen, invited by Ferm Living for a very special dinner and the opening of The Home, their new Showroom in Amager...
06-10-2017 21:48

Beautiful Apartment in Kungsholmen in Stockholm

A home for sale up on Fastastic Frank caught my eye , and of course I recognized it from the first Melo Studio shoot Sara Medina Lind did there with ...
05-10-2017 21:48

Simple Scandinavian Living Room Styling

Sponsored post in collaboration with had a little time this weekend and I finally styled my own living room a little bit, so before I star...
01-10-2017 21:55

Bedroom Sneak Peek in Oslo

So much good response on Tuesdays post about the Thorvald Meyersgate apartment, thank you so much for all your kind words! I am so glad everyone loved...
29-09-2017 21:53

Latest project : Oslo Apartment for Sale at Thorvald Meyersg

A few days ago me and my talented friend and colleague Elisabeth Heier teamed up in order to style and shoot the rental apartment that she is current...
26-09-2017 21:51

Sunday Thoughts and Upcoming Plans

Lets just say it has been a busy August and September looks just as active. Even though I am constantly sleep deprived and my feet feel like I have be...
03-09-2017 21:48

Menu Space AW17

The last few days have gone by much too quickly and if you follow my instagram stories and generally my instagram you know why. Since I wasnt able to ...
27-08-2017 21:51

My Kitchen in Oslo

The kitchen in my apartment in Oslo is one of the rooms I spend most of my time in. Partly  because it is the most furnished room, but to be honest, ...
08-08-2017 22:03

Temporary bedroom

I just came back to Oslo and I am trying to make myself comfortable, but I am starting to feel the absence of a furnished home already. Due to summe...
07-08-2017 21:45

Spend the Summer outside with Ellos

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos Just because August is so close, it doesnt mean the summer is over, far from it! I am getting back t...
30-07-2017 21:49

Vacation Mood

I cannot remember a time where I didn\'t blog for so many days, it was certainly not intentional.  After my move to Oslo first of July, the month ju...
27-07-2017 21:48

Styling Windowsills

One of the things that were very high in my check list when I was looking for an apartment was high ceilings and big windows with deep windowsills. I ...
12-07-2017 21:49

Todays Office

The apartment is slowly coming together, and although there are many essentials that I need, one I was missing sorely was a kitchen table. I had sever...
08-07-2017 21:46

Bolon | Innovators at Heart

//Sponsored post in collaboration with BolonThose who follow me on instagram a few weeks ago got treated with some sneak peeks from the opening of the...
05-07-2017 21:45

Hello from Oslo!

This weekend I packed everything my car could fit and drove to Oslo, this time however to stay! I finally found the most beautiful apartment a few wee...
04-07-2017 21:50

Home Spotlight | The Private Residence of Jonas Bjerre-Pouls

I recently got a press release for the new Menu Space, a newly finished showroom, office, and café, designed in collaboration with Norm Architects for...
01-07-2017 21:53

Early Green Mornings

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with EllosToday I woke up really early ,right when the first rays of sun started hitting our small veranda. Scan...
29-06-2017 21:49

Summer Wishlist

I haven\'t done a wishlist for a while, it is mostly because I have been too busy to even find time to shop, I lately just pop in the store and buy qu...
25-06-2017 21:44

Styling tip : Brass trays

If you are tired of the small messes next to the bed, the bathroom or the coffee table, just gather your little things in a small/medium tray. I know ...
24-06-2017 21:47

Salted Laccino

I have been trying to find a name for my favorite childhood drink that I still drink every morning to this date and I think finally I thought of one t...
21-06-2017 21:48

Oslo Design Fair - August '17

Oslo Design Fair is back again on the 30th of August until the 2nd of September, and this time around I will be in Oslo to enjoy it in its entirety s...
21-06-2017 21:48

Hotel Danmark

A few days ago I posted my highlights from 3 Days of Design ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) , but what I haven\'t yet shared other than sneak peeks was the pla...
19-06-2017 21:50

Spending time in the bedroom

 Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Room21.noThese past few weeks of constant travelling between Norway/Denmark/Sweden has taken a little bit...
14-06-2017 21:46

3 Days of Design : Part 2

As promised today I am sharing Part 2 from my time at 3 Days of Design with some of the things that caught my eye (check for part 1 here). Read below ...
13-06-2017 21:47

3 Days of Design : Part 1

As promised today I am sharing a few of my highlights from 3 Days of Design I attended a few days ago in Denmark. If you don\'t know already, 3 Days o...
12-06-2017 21:45

A visit at Skagerak Showroom in Copenhagen

I have been travelling a lot last few weeks and I find it increasingly more difficult to find time to edit the numerous photos I have in my folders in...
11-06-2017 21:43

Simple frame styling with Desenio and a 25% discount code.

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Desenio.noAs I am packing to move in a few weeks I am constantly wondering what to take with me and how I w...
07-06-2017 21:49

Frama Studio Apartment

I am back home from Copenhagen until Wednesday before I fly to Stockholm ( I will let you in soon about this ), and finally I have some time to look a...
05-06-2017 21:49

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