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color story: boo!

boo! halloween is, after all, right around the corner. and a happy halloween to one and all! i thought i’d dive right into my favorite color — n...
28-10-2020 21:34

polka-dotted pumpkin diy.

a couple of years ago, posted about a party i attended at my friend’s annual halloween pumpkin carving party — such a good idea for a get-togethe...
27-10-2020 21:38

shop small: caravane france.

one of my favorite shops to pop into when in paris is caravane. it’s so beautifully curated with the most unique and trs chic french homewares, fu...
26-10-2020 21:38

wear this there: kro?lowa przedmies?cia.

alrighty, buckle up, because today we’re heading all the way to krakw, poland. poland is a place i’ve longed to visit, partly because i feel lik...
22-10-2020 21:36

good reads: accidentally wes anderson.

if you’ve been reading here for a while, you know of my fondness for all things wesanderson(and more specifically, the charming mister andersonh...
21-10-2020 21:35

instagram worthy: @camilla.tange.

i’ve only recently discovered this week’s ...
19-10-2020 21:39

good reads: chinatown pretty.

one of my favorite places to visit in san francisco was its historic chinatown, and it even made it into the pages of my book, see san francisco, bec...
15-10-2020 21:37

please, have a seat.

if you know me at all, you know i love to collect chairs — too many in fact! and, the funky ones are my favorites. i went down an internet rabbit h...
13-10-2020 21:36

wear this there: hotel la bionda.

today we’re virtually jetting off to spain, specifically the incredibly beautiful coastline of the Costa Brava in Catalonia. we’ll be dropping in...
08-10-2020 21:37

instagram worthy: @thesocialitefamily.

one of my personal very favorite blogs is the socialite family founded by its creative director Constance Gennari. if you think you’d love a peek i...
07-10-2020 21:36

get the look: vintage modern living room.

sometimes you love a look so much, you want to try and recreate it, and this home from vondalwig architecture is a perfect example. so much so, i tho...
06-10-2020 21:33

silver lake spanish revival seeks forever owner.

hellooooo monday! i’m back from my little sabbatical and have some new ideas for the bog up my sleeve and will keep you updated on those soon! in t...
05-10-2020 21:33

best of: picture this: fashionistas.

sorry, i’ve been remiss in my art round-ups (mon dieu!), tappan collective; CHARLOTTE PAYNE WEARING CARTIER JEWELRY by HORST P HORST art print from...
02-10-2020 21:34

best of: checkered past.

one of the amazing things about traveling around europe is how very ancient it is and the unique charm which that exudes. the architecture is awe-ins...
01-10-2020 21:35

best of: dark and dramatic.

we see a lot of white and bright kitchens out there, like yesterday’s beautiful kitchen from our food stories. but what about the dark side" i love...
30-09-2020 21:34

best of: the beauty of the single sink.

so many of us have been blessed (or is that cursed") with just a single bathroomsink. I’ve walked that walk before I remodeled in my old house, an...
29-09-2020 21:36

best of: let’s get romantic.

i thought it might be fun to get a little romantic today. some of these rooms may be a tad over the top when it comes to pattern play, but they still...
28-09-2020 21:38

best of: good reads: sous les toits de paris.

it’s quite true that i can’t read a word of this book written in french (well maybe a couple — like trs jolie and oh la la!) but it is just to...
24-09-2020 21:32
23-09-2020 21:39

best of: make mine minimal.

i’m in one of those moods again. the kind of mood where i feel like i just have way too much stuff. it’s time to clear the clutter and go a littl...
22-09-2020 21:34

on a wee break.

as i mentioned on friday i’m taking off a bit of time off to recharge and find fresh inspiration, and enjoy those fleeting, last days of summer her...
21-09-2020 21:34

instagram worthy: @longingforlennon.

i’ve been a fan of elin jensdotter’s work and lifestyle for quite a long time, so it’s no surprise i also hugely admire her instagram account, ...
16-09-2020 21:32

a little help from mother nature.

i think with everything 2020 has put us through, we could all use any distractions we can get, and one of mine is definitely getting outside, whether...
15-09-2020 21:37

let’s just stay in bed.

why is the monday following a short holiday week always a little bit more difficult to feel motivated" last week was a busy one, with my family visit...
14-09-2020 21:35

adorn your walls with deborah bowness.

even though she’s been designing, making, and exhibiting wallpaper since 1999, i’ve somehow only just discovered these inspiring works of art fro...
09-09-2020 21:33

on trend: desert living.

one of the places i imagine getting away to during this covid quarantine is the desert. its wide open, clear sky open spaces seem like the perfect ge...
08-09-2020 21:35

wear this there: the ethicurean.

after being cooped up at home, eating unhealthy comfort foods, too many sweets, and just generally being sloth-like the very charming ethicurean in b...
03-09-2020 21:35

instagram worthy: @gisbertpoeppler.

this week’s instagram worthy feed is so wonderfully colorful! it’s also design at its very best — unique, unexpected, and beautifully executed....
02-09-2020 21:59

color story: the aqua blue sea.

maybe it’s my current accessibility to the sea, but this week’s light locations; Filt French Market Tote Bag; garden sculture via @thelinenyc; lu...
01-09-2020 22:02

the heights of great style.

sadly, we’re not all blessed with the heights of these grand arched entrances or epic tall ceilings, but it doesn’t mean we can’t worship them ...
31-08-2020 21:58

wear this there: spuntino.

we’re dining italiano today, but not in italy as one might expect. instead, we’re armchair traveling further north to a cozy, tree-filled cafe in...
27-08-2020 21:57

a beauty in Belgium.

i always love anything that Holly Marder and Hedda Pier of Avenue Design Studio puts their very talented hands on, so i was excited to come across a ...
25-08-2020 21:35

wear this there: la mercerie.

by the looks of things, you might imagine we’re off to paris today, but no, madame, we are simply en route to one of new york city’s finest in fr...
20-08-2020 21:38

on trend: bohemian whimsy.

okay, bear with me a little bit on this one, but i’m definitely seeing this trend around town and i’m not sure quite how to nail down what i’d ...
19-08-2020 21:33

instagram worthy: @toctoctoceditions.

i’ve found you another ...
18-08-2020 21:33

the shape of things to come.

sometimes all it takes to add texture and interest to a room, is some unique shapes. in the form of interesting one-of-a-kind or designer furniture, ...
17-08-2020 21:33

biarritz surf style.

a much as i adore my cottage in laguna beach, i’m well aware there are surf spots like this small town all over the europe, too — Biarritz, franc...
12-08-2020 21:33

some summer listening for you.

and now, for a little something different. i spent the weekend making myself some new musical mixes, something i haven’t done in a long, long while...
11-08-2020 21:32

color story: deep blue & goldenrod.

there’s something about the pairing of blue and yellow that just says ‘holiday’ to me. maybe because it reminds of the south of france, and str...
10-08-2020 21:34

out of commission.

i know this sounds so silly, but as you may have seen on instagram, i was stung on my thumb by a bee in my garden, and my hand swelled into a balloon...
06-08-2020 21:32

tote-ally summer.

i love a good tote basket — and to prove it, i have them in all shapes and sizes and display my collection proudly hanging from a rattan wall rack,...
05-08-2020 21:32

vintage-modern neutrals.

i never really tire of modern neutrals. not your boring beiges, mind you, but instead natural woods, bamboo, rattan, off-white linens, and interestin...
04-08-2020 21:32

organizing with style.

being stuck at home right now, it’s the ideal time to organize the heck out of our homes, cleaning closets, emptying out those junk drawers, and re...
03-08-2020 21:33

letting all the light in.

sometimes i wish my kitchen was a bit brighter, like my old kitchen in echo park. and when i see kitchens and dining areas like these that are so lig...
29-07-2020 21:31

a few words from me to you.

hi guys, i haven’t checked in from a personal standpoint in a while, so i thought i’d kind of give you an update of what’s been happening here ...
28-07-2020 21:31

instagram worthy: @polkenstudio.

i’ve only recently discovered this very @polkenstudio, aka simone polk dahl, a danish interior designer and artist, who creates incredible interior...
27-07-2020 21:33

brigette romanek’s laurel canyon home.

oh man, this house. heavy sigh! i could move in instantly and not change a single thing. it’s the incredibly beautiful home of Brigette Romanek the...
22-07-2020 21:35

good looking summertime gear.

it looks as though we’ll be spending the summer sunbathing either at home, perhaps by the pool, or if you’re lucky to live near enough — somewh...
21-07-2020 21:32

high desert home.

i mentioned this home briefly on last friday’s finds, but i decided this high desert home very much deserved its own post. meet the MERCHANT HOUSE,...
20-07-2020 21:35

wear this there: vinatera.

when we’re able to travel again, and i really hope we’re well enough to do that sometime soon, a place i’ve been hankering to get to is harlem,...
17-07-2020 21:32

desirable dozen: coffee table books & chic magazines.

i don’t know about you but I have a major weakness for coffee table books and a chic magazine. lately, i’ve had tons of free time to crack the sp...
16-07-2020 21:34

introducing trove, by crate and barrel.

as a very long time fan of Trove, Crate and Barrel?s new exclusive collection inspired by modern design cities — think of sunrise hues and an extra...
15-07-2020 21:33

color story: keeping it green.

good morning one and all! i’m trying to keep things nice and upbeat today, with lots of light-filled rooms and a good, healthy dose of green. both ...
14-07-2020 21:32

instagram worthy: @kimficaro.

yay! i’m back from my mini-break and hope you all kept healthy and entertained while i was catching up on some r & r at home. this week’s edge re...
13-07-2020 21:31

color palette: rainbow sherbet.

just a quick note that after my mini-break, i will return to regular blogging next week. so thanks for that little bit of time off! awhile back i was...
10-07-2020 21:33

best of: may i have a little mustard"

i love a little mustard yellow in my decor mix — in fact, i happen to own one single mustard yellow velvet pillow which is thrown into a load of wh...
09-07-2020 21:32

best of: she sells seashells by the seashore.

how’s that for a tongue-twister" it’s definitely hard to say three times fast. but seashells, all on their own are really quite lovely. i found a...
06-07-2020 21:33

best of: color story: the life aquatic.

maybe it’s my current accessibility to the sea, but this week’s light locations; socks via this is my archief; @bilinga_beach_abode’s shower; s...
01-07-2020 21:30

best of: a well-styled shelf life.

what would we do without shelves" we’d have nowhere to place our most treasured collections, books, or memorabilia. but one should never take a she...
30-06-2020 21:30

wear this there: nadzieja.

one place on my bucket list to visit is poland, so today we’re taking a virtual trip to nadzieja literally means ‘the state of expecting or hopin...
26-06-2020 21:30

shop small: the baba tree basket company.

i discovered this week’s ...
25-06-2020 21:30

good reads: wild interiors.

if you’re into the urban jungle movement or just longing to have more greenery in your home, have i got a new book for you! Plant and interior styl...
25-06-2020 21:30

wear this there: true true pizza.

true story: today we’re headed to toronto, canada. well, at least we will be when things open back up and we can support these small businesses aga...
25-06-2020 21:30

summery surf shack.

the june gloom as they like to call it in beach towns has rolled in and has me hunkered down under a cozy blanket as i write this, but i’m still in...
25-06-2020 21:30

shop small: bon boutique.

top photo by Kate Edmonson. the first thing you’ll notice about bon boutique is how exceedingly charming everything about it is. from the uniquely ...
25-06-2020 21:30

we could all use a long soak.

there’s something just so soothing about a long soak in the tub — especially these days. vintage clawfoot tubs take bubble baths to a whole new l...
25-06-2020 21:30

built-ins for the win.

popular in the 1950 & 60’s built-in furniture seems to be making a strong comeback. and there’s a lot to love about built-in furniture — for on...
25-06-2020 21:30

whimsy meets sophistication.

this is one very beautiful collaboration between some very talented designers. featured on sight unseen this project from hovey design — two sister...
25-06-2020 21:30

wear this there: lardo.

i’ll bet a lot of us are dreaming of the day we can finally get away and take one of our dream trips. we’ve got a lot of time to think about wher...
03-04-2020 21:58
02-04-2020 22:03

shop small: tono co.

via pinterest i stumbled on the prettiest small business, which gave me the idea that a shop small series might be timely right now, so we can collec...
01-04-2020 22:07

instagram worthy: @timlabenda.

i first landed on this very inspiring and ...
31-03-2020 22:02

reading up!

since these are unchartered times for us, i may from time to time veer off on a different track from simply posting interior inspiration. not that i ...
30-03-2020 22:06

best of: dream worthy bedrooms.

i’m not sure why i was so drawn to sharing dreamy bedrooms with you today, but i am feeling a little sleepy as i put together this blog post. somet...
28-03-2020 22:01

best of: living with texture.

adding texture is one of the easiest ways to give a room a warmer, more relaxed vibe, and step up the sophistication, too. and doing so through layer...
28-03-2020 22:01

best of: low maintenance patio life.

now that i’m living at the beach, and on an acre-wide cactus garden, i’ve gotten really into outdoor living. i have succulents, cacti, bamboo and...
26-03-2020 22:02

best of: embrace the funky.

i love a great, unexpected, very eclectic and funky kinda vibe — that truly effortless european look with pairings you might not think of. but when...
26-03-2020 22:02

best of: eclectic dining style.

when it comes to dining rooms, the more mismatched and eclectic for me all the better. it’s almost as if your dinner party grew organically and gue...
25-03-2020 22:07

best of: new wave of surf style.

i can’t help myself — i just really love surf culture, i grew up with it and i find after moving to laguna that i’ve embraced it even more and ...
25-03-2020 22:07

a little time out.

hey guys, i hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected under our current quarantine. i’m hanging in there, but haven’t been feeling great...
24-03-2020 21:59

color story: wondrous white.

hello, monday! I hope you guys are holding up alright. i know this quarantine is really hard for some of you, so hopefully blogging as per usual is a...
23-03-2020 22:02

wear this there: botanica.

i wasn’t certain if i should put together a caviar (and you can request a no-contact delivery). and if you want to help support this small restaura...
20-03-2020 21:59

a little something old school.

i have always loved a jigsaw puzzle. and what better time to while away our hours with a little mental hopscotch, putting together an old school jigs...
19-03-2020 21:59

good reads: fox & june.

i love discovering new blogs, and this one is a beauty — and brand new, at least to me. this is fox & june run by creative due Francisca and Joana,...
18-03-2020 22:00

a good time to get inspired.

hello, friends! i don’t want to go overboard suggesting what you might like to do while we’re social distancing and staying at home, but i do thi...
17-03-2020 22:02

color story: basic black.

greetings friends, how are you all hanging in there" i hope you’re safe, healthy and somehow trying to find a way to embrace your inner homebody. a...
16-03-2020 22:02

wear this there: fisher loft.

this week we’re heading to my old hometown, that beautiful city by the bay, san francisco. and we’re about to dine at one of its newest hot spots...
13-03-2020 22:06

a little rough around the edges.

in contrast to yesterday’s plush post (always something for every taste here!) i think i’d call this look ‘rustic modern’ because while it is...
12-03-2020 22:00

on trend: the plush life.

i’ve noticed a trend of late — plush sofas and soft, loungey-like chairs seem to be taking on a new life and popping up everywhere. they’ve bee...
11-03-2020 22:00

freshen up your laundry routine.

i?m happy to be continuing my proud partnership with Grove Collaborative to keep some of my 2020 goals for living more sustainably and to provide you...
10-03-2020 22:01

instagram worthy: @_marinadenisova_.

this is another one of those wanderlust-inducing, ...
09-03-2020 22:03

wear this there: osip.

well, we’re headed to the english countryside today, friends. we’re visiting osip, a small farm-to-table restaurant in Somerset, a rural county o...
06-03-2020 22:03

vintage paintings always have my heart.

you probably already know all about my affection for vintage paintings, especially portraits. i love that they’re a little bit kitschy, but not alw...
05-03-2020 22:10

at home with avenue design studio.

i’ve long been a fan of the work of Holly Marder, a photographer and one of the principal founders of avenue design studio, a boutique interior des...
04-03-2020 22:04

the pink & brown world of marie olsson nylander.

i’ve always been a big fan of pairing pale pink and chocolate brown — it’s like a Neopolitan sandwich sans the boring vanilla, and it’s rich ...
02-03-2020 22:05

wear this there: oddfellows cafe & bar.

today we’re headed to the beautiful pacific northwest and a charming little Seattle spot i think you’re gonna like. welcome to oddfellows cafe & ...
29-02-2020 22:11

wear this there: odd fellows cafe & bar.

today we’re headed to the beautiful pacific northwest and a charming little Seattle spot i think you’re gonna like. welcome to oddfellows cafe & ...
28-02-2020 22:04

color story: peachy pinks.

this week’s ...
27-02-2020 22:01

instagram worthy: @maisonpalme.

i’ve just recently discovered this week’s ...
26-02-2020 22:04

french finds for francophiles.

i’m not sure if i’ve shared this with you before or not, but i have a storefront where i’ve curated all my favorite amazon finds. it’s all th...
25-02-2020 22:09

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Bank Bag Makeover

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Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Cosy Haven Thi...

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#ProjectFamJam Kitchen Reveal

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The blog is moving!!!!

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Christmas kisses

Christmas kisses

I have been overwhelmed by the love, support, comments, likes and joy that this blog of mine has provided this year and most of that is down to you, my lovely readers. Gorgeous Christmas cup by Holly Rance. I hope you all have the most wonderful... -
How to Get a Kindness Medal for your Child

How to Get a Kindness Medal for your Child

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We take a closer look at the finer design details behind Alexandra Kidd Design’s Hunters Hill House II and delve into how a thoughtful palette of cohesive materials and attention to tapware make for a unique bathroom... -
October 2020 in New York

October 2020 in New York

We’ve had some beautiful weather this October and I made sure I went out for walks on all the sunny days. It was so nice to see so many homeowners and businesses decorate for fall and Halloween. The city is bustling and seems back to... -

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