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Outdoor Fireplace Ideas: How To Make Your Backyard Cozy And

Spending time with your loved ones is important, but if you want to make it memorable, then you should consider creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphe...
13-09-2021 21:54

How To Style Your Living Room: The Top 6 Modern Items You Mu

Your Living Room Is Arguably The Most Important Part Of Your House As It Is There That You Will Spend Most Of Your Time With Your Family And Loved One...
03-09-2021 21:51

Music and Theatrical Events in Colossal Library of Kadokawa

This is not just a library but a cultural gathering space in the heart of the Kadokawa Culture Museum. Photos taken by Ryosuke Kosuge perfectly captur...
03-09-2021 21:51

“Colorful Creator” Megan Zietz Dresses Her House

New York City based Megan Zietz is the name behind the Instagram account and blog TFDiaries (est. 2010) who calls herself “Colorful Creator”. She ...
24-04-2021 21:59

Charming Home Interior In Eclectic Style by Evie Kemp

Evie Kemp is an Auckland based creative who defines herself as a “Maximalist Mastermind, Interiors Rebel, Pattern Clasher & Colour Masher”. She ha...
17-04-2021 21:57

22 Most Inspiring Pallet Bed Design Ideas

It is always smart to go for inexpensive materials when furnishing your home for the first time or redesigning some rooms for a change. Recycable item...
26-03-2021 21:55

Reasons Why Art is Crucial in Interior Design

When it comes to houses and buildings, what it looks like inside should be as good or even better than the outside. Interior design is a crucial facto...
22-02-2021 21:59

Inspirational Home Renovation Story by Adam and Stacey

Adam and Stacey are a lovely couple based in the beautiful Norfolk/Suffolk Broads. They are famous for their Edwardian end terrace house project which...
09-02-2021 21:57

Creative Designer Blends Bohemian And Eclectic Style In Brig

Sisi is a 25 year-old creative currently living in UK. She is an interior designer trainee whilst also training to become a translator. She is origina...
07-02-2021 21:55

Creative Couple Turned A Cargo Ship Into A Floating Dream Ho

The creative couple, Christina and Rohan used to live in a small flat in central London and they were looking for a place to make their home. One afte...
06-02-2021 21:57

Lively Eclectic and Bohemian Home Interior Design by Sarisa

Oklahoma City based creative Sarisa Munoz is the name behind this gorgeously designed eclectic bohemian home. They moved this home in October and star...
02-02-2021 22:02

Inspiring Interior Design Photo-Ideas by Miss Mustard Seed

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed is a mom, entrepreneur and paint & textile enthusiast. She started her business, Mustard ...
15-01-2021 21:58

Charming Vintage Style Home Interior by Arianna Danielson

Arianna Danielson is a designer, wife and mama living at the base of the mountains, raising good little people, running a small business, side hustlin...
11-01-2021 21:58

Hippie and Bohemian Home Style by Andrea De Groot

Andrea de Groot is a passionate vintage chick who likes to be an entrepreneur. She has had many careers in her life and she has done all of them with ...
11-12-2020 21:54

Timeless and Functional Interior Design Examples by Sandra W

Born in Colombia, and residing between Miami and New York City, Sandra Weingort is an internationally recognized and published interior designer whose...
28-11-2020 21:53

8 Things to Make Your Home Life Perfect

Life can be complex, tough, and trying. Work and external pressures are more than they have ever been before, and so it is tremendously important to m...
27-11-2020 21:57

25 Stylish Christmas Decoration Ideas To Adorn Your Home

It is almost Christmas time and we’ve started to decorate our homes to get ready for this greatest celebration of the year. Took your boxes of ornam...
20-11-2020 21:58

Maarten & Sharvin’s Eclectic and Colorful House I

Maarten & Sharvin are a lovely couple who share their ever-changing house interior design on Instagram. It is a beautiful 1930s apartment in Rotterdam...
11-11-2020 22:02

21 Pretty and Inexpensive Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

Kitchen design journey starts with deciding on the cabinets, followed by floor, backsplash, etc. Even if you complete them perfectly, the final look o...
11-11-2020 22:02

23 Brilliant Home Decoration Photo Ideas for a Festive Thank

Thanksgiving is one of the most meaningful events of the year. Preparing for it properly to welcome this festive holiday is of utmost importance for a...
06-11-2020 22:00

20 Creepy But Stylish Halloween Decoration Ideas

Decorate your home in the creepiest and the most stylish way for this Halloween. Instagram has already been floating with the most terrifying yet funn...
24-10-2020 21:56

The Best Buyers Agent In Brisbane for Your Needs

Imagine yourself in Brisbane, and you are thinking about getting yourself a brand-new house. How exciting, you might think. But, all of a sudden, you ...
06-10-2020 21:56

Fairy-Tale-Like And Cozy Scandinavian Home Decor by Emma Sun

Emma Sundstrm lives in Lapland, Sweden among pines, spruces and reindeer! She loves her hometown and it is her greatest source of inspiration. She ha...
06-10-2020 21:56

20 Best Kitchen Decoration Ideas That You’ll Want to S

Kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home where all family members meet at the end of every day and share the best moments together around the tabl...
02-10-2020 21:56

24 Smart Ways to Accessorize Bathroom Shelves

Nothing is more charming than putting shelves to your bathroom and use them smartly both for storage purposes and decoration. As soon as you embrace t...
01-10-2020 21:59

20 Dramatic and Soothing Dark Bedroom Ideas

Black is a universal colour which looks elegant in any colour combination and brings a soothing feel to any bedroom. Navy blues, chocolate browns, cha...
28-09-2020 22:00

21 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom with Plants

For us, decorating any place with plants is always better and easier than decorating with store bought objects. If you think the same, keep reading as...
26-09-2020 21:56

Modern Farmhouse Renovation by Jellina Detmar

Jellina Detmar lives with her husband Jan Detmar in Friesland, The Netherlands and works as a a physiotherapist. Besides her occupation, she is passio...
02-09-2020 22:29

25 Best Wallpaper Examples for the Bathroom

Good news for the ones who love making small changes for renovating their homes; you can use wallpaper in the bathroom. You only need to be careful wh...
01-09-2020 22:36

24 Youthful and Chic Girls’ Bedroom Design and Decorat

Decorating a girls’ bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean painting all the walls pink, a princess bed and a floor full of barbies. It is time to throw ...
24-08-2020 21:59

25 Beautiful Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Your bedroom decoration journey isn’t finished without hanging up the right art pieces on the wall. It is your sancuary so it must welcome you and s...
24-08-2020 21:59

24 Black and White Bathroom Ideas With Timeless Appeal

Black and white, together or seperately, are the timeless colours of both fashion and decoration worlds. They make one of the most versatile colour co...
21-08-2020 21:56

25 Photo-Ideas to Embrace Dark and Moody Colours for Your Ba

Bathrooms are generally designed and decorated in white which brings a sanitary look and tranquilizing atmosphere, but black is not the colour that ev...
20-08-2020 22:03

25 Cheerful Boys’ Bedroom Design and Decoration Ideas

Your baby boy has grown up and now wants to change his bedroom. It is always the best to decide on everything together, so you need to take your decis...
19-08-2020 21:59

Ingenious Designer Shares Tips for Living Life In Style

Randi Garrett loves design and entertaining and her ambition is to inspire people to design a home that creates a haven from the hustle and bustle of ...
17-08-2020 21:54

Charming Home Interior Designs by Studio ArquitetURAS

Located in the Jardins region, in So Paulo, Brazil, Studio ArquitetURAS is a family business founded by and named after Luciana Uras. She was formerl...
17-08-2020 21:54

25 Inspirational Nursery Room Design and Decoration Ideas

Your baby is almost 20-24 weeks old now and it is time to prepare his or her room, if you still haven’t started yet. Designing and decorating any pl...
16-08-2020 22:06

Creative Decorator Blends French Farmhouse Style with Califo

We stumbled across Sheila’s impressive feed on Instagram which she named “Maison de Cinq” and fell in love with her unique style. She is a forme...
16-08-2020 22:06

24 Heavenly Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Never regard attics as a place to store your useless stuff. It is one of the unique rooms of your home and can be turned into a heaven-like bedroom wh...
13-08-2020 22:00

24 Small Yet Comfy Livingroom Design Ideas

Small does not necessarily mean impossible in design and decoration world. There are various ways to design a compact yet functional place that provid...
12-08-2020 21:57

Bold and Witty Polish Posters Curated by Harriet + Sylwia

Harriet + Sylwia are originally from the faraway hills of Masuria in Poland and the Kentish countryside, they now live on a leafy green hill in south-...
11-08-2020 21:56

Artful Interior Design and Decoration Examples by Sophie Ash

Sophie Ashby is the creative director of London based interior design studio. She has a BA in History of Art (Hons) at Leeds University, she is going ...
11-08-2020 21:56

Passionate Couple Shares Their Home Building and Design Adve

Creative couple Henry and Brooke Jones are baased in the small town of Kingsport, Tennessee. They have a modern farmhouse and live there with their tw...
29-07-2020 21:58

French Country Cottage Design by Courtney Allison

Courtney Allison is the name behind the curtain of this impressive French country cottage style home design. She works as a freelance photographer and...
12-07-2020 21:55

24 Budget-Friendly Ikea Bedroom Design Ideas

Planing to turn your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary" “Good night means good day” and that’s only achieved with a comfy and cozy bed and a wel...
09-07-2020 21:52

Designer Shares About Their 100 Year Old Home in Farm House

Leslie Saeta entered the world of home decoration and design after they bought their dream home which she refers as “My 100 Year Old Home”. This h...
08-07-2020 21:55

Neatly Designed Home Interior by Erin Vogelpohl

Erin Vogelpohl is an Instagrammer and blogger who loves sharing her home design ideas. She is married with 3 kid and she is a stay at home mum. She bu...
02-07-2020 21:56

24 Stylish Pot Cover Ideas to Pretty Up Your Plants

A house can’t be a home without plants. Little succulents or large floor plants, having something green at home is a must to add a touch of freshnes...
25-06-2020 21:55

24 Dreamy Bedroom Design and Decoration Ideas

Bedroom means a hideaway or a shelter to most of us. It is the place where you relax and revitalise so its design and decoration deserve of the utmost...
25-06-2020 21:55

25 Relaxing and Functional Small Balcony Design Ideas

Big or small, when decorated properly, a balcony can become your favourite and the most relaxing place at home. Designing and decorating this small ar...
25-06-2020 21:55

DIY Dollhouse Door – Electrical Power Outlet Decoratio

Cristina (Cristinaf on Imgur), took this isolation period to express her creativity by starting a DIY project. The dollhouse doors that cover the elec...
25-06-2020 21:55

Fresh and Modern Green Bathroom Design Ideas

When dreaming about a bathroom, most of us consider white or blue as main colours. The first one is equal with pureness and the latter is the colour o...
25-06-2020 21:55

Unique and Timeless Flower Arrangements by Gather Design

Amy is the founder of Gather Design Company who has always been into flowers since she was a little girl. “My love for flowers runs deep and true. I...
25-06-2020 21:55

Marvelous Bamboo and Steel Complex in Indonesia

RAW – Realrich Architecture Workshop just finished their latest building ‘Guha Bambu’. RAW are known for their splendid merging of lush botanica...
25-06-2020 21:55

Impressive Interior Designs by Huff-Dewberry

Huff-Dewberry, Inc. is a boutique residential interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. William C. Huff, Jr. and Heather Zarrett Dewberry are th...
25-06-2020 21:55

23 Cozy and Chic Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing and decorating small kitchens can be problematic. You cannot have big furniture or place loads of things and you will need as much storage a...
25-06-2020 21:55

Strong, Durable and Aesthetically Pure Concrete Basins

London-trained fine art graduate Tim Bayes is the genius name behind the idea of using concrete in contemporary interiors. After exploring ways of how...
25-06-2020 21:55

27 Shiny Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

We need sunshine more than ever these days and have some spare time to devote to our home decoration. So it is the best time to renovate your bathroom...
01-04-2020 21:47

20 Super-Fun Fortnite Cake Decorating Ideas

In case you’re not into video games, you’ve probably heard about Fortnite from some fans or young players. Fortnite is an online video game develo...
04-03-2020 21:43

22 Festive Mantel Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Fireplace is the focal point of all winter celebrations as everyone likes being by the fire enjoying the warmth all night long. Your home’s holiday ...
21-12-2019 21:41

25 Charming Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Still haven’t decided for your Christmas tree style" It is one of the most important decisions of Christmas time as the tree will be the heart of al...
20-12-2019 21:46

25 Chic and Clever Ways For Decorating Your Home With Pumpki

There is nothing more enjoyable than decorating your home with pumpkins to celebrate the cool weather and the cozy vibes it brings. Inside or outside,...
22-11-2019 21:43

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An interview with Tricia Guild OBE, founder a...

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Hackers Help: How to shorten ELVARLI posts"

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I want to install the ELVARLI wardrobe system in my daughter’s bedroom. But as it has three dormer windows and the ceiling height is lower than the 222cm (87 1/4″) ELVARLI post height, at its shortest level. I’m... -
From cutting board to mouse pad

From cutting board to mouse pad

IKEA items used: Aptiltig cutting board This is extremely easy: use a stencil to nicely paint the cutting board. Remove the stencil when paint is dry. Apply vinyl words to the board to make it prettier. If you wish?paint also the other... -
A Beautifully restored Country Retreat in Burrawang

A Beautifully restored Country Retreat in Bur...

While I may have focused on all things Autumn on Instagram yesterday (those Scandinavian wool and alpaca blankets are a must, after all), other parts of the world are slowly emerging into spring. And -
Issue 138 – September & October: Editor’s Welcome

Issue 138 – September & October: E...

This edition is full of ideas for building your own home. Is it just a pipe dream" We don?t think so ? not if it?s done the right way The post Issue 138 ? September & October: Editor?s Welcome first appeared on Homes & Interiors Scotland. -
Trend alert: Elephants

Trend alert: Elephants

China\'s herd of wandering elephants have proved popular over the past few months, perhaps informing this sweet new trend. Representing wisdom, good luck, and protection this is one trend you\'ll want to hop onto. The post Trend alert:... -
This easy-to-install skylight will brighten the darkest corners of your home

This easy-to-install skylight will brighten t...

Let the sunshine in with this natural daylight solution A home with loads of natural light flooding in is always a joy to be in and it?s much better for you than electric light. Sunlight improves your circadian rhythm ? meaning you sleep better,... -
Tips to Set up Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Tips to Set up Your Kitchen for Healthy Eatin...

If you have finally decided to make the long awaited shift to healthy eating, you probably need to set-up your kitchen accordingly!   Selection of the right cooking and dining setup will make it much easier for you to accomplish your healthy... -
warming up mid-century modern.

warming up mid-century modern.

i’ve always admired mid-century modernism and even tried to achieve the look for myself many moons ago, but my problem with it was, for me, it felt a little too minimalist and not quite cozy enough. but lately, i’ve seen a modernizing trend in... -
7 Best Fiber Cement Shear Reviews + Buyer?s Guide

7 Best Fiber Cement Shear Reviews + Buyer?s G...

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, we know how tough it is to get the desired output. While no job is easy, working on cement is significantly more challenging. It would be best if you had a tool that offers the right balance of... -

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