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What To Put On Your Kitchen Counter"" (Try These 8

It’s kinda wild how even the simple design questions don’t always come easy to us (*cough* me). I remember when I was styling my kitchen coun...
05-10-2021 22:02

The Fall Furniture Collections And Collabs That REALLY Caugh

Tell me if you think this is weird: I click through every single spammy, selly email that comes into my inbox. Like I’m talking Bed Bath & Beyo...
04-10-2021 22:02

The Link Up: Emily and Brian’s Favorite Account To Fol

Hello all! It’s link up time! We hope your weeks were full of cozy fall weather ?? we got 1 rainy day here in LA and now it’s back to 90 but ...
03-10-2021 21:58

My Favorite Fall Lightweight Rain Coats, Comfortable Rain Bo

I was highly unprepared, fooled by the 2 weeks of hot sun after landing in Portland. But as I looked at my weather app (HA CORRECTION AS MY IMPAS...
02-10-2021 21:55

Here’s How To BEAT The Homeowner’s Emotional Ren

Emily and Brian made it to Portland. I am so happy. It is going to be great having them nearby. Emily?s exuberance and passion for every littl...
01-10-2021 22:02

Emily’s Friend Dee Murphy’s Bedroom Blew Up On I

Do you ever look at a room design and wonder what exactly makes it work SO well" It can be difficult to pinpoint why some rooms catch our eyes so...
30-09-2021 21:59

How To Basically Decorate ONCE For Fall, Halloween, And Than

My name is Royale Ziegler and I am a stylist, entertaining expert, and the Chief Marketing Officer for Party Supply and Home Decor business, Bonj...
30-09-2021 21:59

How To Make Your Living Room Look Better (The 7 Dos and Don&

I wish I could remember who threw out this blog post title in our last brainstorm. Originally it was simply “How To Make Your Living Room Look ...
29-09-2021 22:00

The Dining Chairs That Will Meet All Your Comfort Needs + Ru

Today’s post has been in the works for a while. It’s a topic that has been talked about many a time in the EHD office, requested by more than...
29-09-2021 22:00

Miss Mid-Century Modern Design" This MCM Palm Springs C

bright white which allows the light to bounce around throughout the space making it feel extra bright and airy. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in...
28-09-2021 22:00

Fall 2021 Is All About Comfort, Ease, Affordability, And Gat

This fall is going to be different than last year – 100% guaranteed. The kids will actually go to school (after a year and a half of “home sc...
27-09-2021 22:03

The Link Up: Emily’s $27 Dress For When You Need ̶

Hey everyone!! How are you" How was your week"" Good" GOOD! Bad" We’re here to make it better. We’re so happy to have you here this Sunday an...
26-09-2021 22:00

Fall Fashion: The One Essential Piece We Each Needed (And Th

Sure, as adults we can “technically” shop for new clothes whenever we need to. Perks of having a job instead of an allowance (if you were luc...
25-09-2021 22:00

Our Favorite Sustainable Halloween Decor That WON’T En

HEY, HI, HELLO. It’s officially fall, it’s almost the weekend, and I want to take you on a little afternoon digital window shopping trip. Her...
24-09-2021 22:02

The Debate: To Keep Or Replace The Original Vintage Windows

A big box was checked a while ago and it’s one that all of us were pretty darn invested in. After so much back and forth – YOU HAVE NO IDEA ...
24-09-2021 22:02

See How Ajai TRANSFORMED Her Client?s Builder Grade Guest Ro

I can’t believe it’s been ten months since my sweet baby boy (Jack) was born. Ten months of diaper changing, breastfeeding, and little-to-no-...
23-09-2021 22:03

New Reveal: ALL The Details Of The Primary Suite At The Real

Oh how I’ve missed a good reveal and it’s even more fun when I never got to see it in person. So when Keyanna of East & Lane (mentee + a true...
22-09-2021 21:57

Love Wallpaper"" Then Feast Your Eyes On This NYC

Jess here! Before Megan gets into the incredibly beautiful home she designed, I thought it would be fun to give a little back story to how we kno...
21-09-2021 22:03

Real Simple FULL Home Tour – The First Showhouse IR

The 2021 REAL SIMPLE HOME is finally out! When they asked me to do it again I knew I couldn’t do it alone, what with moving this summer and des...
20-09-2021 22:03

The Link Up: Emily’s New Kids’ Breakfast Hack, J

Happy Sunday! Who’s ready for another Link Up: Fall Edition… well the first one at least"" I know. We are as excited too. Let’s jump on in:...
19-09-2021 21:55

You’ll Never Believe This Reader DIY’ed These Ca

A few weeks ago, we asked you guys to send in rooms in your home that were inspired by past EHD projects, Lisa responded with an AWESOME version ...
18-09-2021 21:54

My 5 Go-To (Easy And Affordable) Fall Decor Items That Surpr

HOUSTON WE HAVE SEASONS. And it’s making me want to do just a tiny bit more in our rental home that says “hey, it’s fall, let’s get cozy...
17-09-2021 21:57

Here’s How Much Caitlin Spent Installing Permanent Wal

Three weeks ago, I stood before you and asked a simple question: “kirsten blazek | photo by virtually here studios | from: tour creative direct...
16-09-2021 22:01

Who WE Would Hire To Design Our Homes If We Could… Any

I feel pretty confident in saying that in almost every home reno or even room makeover, there’s that point of despair and when the creative jui...
15-09-2021 22:04


My thoughts exactly. It’s the storm before the calm. The house version of Benjamin Button and it’s going to take a while for this old house ...
14-09-2021 21:58

Our Dining Room “Rules” Cheat Sheet

We decided to break down some of the Dining Room rules you should be adhering to in your own home. The purpose of these posts is not to give you ...
13-09-2021 22:00

The Link Up: The Cream That Made Ryann’s Hair Shine, C

Hey all!! EHD team here ready to welcome you to another link up. We’ve got some fun links for you this week (per usual…we hope:)) so let’s ...
12-09-2021 21:57

A Current Tour Of Our New Rental House In Portland

The rental market in the neighborhood we wanted to be near was slim pickings and trying to secure one, sight unseen, from Lake Arrowhead became B...
11-09-2021 22:01

What You Bought Last Month: Including 6 Home Decor Items Tha

It is always interesting to us to see what products y’all actually add to cart and purchase but these roundup posts are not just for us. You al...
10-09-2021 22:01
10-09-2021 22:01

After Working For Leanne Ford, Anita Yokota, AND Living In A

Before I dive into talking about the loft, I?d love to share a few moments leading up. Last summer when Covid became a harsh reality, my partner ...
09-09-2021 22:00

What Are “The Young People” Into" It’

left photo: via | right photo: via @santanafekete There are 3 main components to getting an “Aesthetic” Room (which are ...
08-09-2021 22:00

How To Actually Make A Gallery Wall: Our No-Fail Formula We

Gallery walls, like hardwood floors or marble accents, are timeless and will never go out of style. But pulling a gallery wall of your own togeth...
08-09-2021 22:00

Need Help Tackling Your Garage"" Here’s Albi

Welcome to one of the least sexy transformations I have planned for the hygge ranch, and also, the one I?ve been the most excited about for the p...
07-09-2021 22:00

The Link Up: Where Emily Bought Birdie’s First Day Of

You know you have likely the greatest boss in the world when she gives you off 3 extra days prior to a national holiday…because it’s HER birt...
05-09-2021 22:02

Emily Buys The Team Her 3 Of Her All-Time Favorite Products

I try to not actually force other people to choose the products that I swear by – but every now and again, as we brainstorm posts based on our ...
04-09-2021 21:59

We Scoured The Internet And Found The Only Labor Day Sales W

Gah. Labor Day. How are we here" How is it not still May" Where did the summer go" Like, guys, the sun is starting to set earlier. I’m neither ...
03-09-2021 22:00

Sofa Wars: We Sat On Every Sofa On The Market From CB2 to IK

Buying a stylish yet comfortable sofa online is like trying to hit a baseball with your eyes closed. There’s A LOT of information you need in o...
02-09-2021 22:02

We Have Our First Feel Good Makeover Designer!! Now We Need

Well, you all showed up. After our announcement of taking the Pen and Napkin makeovers national, over 200 of you signed up to help decorate a fam...
02-09-2021 22:02

September 1st, 2021

Today is my birthday and the first day of our kid’s school in Portland. It?s been a year, or 42. The 4 of us are feeling equal parts excitement...
01-09-2021 22:15

All The Design Content Creator Projects We Are Following Clo

Is there anything more exciting than living vicariously through someone else’s design project"" It’s all the fun with none of the stress (unl...
31-08-2021 21:58

Malcolm’s Bathroom Reveal – The Power Of Pivotin

When I was a kid, I ALWAYS felt pulled to check out the design of the restroom of whatever establishment my family happened to be visiting?from r...
31-08-2021 21:58

The Link Up: The Well-Reviewed Backpacks Emily Bought for He

Hello all! In case you missed it here’s a little housekeeping…it’s finally happened: Emily made the big Portland move (ah)! We’re all ver...
31-08-2021 21:58

Kid Mask Review – Our Kid’s Three Favorites (And

We’ve been way behind on the mask game for the kids, solely because we lived in the mountains, surrounded by nature, with few friends and homes...
28-08-2021 22:05

A “White Box” Rental That Was Turned Into A Stun

OH BOY, BUCKLE UP. Today’s post is one for the books. We have a renter-friendly design! We have $7 pieces of vintage furniture! We have pieces ...
27-08-2021 22:06

The EHD-Inspired Rooms We Couldn’t Wait to Share…

Gah, this is an exciting day! Our sole purpose on this blog is to teach, inspire, and learn from each other. So when we see one recreate or be he...
26-08-2021 21:59

“Have I Lost My Actual Mind"” Exploring Th

via vamos receber Switching it up a little and breaking out a new shape: the flower!!! I wrote about the Italian plates I grabbed on our last EHD t...
25-08-2021 22:05

How To Choose The Right Rug Size For Your Living Room –

We’re back AGAIN with one of our favorite topics: rugs. It’s one of our most requested topics in both “how” and “which one”. And we g...
24-08-2021 22:07

Should We Be Floating All Of Our Furniture"""

hearth studio | photo by sean fennessy | via jacky winter gardens Not to mention that the HOT design question of 2020 was asking if the open concep...
24-08-2021 22:07

My Four Cents On Starting A Successful Creative Career

This last year made a lot of people I know reevaluate their jobs. There seems to be this collective urge to actually enjoy some of the 40-50 hour...
23-08-2021 22:04

The Link Up: How Caitlin Makes Her Hair Silky/Bouncy/Smooth,

It’s hard to know what to write when there’s so much tragedy and hardship going on in the world. We don’t want to ignore but also know that...
22-08-2021 22:01

Emily’s Bon Voyage But Not Before A LOT Of Vintage Sho

Two weeks ago, the EHD team met up in person one final time before Em’s move to Oregon. We rented a house in Long Beach for three days, ate two...
21-08-2021 22:00

An Anxiety Relief Hack That Will Make You And Your Loved One

Happy Friday, my sweet plum pals! Today, I wanted to fill you in on my all-time favorite money-saving and stress-reducing hack: the gifting close...
20-08-2021 22:00

Jess’ Long And Skinny Balcony Reveal!! + The DIY IKEA

My co-dependant relationship/design support with/from Caitlin Higgins has for the millionth time paid off. I, Jessica A. Bunge, designed and phot...
19-08-2021 22:05

How To Help Families From Afghanistan Right Now – Miry

A few years ago I was introduced to Miry’s List – an LA-based non-profit that helps welcome refugees and their families by getting them set u...
18-08-2021 21:59

The Truth About Unlacquered Brass Faucets + All The Kitchen

Here’s a funny story/cautionary tale I never told you: When I was choosing the faucets for our 100-year-old English Tudor 5 years ago I wanted ...
17-08-2021 22:05

Londo Lodge Guest Bedroom: Creating a Space That Is Wild Wit

Hi, I?m back with another Londo Lodge update! I?ve been madly plugging away at getting my bedrooms ready for guests the past few months and now I...
16-08-2021 22:03

The Link Up: Emily’s $18 Parenting Hack, Jess’s

Good morning Sunday blog family. Welcome to the link up. It’s been a wildly hot week around here in LA, and our fearless leader, work mom, and ...
15-08-2021 21:58

All The Hyper Decorative Victorian Or Antique Collectables I

As you know the main architecture of the farm was designed in the “Scandi Shaker Farmhouse” vibe which many of you are concerned is going to ...
14-08-2021 22:03

The Budget-Friendly Brick House Hack – How to Clad You

My mind was blown and maybe it shouldn’t have been. Maybe I should have known white brick was a possibility, that there is a version of it that...
13-08-2021 22:02

Our Feel-Good Makeover Takeovers Are Going National With Pen

brady tolbert and emily bowser and velinda hellen for ehd | from: a colorful, happy home makeover for a very deserving family So here’s how it’...
12-08-2021 22:05

Caitlin And Emily Debate About Canopy Beds (And Discover The

Two weeks ago, I pulled out my tape measure mid-meeting (as one does) and then asked Emily a question: would you do a canopy bed in an apartm...
11-08-2021 22:05

Jess’ Shared Patio Intro – SURPRISE She’s

Remember back when I first talked about my crazy list of demands for moving into a new apartment" Well, a private outdoor space was very high on t...
09-08-2021 22:00

The Link Up: Emily’s “Sexy” Velcro Sandal,

Hey all and welcome to our Sunday Link Up!! Today we’re sharing all sorts of fun things we feel you need to check out. We just got back from ou...
08-08-2021 21:56

What Furniture/Decor We’d Want If Money Were No Object

I spend equal time on 1stDibs as I do on Craigslist. The strategy is to identify what I love (and what design elements make it so desirable) on 1...
07-08-2021 22:00

All the Vintage Stuff I’ve Bought For The Farm Already

Every Saturday morning I get up early and with a hot cup of coffee in hand and in a silent house I settle in to jump on the internet and sift, sh...
06-08-2021 22:02

The One “Entire House” Paint Trick That Stole Ou

I equate those quiet design details that you only probably clock at a second or third look to the background music in a movie or tv show. You’r...
05-08-2021 21:59

Calling All Portland Maker, Artist, And Vintage Dealers R

One of the best things about moving back to Portland is the amount of artistic, creative, and talented artists and makers there are, and the stro...
04-08-2021 22:04

It’s Time. We’re Renting Out The Mountain House

Hi gang. Brian here. I probably shouldn?t write this, but I?ve done a lot of bad stuff in rental homes. I?ve barfed in bedrooms, tipped over t...
04-08-2021 22:04

Old-World And Unexpected Kitchen Cabinet “Trends”

Trying to make this basically-brand-new farm kitchen look “original” is not our goal. Even with a time machine, the “original” kitchen fr...
03-08-2021 22:05

Two Simple (But VERY PRETTY) Bathroom DIYs That Lea Johnson

Hey friends, Lea here, it?s been a while (five months since I revealed my living room update in fact) and I don?t know about you, but this year i...
02-08-2021 22:06
01-08-2021 22:06

What’s The Best Way To Travel Over 900 Miles With Two

We basically only have two ways to get these fuzzballs up north with us – by car or on the plane. And I?d love to hear your advice. You?ve heard...
31-07-2021 22:03

The Pros And Cons Of The Pot-Filler (+ Brian And My First Fa

Few things really rev people up like pot-fillers – I had no idea. Such was the subject of our first actual farm fight of the renovation. I thou...
30-07-2021 22:08

The Wicker Trend Is Stronger Than Ever + The Exciting Ways W

Just when we thought wicker has been overdone, it proves to be a versatile and ever-evolving design feature that we can’t get enough of. Over t...
29-07-2021 22:04

Can Anyone Vault Their Ceilings And What Does That Cost"

After coming off the heels of an 1878 Victorian renovation, my family and I decided to sell our home and embark on a new project: A 1945 Colonia...
28-07-2021 22:06

Coco Kelly’s Basement Kitchen Reveal!! + A Case For Th

Hey everyone! I?m Cassandra LaValle, founder of Coco Kelley – a lifestyle blog and housewares shop, and I?m an Interior & Prop Stylist in Seatt...
27-07-2021 22:05

The Best Reviewed Carry-On Luggage And Travel Accessories So

Traveling is on the horizon but I assure you this post is not to convince you to pack your bags and jump on a plane if you are not there yet. Do ...
26-07-2021 21:59

The Link Up: Emily’s Go-To Summer PJs, Caitlin’s

We’ve arrived at THE LAST Sunday in July! Whew, that was quicker than we could have possibly imagined. I’m sure like us you are trying to soa...
25-07-2021 22:05

The Shorts We Bought That Made Us Feel Really Good (And The

Here we are again, on the hunt for a great pair of shorts. It was 10 am Wednesday morning, LA heat was already ablaze, we were sweaty and ready t...
24-07-2021 22:01

Can You/I Have Too Much Tile In Your Kitchen And Baths"

cle tile Lane’s comment was so interesting to me and truly made me stop to think. Thank you, Lane. I love an opposing perspective based on real-l...
23-07-2021 22:06

How To Throw An Elevated Garden Party with PRESS Premium Sel

It’s the summer of safe, small gatherings outside and are we ready. So today I have partnered with PRESS, a woman-founded, independently owned ...
22-07-2021 22:02

Reveal Alert: How Albie Designed The Hygge Inspired Luxe Kit

Six months ago I began what I thought would be a ?quick and easy? kitchen renovation. The plan was to get in and out in 4 weeks and y?all… I was...
21-07-2021 22:03

Blue & Red IN BED! Is This The Next Bedroom Color Trend

left: design by enok holsegrd, via vogue uk | right photo: design by peter dolkas and michelle ficker, via coveteur And in case y’all thought ...
20-07-2021 22:01

FARM UPDATE: Against Popular Vote We Bought A Vintage Piece

I’m caught in a three-way love affair with “all things vintage” and “all things practical”. “Form” beat “function” for years pr...
19-07-2021 22:07

The Link Up: Emily’s All-Time Favorite Toy Storage Ite

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s the dead middle of summer and hopefully you aren’t melting like we are. However, some INCREDIBLY exciting news hap...
18-07-2021 22:10

The EHD Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks – The HIGHLY

You know how Leslie Knope’s brain is a steel trap of friendship nuggets" My brain is a steel trap for prices and sales. Maybe it’s the 2 year...
17-07-2021 22:06

Just A Couple Of EHD Gals Back At The Rose Bowl (A Real Flea

It’s time for some good old-fashioned blogging, folks! Jess and I went to our first flea market in over a year on Sunday and I’m still riding...
16-07-2021 22:06

How To Make “A Cook’s” Kitchen – It&

From Em: Today we have a kitchen reveal of a friend, collaborator and fellow blogger, Barrett Prendergast. We were hanging out a couple of years ...
15-07-2021 22:17

Is Cord Swagging Back"" And Are They Part Of The S

The majority of the time I’m scrolling through Instagram, I’m both inspired and simultaneously kinda bummed. I know that’s likely the most ...
14-07-2021 22:11

Powder Bathrooms (For The Farm) I Won’t Copy But Serio

If all the rooms in a house are meant to feel like a “family”, the powder room is the crazy cousin, the one that spikes the crystal light dur...
13-07-2021 22:05

Rashida’s Totally Transformed Kitchen Reveal (That Inc

Today?s kitchen reveal marks some pivotal firsts for me… My first time making a reveal on the EHD blog, my first time designing a kitchen and s...
12-07-2021 22:08

The Link Up: Ryann’s $30 Jewelry Cleaning Machine, Cai

Hello and welcome back to The Link Up ?? Episode: 7/11/21. Now, you probably already know this, but it’s a national holiday here in America… ...
11-07-2021 22:05

The Design Risk-Takers I Deep Dive Into When I’m Looki

I follow a billion designers and love so many things about so many of them. Some create spaces that I want to live in (practical and beautiful bu...
10-07-2021 22:05

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen: The 3 Essentials The EHD Te

Picture this: it’s a hot summer Saturday and you’ve worked up an appetite from spending the early afternoon lounging at the beach, reading yo...
09-07-2021 22:16

A House Hunt For The “Worst Home” On The Best Bl

It?s been almost a year since we sold our first home, and I can?t believe we are back on the hunt for another. Yes, you read that right, we are a...
08-07-2021 22:07

How To Design Your Cabinetry To Work Best For Your Family &#

For the kitchen and mudroom at the farmhouse, we are designing the cabinetry with utility and function first, then we’ll make it actually look ...
07-07-2021 22:11

Step Inside This Colorful, Organic Home That Is Dripping Wit

The owner of today’s featured home tour is Dr. Celine Ord, an oncologist who renovates homes in her spare time (no big deal, right""). Ord (al...
06-07-2021 22:09

The Link Up: Jess’s VERY CUTE $30 Cordless Lamp, Ryann

Happy holiday weekend, friends!! However you may be celebrating this weekend, we hope you get lots of fun time with family and friends and we’r...
04-07-2021 22:02

We All Tested Emily’s All-Time Favorite Hair Tool And

When Emily gets excited about a product and HIGHLY recommends it, like most of you, we are equally as excited and curious to try it! I mean after...
03-07-2021 22:05

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Atelier Vime

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