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Yesterday’s Rose Bowl Flea

I braved the Rosebowl flea market yesterday, despite the ominous clouds threatening rain. It was, indeed, a slow day at the market. Only about half t...
14-02-2019 21:34

Art Deco Inspiration from the Wiltern Theater and beyond

Art Deco, the style that first emerged in France in the earlier part of the 20th Century is back in a major way. Art Deco combines styles from around...
14-02-2019 21:34

Studio DIY’s #Mindwelling

I love Kelly Mindell, from the blog Studio DIY and her whole ridiculously cute family. They bought a home last year and have been renovating it littl...
14-02-2019 21:34

New year, new kitchen updates!

This post was created in partnership with @CafeAppliances last year as a #CafePartner. I was able to customize the finish of the hardware for the dis...
03-02-2019 21:35

Weekend Adventures

  I lived abroad three times between the age of thirteen and twenty six. This first two times I lived in Switzerland, the second time I lived in Italy...
30-01-2019 21:36

Antique Shopping in Pasadena

I missed the Rose Bowl Flea this month (it only happens once per month) so to get my Pasadena vintage fix this weekend Jason and I went antiquing the...
22-01-2019 21:36

Bucket Listed: Robert Brady Museum

Fifty miles from Mexico City is Cuernavaca, a city known for its lush vegetation and pleasant climate. Cuernavaca is home to the Robert Brady Museo, ...
16-01-2019 21:36

2019 Home Decor and Design Trend Predictions

Ok friends, it?s that time a year again! 2018 is almost behind us and I hear a lot of whispers that ?maximalism? it?s back, apparently (for me it nev...
28-12-2018 21:33

Getting cozy by the fireplace

The holidays are upon us! It?s the time of year when people gather around the fireplace, drink hot cocoa, and put their cute holiday cards out on the...
18-12-2018 21:33

This Just In: Audrey Ducas of Audrey Weaves

It?s no secret that we love a handmade goodie here at Jungalow! But when an artisan remixes their craft in unexpected ways, we are SUPER into it! Aud...
10-12-2018 21:32

Getting Scrappy with Wrapping!

We love, love, love making prezzies feel super special here at Jungalow, evidenced by so many fun wrapping ideas we?ve shared over the years. And som...
08-12-2018 21:31

Introducing Café Appliances

This post was created in partnership with Café Appliances saw the same gap in the market and decided to do something about it and they created the 21...
05-12-2018 21:34

All new and yummy

We?ve been working hard over here to bring you all new and fresh yummies for your homes? and it?s so fun to see designs from our pattern archives com...
03-12-2018 21:32

Some rocks for my rocks

This post was sponsored by Lightbox Jewelry My first day at UCLA I was completely lost. The campus was HUGE. This was pre smart-phone days. I was arme...
03-12-2018 21:32

Black Friday Sale at JUNGALOW!

Hey Jungalistas! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are catching up on some much needed R+R after a crazy few weeks!! We had a fun Thank...
03-12-2018 21:32

Jewelry Gallery Wall

I?m a little late to the whole spring cleaning thing, but cleaning out our garages has been the impetus for me to start cleaning out all different no...
03-12-2018 21:32

Discover your ultimate boho gift guide

Wondering which prezzies to give your bohemian homies" Not to worry, y?all? we?ve got you! We?ve put together a fun lil? quiz that?ll lead you to dis...
03-12-2018 21:32

Outfit to Room with Lightbox Jewelry

This post was sponsored by Lightbox Jewelry Over the summer I was excited to intro you all to Lightbox Jewelry ? the company that makes really pretty...
03-12-2018 21:32

My favorite art supplies

Besides being one of my favorite leisurely pass-times, painting and drawing has become a vital part of my business as our fabrics, bedding, wallpaper...
03-12-2018 21:32

All zee good vibes

You know we are all about the good vibes here at Jungalow, so we are always seeking to learn more about the history and symbolism of the objects that...
03-12-2018 21:32

Flight of the Heart

I met Amanda Daniels through a close friend of mind about ten years ago. At the time, my main gig was consulting with small businesses and helping ...
19-10-2018 21:33

A girl can dream, right" Our garage conversion

It?s hard to believe that it?s been almost four years since we moved in to our #JungalowByTheRiver. Step by step, year after year we?ve redone pretty...
19-10-2018 21:33


Do you find yourself proclaiming ?OMG I wanna live here!? when you walk into a botanical garden filled to the brim with all sorts of colorful plants"...
19-10-2018 21:33

Erick Millan’s Casablanca Design Studio

Let us know if you need a minute to pick your jaw up from off the floor! Erick Millan?s design studio, Casablanca, located in Guadalajara, Mexico is ...
19-10-2018 21:33

My Parents’ Condo Makeover – Part 2

This post was written with hugs and thanks to Fireclay Tile and Wayfair who helped to sponsor this project. A couple of weeks back we revealed the fr...
19-10-2018 21:33

Let your tabletop set the tone

Some of the most memorable moments are made when we have company over for a tasty meal and all around good vibes. Create that set up for yourself (and...
19-10-2018 21:33


Beads are a great way to add color, texture, and some shine to your wardrobe, but what about your home" It deserves a little shine too! Beaded decor ...
19-10-2018 21:33

New Jungalow by Justina Blakeney fabrics

With my passion for color, pattern and texture, it should come as no surprise that I?m totally crazy for textiles. Having the opportunity to design m...
19-10-2018 21:33

“City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan”

I visited the LACMA last week, it was the last day of this exhibit: City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan was an ancient, multi-...
19-10-2018 21:33

THIS JUST IN: DittoHouse’s Courageous Woman Collection

A soft, sustainable textile that helps to empower girls and women across the world" What kind of magic is this, you ask" It?s actually the creative v...
19-10-2018 21:33

Solar Symbols

The sun is by far the most important source of energy for all living things on earth. Humans and plants alike draw energy from the sun, and its power...
19-07-2018 21:33

This Just In: Art Botanica

We love sculptural, textured art because sometimes you need a lil? something with dimension to balance a room design. That?s when we usually reach fo...
17-07-2018 21:35

New Justina Blakeney Stationery, Calendars and Gift items ar

When I was 28, I moved to New York City after living in Italy for seven years. The rhythms in New York were very intense, and basically a total 180 f...
17-07-2018 21:35

PAD PEEK: Bryony Webster

This time around, we?re venturing all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa, y?all! Join us for a rad tour of Bryony Webster?s bohemian home and take...
17-07-2018 21:35

This just In: Ixchel Triangle

We?ve got some more handmade artisanal treasures for ya courtesy of website or follow them on ...
28-06-2018 21:33

The new ‘critter’ that’s inspiring our wor

Pattern by Justina Blakeney Have you ever noticed that ?critters? seem to come in and out of style" Around 2010 everything had an owl on it, a couple...
28-06-2018 21:33

Weekend botanicals and what they teach me

I like to walk slowly outside so that I can give my attention to small moments that bring me joy and inspiration, often having to so with plants and f...
28-06-2018 21:33

Soraa Radiant Light

This post is sponsored by Soraa  In the New Bohemians Handbook, I wrote a lot about natural and artificial light because I REALLY feel that lighting ...
28-06-2018 21:33

Plant Places: Peacock & Co.

Jungalistas! We?re taking y?all on a tour of one of our all-time favorite plant places. This time, it?s a mega-cool, modern shop called Peacock & Co....
28-06-2018 21:33

PAD PEEK: Erin Milk

You know everyone?s favorite hotel that?s bursting with every color of the rainbow" Imagine this ? Instagram. Photos by ...
28-06-2018 21:33

Our New Inside Out Performance Fabrics

Blurring the lines between inside and outside is one of my very favorite things, which is one reasons why I?m EXTRA excited about my latest design en...
09-06-2018 00:23

This Just In: Dear Hancock’s “House Plants”

What do we love about Gwen Mason and Earnest Merritt" Hmmm, not only are they the creative couple who founded Dear Hancock, but they are also as obse...
01-06-2018 21:34

Bohemian Regency

Erica Reitman home shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook We?re all about mixing styles here at Jungalow. In the past, we?ve talked about ?Af...
21-05-2018 21:34

Plant-o-Pedia: Bird’s Nest Fern

A question we get a lot is ?What fern can I keep alive?" While ferns are certainly not members of the easy-care club, Asplenium nidus, aka the Bird?s...
11-05-2018 21:35

Pad Peek: Michelle Qazi

What happens when a southern California girl moves to the Pacific Northwest" Pure magic! Michelle Qazi, owner of 6th and Detroit recently moved to Se...
04-05-2018 21:32

Watermelon Agua Fresca With A Twist

We don?t wanna be seasonists, but Spring is secretly our favorite season here at Jungalow. The flowers are in full bloom, the days are longer, and we...
27-04-2018 21:34

DIY Cement Tile Planter

I?m pretty obsessed with the cement tiles we put in our newish studio kitchen. And when we had a few leftover boxes of tile, we wanted to find anothe...
25-04-2018 21:33

The Business of Being Boho: Finding Common Ground

I?m sitting on the plane right now, on my way to High Point, NC, where three or four times a year I come to trade shows for home furnishings and text...
23-04-2018 21:34

Plant Places: Wyldbnch

We?ve got a wild one for you, this time, jungalistas! Wyldbnch is one of our favorite new plant places. Pop Annemarie, the boss lady behind Wyldbnch,...
20-04-2018 21:33

A Secret Garden

Who else?s favorite childhood book was The Secret Garden" If you?re not familiar with it, it?s the story of an enchanting hidden garden with archways...
18-04-2018 21:40


Have you ever wondered what the home of a digital designer and self-proclaimed plant addict might look like" Well wonder no more, jungalistas? it loo...
16-04-2018 21:32

Plant-o-Pedia: Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a stunning tropical plant that makes a major statement, but it also suffers from a bit of an identity crisis! Often confused ...
13-04-2018 21:35

A Very Floating Shelf Roundup

Adam Pogue?s home, shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Raise your hand if you usually have a dozen or more tchotchkes, plants, or books that are fl...
11-04-2018 21:37

This Just In: Ragmate

What is that soft, fuzzy, funky goodness, you ask"! Oh, just the latest collection of Ragmate newness. Ragmate is a Turkish-based company founded by ...
09-04-2018 21:35

Good Vibes: Smudging

Emily Baker?s home shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians It?s officially spring, which means it?s time to dust off those bookshelves, donate the clot...
06-04-2018 21:36

Plant Places: Folia Collective

We?ve got a new column for all you plant lovers out there: Plant Places! Every month, we?re bringing you one of our favorite plant places from around...
04-04-2018 21:38

A Lacey Style Roundup

Vanessa Dingwell?s home, shot by Dabito, for The New Bohemians Handbook The scent of flowers is lingering in the air near the L.A. River, just outsi...
02-04-2018 21:42

A Very Spicy Kitchen Roundup

Donna ? Zia? Humphrey?s Home shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook Whether your kitchen is a tiny little thang or a place of grandeur, addin...
30-03-2018 21:37

4 Useful Plants at Home

It?s nice to have beautiful plants that make us feel happy when we look at them but plants can do so much more than sit pretty! Here are some useful p...
27-03-2018 21:37

This Just In: Tessa Perlow

Maybe you?ve seen her work on Instagram or on her Etsy shop, but we just fell in love with Tessa Perlow?s unique embroidery work. She mixes old tradi...
23-03-2018 21:40

A Boho Spring Style Roundup

Photo by Caitlin Watson Boyes We just sprung into spring, and we?re trying to catch all those sunny rays. It?s time to stow away those winter clothe...
21-03-2018 21:37

In the mix: Creating a dynamic, layered gallery in your home

The Home of Erica Tanov as seen in our book The New Bohemians. Photo by Dabito. I?m a sucker for mucho art on the walls. I am a maximalist after a...
19-03-2018 21:40

8 (Great) Rattan Furniture Pieces (Under $150)

Christina Meneses home shot by Dabito for The New Bohemains Handbook   It should some as no surprise that we LOVE rattan here at Jungalow. It?s an i...
15-03-2018 21:39

This Just In: Tammy Kanat

Fiber art is having a real moment right now, which we love, but it also makes it hard to stand out as a fiber artist ? unless you?re Tammy Kanat! Tam...
09-03-2018 21:43

A Very Elevated Planter Roundup

Christina Meneses home, photographed by Dabito, for The New Bohemians Handbook  Do you have an area in your home reserved for VIPs (very important p...
07-03-2018 21:38

Single Line Drawings as Therapeutic Exercise

A single-line drawing from the sketch book I inherited from my great uncle Bert I was first introduced to the concept of the single line drawing thr...
06-03-2018 21:35

This Just In: Loose Leaf

Holy jungaliciousness! What are these beautiful creations and who makes them, you ask"! These stunning botanical installations are made by Wona Bae a...
01-03-2018 21:36

A Very Hamsa Roundup

Who doesn?t love a good hamsa"! The hamsa, also known as the Hand of God or the Hand of Fatima, is an ancient amulet symbolizing protection, happines...
26-02-2018 21:35

Justina Blakeney X Pottery Barn Kids Room Makeovers

This post was created in Partnership with Pottery Barn Kids  My style is so wild, colorful and full of personality, that you can imagine how excited I...
22-02-2018 21:33

Bringing the indoors out

Spring is right around the corner! The trees are starting to bloom, the birds are chirping, and the weather is warming up. It?s got us thinking about...
21-02-2018 21:33

CalEarth: Shelter for All

EcoDome at CalEarth The California Institute of Earth, or ?CalEarth,? is a non-profit organization that has created sustainable, affordable and beau...
21-02-2018 21:33

This Just In: WKNDLA

Have y?all heard of WKNDLA yet" If you have, you?re probably as in love with Cindy Hsu Zell?s designs as we are! And if you haven?t ? get on it gurrr...
15-02-2018 21:32

All Love

Sharing love with you all. xx~J...
14-02-2018 21:33

A Very Sunny Roundup

Did you know the sun is actually a star" That?s right! When a star is at the center of a planetary system, it?s called a sun. The sun we know and lov...
12-02-2018 21:37

Add Pattern With Plants

Y?all know we love pattern, and you know we love plants?so went the two come together, we feel like freaking out a little bit (in a good way). ABOVE A...
09-02-2018 21:35

This Just In: Lali Kids

Sometimes it can be hard to slow down and appreciate the time and effort it takes to make something from nothing. The slow fashion movement is a ray ...
06-02-2018 21:36

A Roundup of Our Favorite Hues

We are really feeling the colors in our studio kitchen. The warm terra cotta walls, cool mint fridge, and the touches of blush in our ceramic dishes ...
05-02-2018 21:37

Boho guest room OTF

      Not every home has a guest room, but most of us have guests every now again so we?ve conjured up a pr-etty easy blow-up guest room idea that yo...
02-02-2018 21:34

This Just In: Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika

You know how we love mixing things up here at Jungalow" Well, we came across a fashion designer who does too! Shubhika Davda beautifully combines ele...
26-01-2018 21:37

A Dream Workspace

Where is this jungalicious work space and how can you get yourself there ASAP, you say"! Well, it technically doesn?t exist IRL. This space was ...
23-01-2018 21:35

This Just In: Debbie Bean

Debbie Bean?s handmade stained glass suncatchers are a Jungalow favorite! When the light shines through her pieces, casting colorful shadows on the w...
23-01-2018 21:35

Iconic Female Designers

The one-year anniversary of the Women?s March is just a few days away. This time last year, foks from all over the country who participated in the Wom...
23-01-2018 21:35

A Very Winter Fashion Roundup

California winters are an oxymoron. It rarely dips below 50 degrees here in Los Angeles, but every once in a while we get a few brisk days where you ...
23-01-2018 21:35

Travelogue: Le Jardin Majorelle

I?m still going through all the photos from my trip to Morocco last month but today I wanted to share some of my favorite snaps from Le Jardin Majorel...
23-01-2018 21:35
23-01-2018 21:35

A Very Tassel Roundup

Tassels make everything better! They add the perfect touch of color, texture, and fun to any room. If there are any areas of your home that could use...
06-01-2018 21:37

What A Year! 2017 recap

2017 was quite a year, full of ups and downs, deaths and births, wins and losses. It always feels strange for me to have things personally going well ...
02-01-2018 21:34

Travelogue: Rabat, Morocco

Whew! It?s taken me a couple of weeks to get it together to write this post ? I battled the flu and had to get through the holidays first?but I final...
28-12-2017 21:35

A Roundup of 7 (Great) Bookshelves Under $300

Bookshelves are not just for your books and picture frames anymore. They can also serve as a place where all your plant babies and vintage flea finds...
20-12-2017 21:36

Spice Up Your Living Room!

Mileece Petre home, shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians We were recently looking through the Pantone Edition of The Complete Color Harmony by Leat...
20-12-2017 21:36

This Just In: A Question of Eagles

You know we love us some handmade goodies over here at Jungalow so when we saw A Question of Eagles? beautiful collection of ceramics and quilts and ...
18-12-2017 21:47

A Very Velvety Roundup

Christina Meneses home, shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook Soft, luxurious, and bohotastic" Yes please! We love a sumptuous velvet over h...
14-12-2017 21:32


Iylana Nassiri?s eclectic West Texas home beautifully embodies the nomadic bohemian vibe. Iylana and her husband, Shane, are world travelers who have...
12-12-2017 21:33

This Just In: Lorena Marañon

 It?s no surprise that we love nature, color, and all things handmade here at Jungalow, so when we came across Lorena Marañon?s stunning jewelry, quil...
11-12-2017 21:32

Mid-Century Meets Jungalow

  Who doesn?t love a good mid-century modern piece" The characteristic clean lines, gentle curves, and organic forms of MCM pieces are a great founda...
08-12-2017 21:31

Art for gifts and for good with

This post was sponsored by We?re big on art gifts in my family. When I was little I?d paint pictures for our whole crew for holiday prezzies, ...
07-12-2017 21:31

Making Your Room The Coziest

As the weather gets colder, I don?t know about you but I want to feel extra cozy when I?m tucked in tight at night. Extra layers are the key to a coz...
06-12-2017 21:35

Meegan Barnes Booty Ceramics

Meegan Barnes is a Los Angeles based artist and sculptor. Her work is cheeky (pun intended!), fun and empowering. It?s feminine and feminist ? a bala...
04-12-2017 21:31

Justina Blakeney X Tiny Prints

  My designs can be wowed out. I get it. I scare people sometimes. Not every big company is gonna let me to totally be myself and go wild. So t...
30-11-2017 21:31

A Very Arabesque Roundup

Home of Gillian Lawlee. Shot by Dabito for The New Bohemians Handbook. Here at Jungalow, we are inspired by all sorts of silhouettes. Recently we?ve...
29-11-2017 21:32

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What I Put On My Body This Week

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wear this there: true true.

wear this there: true true.

true story: today we’re headed to toronto, canada. well, at least virtually. today’s -

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