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Brilliant garden border inspiration – how to choose co

If you’re re-vamping your garden border this year, I’ve picked out the best borders from the gardens featured on the Middlesized Garden. Plus ther...
28-01-2023 22:08

How to choose the best garden furniture for your garden

How to choose garden furniture: should you get metal, wood, rattan or plastic" Second-hand or vintage" And when to buy. The post How to choose the bes...
11-01-2023 22:07

10 gardening goals – and how to make sure you achieve

If you write or say your gardening goals, you\'re more likely to achieve the garden of your dreams. Here are 10 goals and how to achieve them. The pos...
31-12-2022 22:01

This year’s best garden design advice from expertsR

What’s been your best garden design advice this year" On the Middlesized Garden, I talk to many wonderfully different gardening experts. Most work p...
03-12-2022 22:06

How to buy the right gardening book for everyone on your lis

Find the best gardening book for a beginner gardener, a grow-your-own enthusiast, an eco-conscious gardener, a small space dweller and more. The post ...
27-11-2022 22:02

How to grow chrysanthemums for magical late season colour

Grow chrysanthemums to keep your garden looking gorgeous for longer. They\'re easy care and available in lots of colours and styles. The post How to g...
12-11-2022 22:06

The new Middlesized Garden t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags

Inside our homes, we can choose exactly the paint colour we want. But in the garden, nature is in charge. And working with nature rather than trying t...
04-11-2022 22:06

Revamp a border – 11 tips on how to turn scrappy into

Spring and autumn are the best times to completely revamp a border. So I’m going to renovate the main herbaceous border in my garden. It’s where I...
29-10-2022 22:05

The very best time to plant perennials + top tips on filling

Autumn and spring are the best time to plant perennials. So that’s also the best time to fill gaps in your border – or even revamp your border com...
15-10-2022 22:08

Salvias – expert tips on growing long-lasting flowers

Salvias are the stars of the late season garden. Many flower from summer right through to the first frosts. William Dyson is the UK’s top expert on ...
01-10-2022 22:02

How to grow daffodils for years of beautiful spring flowers

If you grow daffodils, they’ll come back year after year, often increasing in number. Unlike tulips, which are gorgeous and colourful, but far less ...
24-09-2022 21:53

15 drought tolerant plants that will also be happy if it rai

Drought tolerant plants that will thrive in dry or hot summers, and they\'ll also look good if we have an unexpectedly wet summer. The post 15 drought...
05-09-2022 22:26

The rock garden is back – and it’s drought toler

How to plan a rock garden, with tips on how to choose the right rocks and ideas to make your rockery drought tolerant and low maintenance. The post Th...
27-08-2022 22:23

7 summer garden problems and what to do about them

We all have summer garden problems. If you write a blog, use social media or run a YouTube channel, the temptation is to pretend that everything is do...
18-08-2022 22:00

Dying plants in your garden" Top tips on how to save th

Is your garden full of dying plants because of this summer’s extreme heat or drought" My persicaria looks like a bowl of crisps, the Virginia creepe...
30-07-2022 21:53

Rented garden ideas – create a beautiful garden in pot

If you have a rented garden or can’t afford to change your landscaping, then you can create a real garden in pots. When you move, you can take the p...
23-07-2022 21:55

Do you really need a perfect lawn" And is it sustainabl

The perfect lawn is now a surprisingly controversial issue in gardening. Some people want a smart, green surface with no flaws. Others say that such a...
16-07-2022 22:25

How to deadhead plants – the easy way to boost your ga

To deadhead plants, you simply cut off dead or dying flowers. Deadheading is one of the easiest, yet most effective, gardening techniques. It’s also...
09-07-2022 21:58

A small wildlife garden for towns and cities – and it&

This small wildlife garden is very pretty and easy to look after. Plus it attracts a wide range of wildlife. When the Rewilding Britain garden won Bes...
25-06-2022 21:54

How to make a pretty garden on a budget – ideas from B

If you want a pretty garden – on a budget – now is a brilliant time to find inspiration. The garden design ideas at BBC Gardeners World Live, curr...
16-06-2022 21:52

Where do you start with a neglected garden"

When Natalie and Mike Newman first saw their house, they were attracted by the neglected garden almost more than the house itself. It was probably lai...
11-06-2022 22:01

10 balcony garden ideas – create your perfect haven

9 things you need to know when creating a beautiful balcony garden. Practical tips and inspiration from award-winning balconies. The post 10 balcony g...
04-06-2022 21:59

11 ideas from RHS Chelsea 2022 that work beautifully in real

Show gardens aren’t real gardens. You visit a show like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 to be inspired and uplifted. Or perhaps even to disagree ab...
24-05-2022 21:59

Early summer gardening checklist

Here is an early summer gardening checklist, followed by suggestions on how you can make this as easy as possible. Weed paths and borders Decide where...
21-05-2022 21:58

How to connect your indoor and outdoor space successfully

How to connect your indoor and outdoor space - use colour, materials and plants to create a seamless link between your house and garden The post How t...
15-05-2022 22:12

Notes for your garden 2022 – 3 tips from the past to r

Notes for your garden 2022 is a list of garden plants and ideas that I’ve spotted while visiting gardens recently. They’re a somewhat mixed bag of...
14-05-2022 21:57

How to group pots – plus practical tips for fabulous c

How to group pots to create a beautiful \'border\' - you can switch it round, take it with you and have maximum colour every season The post How to gr...
30-04-2022 21:52

Answers to the 5 top spring gardening questions

Here are answers to the 5 most common spring gardening questions. I prefer not to specify a month, because the trouble with ‘Gardening tips for Apri...
24-04-2022 21:57


Getting people growing microgreens Tipi wheelbarrow handles Felco secateur repair service Stephanie Mahon pruning book The post NEW PRODUCT REVIEWS ap...
22-04-2022 21:52

5 easy wildlife garden tips – they’ll really mak

Easy wildlife garden tips - simple things you can do that will really make a difference - and your garden will look more beautiful, too The post 5 eas...
16-04-2022 22:06

Naturalistic planting design – how to get it right in

Naturalistic planting design is based on choosing plants that grow well in your area, then repeating them to create a natural rhythm. Because the plan...
09-04-2022 21:53

Cottage garden mashup – how to adapt English cottage s

A cottage garden mashup means taking the elements of English cottage garden style and mixing it with your own local plants to create a garden that’s...
02-04-2022 21:54

5 top perennials you may not have thought of

When I was asked to name 5 top perennials by Rachel of the YouTube channel Gardening at Douenza, I decided they must be long-flowering and easy to gro...
24-03-2022 21:54

Don’t hide an ugly shed! Make it look beautiful instea

Customers often ask plant grower Stephen Ryan for a ‘fast-growing climber to hide an ugly shed.’ His reply is: ‘You don’t need to have an ugly...
19-03-2022 21:48

8 important things to consider when renovating a larger gard

People often ask me what to do with a larger garden, especially if they’ve recently moved in and inherited someone else’s garden. And although thi...
12-03-2022 21:55

The really easy guide to pruning hydrangeas

Confused by contradictory advice on how and when to prune hydrangeas" This post makes it easy to achieve beautiful blooms year after year. The post Th...
19-02-2022 22:17

Controlling slugs and snails – start NOW for summer su

How do you stop your plants from being eaten by slugs and snails" Here on the Middlesized Garden, I often interview top professional gardeners to find...
12-02-2022 21:48

Easy spring shed tidy up – what to keep and what to th

It’s time for the potting shed tidy up. While I’m sorting the tools and accessories, I’ll picking out which ones I want to replace or repair and...
05-02-2022 21:49

Top meadow lawn mistakes – and how to avoid them

We’ve made a few meadow lawn mistakes. We tried to create two mini meadow lawn patches. Last year, we stopped mowing two squares of meadow lawn in o...
29-01-2022 21:51

Late winter gardening jobs – what to do and what not t

Save time and effort in the garden! What to do in the garden as winter comes to an end - plus the \'gardening jobs\' that you may not have to do after...
22-01-2022 21:48

How to plant a tree – and what to do when a tree is pl

The way you plant a tree makes a huge difference to whether it will survive. A badly planted tree won’t necessarily fail in the first year, accordin...
15-01-2022 22:14

Your year in gardening jobs – what’s new and whe

Here are the key gardening jobs for the gardening year, with up to date expert advice on the best way to do them. On the Middlesized Garden I often in...
09-01-2022 21:47

12 top plants for a brilliant winter container garden displa

A winter container garden display can give the garden such a lift. You can enjoy winter pots in the front garden every time you come home. And just a ...
11-12-2021 21:50

Indoor outdoor plants: 9 garden plants that also thrive as h

Indoor outdoor plants are plants you can grow in winter as house plants, then move out onto your terrace or garden when the warmer weather comes. If y...
05-12-2021 21:52

Review of Carbon Gold’s Biochar composts and soil impr

I started thinking about garden soil this week when a friend complained to me about her gardener. She’d just had a large bundle of bare root roses d...
27-11-2021 21:53

Best trees for small gardens – expert advice and new i

When you’re choosing trees for small gardens, always try to find out what they will look like in 5-10 years time. That’s advice from Jamie Butterw...
14-11-2021 21:51

Better autumn colours in your garden – the three thing

How to make the most of autumn colours in your garden by choosing the right plants and planting them in the right place. The post Better autumn colou...
31-10-2021 21:50

How to design a garden

How do you design a garden if you’re not a garden designer" Not only do you want the most beautiful garden possible, but you also need to avoid maki...
23-10-2021 21:50

A clever evergreen garden with a touch of grandeur

Tips and ideas from an evergreen garden which looks good all year round. Easy-care ideas for hedges, topiary, evergreen borders and ornaments. The pos...
16-10-2021 21:53

The new jungle garden – how to create a lush, contempo

The jungle garden look takes the contemporary, lush layers of today’s houseplant-filled interiors out into the garden. That’s according to a new b...
09-10-2021 21:51

Sowing seeds – expert tips for more flowers and better

Sowing seeds in autumn can give you stronger, healthier plants and earlier flowers. But it’s not right for all seeds. Or, indeed, for all gardeners!...
02-10-2021 21:50

Keep dahlias free of earwigs, slugs and snails without chemi

How to prevent slugs, snails and earwigs from destroying your dahlias without using chemicals. These ways are easier too. The post Keep dahlias free o...
18-09-2021 21:49

How to choose the best plants for dry shade

It can be difficult to choose plants for dry shade. I have a small triangular area between two paths, where I had hoped to grow rhubarb. It took me ye...
11-09-2021 21:54

What you need to know to create an outstanding perennial bor

I’ve asked top gardeners Steve Edney and Louise Dowle for their tips on how to create an outstanding perennial border. They’ve just created one of...
04-09-2021 21:51

10 of the best new garden ideas from BBC Gardeners World Liv

The garden shows are one of the best places to pick up new garden ideas. And BBC Gardeners World Live in Birmingham really focusses on encouraging tho...
28-08-2021 21:55

5 resilient flowers that will thrive in the most difficult s

Resilient flowers are an essential part of a successful garden. However carefully you choose the right plants for your weather, soil or zone, there’...
14-08-2021 21:54

Claus Dalby on how to create a wonderful display with dahlia

Gardener, photographer and author Claus Dalby has a display of dahlias in pots that look like a glorious herbaceous border. There must be several hun...
07-08-2021 21:52

5 top garden design tips – and how to avoid two common

Garden design tips to transform your outdoor space. Plus avoid the two common garden layout mistakes that most amateurs make! The post 5 top garden d...
31-07-2021 21:56

How to create a beautiful and unusual garden with a sense of

I’ve just visited a garden with a superb sense of place. But what is ‘sense of place’ in a garden" And how can it direct the design of your gard...
17-07-2021 21:57

12 very attractive contemporary garden ideas from RHS Hampto

One of the main reasons for visiting a show like the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is to discover the best contemporary garden ideas. They ...
10-07-2021 21:56

6 favourite perennial flowers that bloom all summer

If you can plant perennial flowers that bloom all summer, you’ll always have a beautiful border. Of course, we all want what Tom Brown of West Dean ...
03-07-2021 21:57

How to tweak your summer flower colour to perfection

Midsummer is a good time to tweak your flower colour. The extra steps you take now will keep your border looking good throughout the summer and into a...
26-06-2021 21:54

How to create stunning garden borders – 7 essential ti

Expert tips for planning and planting beautiful garden borders from award-winning head gardener Tom Brown of West Dean Gardens. The post How to create...
12-06-2021 21:57

Early summer garden tips

One of the odd things about early summer is that I always have to start thinking about what I should take out of my garden rather than what I need... ...
05-06-2021 21:54

Perennials made simple – how to choose and grow the be

Perennials are the main flowering element of a successful mixed border. So I went to one of the UK’s premier perennial plant nurseries, Hardy’s Co...
29-05-2021 22:06

10 low maintenance plants for an instant – but long-la

I’ve been finding out about the ultimate low maintenance plants for an instant – yet long-lasting garden. And holiday homes really need easy-care ...
22-05-2021 21:56

How to create a beautiful and welcoming front garden

What to consider when creating a beautiful front garden - the architecture of your home, your gate, your colour scheme and low maintenance! The post H...
15-05-2021 22:01

What you need to know about edible flowers

Edible flowers have been one of the surprise successes of the last few years. However, many of us are suspicious of the idea of eating flowers, but th...
08-05-2021 22:05

Feeling overwhelmed by your garden" 11 easy, practical

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your garden, especially in late spring when plants and weeds are bursting into growth. The gardening to-do list at ...
01-05-2021 22:00

How to choose plants for shade – for year round garden

If you’re buying plants for shade, firstly think about what kind of shade you have in your garden. At least half your garden – wherever you live ...
24-04-2021 21:59

How to plant and grow tulips for a stunning display

If you want to knock everyone’s socks off in spring, then you have to grow tulips. Tulips can do everything from exquisite good taste to a riot of c...
17-04-2021 21:57

Daffodils – the star of the show or the Cinderella of

Do we take daffodils for granted" My Twitter feed is packed with people posting images of snowdrops in February. They’re beautiful. Snowdrops are so...
03-04-2021 21:59

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our Spring home tour

our Spring home tour

I cannot tell you how excited I am just typing the word Spring!On Friday I shared our spring table setting for you and I am going to pop in a couple more pictures of that here. I really think fresh flowers are the best most inexpensive way to add... -
How to deal with writer’s block

How to deal with writer’s block

I have a writer’s block again. I have been trying to pen a blog post since late last night but somehow the words are not flowing. Out of frustration, I left it to go back to it with a fresh mind this morning but it’s still not happening.... -
3 beautifully simple DIY Christmas decorations

3 beautifully simple DIY Christmas decoration...

I love the simplicity of these DIY Christmas decorations - an idea for your home this season"1. Mini Wreath Garland tutorial by The Merry Thought. 2. A branch with a simple white candle (Please advise on credit if you know). 3. A copper and twig... -
Here’s what you need to look out for in your builder’s contract

Here’s what you need to look out for in...

Reno expert Jen Jones talks through what to look for in your builder?s contract Do you know that it?s a legal requirement to have a written contract with your builder if the scope of the project is more than $30,000" Whether your preferred builder... -
In Every Detail...An Artist Lives Here

In Every Detail...An Artist Lives Here

 Burlap Luxe HomeEdited surroundings continue a pale theme.For me its a pallet that calms and inspires my art.It allows me complete silence in all areas of creating. Dried Black~Eye Susan\'sNatural I find useful and beauty in the found; a... -
Listen: Episode 4 of Clever – Brendan Ravenhill

Listen: Episode 4 of Clever – Brendan R...

On this episode of Clever, we talk to LA-based lighting and furniture designer Brendan Ravenhill who runs a studio under his name. From a youth in West Africa, to running a growing studio in Los Angeles, he’s made stops along the way that... -
Calling sellers and agents: Get your house featured on WowHaus

Calling sellers and agents: Get your house fe...

Agents: Get your properties featured on WowHaus If you have an interesting house that looks a perfect fit for WowHaus – or you happen to be the agent or realtor for one – we want to hear from you. WowHaus is constantly looking for interesting... -
Matthew Fort: Lancashire Hot Pot recipe

Matthew Fort: Lancashire Hot Pot recipe

During a period when his own vegetables beds lie dormant, food writer and critic, Matthew Fort, is thankful for farmers’ markets full of delicious produce with which to make heart-warming stews. Here, he shares his Lancashire Hot Pot recipe. I... -
Springtime in the woods

Springtime in the woods

After a slow start to Spring here in Denmark; the sunshine returned with a vengeance and we have been basking in it for the long weekend. This Thursday, we went on a picnic with our fab friends and their daughters, and we walked through a pale green... -
The Link Up: Emily’s Magical Salad Chopping Tool, Caitlin’s Vacuum Show & Tell, And A Plea For Paris Vintage Shopping Recs

The Link Up: Emily’s Magical Salad Chop...

Happy Sunday everyone. For EHD this was an exciting week between Emily’s mudroom reveal (see above but also go read the post if you missed it), Em’s new pool install (and the drama that unfolded – see her Instastories or you can wait... -

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